Top 5 Best Drill Press Tables For Woodworking (2021 Reviews)

Best Drill Press Tables For Woodworking

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Best Drill Press Tables For Woodworking

Woodworking is common for any DIY project or professional construction work. Every workshop and craft worker wants to maximize professional capacity. By getting space for woodworking, your work will gain a considerable quality but cost you less effort. It is the reason you need the best drill press table.

Most workers create their table as the price of a drill press table is expensive. So, we have studied many products to give you five choices with the best quality and reasonable price. Our criteria include dimensions, weight, material, and market price. Let’s have a look!

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Top 5 Best Drill Press Tables 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Drill Press Table Overall: MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table

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MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table is on top of this list thanks to its outstanding quality and reasonable price. The unit is suitable for both novice and professional users. Although coming at a cheap price, they make this table of premium MDF Melamine that has a thickness of 7/8 inches. It can handle significant pressure while you are drilling.

The design is sleek and compact to give a modern look. Also, it can work well with most drill models on the market such as Bosch, DeWalt, and BLACK+DECKER. There is an adjustable fence and T-racks to offer ultimate modifications for your works. And you only need 15 minutes to install the best drill press table from MLCS. However, many users have problems when setting up the latter.


  • Easy to operate and install for only 15 minutes
  • An additional fence is compatible with all models
  • Sleek and compact design with an affordable price


  • Some users require a higher thickness.

MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table is one of the best drill press tables thanks to its high efficiency, ultimate performance, and palatable price.

#2 Best Drill Press Table For Woodworking – Precision & Accuracy: Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table

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If you are a newcomer and want the fastest installation, Woodstock D4033 Drill Press Table is a perfect choice. You can mount it to the surface in one minute. The table comes with two universal clamps to enhance the stability of all pressure.

The D4033 model does not have the extra-large capacity. But it is still sufficient for most DIY tasks. The product comes with some supporting tools to enhance the precision and accuracy of your works. The table design helps you drill accurately and install for minutes.

The model offers a ruler guide that you cannot find on any model on the market. All the operations are smooth and efficient that support your workload. You can work more accurately and quicker with this amazing drill press table.


  • The fence and stop block glides along the T-bracks
  • Offers smooth movements with premium quality
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy delivery


  • Some wooden components are unstable

D4033 is one of the most lightweight models on our list that you can deliver it effortlessly

#3 Best Adjustable Fence Drill Press Table For Woodworking: Woodpeckers WPDPACK 2 Drill Press Table

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Woodpeckers WPDPACK 2 Drill Press Table is an excellent product in case you need an extra-sizeable area. However, with this unit, you will have less space to move around. We equip the table from Woodpeckers with unique features such as the fence’s laser engraving. It makes your work more accurate and efficient.

The table features extra-large T-tracks on the bottom to ensure your safety while working. Woodpeckers use microdot laminate in the table surface to prevent the tool from falling to the ground. This unique material creates an excellent grip for you to stay in control.


  • Laser engravings to enhance accuracy and efficiency
  • Microdot laminate material for excellent grip
  • Adjustable fence for premium results


  • Not compatible with small drill presses

Woodpeckers WPDPACK 2 Drill Press Table offers ultimate workmanship and is an excellent unit for any professional workers on the site.

#4 Best Jumbo Size Drill Press Table For Woodworking: WEN DPA2412 Drill Press Table

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WEN DPA2412 Drill Press Table offers excellent performance that does not require an expensive price. It impresses even the experts with the precision of the WEN table. For the novices, this product features an embedded ruler to enhance accuracy.

Like other premium products, the unit features a stop block and a fence to offer impressive performance for your drilling works. Besides, DPA2412 is one of the lightest models from WEN. Its compact design helps you move the table anywhere. The product also comes with a two-year warranty with excellent customer service.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Two-year limited warranty


  • They limit the compatibility with some drill presses

WEN DPA2412 Drill Press Table is only compatible with limited models of drill presses as stated by the manufacturer.

#5 Best Heavy Duty Drill Press Table: MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table

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If you are looking for an extra-large drill press table for heavy-duty work, MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table is the best choice. A few inches wide can provide great stability when you work with a large wood piece. And you also need a large workspace for this unit.

The fence has a cut-out that can solve the problem of the fence interfering with the handle. With this unit, you can adjust the handle without fence pulling. Besides, the stop block strengthens the cutting speed and accuracy.

They make the table of high-quality melamine to keep the table in shape for years. The durable surface of MLCS 9778 is sturdy enough for any heavy-duty work. The table also comes with T-tracks to enhance precision and efficiency.


  • Premium-quality design with a stop block, T-tracks, and melamine material
  • Simple to operate and easy to install
  • Affordable price


  • Large size for limited spaces

MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table is a perfect choice for any heavy-duty task in your workshop

Factors to Consider When Choose Drill Press Table


The size of a drill press table is essential, but not the deciding factor when choosing the best product. A lightweight and compact table is perfect for DIY works that require you to move the table regularly.

Otherwise, a heavyweight product offers perfect stability for heavy-duty tasks. Be careful when choosing a large table if you have limited working space.


The dimension of drill press tables is one of the most crucial factors that we pay the most attention to when picking the top five choices above. Many drills come with an assembly table. But this table is not compact for most working areas. The acceptable size is at least 20 inches x 10 inches.


The fence will enhance the precision and accuracy of your work. It also offers great protection for professionals with an overwhelming workflow. So choose a table that has an adjustable fence.

Besides, a fence with circular clearance is an excellent feature to fasten your workflow. In our review, MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table is the product that comes with the best fence.

T-Tracks & T-Slots

The table that comes with T-tracks or T-slots will gain more pros to the customers. The T-tracks are the component that runs across the table body and it glides. It is a useful item to attach the clamps. Both tracks and slots ensure your wood or metal would slide smoothly on the table surface. Then, it enhances productivity and quality to the finest level.

Hold-down Clamps

We must fix the drill press table with the drill press when you are working. Otherwise, it will cause serious damages. So, most craft workers use clamps to stabilize the objects to the table surface. And the table that comes with hold-down clamps should be the first choice on your list.


High versatility is what everybody wants for the best drill press table. MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table is our top choice since it is compatible with all drill press models and can handle many materials.


1. Who makes the best drill press?

For all of you who are never satisfied and just want the best to answer the above question, we will show what is the absolute best drill press of 2021. The Bosch PBD 40 is a professional quality DIY tool made by the renowned German company. Its power is truly one of the best, producing a whopping 710W for precision drilling of various types of wood. Besides, you can carry out drilling in series thanks to a convenient digital indicator that will allow you professional perfection.

The presence of its powerful motor allows the drill press to be more versatile, giving you the possibility to select the number of revolutions. Thanks to a special crank, you can vary between two speeds, to guarantee your ideal versatility compared to many others of 2021.

2. What is the best drill press for the money?

Were you looking for one of the best drill presses thanks to its fantastic value for money? If so, you are in the right place. The Einhell BT-BD 501E drill is a tool capable of combining precision, wonderful power, and an affordable price. It is perfect for people who are novice hobbyists. To approach DIY, Einhell BT-BD 501E is one of the most suitable drill presses. The power of 500W is enough to do quality work without compromising accuracy.

Besides, thanks to the nine selectable speeds between 280 and 2350 rpm, you can change the drilling power for various types of wood, aluminum, and other materials. Besides, this Einhell is quite silent to work with greater comfort.

The adjustable depth stop will allow you to customize the hole to be drilled according to your needs. Besides, the spindle rests on a ball bearing to guarantee you better precision. They can position the base as you prefer: you can turn it, tilt it, and move it in height.

Customer reviews and opinions also appreciate the precision offered at an exceptional price for 2021. The Einhell BT-BD 501E is an affordable and superb DIY tool, especially for hobbyists.

3. How do you build a drill press table?

So, we will explain making a drill press table. First, glue 1-inch wood panels together. Then cut them to your desired size. After that, edge both sides of the table surface and belt-sand the tabletop to make it smooth. Cut the laminate squares at the same size and put the cement on them. Then, put the squares with a trim bit and chamfer them.

4. Are Wen drill presses any good?

A Wen pillar drill operating with too much torque has broken many screw heads. It is also important to choose a drill right for the tasks for which you plan to use it. One way to determine it is from the size of the mandrel or the size of the part that the mandrel can accept. Common sizes are 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch (metric mandrels are 6, 8, 10, or 13mm). The higher the diameter, the higher the torque.

For most household tasks, the 3/8 inches (10mm) diameter chuck provides a lot of torque. But if you plan on drilling into denser materials like metal or concrete, you might consider something a little less big. Finally, decide if you want a drill with the impact function. While this does not provide any advantage for drilling holes in wood, it makes screwing easier and is required for drilling into concrete or masonry.

Final Words

A drill press table is a crucial item for any serious DIY work. On top of our list, MLCS 9765 Drill Press Table is the best drill press table thanks to its high efficiency, premium materials, and sleek design. If you want a unit for most heavy-duty works, MLCS 9778 Jumbo Size Drill Press Table is our second recommendation.

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