Top 5 Best Drill Press Sanding Drum: Woodstock, Delta or Wen (2021 Reviews)

Best Sanding Drum For Drill Press & Power Drills

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Best Sanding Drum For Drill Press & Power Drills

In this article, you will find the best products from the category of sanding drums presented in a detailed comparison. We base our test results on comprehensive field testing of the products under laboratory conditions to present the best drill press sanding drum for those in need.

The consumer organization conducted a test on a variety of drill press sanding drums, and we got information from reliable comparable sources to give you the best five products on the market.

Top 5 Best Sanding Drum For Drill Press & Power Drills (2021 Reviews)

#1 BigHorn 19535 Sanding Kit

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The thing that makes the 19535 model from Big Horn on top of our list is the extra-long wide drums. The sanding kit comes with a fine and grit sleeve corresponding to each size of the drum. Thanks to the attached sleeve, consumers are pleased that they do not have to buy any extra sleeves.

The kit is convenient and worth every cent. It is compatible with many works such as contours, edges, and holes. All the customers love the convenience and efficiency of this product so much.


  • Money-saving thanks to the grit sleeve go along with the kit
  • Valuable features and high versatility
  • Does not get any problem when operating for years


  • No instruction on maintenance and cleaning

If you are looking for the best drill press drum sander, look at BigHorn 19535 Sanding Kit for its high efficiency and versatility.

#2 Woodstock D3292 Drum Sanding Kit

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If you have a high budget for the best drill press sanding drum, Woodstock D3292 Drum Sanding Kit will not let you down. The kit comes with four drums and corresponding medium grit sleeves. The sizes of the drums are variable from 0.5 inches to 2 inches.

The kit is perfect for any worker who wants to make the most of the drill press. It offers the highest versatility as the sanding drum is appropriate for all workshops and construction sites.


  • Comes with the highest performance and efficiency on this list
  • Suitable for multiple purposes and materials
  • Premium quality


  • The set does not come with a hard case

Besides the ultimate versatility, Woodstock D3292 Drum Sanding Kit is famous for its sturdiness and durability.

#3 Delta 17-940 Sanding Drum Set

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Delta 17-940 sanding drum set features 25 pieces. It is truly the best sanding drum for a drill press that you can find on the market at an affordable price. The product costs less than 40 dollars and offers outstanding features.

The kit also comes in various sizes that make the sanding tasks easier than ever. The unit is extremely versatile for many DIY activities. With two grit sleeves, you can use this set to work at home with no problem with installation and dismantling.


  • Comes with 25 pieces so that the users do not have to purchase additional drums or sleeves
  • Compatible with many drill presses and hand drills
  • The manufacturer provides a premium case


  • Low precision

Delta 17-940 Sanding Drum Set comes with 25 pieces and a premium hard case. It is the best drill press sanding drum in terms of cost-saving and convenience.

#4 WEN DS164 Sanding Drum Kit

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WEN DS164 Sanding Drum Kit offers four drums and 16 sandpapers. The kit is a perfect choice for all WEN drill presses. The set also comes with 80 and 120-grit sleeves for novel versatility and performance.

Like other premium products, the drums have multiple sizes from 0.5 inches to 2 inches. It is compatible with most drill presses and hand drills on the market. Just pick a size, and you will enjoy the outstanding performance of this product.


  • Premium set with four drums and 16 sandpapers
  • High versatility and efficiency
  • Best fit with WEN drill presses


  • Low durability

WEN DS164 Sanding Drum Kit is the best choice for any WEN drill press users. It offers many convenient features and high performance for your daily works.

#5 Hiltex 10342 Sanding Drum Kit

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Hiltex 10342 Sanding Drum Kit is the best drill press drum sander for woodworking. It comes with 26 pieces, including assorted sleeves and drums. The set is easy to install and operate thanks to the huge sleeves and sanding paper.

The compact size is compatible with many rotary tools of drill presses and hand drills. The overall quality is premium and long-lasting because of the lightweight material and high performance.


  • Standard size for many machines
  • Premium construction with durable materials
  • Ideal for DIY tasks


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work

Hiltex 10342 Sanding Drum Kit is a perfect unit for DIY tasks such as home improvements and woodworking

Features to Consider When Choosing a Sanding Drum

Sanding Drum Size

Some oscillating axis sanders have a rather small table while others have a larger table. It comes with the ability to tilt the front part of the table up to 45 degrees, allowing sanding of beveled boards. These larger tabletops may also have a miter slot, allowing the operator to sand the ends of the miter boards.

Tabletop models typically have a 1/3 to 1/2 HP motor, while floor sanders can have up to 1 HP. It can power larger spindles (both diameter and length). Some freestanding models can also be wired for 220-volt power.

Oscillating spindle sanders have different sizes of sanding drums available. Top sanders will typically have five different 4-inch diameter spindles ranging from 0.5 inches to 2 inches. The freestanding models will have 8-inch diameter pins up to 4 inches.

Some models will also have a belt sanding option. It is an addition to the spindle that converts the drum sander into an oscillating belt sander. The belt sander option uses the same standard four-inch wide sanding belts you would use on your belt sander.

Drum Sander Set (Number of Pieces)

Four-inch sanding sleeves to fit various oscillating sander sanding drums are usually available from woodworking suppliers and home improvement centers. We can purchase these sleeves with sanding grits ranging from 60 grit (coarse sanding) to 220 grit. Since sanding sleeves are relatively inexpensive, keep a variety of grit for each sanding drum available for your woodworking projects.


As with any sanding operation, the best results are usually achieved by using finer abrasive grains as you progress. Start your work with a coarse grit (60-100), then sand again using medium grit (120-180) and followed by fine sanding (220 and above). Each successive sanding will reduce the sanding marks created by the coarser grit from the previous sanding and give you a smooth edge.

DIY – How To Turn Your Drill Press Into a Sander in 3 Steps

It is not always easy to do sanding manually. But few people know they can recycle the sander with just a few accessories. The supplies are abrasive discs, wheels for grinding, nylon brushes, and protective devices such as goggles, masks, and gloves.

At first, the sanding wheel mounted in the drill chuck is used to sand rounded surfaces. There are also sanding discs for more or less rough jobs, such as removing rusty metal. Just tilt the rubber mount 15 degrees.

The metal and nylon brushes are preferably used on wood. Paying attention to the abrasive veins that change according to the desired result. For peeling, use 40. For sanding upstream of the paint, you should prefer 80 to 180. The finer the grit, the more precise the job.

Do you want to know more about drills? Consult the guide to choose your drill found in the manual handbook. Without forcing the purchase, this guide explains very well the advantages of the models to inform you and thus allow you to choose the drill that corresponds to your needs.


Can a drill press be used for sanding?

Whether it is refinishing a piece of furniture, renovating a parquet floor or a wall, one of the first steps is usually to sand. Three options are available to you:

  1. Use a sander
  2. Use the pumice paper or metallic wool
  3. Convert your drill into a sander

And yes! A drill press can be a sander with the simple steps stated above.

How do you make a spinning drum sander for a drill press?

To make a drum sander for a drill press, use a bearing to keep the sander stand straight. You can study a simple instruction via this YouTube link. They do not complicate it to accomplish this task.

What is a sanding drum?

A sanding drum comprises a drum, a drive shaft, and an abrasive sleeve. It is available in a wide variety of sizes. It can be sold individually or included in a starter kit. There are two types of sanding drums. They make one from rigid rubber and the other made from flexible rubber.

How do you use a sanding drum?

Most sanders have storage space for each sanding drum. To install a drum, select the sanding drum and slip a sanding sleeve of the same size over the drum. Next, locate the corresponding throat plate for the chosen drum.

Slide it over the spindle and into the recess in the table. Then loosen the nut on the spindle bolt and slide the drum over the spindle bolt. Finally, tighten the nut and you are ready to sand. For added safety, always use the correct throat plate for the selected sanding drum to reduce the gap between the tabletop and the sanding drum.

Final Words

Looking for the best drill press sanding drum, we believe that our list is a good recommendation that you should consider when comparing products. In particular, because of the large number of products and manufacturers, we recommend that you read various reviews before purchasing.

If you find several reviews, it makes sense to compare the respective best drill press sanding drum by conducting practical tests. Big Horn 19535 Sanding Kit is our winner, thanks to its high efficiency and versatility. If you have a limited budget, Delta 17-940 Sanding Drum Set is a brilliant choice as well.

Bonus: DIY Make a Simple Drum Sander

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