Top 3+ Best Drill Press For Knife Making & Gunsmith 2021 Reviews

best drill press for knife making

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best drill press for knife making

After having analyzed the merits of a number of the favorite goods available on the current market, we’ve discovered what many believe to be a fantastic option as the best drill press for knife making, the Klutch 2705S060. Using its ⅝-inch throw capability and 1-inch highest drilling capability, this version will definitely have the ability to manage the complicated task of creating knives.

But, if you have the time to look for more options, please read through the rest of our list in this post!

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Top 3+ Best Drill Press For Knife Making 2021

Check out the list of the 4 best knife making drill press we’ve done research below. They have the characteristics that clients search for in the very best knife creating drill press.

1. Klutch 2705S060

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This 17-inch flooring mount drill press is acceptable for drilling wood or metal. It gives the flexibility, precision, and power required to deal with the intricate job of knife making. The sturdy floor bracket base offers ample support to maintain the machine stable during the creative procedure.

The powerful 1.5HP, the 120-volt engine pushes the drill press on to supply varying speeds that produce 600 to 2,400 RPM. This allows you to decide on the precise rotating rate for your drill bit to execute the cutting job. This component also enables you to perform the other jobs involved with the knife production process including polishing and sanding so that you are able to earn a product that you can be genuinely proud of.

The head swivels 360 degrees to accommodate many different applications.

This really is a CE certified drill press using a generous 14×14 work desk that manages a massive inventory. The ⅝-inch throw dimensions and 1-inch drilling capability empower the power tool to use a variety of little sizes and types to your job. The gooseneck LED light lets you operate in many different lighting conditions.

2. WEN 4214

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The WEN 4214 is just another high-tech machine in the brand famous for generating really powerful tools. Engineered with mechanical varying rates, this drill press provides a constant torque throughout the stove so that you get smooth and clean performance in addition to the anticipated effects.

To ease the surgeries, the LED readout shows the current running rate. This removes the guesswork and allows you to observe the crucial data at a glance, assisting you to concentrate on the delicate endeavor. The 3 1/8 -inch spindle journey offers simple control of the throw to stop damaging the surface of the stock.

For consistent and accurate results even through repetitive hole drilling, the drill press includes a locking linear thickness stop that’s also easy to read. Powered with a durable 2/3-HP induction motor, this version also offers a 9.5 by 9.5-inch cast iron worktable using a rack-and-pinion height adjustment to accommodate many different shapes and sizes of workpieces.

It’s possible to perform angled drilling too as a result of the beveling capacity of the worktable. Get up to 17 inches of aid for big stock through the dining table roller extension.

3. Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B

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Receive a whole selection of rates from the Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B, which can be designed with a mechanical variable rate to allow you to discover the appropriate one for your program. This power tool simplifies rate fluctuations using no straps. The 6-inch quill travel empowers problem-free control with a single revolution of the deal to move the inventory closer to the throw easily.

As a result of the flexible weapon system, you get an exact 90-degree orientation together with all the worktable while ensuring that the speedy alignment of this inventory. Repetitive drilling activities are done correctly and quickly due to the elastic material thickness stop.

This version offers ease of use with its electronic RPM readout that allows you to easily glance at the rate screen to look at the rotational speed without taking your attention away from the surgeries. To signify the instrument entry stage, laser guides are projected on the surface of the workpiece.

This version includes a keyless chuck that eases any drill little changes so that you would not require any extra tools which may easily get lost.

The reversible grips mount on each side of the drill press to guarantee a comfortable activity conclusion based on what you need.

4. Craftsman 10″ Bench Drill Press

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Craftsman 934983 drill press set comes with a fence, task light, and hardware pack. It’s also powered by a 1/2 HP motor that reaches speeds between 680-3,150 RPM for smooth drilling. Chuck works perfectly with wood, metal and sanding drums. Depth gauge ensures fast machining without the guesswork. The laser guidance system provides accurate X and Y-axis projection for better and more accurate positioning. The adjustable drill table lets you adjust up to 45-deg. for drilling perfect corner holes and bevel sanding.

This drill press is perfect for drilling into the toughest wood and metal, this drill press is powered by a 1/2 HP motor that goes up to 3,150 RPM for incredible performance.

  • Drill press set comes with a fence, task light, and hardware pack
  • Powered by a 1/2 HP motor that reaches speeds between 680-3,150 RPM for smooth drilling
  • 1/2 in. Chuck works perfectly with wood, metal and sanding drums
  • Depth gauge ensures fast machining without the guesswork
  • The laser provides accurate X and Y-axis projection for better and more accurate positioning

How to Choose The Best Knife Making Drill Press 

Among the toughest challenges, a knifemaker may face is locating an excellent knife creating drill press. The massive array of products available on the marketplace can create a good deal of confusion for the first-time buyer. By means of this buyer’s guide, we expect that the procedure becomes somewhat less complex.


Knife manufacturing is a job that needs precision. It involves sanding, hole drilling, and polishing. If the drill press would be to deal with this assortment of tasks, it needs to be outfitted with a solid motor. Even though some people don’t actually care if they receive a floor standing or a benchtop version, their main consideration is the engine power.

The heavy-duty ones available include a 1.5 HP engine, but you might also get versions using a 2/3-HP, 3/4-HP or a 1-HP motor. The dimensions of this machine aren’t as critical as the size of its engine. Nevertheless, start looking for quality at the engine.

Reputable performance

When comparing all the various versions from the best drill press for knife making testimonials, select one that’s ready to bore a hole into thick steel, therefore a big maximum drilling capability is best. The best ones offer you a 1/2-inch to 1-inch highest drilling capability.

A massive swing additionally enables the system to manage huge pieces of steel from which to reduce out your knife or create a big and long one. A bigger swing additionally makes the system more versatile as you are able to style different knife layouts.

The vertical stroke must permit the effortless control of the rate traveling, which also encourages security.

Versatility and simplicity of use

A massive throw capacity allows you to utilize many different drill bits so that you may get a proper one for your knifemaking task. This will be hard if the throwing capability is too small to permit you to use larger pieces or specialized ones solely for the job.

A tilting worktable permits you to work on the numerous nuances of a cushioned knife, including its curves and borders. The assortment of angles that the beveling worktable supplies are suitable for shaping the knife.

A thickness lock permits you to drill into the specific thickness each moment, which is quite significant due to the precision work involved in knife making.

The most vital component in a knifemaking drill press concerning flexibility is that a variable spin rate. Being stuck with one spindle speed will not allow you to utilize the appropriate RPM for several tasks or processes in knife production.

Other important components that produce the system simple to use comprise an incorporated chuck key storage that retains the toss within easy reach and prevents loss or misplacement.

Tips to Use Drill Press For Knife Making

Things To Avoid Using Knife Making Drill Press