Top 5 Best Drill Stands (Vertical, Portable, Bench) For Hand Drill (2021 Reviews)

Best Drill Stands (Vertical, Portable, Bench) For Hand Drill

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Best Drill Stands (Vertical, Portable, Bench) For Hand Drill

Using the drill for precision holes is challenging as you need a steady hand and the right strength. A drill stand transforms the common drill into a pillar drill. For the best drill stand, the accuracy is high with inclinations, since some bases allow holes in original positions from the classic perpendicular. In particular, if you want to do jobs where precision is an obligation such as for furniture or furnishings, a drill stand is the best method to always have precision with no effort.

A drill stand should be one of the indispensable accessories that every craftworker and hobbyist keeps in their workshops because its absence can create inaccurate work. Its support can keep the drilling firm and in the desired position. There is also a convenient worktop with clamps to hold everything that needs to be drilled firmly.

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Top 5 Best Drill Stands For Hand Drill 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Vertical Drill Stand – Wolfcraft 4522 Tec Mobil Drill Stand

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The Wolfcraft 4522 model is the best drill stand that we can find. The manufacturer equips it with holes for anchoring to the worktable. It is fixed correctly to ensure the total absence of oscillations for the entire time of the usage.

You will have precise work with stable support. The stand also adapts to different working angles. You must carefully follow all the instructions the manufacturer gives before starting with the actual work. Finally, the material is cast iron that allows for stable and non-deformable support.


  • Stable columns are always ready for precision use thanks to the anchor plate.
  • Millimeter precision thanks to its fixing ring, for inclinations and holes with maximum precision
  • It adapts to many drills for an excellent value for money


  • The whole depth regulator is missing. So we must use it with the utmost care.

Thanks to the anchoring screws that can close different sizes, Wolfcraft 4522 drill stand fits all drills on the market.

#2 Best Portable Drill Stand – NUZAMAS 2-in-1 Workstation Drill Stand

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NUZAMAAS drill stand’s major work is for DIY jobs. Its base is not the largest choice in case you want to use it for heavy-duty jobs. So, it is necessary to use either support to proceed with anchoring to the base of the worktable.

The anchoring part of the drill allows you to rotate it at will. Therefore, you can reach all the angles you want to make precision holes in any position. A noteworthy feature is its whole depth lock. It is the reason the accuracy is truly maintained in all positions.


  • Easy to use and allows high precision if well-anchored
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Equipped with depth lock to increase hole accuracy in every field


  • We must anchor the base because the stand is small

NUZAMAS drill stand offers support for drills with a diameter of 420 mm and comes with the best reduction.

#3 Best Bench Drill Stand – Milescraft 1318 Drill Stand

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When you see the price, you understand that you cannot expect high performance from Milescraft 1318 Drill Stand. However, it still can give satisfaction to people who have simple jobs to do and need support more than anything else to avoid making mistakes.

The chuck can accommodate drills with a diameter of 43mm. It is the standard size on the market. The stand is simple to fix with two screws to the worktable, and its use is very basic. You just have to push the drill on the surface to be drilled. We will hold it in line with the structure of the spindle.


  • Simple to use and easy to transport, even for people who have to drill outside their premises.
  • An elementary use and quick to activate
  • The depth lock allows precise holes.


  • With professional drills, it does not have the precision as expected

Milescraft 1318 Drill Stand is the right support for people who have to do DIY regularly

#4 Best Drill Press Stand Of All – Lukcase Floor Drill Press Stand

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Lukcase Floor Drill Press Stand is the ideal support for do-it-yourself work. It always allows you to have a drilling path that makes the best for DIY work. The operating system of the stand is very simple and precise. It is suitable for drills with a diameter not greater than 420mm.

You can work very well with this support also thanks to the cuts. It allows you to hold the material to be cut firmly. Therefore, to obtain precise work, it is necessary to anchor to the worktable and use a material that is not excessively thick.

There is a simple and intuitive system designed for people who want to take advantage of this support for not too complicated DIY jobs.


  • Quick and easy to use. 
  • Good value for money for those looking for a hole holder for their craft projects. 
  • Quick to transport and also easy to anchor to the worktable.


  • Not suitable for construction work 

Lukcase Floor Drill Press Stand is ideal for holes in light materials.

#5 Best Drill Press Stand For Hand Drill – DRILAX Adjustable Drill Press Stand

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DRILAX stands offer support for drills as we can compare to many professionals. It has a value for money that the users can define as perfect. You cannot find any negative sides of this product other than the excessive weight to manage in transport.

It adapts too many surfaces and is easy to manage in the change. Therefore, it allows us to expand the work not only to small DIY.


  • Easy and quick to manage in the hole’s preparation
  • Accurate even with heavy objects
  • Its value for money is excellent as the stand is semi-professional and costs relatively little compared to many competitors


  • Made of heavy material and difficult to transport

DRILAX Adjustable Drill Press Stand allows us to always have a precise job, even if the support is thick and if the drill is heavy.

Features to Consider Before Buying A Drill Stand


To start with, we will talk about compatibility evaluation. Most drill stands are universal. But it is always advisable to test this aspect to avoid a purchase that you will regret after purchasing. For examination, users should read the characteristics of the various models that they want to examine.

Build Construction

Another thing to consider is the processing. We must carry it out to understand if you need a large tool or just something that combines precision and maneuverability. In fact, in minor jobs, it is necessary that the stand is easy to maneuver and is also suitable for drilling with millimeter precision.

Base Stability

Among the salient notes, the solidity and resistance of the materials earn first place in an ideal ranking for the best drill stands. Shocks and vibrations are the enemies of precision and can create problems for the safety of those who are operating.

It links dimensions matter and to the drilling needs and the material to be worked on. An aspect that should not be overlooked is the worktop and its composition. Cast iron is one of the most resistant and reliable materials. It is also one of the best alloys on which to rest the element to be drilled.


The base of a drill stand should have angle graduations that you can use when adjusting the angle conveniently. The best drill stand should help to saw holes at certain angles in any situation such as on the wall, on top, on inclines, in round pieces, strips, and shaped sections.


The presence of accessories such as clamps to stabilize and fix the structure to the top. Or you can have additional tools to adjust and tighten the drill. 


How High Should a Drill Press Stand Be?

The average height of the workbenches is 36 inches on the market. And it is also the recommended height of the drill press stand.

What Is the Best Bench Drill Press?

The Bosch PBD 40 is a professional quality DIY tool made by the renowned German company. Its power is truly one of the best. The drill can produce a whopping 710W for precision drilling of various types of wood. Also, you can carry out drilling in series thanks to a convenient digital indicator. It will allow you professional perfection.

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The presence of its powerful motor allows the drill press to be more versatile. It gives you the possibility to select the number of revolutions. Thanks to a special crank, you can vary between two speeds.

What Do the Inches Mean on a Drill Press?

The measurement unit on the drill press is the distance from the spindle center to the stand edge. For example, if the manufacturers write 7.5 inches, it means that the drill press has a dimension of 15 inches.

What Must Be Removed Before Starting the Drill Press?

Before mounting, always clean the shank and sleeve of your drill press. So, you must remove the taper shank from the spindle.

Final Words

The columns for the drill are a media type that is employed in using hammer drills. This allows for extremely precise drilling. Thanks to its use, it is possible to transform even the cheapest drill into a high-precision tool. To carry out its task, it must have a very solid and indestructible structure capable of resisting shocks and vibrations.

Wolfcraft 4522 Tec Mobil Drill Stand is our winner as Various accessory elements are available with the column stand. It includes an integrated return spring and a quick depth change system with a stop. Besides, this accessory includes a locking button for serial drilling and an adjustable graduated ring for a depth precise to the millimeter. Lukcase Floor Drill Press Stand is another perfect choice for all types of work.

Bonus: Handmade Drill Stand

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