Top 10 Best Cutting Jigsaw For Metal, Woodworking, Curves, Coping & DIY

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Best Cutting Jigsaw For Metal, Woodworking, Curves, Coping & DIYGiven the many options that can be found on the market, it is not as simple as you might think to choose the best metal cutting jigsaw that suits your needs. In order to buy the ideal model, it is important to decide the use you want to make of it. Then, you can decide the power and other characteristics of the electric jigsaw.

On the market, there are electric saws for all needs. The cost can be very varied. In this guide, we provide you with all the useful information you may need to choose the best model.

Top 10 Best Metal Cutting Jigsaw 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Jigsaw For Cutting Metal – Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw

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Are you looking for the best jigsaw for cutting sheet metal? Then, you have come to the right place. In this review, we will deal with the Bosch Professional JS470EB Jigsaw. It is not the lightest jigsaw in its class at 5.9 pounds.

But it has many other features that make it highly desirable. The jigsaw has a powerful 650-watt motor. It can cut wood up to a maximum depth of 90mm. For aluminum and metal sheets, it stops at 20mm.

They also supply this tool with an accessory for protection. It prevents crazy wood chips or any other material from scratching it. The smoothness of the jigsaw is exemplary and guarantees excellent results on any surface.


  • Tool-free blade change with a powerful engine
  • Comes with a case for transporting tools
  • There are three extra blades included in the package.


  • Heavyweight

Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw has an electronic speed control. It is another excellent feature of this tool provided with truly excellent quality to price ratio.

#2 Best Jigsaw For Woodworking – Bosch JSH180B Jigsaw

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For finishing work, the best cutting jigsaw is an indispensable tool. In this review, we have dealt with the best jigsaw from Bosch, the JSH180B model. First, let’s analyze why it is necessary to buy such a tool.

Bosch JSH180B Jigsaw is made entirely of plastic. It is an AC/DC device. The electric motor has a power of 620 watts. To work best, it also has a long electric cable. The speed of the jigsaw is between 500 and 3100 revolutions per minute.

They equip the unit with a four-phase pendulum. The cutting depth for wood is 90mm, for aluminum 15mm, and for steel 8mm. The plate is one of its strong points.


  • The maximum angles are up to 45 degrees
  • Easy to operate and implement
  • Equipped with a wood-dust extraction system


  • The performance is mid-range.

Thanks to the adjustments, Bosch JSH180B Jigsaw is also possible to perform the miter cuts.

#3 Best Jigsaw For Cutting Curves – Bosch JS365 Jigsaw

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The compact size, modern design, and extraordinary handling of Bosch JS365 Jigsaw ensure a high level of control and comfort. Bosch Low Vibration technology with linear mass balance and ergonomic soft-grip coating also ensures maximum precision and controlled tool handling.

The powerful 500-watt motor can cut to a depth of up to 65mm for wood. It ensures we can tackle the toughest tasks with ease. Bosch JS365 Jigsaw is compact and ideal for tackling any cutting operation.


  • Creates the most precise cuts
  • Comes with dust blowing function
  • Removes splinters quickly and reliably


  • Small engine

Bosch JS365 Jigsaw is useful for simple cutting jobs in wood, metal, or aluminium.

#4 Best Jigsaw For Coping – DEWALT DCS334B Jigsaw

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If you’re looking for your first jigsaw, then you may have found the one that is right for you. In this review, we dealt with the DEWALT DCS334B Jigsaw. It is a compact tool, both in size and in price.

For example, we find electronic speed regulation. It allows the user to adapt the cut to the surface to be machined. They also equip this jigsaw with a handy adapter for vacuuming the dust that is created during cutting. It allows you to have a cleaner working environment and do as minor damage as possible.


  • Possible to cut up to 45 degrees
  • Comes with a parallel guide, an adapter, and a blade for wood
  • Comfortable to use


  • Small engine power

For hobby use, DEWALT DCS334B Jigsaw is perfect because its use is simple. The adjustments are easy to understand and explained in the user manual.

#5 Best Jigsaw For Laminate Flooring – BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C Jigsaw

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A reciprocating saw is a work tool that not everyone uses at home. Professional models can also be quite expensive. But for people who want to start with DIY, you can purchase a low-end product like this BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C Jigsaw.

This jigsaw has a classic design, with the classic colors of orange and black. They equip the unit with a rather powerful 620-watt motor. Thanks to it, we get a cutting depth of 85mm in wood, 8mm in metal, and 12mm in plastic.


  • Simple to use with blade change with no tools
  • Used with both U-shaped and T-shaped blades
  • They integrate the blade holder for added convenience.


  • Only suitable for average works

BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C Jigsaw is ideal for beginners and an intermediate level.

#6 Best Jigsaw For Home Use – Bosch JS572EK Jigsaw

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Do-it-yourself enthusiasts know the German company Bosch very well. Especially, they love the production sector of power tools dedicated to amateur use. Regardless of the tool, the products of the Bosch Hobby line are all characterized by excellent quality. It is in terms of materials, and the invoice is for the level of services offered. And they are all recognizable by the classic green color of their body.

The Bosch PST 900 PEL jigsaw, besides the intrinsic reliability of the well-known German brand, has the advantage of being extremely precise and effective thanks to a series of integrated systems including the vibration reduced and the electronic regulator for the cutting speed.


  • Ideal for the most demanding DIY workers
  • Vibration reduction system and PowerLight torch
  • High durability


  • The blades are short

The economical price, notable change range, and optimum performance have made the Bosch JS572EK Jigsaw Kit become one of the most requested Bosch models by hobbyists.

#7 Best Jigsaw For Crafts – Bosch JS120BN Cordless Jigsaw

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Bosch JS120BN Cordless Jigsaw is a part of the Blue Professional line. It means that it is great if you are a craft worker and carpenter. But it becomes spectacular if you use it for domestic and hobby chores at home.

The powerful tool of 650 watts will allow you to make cuts quickly on a wide range of even tough materials. It is also extremely resistant. Therefore, the unit is also suitable for frequent use. With the electronic speed change, you can get the best results by adapting it to various surfaces.


  • High performance and efficiency
  • Robust and durable
  • High practicality


  • Expensive

Bosch JS120BN Cordless Jigsaw is most used by technicians and demanding hobbyists because of its high-level performance.

#8 Best Jigsaw For Beginners – SKIL JS313101 Corded Jigsaw

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SKIL JS313101 Corded Jigsaw differs from the others because it is battery-powered. Therefore, it is more comfortable because it works without the annoying power cable. As a result, it can be used anywhere, even if there is no electrical outlet.

This product has the advantage of considerable power and great durability. The jigsaw impresses with its incredible handling and ease of use that makes work more enjoyable and easier to perform.


  • Premium materials and components
  • Ultimate power and durability
  • Easy to use and operate


  • The protective faceplate hides the saw from the user’s sight

The cut got with SKIL JS313101 Corded Jigsaw will be precise and clean thanks to the electronic change and the number of strokes.

#9 Best Jigsaw For The Money – BLACK+DECKER JS670V Jigsaw

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The JS670V jigsaw, produced by the well-known American brand BLACK+DECKER, is mainly intended for home DIY enthusiasts. We appreciate this power tool thanks to its low price.

The motor has a power of 400 watts and can reach a speed of 3,000 strokes per minute while maintaining a minimum level of vibrations. They equip it with a blowing system to keep the cutting line clean. And the switch locking system allows you to work more comfortably in case of prolonged use.

We can adjust the support plate to perform 45-degree inclined cuts. But being an economical electric tool, it lacks the approximate assembly. Since it overheats under stress, it is also recommended only for cutting small thicknesses.


  • The price is negligible for amateur customers
  • Can cut through many materials such as wood, plastic, and aluminum
  • Ergonomic design


  • Overheat problem

The low price makes BLACK+DECKER JS670V Jigsaw easily accessible even to those who have to deal with a limited budget.

#10 Best Jigsaw For DIY – CRAFTSMAN CMES610 Jigsaw

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One last tip on the best jigsaw blade for cutting metal to buy goes to the CMES610 model produced by CRAFTSMAN. Going to check the features offered, we discover that it is a model appreciated by consumers. It is even cheaper than the BLACK+DECKER models. Therefore, CRAFTSMAN CMES610 Jigsaw is ideal for all those who have a reduced budget.

For standard hobby use, it offers excellent performance. For example, it has a 410-watt motor that should allow you to deal with original materials without problems. They advance the product in the cut with speed, precision, and effectiveness thanks also to the electronic regulation of oscillations.


  • Low price with outstanding features
  • High durability and versatility
  • High precision and effectiveness


  • Imperfect stability

CRAFTSMAN CMES610 Jigsaw is a light electric tool that can be transported with sufficient agility on various types of surfaces.

Features to Consider when Buying a Jigsaw

Powerful Motor

Having the right power engine at your disposal means being able to take advantage of the tool, even for what it was designed. Power also defines the ease of use and smoothness of the jigsaw. The speed with which we can complete any project depends on the power of the tool. Models equipped with powerful motors can work faster and with greater cutting precision.

Corded vs. Cordless

There are many options on the market that allow you to choose cordless jigsaws today. Cordless models are not suitable for those who are primarily looking for power from their tools. However, if you plan to buy a cordless model, you need to keep in mind the charging times, the battery capacity, and the possibility of having a spare battery always charged.

The absence of the electric cable can be convenient since we are talking about an easy tool to use around the house. You can take it where you want it most without having to worry about having a power outlet at hand.

Variable Speed

To make everything even easier and more intuitive, they also equip the best metal cutting jigsaw with the ability to adjust the power based on the material to be cut. This feature is often developed electronically with digital function management. If you use the jigsaw often, the speed change is a feature that should never be missed.

They express the speed of the blade in strokes per minute. On average, the maximum speed is around 3000 strokes/minute. But some high-end models can reach up to 3800 strokes/min. Some economic models are slower and stop at 2600 strokes/min. 

Speed ​​is important for doing a clean cut. It remains cleaner and less chipped at high speeds. For easily cutting even the hardest materials, it requires high speeds.


A self-respecting professional jigsaw must have a balanced weight. It is enough to be sturdy and durable, but not so much to be uncomfortable. These tools must be handled manually and comfortably in use. The ideal weight is from three to five pounds. Otherwise, it becomes uncomfortable to use.

Orbital settings

The pendulum action found in most jigsaws on the market allows the blade to move away as it descends on the material and approaches as it rises. This movement increases the speed of the cut and prevents the blade from wearing out faster.

It also reduces the possibility of interference. The orbital blades move from side to side, back and forth. It helps you cut even faster. Compared to other types of blades, they get a slightly rougher cut. Therefore, they are only good for retail jobs.

Blade Material & Type

If you are considering cutting vertical surfaces flush, then you should use a particular blade. The flush blades allow for many DIY cuts. It is a very useful blade when you are trying to rework some surfaces already installed. For example, it can be a door, a wall, or a closet.

These blades are characterized by an extended surface. It helps the saw to cross the entire surface before making the vertical cut. These are also referred to as offset blades.

Blade Teeth

The blade chosen determines the cut. It also affects the material we can cut with our new tool. When we talk about the blade, we refer to its length, its width, and the shape of the cutting teeth.

Ideally, shorter types of blades are used to cut metal than those dedicated to cutting wood. Also, the teeth for metal cutting need to be sharper than those on the wood cutting blades.

Carrying Case

Among the accessory kits, do not forget the purchase of a carrying case. Most times, they sell the jigsaw with a practical rigid case. It is useful for registering equipment.

Dust Management

If you want to prevent chip dust from going all over the house floor, some models of jigsaws come with an accessory to attach to the vacuum cleaner.


One thing not to forget is that these tools can be very dangerous. Look for models that are safety switches or a quick lock button. During the start-up phase, the user may find a soft-start function useful, which involves intervention at a lower speed. The blade must also slide along a guard to ensure maximum safety and durability.

Price & Warranty

It is not news to tell you it is important to think about the price when making a purchase. You know better than we do. And its importance is greater if the product to be purchased requires a significant financial outlay. However, remember that what is cheaper often turns out to be more expensive.

With jigsaws, the price can fluctuate between $35 and $130. From there, you decide based on your budget and needs. It is why we advise you to decide both with the head and with the pockets.

Types of Jigsaw

Straight-Reciprocating Jigsaws

There is an electrical device that allows both straight and curved cuts as the universal saw or reciprocating saw. The different blades allow you to see all materials.

A straight-reciprocating jigsaw is a universal tool. We use it for sawing jambs, wood, plastic, plasterboard, and metals for demolition work and in the garden. With flexible planks, it is possible to work in places difficult to reach.

Orbital-Reciprocating Jigsaws

An orbital-reciprocating jigsaw is a tool that enhances the swinging action to cut through the materials. It is also called the pendulum action.

Top Handle

They convert the rotation of the top handle jigsaw motor to a vertical stroke. It creates a rapid back-and-forth motion of the blade up and down. This movement can be further amplified by a pendulum movement. When moving upward, the blade advances slightly which makes sawing easier and faster and promotes the longevity of the blade.

Barrel Grip

Barrel-grip handles are ergonomic and offer users excellent control quality. Your distance to the materials will be closer that enhances precision.

T-shank vs. U-shank jigsaw blades

U-shank blades

U-shank blades are attached to the jigsaw through a screw. Many workers do not use this blade anymore because of the complicated installation. You will need an advanced tool to dismantle the blade.

T-shank blades

T-shank blades are a more considerable option. You will need no wrench or any tool to install this blade. The T-shank blades come with a quick-release function that you can put it out in seconds.


What is the best jigsaw to buy?

Bosch Professional JS470EB Jigsaw is our recommendation. The blade locking mechanism is very strong, which minimizes vibrations. The dust extraction function is always very useful and ensures a clean working environment with no harmful effects on health.

What is the best corded jigsaw?

BLACK+DECKER BDCJS20C Jigsaw is our pick. Some prefer the corded electric jigsaw while others prefer to buy a cordless jigsaw instead. In short, if you have to work in large spaces, the single cable could bother you.

How do I choose a jigsaw?

To make cuts on wood, metal, or plastic, one accessory that best combines effectiveness and economy is the jigsaw. Thanks to a motor, the operation is straightforward and easy, even if you want to make curved or oblique cuts.

On the market, all the best brands offer models designed for hobbyists and professionals. To help you choose, we have created this guide. We highlight the aspects to take into account before buying and reviews the most popular models for their outstanding quality and price ratio.

Which is the best Dewalt jigsaw?

DEWALT DCS334B Jigsaw as mentioned above. What is most surprising about this tool, apart from the economical price, is the excellent performance and features it can offer.

Can a jigsaw be used to cut metal?

The jigsaw works on the principle of the sewing machine. The cadence of the ascending and descending strokes can be jerky or continuous and vary in speed. For example, they use slow cadences with hard materials such as metal, while they use fast cadences for soft materials.

What is the easiest metal to cut?

It is copper. You can find it at any tinsmith (the ones who make roof gutters) or in DIY stores of different thicknesses. It is very malleable that you can cut or finish it, even with scissors. For different needs, it can go better than soft iron. It is a sheet with variable thicknesses. You can always find it at the do-it-yourself stores.

What is the best metal cutting blade?

As already mentioned in this ranking, you will find the most interesting jigsaw blades for metal cutting. You will also find out which is the most expensive and the cheapest if you are interested in buying an item that costs little.

The most interesting is Wolfcraft 5208000 for its characteristics found by analyzing sources on the web. It has an excellent quality and price ratio. Reliability has improved a lot in this area over the past decade.

What is the best brand of jigsaw to buy?

As we listed above, in our humble opinion, stand as the ten best jigsaw models present to date on the tool market. They are useful for do-it-yourself and for their professional use.

Final Words

We have used many jigsaws on the market. After testing many of them, we have offered you a review of those that were the most suitable models for general use. The best cutting jigsaw offers, in equal measure, excellent quality to price ratio.

Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw is the best choice for our ranking because of its high quality, premium function, excellent precision, and great versatility. If you need an affordable choice, CRAFTSMAN CMES610 Jigsaw is worth considering.

How to Use a Jigsaw for Beginners

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