Top 5 Best Drill Press Chucks (Keyless & W/ Key) (2021 Reviews)

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Best Drill Press Chucks (Keyless & W/ Key)

If your drill is not suitable for large bits and you have to change them regularly, you should consider shopping for the best drill press chucks. These accessories are indispensable for people who regularly use a drill press.

You can improve your drilling ability with this versatile tool. So, why not check through this article to choose the best drill chuck for you? This review will provide you with essential information to help you choose.

Top 5 Best Replacement Drill Press Chucks 2021

#1 Best Keyed Drill Press Chuck: Neiko 20754A Drill Press Chuck

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The Neiko 20754A Drill Press Chuck is an excellent choice for those looking for the best-keyed drill press chuck. With material made from durable chromium-vanadium steel, this product has incredible strength with high resistance.

This 3/8-inch drill chuck will help you turn the crash driver into an electric drill. Besides, the manufacturer also equips this model with a ½ inch drive with a chuck key. The ¼ inch hex adapter makes transforming your tool more comfortable than ever.


  • Chrome vanadium steel offers high strength
  • Quick setup
  • Easy wrench switch


  • Looks a bit wobbly

Neiko 20754A Drill Press Chuck receives many positive feedbacks from previous customers. Users feel more secure with the classic keyed 3-function design. It helps fix a wide variety of stepper and twist drill bits with shank 1/16 ” to 3/8 ”.

#2 Best Keyless Drill Press Chuck: Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck

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This one is another product from Neiko, but it is a bit different from the product above. Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck is one of the best keyless drill press chucks that many people trust.

With a ¼ inch hexagon shank, this model will fit most electric screwdrivers and convert it into a drill or grinder. Thanks to the keyless design, the user can easily switch between the tip and the bits.


  • Easy to turn on and off
  • Drill with one hand
  • Compact design


  • A slight eccentricity may occur

Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck is compact, thin, and long. These features allow you to use it in a tight space without feeling stuck. Besides, it also has an immensely affordable price. 

#3 Best SDS Plus Drill Press Chuck: Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck

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If you are looking for an SDS Plus drill chuck that meets your needs, you should not miss the Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck. 

Thanks to the steel-coated metal pipe, the Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck is confident that it can last for a long time. Bosch is a well-known brand in the market, so their products are incredibly reliable.

The Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck can quickly lock bits into place. It offers outstanding performance. Besides, it is suitable for straight shank drill bits and SDS-plus hammer.


  • Durable
  • Impressive performance
  • Keyless design


  • Can cause inaccuracies sometimes 

When owning this handy device, you can hasten your productivity thanks to its twist-lock mechanism. It seems that Bosch 3-Jaw Drill Press Chuck is suitable for those having various heavy-duty work. 

#4 Best Drill Press Chuck For Woodworking: PSI TM32 Drill Press Chuck

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For those passionate about DIY work, PSI TM32 Drill Press Chuck is a powerful support tool. With its traditional 3-jaw design, this model can fit into any lathe that matches its diameter.

Besides, the manufacturer has attached a jaw tightening key for PSI TM32 Drill Press Chuck. If you regularly work with wooden slats, this model is the right choice. It can easily handle slats with the ability to secure small lathes, drill bits, or pins.


  • Traditional 3-function design
  • Suitable for wood handling
  • Durable


  • Materials that are too hard may not be tolerated

The great thing from PSI TM32 Drill Press Chuck is that you can use it for small turnings, holding drill bits, or pen mandrel shafts. Besides, you can remove it easily with the knock-out bar.

#5 Best Drill Press Chuck For Quick Connect: DEWALT DW0521 Drill Press Chuck

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DEWALT DW0521 Drill Press Chuck is equipped with hex ¼ ” quick connection to help users change from forced to drill quickly. The reason this model is such a powerful tool for your drilling job is its design.

Thanks to the exclusive single sleeve design, you can tighten it with one hand in no time. DEWALT Drill Press Chuck’s structure is made entirely of metal, so users do not have to worry about its durability.


  • Easy to connect
  • Sustainable structure
  • Quick installation


  • It is not easy to tighten the drills over the torque threshold

DEWALT Drill Press Chuck is the savior for those who want a model that can connect quickly. Also, it comes with a warranty of 90 days and a 1-year contract for free service. This makes things more accessible for you in case you have some problems with the selected device.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Drill Press Chuck



When the keyless drill chuck came into being, many people enjoyed using it for the first time. You need to turn the chuck until it snaps to the latch without the key.

With Key

Drill Press Chuck with a key is a reliable tool if you want to repair the drill bits. The drill press chuck design with the key will provide a firm grip because it is capable of holding the drill bits. You can loosen or tighten its jaw with the key.


There are many reliable drill press chuck brands in the market today. Each manufacturer has products that stand out with different impressive features. Among them are Bosch, Neiko, PSI, or Dewalt. They all provide excellent support tools that many users appreciate.


The price of the drill press chuck will depend on its type. Usually, a keyed drill press chuck will cost slightly higher than a keyless drill press chuck. It would help if you chose the model that suits your needs and wants.

Multiple Use

Whether it’s a drill press, drills, or an impact driver, the chuck is fit and powerful. For drill presses and drills, the chuck will carefully hold the tool to do your job. It will also help the impact driver in the balancing force.


1. What is the best drill chuck?

With a compact design and features that it will bring, the Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck is the best drill chuck you should not miss.

2. What is the best drill press for the money?

WEN 4208 Drill Press is the perfect combination of affordable price and outstanding advantages. If you are looking for a good drill press that doesn’t want to break the bank, then you can consider this product.

3. What is the chuck on a drill press?

Chucks have high applicability. Simply put, the chuck is designed as a specialized clamp. The user will use it to keep a balance for objects with radial symmetry, especially cylindrical ones.

4. Are keyless chucks any good?

The convenience that keyless chucks offer is endless. You will be comfortable using this kind of chuck. But for heavy-duty drills, keyed chucks would be a better choice for securing stability. Keyless chucks will suit hand drills.

Final Words

A good chuck will help you discover the full potential your drill has to offer. Not only does this accessory stick with professionals, but also DIY enthusiasts use it regularly.

Neiko 20753A Drill Press Chuck will be the right choice for looking for products at an affordable price while ensuring reliability. For those who regularly do DIY work with wood, PSI TM32 Drill Press Chuck will be a powerful assistant.

Hopefully, through this article, you have learned the necessary information to choose for yourself the best drill press chuck.

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