Top 5+ Best Lightweight Drill: Corded, Cordless, Hammer or Combi Drills (2021 Reviews)

Best Lightweight Drill: Corded, Cordless, Hammer or Combi Drills

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Best Lightweight Drill: Corded, Cordless, Hammer or Combi Drills

Drills have been a useful piece of machinery at home for many household families. Most people often look for lightweight tools, but they still wonder whether lightweight means low quality or not. Indeed, the lightweight drills are still durable and easily do all problematic tasks. If you are looking for the best lightweight drill, you should check out some model reviews in this article.

There are many multi-functional drills that might fit your needs and are suitable for your budget. Don’t wait anymore, let’s discover them now!

Top 5+ Best Lightweight Drill 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Lightweight Drill Overall: Bosch Brushless Drill/Driver Kit Ps32-02

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The Bosch PS32-02 is equipped with a brushless motor that helps it operate more efficiently. Besides, this feature allows users not to carry out routine maintenance across their lifespan. Another extra is the case, which is attached to the tool when you buy it. So, you can bring it wherever you go in safety. 

In terms of operation, there are two batteries in the package. This means that you can keep using it indefinitely. When you use up a battery, you still have a backup. And during the time you use the second battery, you put the first one on the charger. So, you have it ready for the next usage time. 


  • Case included
  • 2-speed transmission
  • Brushless motor


  • Poor light placement

Although the LED light of this model is relatively poorly placed, most users still love it. It provides a reasonable price, well working, and great value. 

#2 Best Lightweight Corded Drill: Makita 1/2-Inch Corded Drill

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There are not many corded drills nowadays, as the cordless ones become incredibly prevalent. However, for those working in your workshop, the corded drill is much more suitable. And the Makita ½-inch Corded drill will be the best. 

The first outstanding feature of this model is that it runs quietly but still provides excellent power. Many customers use it to mix drywall mud, grout, and mortar. So, it seems that the Makita ½-inch corded tool is an excellent option for boring holes and mixing. 

Furthermore, the D-handle placed at the Makita drill’s back also offers you a nice comfort. You might sadly not find this level of comfort on any cordless models. 


  • Adjustable D-handle
  • Quiet operation
  • A good combination of mud or grout


  • Limited portability

Several previous users may not be satisfied with the drilling speed, but it is still robust when you bore a hole. More importantly, it is immensely comfortable through the drilling process. 

#3 Best Lightweight Cordless Drill: DeWalt DCD791D2 20-Volt 

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Many customers are keen on the DeWalt DCD791D2 20-Volt thanks to its power and battery life. For instance, this tool can drill five 1-inch holes in 20 seconds without binding up. Apparently, it is built with more power and speed to blow right through the hard surfaces. 

One more exciting feature is the LED light sitting at the foot of the tool. Unlike the previous models, this time, the Dewalt brand gives it a unique three-setting LED lying above the light. This means that you can adjust the brightness and use it as a rudimentary flashlight. 

Even though it might be as bright as a real flashlight, it is still handy and convenient for users. Last but not least, the nice hard case attached to the kit is an ideal place for driver bits and drill. 


  • XR Li-Ion batteries providing 33% more capacity
  • High-speed transmission
  • Brushless motor delivering 57% more run time


  • Slightly finicky chuck

The DeWalt DCD791D2 20-Volt cordless drill is appropriate for consistent and quick performance. People who often have aggressive work, including drilling large holes or driving long screws, should go for it. 

#4 Best Lightweight Hammer Drill: WORX Switchdriver 2-in-1

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To talk about WORX Switchdriver 2-in-1, this is a beautiful piece of equipment. It is able to produce the power of 265 inch-lbs of torque. Besides, its speed can reach up to 1500 rpm. This power level will help you complete your work in record time and address all of your goals. 

Moreover, explaining the 2-in-1 function, it has a screwdriver in one and a drill bit in the other. Apparently, it is convenient for you to switch them back and forth when doing multiple tasks. You just need to flip a button, and then you have another useful tool in your hand. 

Apart from the lightweight feature, this tool also can be used in dark working conditions. The LED light on it will illuminate your workplace, such as crawl spaces. Lastly, there are two long-lasting batteries going along with this device. Everyone frequently worries about the short battery life, but this one will make a huge difference. 


  • Easy to use
  • 12-setting electronic torque control
  • Powerful and trigger-activate LED light


  • Only take ¼-inch HEX bits

The WORX Switchdriver 2-in-1 is considered a fantastic invention by a lot of users. With its versatility and capability, it is genuinely a bargain. 

#5 Best Lightweight Combi Drill: DeWalt DCD771C2 20V MAX

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Another product from the DeWalt brand will make you impressed due to its power and thoughtful design. To be more specific, DeWalt DCD771C2 is able to produce about 300-unit watts and speeds of 1500 rpm maximum. This means that you can drill efficiently and quickly without worrying about its durability and reliability. 

Also, it comes with ½ inch single ratcheting chuck providing you with greater control. With this ergonomic handle, you can drill for a longer time and do not feel fatigued or tired. 


  • Compact and lightweight 
  • The high-performance motor of 300 UWO of power
  • ½-inch single sleeve chuck 


  • Relatively defective batteries

This model seems to be the best device to keep up with a demanding workload. So, it might fit with contractors and makes sure to give them the best work of their life. 

#6 Best Lightweight Drill For a Woman: BLACK+DECKER LDX120C

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This drill is immensely lightweight and budget-friendly. In particular, it weighs only 2.8 lbs, which is sufficiently light and straightforward to use. Additionally, the manufacturer has built it with high-quality materials allowing you to use it for years. 

In terms of power, this 20-volt device can generate 115 inch-lbs of torque. Accordingly, its speed will be up to 650 rpm. With this power level, it is decent enough to accomplish almost DIY jobs around your home. 


  • Variable speed
  • Highly ergonomic
  • 11 clutch positions


  • Only one speed

The Black+Decker LDX120C is an impressive tool that can meet any of your work demands. You certainly like this top-notch device once you possess it. 

Features to Consider When Choosing A Lightweight Drill


In terms of weight, you should buy tools that are lightweight. You cannot hold a heavy drill for a long time if you have to drill an extremely solid surface. Moreover, a lightweight device is also suitable for everyone so that a woman can drill as well. 


This is one of the primary features to be considered as it is also related to speeds. Torque is the device’s rotary turning force. Usually, a drill having more torque can drill better into the hard surfaces. 

Variable Speed 

To choose the drill’s speed, you have to see its RPM figure as it illustrates the maximum speed. In other words, it refers to the rotations per minute. The majority of low-end products on the market now provide two options, at least, which are 300 rpm and 800 rpm.

Additionally, they are attached with a slide switch allowing users to select the high or low speed. It would be best if you bought a model that comes with variable speed as it will be convenient for you to adjust the speed at once. 


Power is likely an essential feature to contemplate. To drill into resilient materials or deeper holes, you might need more power. Power often comes from electricity or battery. Regarding battery types, the denominated power is Volts, and the typical battery voltages are 12 and 18 Volts. 

Hammer Function

Understandably, you will use the drill to drill into wood, plastic, metal, brick, or even some more rigid materials. So, it would be better if you buy a drill equipped with a hammer drill driver. 

As you can guess, the versatile hammer function can help you drill into concrete, stone, or masonry. But, if you feel it is unnecessary, you can buy the normal device to save your bill. 


If you are not comfortable with the selected drill, you might damage the surface or even cause injuries for yourself. Therefore, it will be best for you to try the drill’s comfortableness by holding it for a few minutes. By that, you can make sure it works well for you. 

Top Brand

The brands are wide-ranging, depending on the budget of users. Typically, expensive brands, including Bosch, Makita, and DeWalt, can give you more durable products. Black+Decker is both well-known and less expensive, so it seems to be a good option here. 

Mentioning the middle range brands, Worx, VonHaus, Ryobi, Metabo, and Hitachi are famous brands offering good-quality tools. Some users also might know about Milwaukee Tools or Festool, which are products of some specialist high-end brands. 

It is recommended that if you do not specialize in this career, you should buy the ordinary ones to meet your needs at home. 


What is the best lightweight cordless drill?

The Bosch Brushless Drill/Driver Kit PS32-02 is ideal to be the best lightweight cordless drill. Its weight is less than 1 lbs, which is suitable for everyone. Besides, it is equipped with a 2-speed transmission, so you can maximize its torque for more speed or hard jobs. 

What is the lightest cordless drill?

For those who are looking for the lightest cordless drill, the Dewalt 18V XR Brushless Compact will be a suitable option. It is compact, lightweight, and comparatively quiet. Besides, it has a hammer action and smart design as well. 

What is a good cordless drill for a woman?

The BLACK+DECKER LDX120C model will be best for a woman’s usage as it weighs only 2.8 lbs. It is covered by a beautiful orange and black body. Featuring the 11-position clutch, it is also convenient for a woman to adjust the control she wants quickly. 

What is the best electric drill for home use?

If you often do the DIY projects at home, you may need the Makita 18V Cordless ½-inch drill. This tool can accommodate you with an excellent combination of features and power. Also, it has good durability and LED light to work in darkness. 

Final Words 

In this article, the top pick belongs to the Bosch Brushless Drill/Driver Kit PS32-02. Its sheer power and brilliant design allow you to work effectively and quickly in prolonged periods. The second option can be the Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX, which is an immensely innovative drill with handy features. 

After reading the above reviews, you now have enough understanding of the best lightweight drills. Hopefully, you will purchase a model that you love using for a long time. 

Bonus: How to Clean Your Drill

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