Top 5 Best Drill Bits For Metal, Stainless Steel, Wood & Concrete (2021 Reviews)

Best Drill Bits For Metal, Stainless Steel, Wood & Concrete

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Best Drill Bits For Metal, Stainless Steel, Wood & Concrete

Drill bits decide if your drilling job goes well. Choosing the best drill bits needs you to possess some experience. Otherwise, you catch a headache when going through the massive bit collection in the market now. There are many types, categorized by the tip, material, finish, and construction. You need help to find the best choice. 

This article is all about supporting you in deciding which is the best. The list shows you the top drill bits in the market, not based on the advertisement, but concerning features that matter. And the below section presents some background information as well as a buying guide so that readers can make up their mind according to their personal list of requirements.

Top 5 Best Drill Bits For Metal, Wood & Concrete 2021

#1 Best Drill Bits For Metal: Bosch TI14 Titanium Metal Drill Bit Set

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The Bosch TI14 set includes 14 drill bits in different sizes. It offers the fundamental bits, which are mostly twisted, and some auger bits. All bits are covered by titanium, which defends them against wearing-out and heat built-up. Referring to the coating, this set is preferable for metal cutting and drilling. 

It eliminates skate tips for better positioning. The angle is 135, which is low to pin the location, but you can hardly slip off the focus.


  • Affordable
  • Titanium coating
  • Clear in diameter


  • Small bits are not appropriate for metal.

Bosch will be the safe-to-go for most consumers. This set fits in multiple jobs, we see it as a primary toolkit.

#2 Best Drill Bits For Stainless Steel: DEWALT Titanium Drill Bit Set

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This DEWALT drill bit set offers 21 pieces in different sizes, notable for many purposes you would think of, household chores, or business projects. 

The better thing about DEWALT is its quality. Titanium coating surely helps you with metal. And don’t worry about chipping-off material since each bit here is designed with a pilot point that enhances the lifespan – the technique by DEWALT. 

With the purchase, you have an extra hard plastic case to keep the collection neat and well-maintained. Enjoy your drilling time with these 21 sizes.


  • Titanium coverage
  • Clean holes
  • Easy secure with latch



  • Too many sizes for a set

DEWALT is also a versatile option since you don’t know where to invest. For example, this one will do an excellent job with wood, plastic, and metal, especially stainless steel.

#3 Best Drill Bits For Wood: Fisch Brad Point Drill Bits

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Most of the time, we don’t need that many drill bits. Residential use or commercial projects only need a specific size, so why don’t you try only one bit? This Fisch brad point drill bit will be the one that replaces many items in a set.

It’s made of Chrome Vanadium Steel with quite a hollow along the bit. This feature is to keep the holes clean off. It might be restricted in shank as you need the cylindrical one, but it copes with many for the material. The material is hard enough to go through wood and glass. 


  • Specific 
  • Versatile in use
  • Beveled edge



  • Not a universal pick

If you know precisely the diameter and the material you work on the most, this single-item set will be the one.

#4 Best Drill Bits For Concrete: DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set

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This 7-piece set is made in Germany, so the quality is guaranteed. Let’s look at the details. 

These bits are not heavy-duty since they are made on the basic design. Its best suit is for soft material like concrete or brick. However, these things leave a lot of debris on the hole.

DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit set has a four-flute design which will eliminate all debris out of the hole and keep the final drill clean. 


  • Carbide tips
  • Pilot point
  • Easy to use


  • Not so powerful for metal

This set works well if you choose the right material to drill into. Concrete or less rigid surfaces will be great to cope with.

#5 Best Drill Bits For Drilling Out Locks: Bosch Clic-Change 3-Piece Self-Centering Drill Bit

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Again, we come back with Bosch because its quality is undeniable. This 3-piece set to surprise us in a universal hex shank that could fit in most chuck designs for now. 

Besides, at first sight, you can easily see the heavy-duty construction. However, it’s not a bulkily stupid design. The mechanically push and pull-out feature helps users to change the tips with a snap. 

We see it the best for locks since it saves time in centering, which is considered a pain in setting locks. It’s still at an affordable price point for most consumers.


  • Quick bit change
  • Self-centering
  • Hex shanks



  • Expensive

With locks, this Bosch collection will be the help that you need most of the time. So why not invest in it now?

Features to Consider When Choosing Drill Bits

4 Things you should consider include:

  1. Bits Design
  2. Material
  3. Coating
  4. Brands

Let’s go into detail below.


Twist Bits

Twist bits refer to the helix patterns going from the top to the body of the bit. It’s the universal design of drill bits and used for many jobs. The traditional twist bits are not above ½ inch in diameter, so are holes they create. Beyond that size, you must be looking for some other bits. Check the models below!

Spade bits

Spade bits consist of a paddle and a point. Because of the look, people also call them the paddle bits. If you want to make a big hole that twist bits are not qualified, here is the best choice regarding size, price point, and process. The only minus point is the mess it leaves behind.

Auger bits

Auger bits look like twist bits, but the body is deeply hollow. This feature helps make clean holes after all since debris can be dispensed out of the panel. It’s a powerful bit.

Step bits

Step bits appear strangely in comparison to the rest. Its powerful tip can tackle thin metal rather than wood. It’s also the model that comes in any size, but the maximum cannot exceed 1/8”. It’s not cheap to get step bits, so be considerate. However, this bit indeed does the job; not alone a point can cover several sizes of holes.


Besides the construction, the material also contributes to how the drill bits perform. There could be different metals but below are standard options. 

Soft low-carbon steel

It’s the most cost-effective material but also the least effective in performance. It only works through regular wood, and the tip can wear out quickly if you don’t maintain it well. Usually, professionals are not interested in it due to limitations on application.

High-carbon steel

Pay a little more but still not too much. What you get are high-carbon steel bits. They are better in hardness, and now you can cope with harder wood and, luckily, thin metal panels. However, this material is not sure if you want to perform nicely with a drilling job.

High-speed steel 

Or, in another name- HSS, this one can be found in professional stores. On average, materials in drilling through wood and thin metals, HSS steelworks the best regarding price and durability. It’s the fundamental start. Still, it’s not the most powerful, even though it can cope with multiple textures.

Cobalt steel alloys

While HSS steel bits are chosen for wood, Cobalt Steel alloys work better with metal. Its texture can resist higher temperature and brittle, which guarantee better performance on metals. It’s cool to work with high RPMs because it doesn’t need time to cool off.

Tungsten carbide 

Tungsten carbide shows a new level of hardness. It is born to tackle hardcore materials like fiberglass. This material also performs with higher heat better than Cobalt steel alloys. However, it’s too brittle, so be careful when you can’t use them regularly. 


Black oxide

It’s easy to notice that this coating is the only one with black. The coat can protect the bits from corrosion, stain, and water. These are common weather conditions but significantly contribute to wearing out the bits. Usually, this coat works effectively on weather-prone material such as steel or iron.

Titanium Nitride 

Titanium Nitride shows off a bit golden. This coating is a real game-changer for bits since it can increase the lifespan to five times longer. It works against heat and corrosion. But better off, it reduces traction so that the working process is smoother.


Cobalt is a specific coating for drill bits through metal. Notably, it’s not pure Cobalt but mixed with steel. This material keeps the drilling in less heat. 

Top 4 Drill Bit Brands


Dewalt is a big player in this accessory area. They have a lot of relating products, and all of the items share high-quality features in common. It’s a good brand for money too.


Craftsman, regarding drill bits, seems one of the best bangs for the buck. They usually release a colossal set that can help you with tons of work.

Drill America

Drill America is a quality promise. The bits are always sturdy and heavy-duty. They offer different kinds, but the focal point is around industrial tasks.


Bosch makes use of technology from the world industrial leader. Its products promise the best durability and heavy-duty quality.


Are cobalt or titanium drill bits better?

It depends on how you use the bits and maintain it. The difference between Cobalt and titanium drill is its coating. Usually, cobalt bits get no coat, and no matter how much you sharpen the bits, it works the same. Meanwhile, the titanium bits can lose their coverage.

What is the best drill bit sharpener on the market?

You can consider many brand names for a bit sharpener, such as Drill Doctor, Tormek, Woodstock, Neiko, or Grizzly. However, the purchase must respond to the material of the bits.

Who makes the best cobalt drill bits?

The best maker for Cobalt must be DEWALT. 

What are the most common types of drill bits?

Twist bits should be the most universe type since it copes with many jobs on many materials. Before inventing other designs, twist bits already help people in engineering. 

How to use Drill Bits?

You must insert the bits into the chuck and tighten them securely. Always start with low torque to test the security before speeding up. 

What are Brad Point Drill Bits used For?

Brad Bits offers a very sharp blade and tip to make the drilling holes more accurate. It can make a highly precise hole and with clean cuts.

How to Drill a Hole in a Metal Door?

The metal door is a thick plate to drill through, as well as; it doesn’t offer a stable position for drilling. Therefore, we should do the job with slow drilling, don’t speed up, and with much torque. Choosing the drill bits specifically for metal is necessary if you want the final to look nice.

What Are Black Oxide Drill Bits Used For?

They are made for tackling aluminum or more rigid metal like steel.

What are the Best Drill Bits for Drilling Steel?

Bits made of HSS steel and Cobalt or Titanium can work through metal. It depends on the thickness and hardness of the metal to decide the bit material.

Best Quality Drill Bits for Stainless Steel?

Cobalt bits should be the best overall for stainless steel due to its heat resistance and robust hardness.

Are Drill Bits Interchangeable?

Yes, as long as it fits the shank. you can change among different drill bits, add accessories if necessary. It’s best to check your chuck before purchasing any bit.

Final Words 

Bosch TI14 Titanium Metal Drill Bit Set is our best pick overall because of its advantages over price, design, and quality. It will be doing satisfying jobs for most drilling operations. 

Choosing the drill bits set requires you to relate to personal needs. The most expensive or the best-selling could mean nothing. It doesn’t correspond to what you need. The best drill bits for you must be the most suitable set.

Top 3 Best Drill Bits For Brick

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