Top 5 Best Mud Mixer Drills For Concrete, Thinset, Mortar & Drywall (2021 Reviews)

Best Mud Mixer Drills For Concrete, Thinset, Mortar & Drywall

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Best Mud Mixer Drills For Concrete, Thinset, Mortar & Drywall

Choosing the best mud mixer drill has no exact formula for everyone. We have to consider many factors combined with specific knowledge about products that not everyone can fully attain. Recommendations are everywhere as long as you show interest in looking, but most suggestions are based on advertisements. As a result, you need to pick up your conscience. How do you get that?

In this article, you will find out what to consider in picking the best mud mixer drills for you, along with useful background information. Besides, this article’s best offer must be the top 5 best items that are considerably chosen concerning customer’s demand. 

Let’s get started with the top list!

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Top 5 Best Mud Mixer Drills 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Mud Mixer Drill For Concrete: Brutus 21665Q

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The first to compliment on Brutus 21665Q must be the handle. Controlling the drill is like putting your hands on a steering wheel. You can work in an upright position so that your back feels less stressed. Moreover, the handle got a control panel and ergonomic pattern on it. These details are encouraging for managing speed, slipping hands, and long-hour jobs.

It makes sense for this design since the drill operates at a moderate speed. It will be a compact tool for small DIY or kitchen projects. Moderate speed plus variable control makes this one friendlier to users. 

The paddle is thin and twists downward. It helps to lead the mixing movement down to the bottom of the container and prevent spilling out.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Good price point


  • Considerable time to slow down

With the thin paddle and not so fast speed, this one will work well for a thick mix containing aggregates like concrete.

#2 Best Mud Mixer Drill For Thinset & Mortar: DEWALT Electric Drill, Spade Handle

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DEWALT Electric Drill appears with a traditional handle where you have to join hands into a place to control. This design will help when you want to mix and observe the mix at the same time. 

We propose this item for Thinset and Mortar because of brilliant reverse operation and very low RPMs. By only these two features, it can eliminate clogs and air bubbles in the mix. The reverse means to ease the process for thick mixes like Mortar, save the engine from burning out. 

It doesn’t come with a paddle, so you choose up to your demand. But it turns out to be the best when you can decide the length of the paddle. A long one would remove threatening issues about black pains. 


  • Reversing operation
  • Low RPMs
  • Lightweight
  • Soft rubber handle


  • Handle that hurt the back

With low RPMs, this one is the best to solve air bubbles and clogs. It works amazingly for such smooth mixes like Thinset and Mortar. 

#3 Best Mud Mixer Drill For Drywall: Makita DS4012 Spade Handle Drill

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Makita DS4012 comes with a D-handle that includes a ring and a straight bar to control the tool. This design guarantees a balance in control, and we see it work correctly for hard and rocky materials like drywall. This handle design can rotate 360 degrees to fit the comfortable angle for you. So, it’s the tool for long-hour projects, such as fixing a house.

Besides, its power is no kidding. Motor engineered by8.5 AMP makes sure to cope with hard sustains. If it’s still not enough power to mix, reserve operation will be available to help out.


  • D handles 
  • Reverse operation
  • Variable speed control
  • Powerful


  • Not so compact 

Makita DS4012 provides a beast engine that will crash the mud out of debris like drywall.

#4 Best Mud Mixer Drill For Epoxy (Resin): BOSCH Bosch GBM9-16B

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Bosch is a big name in Germany regarding engineering tools. So first to say, the product will last for long, or not, the company will make it insured. However, its strong suit is not the only durability but also their technology. 

The motor is 9.0 amperage along with a widely ranged speed. This product promises a lot of jobs done. However, we’re impressed the most about its slow-down operation which ensures perfect resin mixing. The speed controlling enables us to minimize the movement, patiently produce the best paint better or crystal clear resin. The rotating handle also contributes to the job. 


  • D handle
  • Long cord
  • Powerful motor
  • Wide range in speed
  • Terrific policy from the manufacturer


  • No trigger lock

BOSCH obtains a significant change in speed setting, which makes it possible for multiple materials. However, it starts with fewer viscosity materials.

#5 Best Mud Mixer Drill For The Money: F2C Pro 1600W Adjustable 7 Speed Handheld Mixer

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This item is a set with the drill, mixer, paddle, brush, instruction, and shaft, so once purchased, you got everything to make the job done. The blade is simple to cope with different materials. 

You have a speed setting instead of a control panel. As a result, it’s an easy option for beginners. Another great feature is a versatile motor set. You can have low to high RPMs at a machine. And with the price point of F2C, why not?


  • Terrific price
  • All accessories included
  • Speed setting
  • Dual motor


  • Heat issue

F2C Pro handheld makes the best option when you are tight on budget. It comes with a set, and it does the job.

Why Should You Use A Mud, Mixing Drill?

Mixing and drilling are possible manually, but nobody takes such a time-consuming method while mixers and drillers are available. A mud mixing drill certainly saves you a lot of time, especially when you are on a big project. Moreover, it promises better battery quality since the process happens at stable speed and force. 

Features to Consider When Choosing A Mud Mixer Drill

Low RPMs

RPMs are categorized into high and low figures. The number will tell you what the tool is good at. High RPMs will do well with slower speed, enabling you to control more precise work like securing bolts or screwing. And vice versa, if you mean to buy a mixer or driller that prioritizes power rather than accuracy, low RPMs work better. It prevents most air bubbles from forming during the mixing process. The range will be around 500 to 700 RPMs.

Increased Torque

Torque relates to the power in mixing and drilling. The more torque can cope with dense and stiff materials like Mortar, cement, or alike. Torque figures must go along with speed to decide the power. However, you can start by knowing it once you define what materials you want to tackle.

Handles – Ergonomic

The handle will decide how you feel and control the whole tool. Popularly, there are ones with horizontal handles like any driller ever. Besides, steering-wheel handles come to life, and they prevail on grip over the traditional design. Whichever design you want to pick, make sure that you feel comfortable holding it for half an hour, at least. It’s recommended to choose ones with an ergonomic design as the patterns can enhance comfort and prevent slipping.

Variable Speed

Like any machine, the mud mixer drill should contain a different speed range so that we can easily customize the action. When starting or ending the process, we should slow down; otherwise, materials spill out due to high-speed change. Most devices now suggest speed changing mode, but they differ in design. The control panel could be a trigger or a dial disc.


Some devices propose only forward spinning. However, some batter gets hard to mix when the forward circle cannot work, but reserve can. Changing the rotation helps with easing the block and, therefore, tackling clogged-up.

Speed Settings

Some drills come with neither trigger nor dial in controlling speed, but settings. The settings usually give you a clearer view of how it works to manage the speed more efficiently. 

Dual Paddle Integration

A dual paddle is not a mandatory feature, but it helps to double the mixing power. You can relate to cake mixers and imagine how they work with a single paddle and double set.


Whatever you buy, not only drills, durability is significant. To examine how long a device could last, you can relate to materials, brand, and built-in operations. However, it’s hard to say for 100%.

Also, What is Your Mixer Drill Use for?


We see concrete very much today in many constructions such as roads, walls, houses, floors, and even ceilings. A concrete mix could include rocks so that the mixer should support specific paddles.

Mortar & Cement

Cement and Mortar are stickier material, and therefore, the texture turns out to be thicker and thicker. They can get dry more comfortably so that the speedy mixer could help a lot.


They are creamier and smoother. To mix them, you need a paddle like a cake batter beater since the texture is quite the same. When mixing, be careful with speed since high speed can cause air bubbles.

Drywall Mud

This is a mix to build drywall. The material usually builds up debris on the container’s edge, so a paddle with holes will mix up perfectly.

Top 5 Mixing Drill Brands


This name is popular among mixers and drill makers. They made the typical models, and they work well for mixing. 


Makita seems quite thoughtful about its products since it responds to what consumers need. They change features and update amenities. 


Ridgid made some changes to their editions, but the brand provides a typical design.


Mixer drills are not Bosch’s strong suit. However, since it owns German genius technology, the products do the work and last impressively.


QEP makes renovations among its items but not so clearly. Besides, it is hard to find the best among its collection.


What is the best drill for mixing Mortar?

Mixer drills from Makita will do well at mixing Mortar. They are powerful but also convenient for customizing. For both the mix and users, they are the best.

Can you use a hammer drill to mix mud?

It’s possible to do so but only at a slow speed. This option is never the best for energy and capacity. Using hammer drills as mixers will be a cheap option, so many people consider it. However, you need high torque since it takes up much traction, low RPMs if you don’t want a mix full of bubbles. The manipulation will be difficult, so you better prepare a cordless tool. 

Can I mix concrete with a drill?

Concrete includes cement and aggregates. The cement is thick with water, but the aggregates will liquidize the mix and make it easier to mix with a drill. However, choose the paddle wisely since large rocks can block your way and break the mixers. 

How do you attach a mixer to a drill?

It would be best if you had a paint can to make it work. First, make a hole on the plastic lid where the mixer handle will go through later. Attach the lid to the container where you will put your mix in. Now the mixer should be ready to work. The process will happen smoothly if the lid stays stable in the container.

Final Words 

Mixer drills are hard to choose since they are not legitimate tools. You need experience or trustworthy sources of recommendations. We hope the article helps out. 

DEWALT Electric Drill, Spade Handle, deserves to be the best mud mixer drill in general. The mixer works well with multiple types of materials, from sticky resin to debris. Not only that, its price is affordable for most consumers. It depends on your situation to decide which the most suitable one is. Follow our guidelines or track our list, and we hope it works.

Bonus: How to DIY Paddle Mixer

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