Top 7 Best LED & Solar Landscape Lighting For House & Outdoor (2021 Reviews)

best landscape lighting

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best landscape lighting

As we all know, exterior spaces include areas such as porches, gates, garden grounds, swimming pools, walls, and so on. All of them belong to the whole scene of the house and help contribute a part of the beauty. This is also one of the factors to evaluate the beauty of the house without going into interior decoration. 

Besides, the use of the best landscape lighting also contributes greatly to the beauty of your home. In our article, we’d like to concentrate on reviewing the best LED landscape lighting. Let’s refer to our top list today if you want to enhance the beauty of your exterior space. 

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Top 7 Best Landscape Lighting System Reviews 2021

#1 Best Overall – Nekteck Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Outdoor Solar Spotlights Landscape Lighting

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Another good option belongs to Nekteck lighting kits if you are keen on solar-powered lights. They can be ideal for featuring driveways, pathways, flowers, and sceneries around the garden. Thanks to the 210 lumens lights, they use up the solar power for generating prominent productivity at night time. 

We like that every light in the kit can be modified to almost 180 degrees. Therefore, you can place them where you want them to be fixed. Also, you can adjust the solar panels to over 90 degrees for optimal sun disclosure. There is a useful tip that you can change these lights to a mechanical setting. Thus, they can be on at all times while the sun is setting down. 

Besides, the installation is convenient and handy, even with beginners. You can apply the stakes and push the lights onto the ground. Or else, use the screws are available in the box to build up the light to the fence, according to your requirements. 


  • Users can adjust the lights over 180 degrees
  • It is great for angled holes and surfaces
  • Easy installation


  • The lighting width is not far enough for tall trees and high objects

#2 Best Design – GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights Outdoor Solar Powered LED Garden Lights 

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The Gigalumi’s 6-part set can be among the most polished selections we’ve discovered. Thanks to the shining bronze metal ending, the lights look subtle and boost more feelings of a high-grade product to your garden. They also come with waving glass lenses that make cleaning easier and entertaining patterns underground. 

We like that this lighting kit has a long-lasting using time. As you charge the batteries to the fullest, they can work for over ten hours. Besides, the lights are weather-resistant as well. People design it to stand with extreme weather conditions such as light snow, rain, or severe sunlight. 

The installation is a piece of cake! You can apply the stakes and ram them to the ground, alongside the garden track, around the yard, or all over the tree bushes. Remember to put the top-built solar panel to the sun in a straight line for the best exposure. 


  • The design is stylish and professional
  • The using time is quite long
  • It can withstand most of the extreme weather conditions


  • Some lights may not turn on properly

#3 Best for Low Voltage – ZUCKEO Landscape Lighting Remote Control LED Landscape Lights 

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This may be another good option if you want a low voltage lighting kit but still serve well for many purposes. They are color-changing lights, which are ideal for hosting a party in your back garden and adjusting light effects to satisfy your guests. 

The simple-to-install process of these lights would offer you a more relaxing time. You only need the planting spike wedged to the soil and be sure it owns a sturdy hold. As the wires are IP66 waterproof, they won’t get overindulged and ruined.

The lights in the kit come with a swivel and have alterations for level angles due to the spotlight structure. Also, the modifiable head permits you to change the light in any way that you need. There would be a recommendation from the manufacturer that you should put in on a higher surface like a wall or a fence for the best result.  


  • It has various colors to change and alter people’s mood
  • This kit is great for outdoor parties
  • It helps save your electricity bills


  • The kit doesn’t include a wire and a transformer

#4 Best for Uniqueness – Pandawill Color Changing Mosaic Solar Light Crystal Glass Globe 

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We only can say that this color-altering crystal ball LED is a one-of-the-kind lighting kit on our list. To make your garden more enchanted, the crystal ball is designed with a vibrant mosaic that can grab your attention easily.

There comes with two lighting settings. The first mode accompanies a smooth bright light that stands out the mosaic texture pop. The second mode offers users color alterations from a red color to blue and green, making your garden an enchanted space like a fairy tale. 

These lights are solar-generated. So, they can mechanically turn on and off depending on the nighttime and daytime. At the same time, you can use this light for indoor and outdoor decoration. 


  • It has a uniquely beautiful design
  • Solar energy is strong and long-lasting
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor


  • We wish the light could be brighter

#5 Best Practical – VOLT Fat Boy 12V LED Spotlight Kit

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If you want something complete with an entire tool, ideal for making trees, flowers, or any constructive objects outstanding, let’s refer to the landscape lighting kit from brand VOLT. This kit accompanies up to a 160-watt modifier, bulbs, six sturdy spotlights, and seven hammer stakes used for setting up. 

Besides, there is a Pro Connection core, a pipe, and a 110-feet chain. The kit also provides users with everything they need for easy installation. The lights in the kit can come with truthful illumination of objects around you. They add more weight and a welcoming touch to each one in your landscape space. 

Compared to the old designs, the slimline modifier and clamp-way with conduits are simpler to operate with.  We love that the U-shaped lenses lessen puddling that helps hampers water from leaking. Also, the useful silicone plug hinders insects and underground water from flowing into the fixtures. 


  • A complete lighting kit for easy installation and outstanding landscape lighting
  • The silicone plug can be water-resistant
  • The materials are long-lasting and say no to rusting or corrosion


  • The colors shown on websites are lighter than the truth

#6 Best for Angled Surfaces – DBF Solar Lights Outdoor Solar Landscape  Spotlights 

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This is a two-light tool from brand DBF. Like the Zuckeo low voltage landscape lighting, this kit also has various colorful lights to shine your place. There comes with up to nine distinctive lighting settings and six different hues in total. Thus, they can bring more visual tastes to your exterior. 

The lights have a combined light measuring device and are solar-generated. Therefore, they can turn on mechanically at night time and turn off as the sun rises high in daylight. The waiting time for charging to the fullest is approximately six to nine hours. After that, the lights can work up to nine hours a night. 

Like other LED landscape lights, you have two options for installing them effortlessly. You could just apply the takes for mounting them to the soil, or apply the encompassed screws to push them to the surface you need to place them. The lights can be changed at 120 degrees and 150 to a 360-degree solar panel, making it fit the roughest space.


  • The color panels are vibrant and elegant
  • It is appropriate for most angled sides
  • There are up to seven different settings


  • The solar panel just changes up or down in a similar plane, restraint where they could be put

#7 Best for Budget – LITOM Solar Landscape Spotlights

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The landscape lighting kit from brand Litom comes with 12 super-bright LEDs with a modifiable angle. The manufacturer uses high-force plastic to make it even solid. Also, the IP67 waterproof features help the lights stand with all types of extreme weather. 

As showed by its name, the lights are powered by a solar lithium battery, making them live up for quite a stretched time. You can use up to 6 hours if you get a full charge at high mode and approximately 12 hours in low mode. Interestingly, the lights can mechanically recognize alterations in light, then modify correspondingly. 

We like that this lighting kit is so versatile that you can install them at ease. You only use the contained stakes to push the lights on the ground or build them up to the fence as well. 


  • It has a powerful battery charge for a long time of use
  • The lights can detect changes in each mode
  • Easy installation


  • The power switch can be sometimes hard to control

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Best Landscape Lighting

When purchasing a suitable LED landscape lighting kit for your outdoor space, you should understand the rules as well as significant factors. Not all kinds of light you can place on the ground. The lighting is not only for lighting aims but also for aesthetic purposes. Now, let’s look at our buyer’s guide to find what factors to consider. 

Your Main Aims

  • Safety lighting: You would want something secure for protecting your company’s property while you’re on set. That’s why you need landscape lighting for security purposes. These lights would shine your company region and can reflect the possible criminal activities. 
  • Water reflection: If you possess a big pool, small lake or pond, or other watery objects; you may need an exterior lighting tool for reflecting lights. You love fairy tales and want to turn your garden into a tale garden, there cannot be a lack of LED lighting kits. 
  • Pathway lighting: You often have regular visitors, then you must need pathway lights for ensuring the safety of your guests. Besides, the lights can show how spectacular your garden is with the guests, making them utter “ooh”, “wow”. That’s the thing I know you want to hear the most!

Selections of Lights

The spotlights, pathway lights, or floodlights could be your priority when deciding on buying a complete set. Or you can simply mix three types of lights according to your taste and budget. 

Whereas the spotlight can just spread a slimmer light beam, the floodlights would produce a broader beam appropriate for brightening a big area. Pathway lights are specifically for illuminating paths and walking streets, of course. 

Your continuous choice would go with whether halogen, fluorescent, or LED bulbs will suit your needs. Halogen lights can generate upper-intensity beams, which are clearer than fluorescent. Besides, the halogen ones consume more energy and release a bigger amount of heat than fluorescent bulbs. 

Nowadays, users flow into the LED lighting shops as they are becoming standard lighting for every house. Though the price is not pleased with some tight budgets, the LED lights can have prominent benefits. They are energy efficient and have a long life span than others. 

Degrees and Hue Temperature

The correlated hue temperature should be another crucial consideration in outdoor lighting. This measurement depends on the Kevin (K) measurement scale. If you are buying a bulb, you could notice the Kelvin measurement on the wrapping. 

For instance, if blue color is the one you want for your lighting, seek the lights in the 4200k sort. Whereas, the 3300-4100K sort would offer you a white color. Otherwise, the amber color would go along with the 3400K or below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Often Does the Lighting Maintenance Require?

You should clean around the lighting position regularly to hinder them from getting overheated, due to the fragments of leaves. If there is a bulb that gets burnt, remember to substitute it with another one. This will prevent other bulbs from getting involved and being broken. 

2. How Many Years Until the Led Lights Can Last?

Manufacturers often claim that they have a 10-year warranty for each electrical product. However, copper, stainless steel, or brass lights can last for over 10 years. 

3. Should I Install the Lights Myself or Should I Hire a Professional?

To get the most effective and stunning work done, we’d recommend you get a lighting expert done the installation for you. He should be the one who is used to distinctive fixtures and how to order them properly. 

Conclusion – The best choice for Outdoor Landscape Light?

When you use the best LED landscape light for illuminating your exterior subjects, that would turn the ordinary walkway paths, trees, and flower beds into something brilliant. As there may be many selections to consider, we have made the top list and combined the products. Thus, you can compare and find out which one suits you best. 

No matter what you are keen on, a solar-generated or wired bulb, we offer various options for you to choose from. 

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