Top 9 Best Lighting For Photography Indoor & Portraits | Portable Lighting For Food Product Photography (2021 Reviews)

Best Lighting For Photography Indoor & Portraits | Portable Lighting For Food Product Photography

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Best Lighting For Photography Indoor & Portraits | Portable Lighting For Food Product Photography

The crucial element that finalizes a shot is photography lighting, no matter you are an expert or a novice. Indeed, whether you are shooting stills or movies, light is key to creating a feel that effectively conveys your artistic intent.

For photography, light always creates emotions. It is not really about causing a sharp sensation or an accumulation, but it brings about softer emotions. You will have certain feelings in a photo. And light is the best way you can bring emotions to them.

Of course, the light will make the subject stand out. Beautiful lighting helps you add bright colors, which enhances saturation and gives you different inspirations. Proper lighting will make the colors separate and stand out more.

Here, we introduce some lighting tools and techniques you can use to take professional-quality photos.

Top 9 Best Lighting for Photography Indoor, Portraits & Food Product 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall – Fovitec StudioPRO Photography Lighting Kit

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As the name recalls, the Fovitec StudioPro lighting kit is suitable for people who want to brighten an average-sized or little area like a flat or small workshop efficiently. The equipment generates up to 2500 watt of energy and set up with two five-socket top softboxes. These softboxes can be modified from 2’7″ to 7’9″ heights to serve each shoot’s requirements. 

What we love most about this lighting tool kit is its flexibility. You can use any camera lines with it without syncing data or performing complicated steps to connect to the kit.  

If you are keen on shooting products, recording videos, or portraits, the fill light, leading light, or standout boom light will provide you with an array of lighting capacities to catch the fantastic moments. Besides, the light set can be used at ease. You can switch down and select which bulb to use by controlling the control panel. > Check out all sets, components from Fivotec Studio here!


  • It offers an excellent energy capacity of up to 2500w
  • Can regulate personal bulbs by a control panel
  • Excellent for little to average-sized areas


  • The construction for setup may be a bit perplexing

#2 Best Value – Neewer Background Support System for Photo Studio Product, Portrait and Video Shoot Photography

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Now you can save your budget a little bit with this high-quality lighting kit from brand Neewer. It will provide you with essential and necessary items for a full shot of catalogs, product photography, portraits, or filming videos. 

The pack comes with two lamp plugs along with 45W CFL bulbs, which are suitable for daylight use. Also, there comes with lighting umbrellas for various lighting selections. They can be adjustable to broaden the stream of light and moderate the appearance. 

It’s a full light kit for photography. Thus it cannot lack the softboxes and two stands for creating sharp backgrounds. The softboxes can make average-contrast light that can boast the light quality. However, they can also sustain the beam inside for reversing control. 


  • Affordable price with a full quality kit
  • Can be used for various photography purposes
  • It includes a carry bag for easy transportation


  • The backdrop may be a little flimsy

#3 Best for Pros – Fovitec Muslin Backdrop Studio Kit 

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Here we arrive at the most appropriate product for intermediate to upper-level and professional photographers. The brand Fovitec is often famous for its quality product with different ranges. And with this top quality and full package with lighting pieces of equipment, the Fovitec Studio Kit will not let you down. 

This would be ideal for filming interviews or studio works. It offers picture sharpness up to 155,500K with each 45W lamp for the coherent light source. The five lamps can be regulated in numerous measurements by using three switches behind the box. 

Also, there are stands and support frames which are up to eight feet, seven inches. The support stands also hold backdrops amid 6 x 8 feet and 10 x 30 feet in total. The complete kit also contains three muslin backcloths with three different colors like basic black, white, and green. 


  • It is a professional light kit that comes with high-grade lighting tools
  • It supports the sharpness of up to 155,500K
  • The primary and supportive stands are easy to assemble and just


  • It’s pricey

#4 Best for Videography – Emart 2000W Photography Video Studio Lighting Kit

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If you are a novice or a medium-level photographer, the Emart Studio Video light kit would be another good option. With the nearly full equipment lie neatly in a pack, the kit is promising to offer you the most effective video shots and great quality filming. 

The muslin backdrop is straightforward to use, even appropriate with heavy-duty work. Also, you can adjust the height to your preferred level of the light frame and umbrella reverberator. It can be regulated well enough to disperse the beams from the lamps, making the overall light clear and spotless. 

Though it is a simple entry-level for amateurs and novices, it can support advanced skills for those who use it. It’s even perfect with art students as well.


  • Great kit for novices and amateurs 
  • Easy to assemble
  • The height can be adjustable


  • The background cloth is easy to wrinkle

#5 Best for Beginners – StudioFX 2400 Watt Softbox Continuous Photo Lighting Kit 

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We’ve come to the lighting kit for beginners who have just started to video or photograph some single and simple shots. This will be an excellent choice for novices due to the simplicity and ease of use. 

The StudioFX photo lighting kit has a three-part structure. It could be listed as three light frames, three top lights, and three primary softboxes. The design is so straightforward that amateurs can figure out and adapt to it effortlessly. 

Moreover, each softbox consists of 44-watt fluorescent bulbs. This is a fantastic item for digital camerawork and DSLR pieces of equipment. 

The stands are also helpful for adjacent and far-distance arrangement shots. They are durable and firm. You can expand them from 54 inches to 95 inches. And no worry about them collapsing as they are made durable for long-lasting use. 


  • The bulbs produce low heat
  • It is a great kit for beginners
  • All the parts are easy to figure out and use effectively


  • The softboxes are complained to be smaller than those of other lighting kits

#6 Best for Battery-Activated – Neewer LED Video Light Kit 

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If you are a Youtuber, this lighting kit from brand Neewer is a must-have in your workshop. The only item in our list that uses a battery to operate, what makes it different?

The lights are LED-based; they utilized a piece of the energy of conventional CFLs bulbs. Therefore, you can operate them from a revitalized battery hollow. This is good but also a disadvantage of this kind of function. 

Besides, the softboxes can be replaceable thanks to the several inches bulbs that contain 160 LEDs. And they can be based straightforwardly onto DSLR equipment as well. 


  • Great for video filming and filmmakers of all levels
  • It enhances the LED-based bulbs for sharp dimensions
  • It can connect with various DSLR cameras and video cameras


  • Not ideal for long-hour outdoor filming

#7 Best for Lightweight – MOUNTDOG 1350W Photography Studio Softbox Lighting Kit

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To purchase a lighting pack that contains a boom base for the above lighting, you often pay a quite higher expense for it. However, in this case, you won’t be charged much for that. 

The pack comes with three four-sided 29 inches lights, accompanied by cloth softbox diffusers as well as three modifiable frames. Each one consists of a single 135-watt incandescent bulb. We love that the bulbs are separate. Thus, when one is broken or damaged, you can change them easily. 

Moreover, the whole kit is relatively lightweight, just approximately 16 pounds in total. Hence, it’s not too bulky and ideal for transporting to other places for outdoor photography. 

It also includes a boom base accessory and a carry bag. Interestingly, the boom base can be utilized as a second vertical softbox light when you need it, meaning the shooting selections can be broadened.  


  • The separate bulbs can be easy to alter
  • The boom mount can be used as the alternative softbox light
  • It is a very lightweight kit


  • The bulb holders are not durable enough

#8 Best for Product Capture – ESDDI Photo Studio Light Box Photography Lighting Kit 

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If you are a product photographer inclined, or you want to promote your brand aspect via extraordinary product photographs, let’s refer to this lightbox! Despite not being a lighting kit for photography, the ESDDI Studio Light Box would bring lots of benefits to your workshop. 

The package consists of 120 LED lamps, which are put with great care. These lamps can be modified to reach your preferred illumination level by switching to a simple handle. Also, the kit pack comes with distinctive colored backboards to make a background theme and stand out from your product. 

What we like most are its portability and versatility. Designed as a one-piece box, it can be folded neatly into a small cube by using a Velcro closure. Thus, the ESDDI lightbox can be carried around from your home to the studio and vice versa. 


  • Excellent for taking digital products and product photography
  • Very portable and versatile with highlight features
  • It does not produce heat while using


  • The backboards just coat a one-sided cube

#9 Best for Budget – LimoStudio Photography Photo Portrait Studio Continuous Lighting Kit

[amazon box=”B005FHZ2SI”]

It would be moderate for entry-level starters with this simple lighting kit from the brand LimoStudio. It was at a meager price, and it can serve your photography intents well enough. 

The LimoStudio LMS103 continuous light kit contains three CFL bulbs, three stands for background system, two carrying cases, two 34-inch umbrella reverberators, and three lamp socket hollows. Each one in the kit can work effectively, especially for those who start to video and film the short clips. 

Besides, the stands are lightweight and portable enough to carry it from place to place. The bulbs can support 6500K color sharpness – just sufficient for beginners to use at ease. 

If you are a beginner or just want to try how photography works, we’d recommend this lighting kit for you. If you expect a more professional product, don’t look at the low-price packages.


  • Suitable for new users
  • A simple kit that can meet users’ needs well
  • It has a meager price


  • The stands are not durable and seem fragile
  • The picture quality will not be as expected

Three-lighting Points: What Are They And Why Do You Have To Acquire Them?

You’ve probably heard many of those phrases on set. Three-point lighting is a simple answer to many types of questions. It is very adaptable, does not necessarily need to use three lights, and fortunately, it is not too difficult to learn. Learn how to set up typical studio lighting with three light sources.

Key Light

As the name implies, it is the main light source, providing much of the light on the subject. It is usually angled at a 45-degree angle to the left or right of the subject, and 45 degrees high, pointing directly at the subject’s face. 

You don’t always have to take care of the 45-degree base, it’s not the standard in all cases. Nonetheless, it’s a good starting point for those who have never done it. You can also adjust it to match the scene if needed.

Fill Light

Fill light’s task is to make sure the shadow created by the key light is not too dark. Fill light usually has about a quarter of the brightness of the key light – darker than two stops. You place it on the opposite side of the key light, at a height equal to the camera. 

There may be times when you want to place it at the same angle as the key light, but don’t do that. What we’re trying to achieve is to use shadows to make the sides of the face look different. So, try setting the fill light at an angle of 15 or 25 degrees, and adjusting it to suit your aesthetic.


The backlight is responsible for lighting the head and shoulders of the subject from the back in the upper corner, which is also about 45 degrees. It gives the subject a bit of aura and separates the subject from what lies behind them. Usually, people call it venous/ hair-beating.

If you have a beautiful background, you can also direct the backlight on it. This can work very well if your background has a beautiful texture, and you intend to illuminate it indirectly. This is more common in video interviews done at selected locations to make the subject more comfortable. 

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Best Lighting Kits For Photography?

It can be said that whether natural lighting or superficial one is all-important in photography. However, there’s not any time nature supports us. That’s why every photographer needs a lighting kit like a lifesaver for him. And of course, you can be very easily overloaded with a range of diversified in the market right now.

So why don’t you take a look at our buying guide? Maybe our helpful information will help you find the best full lighting kit for your studio. 

External Flash 

By using an outer glimmer, you can buy diffusers that snare upon it. External flashes are claimed to lessen red-colored eye in representation shots. Moreover, they pivot to offer you authority with points and imaginative situating.

Consistent Light 

Consistent lighting is valuable in item photography. Because it encourages you to see and obtain how the lighting would be depicted in your picture before snapping. 

This would be a decent decision for the starting picture taker. Because nonstop light tools will be savvier. It also assists you in exploring different avenues regarding your light physically. 

Kinds Of Equipment

With regards to picking the correct lighting hardware, it is essential to initially comprehend the different sorts of lighting packs that are accessible. It would be always desirable to first purchase a solitary bit of gear, perhaps a canopy or a softbox. 

The picture taker would then be able to pick to purchase a similar gear again or pick another. To decrease shadows, it’s fundamental to purchase a reverberator with a solitary softbox or else an umbrella unit.

Lighting energy (watt)

After choosing the correct sort of light resource or gear, picture takers should concentrate on the power provided by the kit’s framework. Brighter light could be accomplished when the energy utilized is elevated. When connected with reverberators or bouncers, the energy of 520 to 760 watts is viewed as ideal for various lighting frameworks.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does light intensity mean in photography?

Absolutely! There are specific kinds of expert photographic lighting hardware that permit a picture taker to alter the power of light. Photographers can put a diffuser in the tool to help change the force. 

2. Can I use the sun for the backlight?

Whether you’re taking shots at the brilliant hours or the middle day, take a stab at utilizing the sun as a backdrop illumination. By setting yourself on the edge with the sun shining the rear of your head, you regularly get a decent-looking picture.

3. Is taking photos on cloudy days will reduce the natural light?

Yes and no. Clouds are an extraordinary wellspring of dispersion that diminishes unforgiving shadows for your shot. In any case, when the sky is only one major cloud as opposed to little ones, you will have flawless lighting.

Best Lighting Kit For Photography For You?

In both photographs in general and in product photography in particular, light is critical. The shape of light will significantly affect the image of your subject. Good lighting does not merely increase the capacity, but you have to select a suitable lighting kit for your studio.

Well, I hope after spending some time on our article, you will have a more obvious scene about what lighting kits will serve your purposes well. Happy shopping!

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