Top 5 Best Bathroom Lighting For Makeup Most Rated (2021 Reviews)

Best Bathroom Lighting For Makeup

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Best Bathroom Lighting For Makeup

Do you want to find yourself the best bathroom lighting for makeup? In the following article, we give a review of the five types of lamps found on the market today.

For modern girls, makeup is a particular concern. Many girls can’t go out without their make-up. This is the love of beauty and the common taste of mankind. It is normal for you to wear makeup and to wear beautiful clothes when you go out on the street. This ordinary thing creates beautiful things for life.

When going out, you should have a perfect image. Many people have a habit of makeup in the bedroom. But many people like makeup in the bathroom. Sometimes, the light in the bathroom is not bright enough. We need to equip the makeup lamp in the bathroom to have the best light.

When there is a dedicated light in the bathroom, you will makeup easier. Makeup is an activity that requires meticulousness and accuracy. Thus, the lights in the bathroom are essential. Today, On the market there are many types of bathroom makeup lamps. Thus, read this article to find the best bathroom lighting for makeup that is right for you.

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Top 5 Best Bathroom Vanity Lighting For Doing Makeup 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall – Bathroom/Bedroom YHTlaeh Vanity Light

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This is a lamp that can fit many types of bathrooms. Elegant modern design is simple. For those who love the Japanese minimalist style, this is your wise choice. The lamp designed with simple angular shapes. The long rectangular bar and the square box fixed in the middle. It brings a strong and firm feeling.

Square copper box in shiny metallic copper makes your bathroom luxurious. The copper color combined with the white light color of the light creates warmth. The design is quite simple, so the installation is as easy as that. It’s so easy to set up that you can do it yourself. This lamp does not have many interconnected wires. The electrical plug and cords are hidden in a square box. Fixing the lights to the wall is also very easy.

Every corner of the lamp is exquisite. They design according to the smoothing method. Also, the surface of the lamp is very smooth and discreet. Dirt or small insects cannot nest on the lamp body. All parts of the lamp stick together and do not create gaps.

The light is white but not glare. The lamp body made of stainless steel so it is very durable. The light is also very durable without changing after a period of use. As long as it’s not broken, the light will always be on.


  • Modern design.
  • Enduring durability.
  • The light is not harmful to the eyes.


  • Not suitable for bathrooms with square space. (Because the lights are rectangular and quite long).

#2 Best Design – SOLFART Bathroom Light 

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The structure of the lamp consists of a rectangular mirror bar that acts as a bracket. Then there is the main unit with four small rectangular bulbs. It with a regular arrangement on the mirror surface. The design takes the leading rectangular shape to create toughness and elegance. 

We can see many design models with rectangles as the main, this is the design that the upper class is very popular. The elegance from the rectangle to the diamond-sparkling. And it combines with the crystal lamps has made this light bulb more attractive.

This is a lamp to meet your flair. The lamp highlights the elegance of its users. When looking at this lamp, it makes people think of sparkling diamonds. Unique design with four diamond electric balls. The electric ball with a sparkling design stands out on the mirror background. The rectangular mirror is the lamp base and works to reflect light from the lamp. Thus, the light feels brighter.

A brilliant crystal light bulb will adorn your bathroom. The white light did not flash but still felt sparkling. You can install it without help. This is also a common feature of this bathroom makeup lamp. quality material and friendly with the environment. Stainless steel with crystal bulbs makes your room glow.

The special thing is that this lamp can save a lot of electricity. The light bulb runs at 16W per hour but is brighter than conventional bulbs with 80W. The reason for this comes from the construction of the lamp. The crystal light bulb and the reflection of the copper mirror. Cause the light intensity to increase several times.


  • Luxurious and unique design.
  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Energy-saving.


  • This lamp is not suitable for many different bathroom styles.

#3 Best Convenient – Satco SF77/191 Eight Light Vanity Strip

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Satco is no longer an unfamiliar brand for the lighting field. This is a brand specializing in supplying electric light bulbs with diverse styles. Nuvo Lighting is a special kind of light, since its launch, the school has been a big surprise. This is your savior when makeup needed in the bathroom.

This product is popular in the market. The design is long but does not take up too much space. This is the lamp that many girls love to use. First of all, because of its practicality. When buying this lamp, you have a lot of choices. Lights come in many sizes to fit the mirror. People often attach lights to mirrors to achieve the best light effect.

You can choose from 4 balls, 6 balls or 8 balls. Not more light bulbs are brighter. You should choose a lamp that matches the length of the mirror. The light of the lamp is a kind of white light, which helps to illuminate every detail on the surface.


  • White light is like sunlight.
  • Have many choices.
  • Easy to find on the market.
  • Many people prefer this type of lamp.


  • Due to the direct installation of the mirror, sometimes it makes users blink.

#4 Best Vintage – Progress Lighting P2992-74 Bath & Vanity

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If you want your bathroom to look a bit vintage, then you should choose this lamp. This design makes us feel like returning to the old years. This type of design was popular in the 70s of the last century. In modern times, people want to find ancient feelings. This design has always been a bestseller.

A drooping flower-shaped design makes you go back to the early 19th century. The light has a light yellow design, not too bright but still a good lighting effect. The structure resembles drooping eyes, beautiful prismatic glass stresses the light inside. The lamp body connected to the lamp base by a curved arm, this is also an easy-to-see shape in the past.

Looking at details, each light bulb is not too big, the light intensity is not too strong. But, when paired with three bulbs, we see a strong combination. In general, the combined light intensity of three lights can compare to that of other lamps. Thus, no need to use the lamp intensity is too large but still achieve the purpose of lighting. This detail can help save power.


  • Unique classic design.
  • Create a style for your bathroom.
  • Significant energy savings.
  • Aesthetics increase.


  • The special design should not fit some modern bathroom styles.

#5 Best Budget – LVHE Hollywood Style Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

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This is the final product on this list. When putting this product in the top five of the product is good. We have based on some following selection criteria. This is a decorative light for lighting work. So people do not want to spend too much money. 

Next, we pay attention to the usability of this type of lamp. It composes of many discrete light bulbs combined. So, when we attach the lamp to the bathroom mirror, we can choose the style. If the mirror is square, we place the bulbs in a square. If the mirror is round, we put the light bulbs in a circle.

This lamp has an intelligent toggle system. It is separate from the electrical system of the bathroom. Besides, there are three light intensities for you to choose from. This fits the style of many customers. In it, there is normal light, strong light used for makeup and sparkling light to help you take photos. This type of mirror should be the choice of trendy girls.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Diverse functions.
  • Cheap.
  • The switch is not related to the electrical system in the bathroom.


  • The design is not so beautiful.
  • Usually suitable for small-sized and bathroom mirrors. If the bathroom mirror is too large, this lamp is not suitable.

Things To Consider When Choosing Bathroom Lighting For Applying Makeup

1. Bathroom space

How to choose a lamp depends on the space of your bathroom. If you have a large bathroom, you should choose lamps that are long and fit to the length of the bathroom. If the bathroom area is not large and only small mirrors used. You consider using a lamp that is compact and removable.

2. Light color

Today, on the market, there are different types of light. Depending on the purpose of the user, the choice of suitable light is appropriate. The yellow and white light is the light of the lowest light intensity. It producing a light that is enough to illuminate the room without dazzling. This kind of light often creates a cozy feeling. 

Natural light feels like sunlight. The bathroom lighting for makeup helps your eyes adjust. If you are aiming for makeup in the bathroom, then a white light will suit you. This product helps you to see each pore on your face. But, this light intensity is quite strong. You should not look into the bathroom lighting for makeup.

3. Projection angle of the light

The projection angle of the lamp is an important thing. Of course, you have to install the light where light can shine through the room. Or if you are only aiming to put on makeup, place a mirror light on. Also, for working and living, you should choose the kind of light with a projection angle of 900 – 1200. Some decorative lamps only need a projection angle of 380 – 600. 

Advice From Professional Designer For Bathroom Lights For Putting Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s have a quick look at some common questions about the bathroom lighting for makeup for buyers!

1. Can long lamps use for mirrors?

 You can use the long rectangular lamp for the right rectangular mirror. If your mirror is round, it will not be appropriate.

2. Can two types of light used at the same time in the bathroom?

 You can use both types of light. For example, the combination of yellow, white light, and white light. White light serves when you use makeup. The other type of light can use when you do other things. But, natural light should use alone. When using natural light, the yellow light becomes useless. Also combined with white light makes the bathroom too bright.

Conclusion – Your Best Bathroom Lighting For Makeup?

After reading this article, I hope you know to choose the right light for your home, keep in mind, this also depends on your preference. If you have experience in choosing bathroom makeup lamps. Please give some advice under the comment section. We hope this article is useful for those who are wondering what to buy. Stay tuned, we will come back with other articles!

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