Top 5 Best Drill Press Vise (4”, 6”) For Milling & Metal (2021 Reviews)

Best Drill Press Vise (4”, 6”) For Milling & Metal

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Best Drill Press Vise (4”, 6”) For Milling & Metal

The drill press vise is not an unfamiliar tool these days as it helps to keep wood, metal, plastics, and so on completely still during the drilling process. Besides, it allows users’ hands free to drill more accurately but always keeps them safe from puncturing themselves. 

With a considerable number of vise machines on the market recently, it seems challenging to choose the best drill press vise. This article will ease your anxiety by providing you with some product reviews and useful buying guides. Let’s start our exploration now!

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Top 5 Best Drill Press Vises 2021 Reviews

1. Best Drill Press Vise For Metal: WEN 3-Inch

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The WEN 3-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press Vise is a perfect candidate for metal drilling machines. This machine has many notable advantages. With a 2/3 HP motor, it will deliver an outstanding amount of power. Besides drilling, you can use it to polish wood, drill plates of metal or hard plastic.

WEN 3-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press Vise has a spindle, so it will help you drill the holes quite deep. The spindle length of up to 3-1 / 8″ allows users to process the wood indoors at will.

Also, the right size will not take up too much space in your room. You can handle any job without it feeling inconvenient. In particular, users can tilt it left and right at an angle of 45 degrees. It’s so comfortable and convenient.


  • Spacious and comfortable in size
  • Comes with a digital watch


  • Not suitable for commercial drilling

The WEN 3-Inch Cast Iron Drill Press Vise can deal with any materials, from softest to hardest ones. With this outstanding feature, why don’t you give it a try?

2. Best Cross Slide Vise For Drill Press: Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise

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With an appearance as a diagonal slide, the Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise offers high precision drilling. With each dial, the buttons on the side help you dial in increments of accuracy 0.1mm.

This advantage helps users quickly move the drill press vise at will and position it to be the best. Besides, the Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise can firmly hold round objects, so you drill thanks to the horizontal V-grooves accurately.

The cast-iron manufacturer Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise is made of cast iron, so its durability is exceptionally reliable. Consistent clamping pressure, thanks to screws coated with black oxide, will get you up in no time.


  • Perfect design for high precision
  • Durable
  • Easy installation


  • Quite heavy

Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise will be the right choice for those looking for a good cross slide vise. You will be delighted when drilling with this tool as it provides you with high accuracy and reliability. 

3. Best 4″ Inch Drill Press Vise: DELTA 20-621 Drill Press Vise

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Because it is made from cast iron, the durability of DELTA 20-621 Drill Press Vise is not something you need to worry about. You will be amazed at its persistence. The ability to hold pieces up to 4 inches wide is due to the large capacity jaws.

Even for round objects, these jaws hold on very well thanks to a unique textured surface. With four wide mounting slots, you can install it quickly and in no time. Besides, it is suitable for items made of wood or metal.


  • 4-inch opening thanks to large capacity jaws
  • Easy installation
  • Good grip


  • Inability to slip across

DELTA 20-621 Drill Press Vise has an immensely low price. However, it is still durable and suitable for those who do not have to do lots of work with tight tolerances.

4. Best 6 Inch Drill Press Vise: Wilton 11746 Drill Press Vise

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Wilton 11746 Drill Press Vise is one of the best 6-inch drills on the market today. The operation of this machine is exceptionally smooth and light. Thanks to that, it has received countless positive reviews from users.

With the V-groove design, you can easily clamp round objects horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference. Another advantage of the Wilton 11746 Drill Press Vise is its outstanding durability. With this great endurance, it can last for a long time.


  • Low profile design
  • Works smoothly and gently
  • Can hold round objects


  • There is no cross-slide feature

If you buy this model, you will have a well-made and highly durable device. The Wilton 11746 Drill Press Vise is appreciated a lot with its smooth operation.

5. Best Drill Press Milling Vise: Shop Fox D4082 Cross-Sliding Vise

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Shop Fox D4082 Cross-Sliding Vise is the drill press vise suitable for everyone, even if you are a beginner. This diagonal slide provides precise positioning for the drill. Besides, the jaws are not tilted to the side when fastened, thanks to the exclusive slider.

You can adjust Shop Fox D4082 Cross-Sliding Vise easily thanks to its gib. The handle of this product is quite large, so carrying it will not be too difficult.


  • Diagonal slider design ensures accuracy
  • Exclusive slider
  • Big handle


  • There is no V-groove

Apart from drilling or milling function, the Shop Fox D4082 Cross-Sliding Vise can cut keyways. This machine is appropriate for those who like perfection as it offers precise and concise movements.

Reasons You Should Use A Drill Press Vise

Apparently, when you own a drill press vise, all the complicated tasks can be accomplished. To be specific, if you use a milling machine or the drill press to do the cross-side drilling, the directions will move smoothly and swindle harmoniously. 

Another benefit is that it keeps your workpiece still when doing your drilling operations. Boring holes requires a secure workpiece as it is better for you to do it concisely and neatly. Additionally, it allows you to stand back and carefully observe your workpiece. By that, you can adjust the material more precisely. 

Last but not least, there are lots of drill vise types that fit different workpiece sizes. So, you can quickly install the vise and use them on the floor, garage table, or factory table. 

Top 3 Drill Press Vise Types

Machine Vices

You can use the machine vices when milling or drilling as they can secure the workpieces in place. These clenching mechanized tools can be attached to the table, so your hands will be relieved during the operations. 


These vises have smooth jaws, so they are suitable for woodworking. In other words, they are designed to clamp wood pieces. You can mount them under your working table. 


Metalworking vises can be used for many materials apart from metals. Precisely, you can clamp plastic or wood efficiently with a metalworking vise. This type of tool comes with soft jaws or jaw pads which do not damage the wood workpiece. 

Vise Types By Crafting Operations

Tilting Drill Jaw Vise

This type has a jaw equipped with a tilting mechanism. And this feature is ideal for clamping the irregular shapes that you cannot grip with the standard drill press vise. Put it differently; the tilting jaw is useful to deal with almost object types.

Quick-release Vise

You can save much time when using these jaw vises to clamp objects. The quick-release vises have the pressure mechanism automating the process. Accordingly, it can grip an object quickly on the push of a lever or button. 

Features to Consider When Buying A Drill Press Vise

Jaw Capacity and Texture

The jaw width is an integral part as it can determine the material sizes that the vise can hold on to. Besides, you should pay attention to the jaws’ texture as well. Several models are imprinted so that they will hold the round objects well. In comparison, other ones have grooves that are perfect for irregularly shaped workpieces. 


Typically, the large and heavy vises do not require you to bolt in as they can withstand the pressure and vibrations exerted in the drilling process. While the smaller models need mounting holes so that you can install them on your working table. It would be better if you choose a relatively heavy vise. 

Throat Depth

To ascertain the throat depth, you can measure from the base to the top of the jaws. The throat depth is just essential for those to work with lengthy workpieces. For regular seized bits, you do not need to focus on it. 

Drill Machine Type

Drill machines are incredibly popular and suitable for heavy-duty projects. There are several drill machines types such as micro drill press, special purpose machines, or upright sensitive drill ones. 


To have the proper dimensions, you can measure your drill press machine. In particular, you measure and double the distance from the spindle to the column’s edge. This is known as the maximum diameter. 

Drilling Increments

The drilling increments show how finely you drill. So, it’s worth your attention when buying the best drill press vises. 

Material – Consider Steel

Steel is always the best option for a drill press vice. It is immensely durable as it can work well under heat and force. 

Installation Ease

An easy-to-install vise will be more attractive, although most models are not complicated to install at all. However, you should check the product description to see the installation process information before purchasing one.

Clamping Capacity

How much material the drill press vise can clamp at a specific time is referred to by the clamping capacity. This capacity will be measured in inches, so make sure you also check it when selecting the machine. 

Secure Lock

For your safety, a secure lock is a must of a drill press vise. It is helpful when you change from different angles during the drilling process. 


Many manufacturers provide products with extended or even lifetime warranties. In this case, you can consider the extended warranty as it means that the company is highly confident about their machine. 

Best Way To Mount A Drill Press Vise: 3 Quick Steps

Step 1: Initial Considerations and Position

Before installing, you have to think about the vise’s weight and your drill press table. You should check that if the vise is heavy enough and the table is rotary. These two factors help the installation more easily. Then, you choose the place to fasten the vise.

For a rotary table, you can get more creative options. At the same time, the fixed table allows you to install the vise beneath the chuck. 

Step 2: Installation

You put the machine over some holes on your table. Afterward, use four bolts to secure it. The more bolts you use, the more secure the vise will be. 

Step 3: Test

After finishing the installation, you test to check whether the vise shakes or not. If the test gives a good result, you installed your vise successfully. 


Do I need a drill press vise?

It would be best to have a drill press vise as it is the best choice for some jobs, such as drilling metal or wood. It also firmly holds your workpiece in place, which is convenient for you to stimulate your creativity. 

How do you clamp vise to drill press?

You can consult the 3-quick-steps mentioned above. The rotary table should be considered as it allows you to access the vise in many directions. 

What is the best drill press for the money?

The WEN 4208 Drill Press is the best low priced according to reviews of many customers. Its reasonable price tag and compact size make it an excellent option for home workshops. 

How does a drill press vise work?

The vise’s jaws hold the workpiece to keep it still when the drill bit goes through the material’s surface. When the drill bit rotates, the workpiece can be spun or thrown due to the pressure exerted outward if you do not clamp it firmly. 

Final Words 

The Wilton 11694 Drill Press Vise is the top selected machine in this article. It comes with a variety of functions, and you can use it for all materials. The second option is the DELTA 20-621 Drill Press Vise. Thanks to its easy-to-install function and affordable price, users seem to have a big bargain.

As you can see, drill press vises have different sizes and designs with various features. After reading this article, you should be conscious of selecting the best drill vise, which suits your needs.

Bonus: DIY Your Own Metal Drill Press Vise

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