Top 7 Best Bias Lighting For TV (Included 55 inch & 75 inch TVs) & Monitor Most Rated (2021 Reviews)

Best Bias Lighting For TV & Monitor

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Best Bias Lighting For TV & Monitor

You want to buy bias lighting, don’t you? All this useful information will help you choose the best bias lighting for TV. 

Do you know that it’s very necessary to find the best bias lighting for TV?

Bias lighting is an easy way to make you have a  good and safe experience while watching television. It also helps your eye feel more comfortable when watching TV in a few hours.

Moreover, when you use the bias lighting for your TV, you can get better moods, play with the lights because it has many colors for you to choose from.

This article will be a trustful consultant to help you make a decision when choosing to buy bias lighting for your TV and make your home a wonderful place.

Let take a look at the top 7 best bias lighting to make the best choice. We take time to collect information from many trustful sources and select for you the best things. 

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Top 7 Best Bias Lighting for TVs & Monitors 2021 Reviews

#1 Led Strip Lights 6.56ft Star Lighting

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This item will give you a wonderful mood light and also help you to relieve eye fatigue. About the light up,  it’s 78. 7 in/2 M5050. And the LED light strip will fit with 40- 60 inch TV. Also, you can change 16 light colors to make your room more colorful. It easy to connect from the far way because the control distance is 19. 6Ft-26 2ft. About the after-sales policy, you will have 3 months of free replacement when buying this bias lighting.

Star Lighting Led is a special brand in the lighting industry. It has more than 15 years of experience and serves more than 10.000 locations all around Texas. It is famous for welling quality products, warranty and customer service. 

The functions are very strong and convenient. Also, the light will make the room look more colorful and interesting. This will the best solution when you need the bias light with great colors and a good price.

This bias lighting is the best solution for your demand. It works amazingly and looks awesome. This item will give you a dynamic feeling while watching TV.


  • Install easily and simple
  • Safety with the user and house
  • Save energy
  • Many colors to choose
  • Modern design
  • Good support service
  • Adjustable light direction
  • Reasonable price


  • Some times white flash every 30 seconds
  • The lights seldom won’t turn on
  • The remote takes a few times too bright the light

#2 LEDGlow 4pc million colors led home theater TV accent bias lighting kits

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This kit has 30 ultra-bright, wide angle SMD LEDs, two 15- inch and two 9- inch SMD LED light tubes. Like the other modern device, this bias lighting has a wireless remote, you can use it from a long distance. I t also has a color adjustment scan and many modes to choose such as fade, brightness, and sound activation. If you choose LEDGlow light, you have eight primary colors for changing. It’s very easy to use with customizable functions like play/pause, speed adjustments, memory, and sleep.

LEDGlow established in 2007. It has been the leader in quality and innovation about lighting kits. The product of LEDGlow often gives the best experience to customers, make their interior more interesting. Also, the technical support of LEDglow is very well.

This item works wells. Its features are suitable for many customers’ demands. You can adjust the color you like in a suitable setting. It worth its price.


  • Multi-Color
  • Awesome light mode
  • Hide easily after TV
  • Adjustable speed
  • Simple installation
  • Reasonable price


  • The remote system sometimes doesn’t work
  • The double-sided tape gave out 

#3 Philips Hue Lighting Strip plus dimmable led smart light extension

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Philips Hue will transform your room with millions of colors, music, and movies for interesting experiences. The signature of this bias lighting is it can work with Alexa for voice. You can use this product to extend your bias lighting by adding this 40-inch lighting extension.

Philips Hue focuses on the LED light by changing color and using wireless control. 

From 2012 until now, Philips Hue updated every day to get the best product for customers. The lights are made in Signify N.V  manufacture, a very trustworthy one.

The bias light of Philips Hue is up-to-date and will make the life of customers more colorful. You can install it very easily, on any solid surface. You can change the color every time you want to suitable at the time of the day like day time or night time. The connectivity is also responsive.


  • Transform the room with millions of colors
  • Control by your voice
  • Have custom scenes
  • Can set time
  • Light mood based on demand


  • More expensive than the other product in the same brand
  • The six lights are cant adapt to many situations

#4 Luminoodle TV bias lighting(Power practical)

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This item helps you to increase the light in a room, protect your eyes, especially preventing eye dryness. The Luminoodle TV bias lighting includes as follows: 78 inches (2 m) LED light strip (6500 Kelvin) with 3 M adhesive that plugs into your TV’s USB port. Also, the input power of this item is 5 W (5 V, 1 A).

Power Practical is a trustful brand, start from Salt Lake City. It has excellent engineers and researchers to create the best product. They have good relations with the cooperator to make sure that the process is correct. They also focus on customers’ satisfaction

Briefly, this item helps to improve the light in your room to prevent eye dryness and protect your eye. It works perfectly with television size screens. The light from it is awesome too.


  • Without making the screen glare
  • Improve the contrast
  • High-quality white led
  • Suitable with any size screen
  • Save time when installing


  • Some times don’t go on and off with the TV

#5 USB LED lighting strip for HDTV (SPE)

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The product includes as follows: USB bias lighting, 3 M adhesive backing and USB for the easy plug-in. This 156-inch TV backlight kit gives benefits to any TV size up to 80 inches. It’s very adaptable to any screens. You will have 12 Month Warranty when buying USB Led lighting from SPE. 

SPE introduces a TV backlighting kit and a very special focus on it. Product quality and customer satisfaction are their primary. The SPE Backlight for TV creates an environment that makes your friends and family want you to be the one to host viewing parties. SPE products are all covered with an industry-standard warranty on parts and replacements.

The change of SPE bias light is easy. This concept is worth the cost. The light string is easy to adapt to the TV.


  • High quality 
  • Plug-in easily
  • Eye-catching view
  • Create a comfortable environment
  • Set up in 2 minutes
  • Power automatically
  • Suitable with different TV size 


  • Remote sometimes doesn’t work
  • Problem with turn the light repeated

#6 TV LED Backlights USB LED Strip Lighting

[amazon box=”B01LZTRR1K”]

This item is a custom version for 60 to 65-inch TV 14.8ft. The black-led strip backlight can cover 4/4 sides of your television. You can use it on/ off with most kinds of TV. The USB Powered is 5W (5V, 1A). This product has a new updated wireless RF remote. It provides 360 degrees and 60ft MAX. You can play with the color, with 17 colors ( include 5000K white color ) while watching TV. It also has 16 Brightness/Speed levels, 38 fade modes like the others. Especially, you have 30 days’ money back and  365 days’ replacements when you buy this item.

This item also has high quality and long-lasting. It is suitable for all modern TV. This LED strip behind tv lighting kit can reduce eye fatigue and ease eye strain. Help to make a more comfortable environment when long watch watching and playing TV games.

The price is reasonable and the quality is amazing. This bias lighting is not difficult to install. Everyone who has a screen with a USB port should use this.


  • Install easily
  • Look great
  • Use convenience
  • Have remote control


  • The length of lights some times not suitable
  • The brightness is not bright enough

#7 Antec bias lighting for HD TV with 51.1

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 Antec bias lighting gives Professional backlighting for your HDTV. It also helps to reduce eye fatigue and eye strain. The cable is 51.1-Inch from USB to lights ad the lights are 55.1-Inch.

Antec is a global company and the leader of the computer industry. Since 1986, Antec focus on innovative products. The satisfaction of customers is their priority.

This is a great item you should have, customer service and warranty policy also good. You can customize the length of light as you need.


  • Correct color temperature
  • The power button works well
  • The light makes the cinema view


  • The tape not strong enough to cover the string 

How To Choose Best Bias Lightings For TV & Monitors

If you are thinking about how to select good bias lightings, this is the guide for you. Let’s take a look at some factors below.

1. Color temperature

This is very important you should care when selecting bias lights for your television, you should make sure that the light fit with the screen.

As you know, the light bulb has a color temperature. If the number is low and warm, the light was red and the opposite. The Standard of light bulbs is approximately 2,800K and still warm. If you choose the mood “Cool White” or “Daylight” bulbs, the range of temperatures will be from 5,000-6,500K.

2. Light Strips Length

The simplest thing you have to care about is the number of lights you need to fill the backside of the screen. Smaller light kits are about 5ft in length. For someone, who’s trying to adapt a 76” LED television, need LED strips that are sized to match.

3. Powering the bias light

In many cases, bias lighting is made so you have to separate the power adapter for the lights. Some bias lighting can be powered through USB.

4. Color Options

If you’re trying to set some kind of special ambiance, it can be useful to have different color options at your disposal. Some bias lighting is made to only provide a small range of colors. But as you expect, having a multi-colored LED is typically more expensive than the other.

With bias lighting, you can easily control the brightness, the true color temperatures.

5. Other considerations

Above the color temperature, you should also care about the power button,  try to make sure it works normally.

If you want to make the screen look good, remember to choose bias lighting high color-rendering index (CRI). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let take a glance at these popular questions and answers from the customers

1. I want to use bias lighting on my 45 inches TV, Can I cut it to fit with the screen size?

Yes,  you can cut it without damaging it. 

2. What is the color temperature of bias light? 

The temperature color is close to 6500K.
3. Is the remote included in the kit? Many people said it does not come with a remote. 

Of course! When you buy the product, you need to choose the correct size, color, and right remote. You can always look for another USB port that also turns on with your TV.

4. Can bias lighting stay lit when the TV is off?

It will off when the TV is off. If you want it to be on, we can plug it into a spare USB  of a phone charger. 

5. How safe is the bias lighting? Can I leave them plugged in all the time without the risk of fire?

These are low-power lights that are about as safe as any lighting can be. They plug into a USB outlet.  So you can leave them plugged in all the time.

6. How hard is this to remove?

It’s very easy to remove because The adhesive is not very good and it completely fell off the TV within two days.. If you use just the adhesive that comes on the lighting it won’t stay on for long. 

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