Top 5 Best Lighting Setup For YouTube Videos (2021 Reviews)

Best Lighting For YouTube Videos

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Best Lighting For YouTube Videos

We all know that great light is indispensable for video content creators. To make the video more quality, the light must always be guaranteed and properly lit. Depending on the topics you make, you can choose the best lighting for Youtube videos just right for you. 

It is undeniable that YouTube videos need the best lighting equipment. To choose the product that is right for you, check out our top 5 reviews below.

But, before the top list!

Why Do You Need Lighting Equipment For YouTube Videos?

A well set up of lighting can act as the main factor in providing good quality content for the videos. Not only depends on the camera or lenses, a great video or picture also needs good lighting. Even if you just use your smartphone or a camera having a price less than $100, it may not affect much. 

Moreover, good lighting also contributes to your high-quality looking videos. This can help you increase subscribers or monetize YouTube videos. 

These days, there is plenty of lighting options for you to choose from. It is especially hard for beginners. Therefore, you should know what you want your videos or pictures to look like. You can search on the Internet or ask some local photography shops.

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Top 5 Best Lighting For YouTube Videos 2021 Reviews

1. Neewer Ring Light Kit – Best Kit for All Type of YouTube Videos

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The Neewer Ring Light Kit is one of the popular ring light rings on the market. Understanding the needs of consumers, manufacturers have designed their products to the fullest. This kit includes an LED ring-type light, a tripod, flexible hoses, a white and orange filter, an adapter, and a pouch.

Because of its lightweight, this LED light kit can be carried anywhere easily. If you want to use a DSLR camera instead of a mobile phone, the adapter will satisfy you. Moreover, the stand is made from the sturdiest alloy, ensuring balance.

In particular, the white and orange filters that come with this kit can be changed easily. Your photos or videos will not be boring in a single color.


  • Easy to use.
  • Remote control included.
  • Suitable size.


  • The instructions are a little confusing.

Overall, this product is worth using and is easy to install. Neewer Ring Light Kit creates great brightness. So, it will be a great choice for you. To learn more about the product, click on its name above.

2. Fovitec Softbox Lighting Kit – Best for Indoor Photography, Videography 

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The first advantage of this lighting kit is that it is suitable for both professionals and beginners. Each kit includes 2 soft square boxes that can be easily adjusted. To give the softest box the best shape and most certainty, simply push the center of the light, then lock it securely. It is simple, right?

This lighting kit from Fovitec makes sure to bring the best and most balanced light to your photos or videos. Moreover, this product also uses energy-saving light bulbs. From there it can minimize electricity costs and save you money.


  • Good light.
  • Well-made light stand.
  • Long power cord.


  • Slightly difficult to assemble.

If you are worried that you cannot assemble it, do not worry. Each product comes with an instruction manual. The great advantages of this lightning kit make it a great choice for every customer. 

At an affordable price, the Fovitec Softbox lighting toolkit still gives you perfect satisfaction. Get it now before it’s out of stock.

3. Limo Studio Umbrella Lighting Kit – Best for All Studios 

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This umbrella light from Limo Studio is guaranteed to give your videos the perfect lighting. No matter where you use this light, it can promote its full use. Even if you shoot your video in the basement, garage, or studio, this Lighting Kit is a great choice.

Each umbrella light comes with many other tools: translucent white mirror reflectors, tripod, CFL 45W bulb, one-head photo holder, and a carrying case.

Your camera will produce full-color images in neutral skin tones with this light kit. Moreover, it makes it simple to create high-quality YouTube videos.


  • Suitable for both professionals and beginners.
  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not energy efficient.

It can be said that the Limo Studio Umbrella kit has made a good impression as it is both easy to install and easy to use. If you always want to own a professional lighting kit, don’t miss out on this product.

4. UBeesize Selfie Ring Light 

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If you like the compact and convenience, UBeesize Selfie Ring Light is an extremely suitable choice. Although this is a small ring light, it still ensures to make your YouTube videos have the best light. 

This highly usable ring light can be carried anywhere. Even if you take photos, record videos at night, or in the darkest places, it can still satisfy you.

The 24-inch length with a sturdy, adjustable arm makes the light more flexible. In particular, each UBeesize Selfie Ring Light is designed with 3 colors: white, yellow-white, and warm white. 10-level brightness allows you to adjust the lighting according to your needs.

This ring light connects to electronic devices via Bluetooth so it will not need batteries and is easier to use. Anti-slip rubber pads keep the phone in the most balanced position.


  • Sturdy and flexible arms.
  • Multicolored light.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • The phone holder arm is a bit short

This is a product worth buying. All of the above advantages make it the first choice for many customers. Own it now as it will be sold out soon.

5. MOUNTDOG Softbox Lighting Kit

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Mountdog has designed a high-quality lighting kit. To create the most diffused light, this light eliminates all shadows. From there it will give your photos or YouTube videos the perfect light.

With a 210-degree rotation mechanism, the softbox can adjust in all directions without dropping. The manufacturer has opted for high-quality nylon with a silver interior. Because this material will help reduce the lack of light and maximize the spread of light. 

The included 135W light bulb saves 80% energy so you won’t have to worry about electricity costs.


  • Natural light.
  • An additional spare bulb is handy.
  • Great for beginners.


  • Difficult to adjust lighting brightness.

Mountdog Lighting Kit has a lot of advantages that make it a wise choice for buyers. This light will be one of the best lighting fixtures for your YouTube videos. For more information about this product, click on its name.

4 Best Lighting Types for YouTube Videos

1. Softbox Lights

These lights come in numerous different shapes and sizes such as rectangular or square usually. However, there are also hexagonal, parabolic, octagonal, round, or long strips depending on the desired coverage. 

These types emulate natural light from a window, so it is suitable for frontal lighting. With the proper amount of power, it covers broadly, which is great to light up more scenes in front of it.

As its artificial light looks to nature in one area, it is ideal for most indoor videos. Therefore, you can use it for reviewing products, room vlogging, cooking shows, and other videos that can benefit from the wide coverage of the diffused light.

2. Umbrella Lights

These lights might be the most popular for YouTube videos as they can be used for any subject. They are also known as portable and affordable light sources. 

In comparison with a softbox, the umbrella lighting will create more directional and controlled lighting. As its name says, you can fold it down like a normal umbrella. 

There are two major types including shoot-through and reflective. The reflective has the reflective inner surface reflecting the light from your light source to bounce onto the subject. Whereas, the shoot-through diffuses the light to hit your subject more seamlessly and softly.

Umbrella lighting will be great for creating a polished look. Thus, you can use it for personal vlogs when you want more indoor lighting with soft shadows.

3. Ring Lights

Ring lights become trendy for many YouTubers. As it creates the “halo” catchlight in the eyes and eliminated most shadows, it can produce flattering lighting most. 

It might be easiest to set up as it is smaller and more portable. You just simply plug it into the socket and put it in front of your subject or your face to produce vibrant and consistent lighting. 

Different from the other types, ring light has a unique circular shape used as the one-light solution. The middle hole can restrain light concentration at the center, which creates flat-looking light.

This type of light is prevalent with beauty channels or it is a staple in most makeup-related videos. One tip to use this light effectively is that placing both the light and your camera in front of your subject or you at face level. It ensures the best lighting effect.

4. LED On-Camera Lights

LED on-camera lights have various sizes and shapes, but the most common are rectangular and square. They are mounted on top of a camera to be a continuous light for the subject in front of it. 

However, you can also mount them on stands to produce creative and directional lighting. This kind of light is relatively reasonably priced but can be expensive depending on lumens or the power.

LED camera light emulates window lights, but it is more portable and much smaller compared with a softbox. Hundreds of small bulbs work together to produce more lighting despite their limited size. 

With this light condition, it is best for travel vlogging or on-the-go vlogging as its battery-powered. It is also convenient for you when shooting outdoors that requires inconsistent lighting.

How To Set Up A Lighting Kit?

1. Know exactly your needs

If you want a high-quality video, you must consider how many lights you will need. And you should think about how you light up your background and subject.

A one-light setup can provide a shadowy background. While two-light set up consists of the main light and another filling light. The three-light or four-light setup is for advanced users who know how to make great videos.

2. C-stand or Tripod

Sometimes, the main light needs to be behind the subject or a person that you are videoing. Therefore, you need to prepare a tripod or a C-stand. The tripod if often lightweight as it is made from aluminum. While the C-stand is more durable, but it is just suitable for outdoor due to its weight.

3. Background

The background is also needed adding the fill light. It will fill in some shadows and not block the subject. When setting this light in front of the subject, you should ensure that it stands lower than the main light. 

4. Backlighting

About the backlighting, you should set up the hair light. It will separate the main subject from the background. In case you want a specific background in videos, you must not use this hair light. 

Besides, you can use a reflector that can eliminate the shadows created from the main light. They will be in white, silver, or yellow colors.

Furthermore, you should also pay attention to the power of lights to decide what type of lighting you need. Finally, movement is also an attentive feature. You should move the lightings up and down, back, and forward to get the perfect light for your videos. 

When you know how to use the lighting kit, you are certain to make brilliant YouTube videos.

Final Thoughts – Best Lighting Equipment Of Your Choice?

To choose the best lighting for YouTube videos, you should consider and compare it carefully with other similar products. Any light in this review has its advantages and disadvantages. But they are all high quality and can satisfy any customer. 

What you need to do here is to consider what your video is about, the camera angle, the location of the video. Then you find out the best light through this review. From there the selection will become easier. Each content will suit different types of lights, so make the most informed choice.

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