Top 7 Best LED Recessed Lighting (Kitchen, Living Room, Basement, Bathroom & Bedroom) (2021 Reviews)

Best LED Recessed Lighting

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Best LED Recessed Lighting

Best recessed lighting is great for emphasizing materials. With the correct intensity change, this lamp will create the ideal light trails on architectural details, on the sofa or the wall coverings in your living room. People install the lighting textures in the hole of the high ceiling. 

If you choose the incorrect ones, the total interior structure will be a disaster. That’s why we are here to help you pick the most appropriate recessed light for your home. If you feel it’s a disappointing process, let’s refer to our top list now. 

Top 7 Best Recessed Lighting 2021 Reviews

1. Best Overall – Torchstar Basic Series 6 Inch Slim Recessed Lighting

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To make it ideal for narrow ceilings, the light from brand Torchstar has a thin and slim design. Indeed, it just requires three inches of ceiling vacancy for installation. Also, the installation is not a time-consuming process. There comes a junction box, thus most hard jobs are done. 

The bulb is scratch-resistant thanks to an ice-covered LEd lens. Besides, the sponge seal can help line the bulb to hamper it from accidental corrosion during the attachment process. 

We love that it can hinder fiery airflow from spreading and impacting the AC system. We approximate that this light can live up to 36 years of a lifetime to keep your attempt and money on substituting a new one.  


  • Quick setup and easy storage
  • Scratch-resistant and remains the shining look
  • Sponge seal hinders from corrosion


  • The junction box is not sturdy 

2. Best for Safety – Globe Electric Die-Cast Swivel Trim Recessed Lighting Kit 

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When you are intending to update your unattractive track lighting and some old lighting apparatus with recessed downlights, this could end up being an incredible item for you. Whenever people use LED bulbs, recessed light is viewed as IC-rated.

The lighting package includes a safety guarantee. Thanks to the combined cut-off control, it makes sure the fixed object cannot overheat. Thus, it’s perfect to use with a non-insulation case. Also, the metal finish of the light makes it look more stylish and modern. 

Especially, this recessed lighting can be swivel in every direction. If users apply 60w halogen or 8W LED bulbs, it could be dazzling. Compared with incandescent lights, the swivel recessed lighting could be much more energy-saving. Because about 25 of them will use up a similar amount of power as 2-3 incandescent bulbs. 


  • The lights can be so bright if used with 60w halogen and 8w bulbs
  • It can be swivel in all directions
  • It’s energy-efficient compared to incandescent bulbs
  • The installation does not take much effort


  • The dimmer is sometimes not effective

3. Best for Energy-saving – Sunco Lighting 12 Pack LED Recessed Downlight

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If you are seeking an energy-saving recessed light, there would be no better choice than brand Sunco. To meet all the strict rules and safety demands, the set accompanies innovative features. It also has a meticulous design for upper efficiency and developed brightness to accumulate energy. 

To know why it brings extreme safety for users, look at how the bulb was made. It is entirely free from detrimental components such as mercury, IR, lead and UV. You can change the brightness flexibly from 5% to 100%. Besides, users can mount the bulbs in a range of different spots like garages, kitchens, porches, hallways and more. 

Above all, we love that this recessed lighting pack can adjust the mood and feeling of a place thanks to the smooth, glimmer-free and non-noise dimming. 


  • It can be installed in wet areas
  • It is energy-efficient and be UL certified
  • Glimmer-free and silent operation eases your eyes


  • The bulbs can become heated without aeration 

4. Best Lighting Choices – Hykolity 12 Pack LED Recessed Downlight

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This Hykolity recessed downlight pack is versatile that can serve every corner of your house. It was widely applied in various spaces like the hallways, offices, gardens, porches and more. Because the bulbs are effortlessly dimmable for an ideal brightness that would match well with each area. 

The lights pack offer purchasers many brightness choices of about 1200 lumen to 5000K white. This would be a wonderful alternative that can serve your taste and preferences. 

We love that the lights could be set up in the newly built erections and can be utilized as retrofit lights. The pack also comes with the E26 adapters, making the installation process easier and less weary. For an effortless retrofit setup, the lights can fit the 7-inch metallic cans conveniently. 


  • It broadly applies in various spaces
  • It has different color choices for distinctive styles
  • We can use it as retrofit lights comfortably


  • The design is somewhat confused to beginners

5. Best for Retrofit Lighting – PARMIDA 6 inch Dimmable LED Square Recessed Retrofit Lighting

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It would be another good choice for your family as the Parmida recessed lighting pack can save your electricity bill up to 87%. Indeed, it just includes a wattage of 13W LED. However, they are effective lumen competence to guarantee you have an appropriately lighted space without compromising with your money. 

The LED lighting pack can carry on over 50000 hours of continuous use for the sturdy build and clever structure. Also, the modern polycarbonate trim is extraordinarily resilient and influence-resistant, even through a higher temperature level. This helps smooth the light, lessen hot sites, and diminish glimmer. 

Moreover, the premium aluminum heat sink permits the finest heat-generating and prolonged lifetime. Safety certification is also a good point for this product. As this lighting pack is ETL-listed, there’s no need to fret about any fiery dangers or electrical shock. 


  • Dimmable capacity and adjustable brightness
  • It can help save your electricity bills thanks to the energy-efficient execution
  • It is ETL-listed for extreme safety
  • The polycarbonate trim can boost the lights’ longer lifespan


  • The setup may be a little tricky for beginners

6. Best for Ceiling Lighting – Lithonia Lighting WF6 LED Ultra Thin Dimmable LED Recessed Ceiling Light

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Specifically designed for angled and narrow spaces like the ceilings, the recessed lighting pack from brand Lithonia Lighting has done a good job. It provides users with many light color choices from bright white for daylight, or dim lights for night use. 

Also, the bulbs are very thin, so it’s suitable for even the narrowest hole of the ceiling. Users can find it easy to install because of the switch dimmers are compatible with the lights. 

This pack comes with different measurements for your changeable requirements of the lights. It offers from the lowest brightness of 2000K up to 5000K and 1020 lumens or more. 


  • It has a great lifespan that up to 15 years with regular use
  • It has many choices for bulb colors
  • The design is very thin for the tightest spots


  • The buzzing sound may have when you turn the lights at an average brightness level

7. Best for Budget – Bioluz LED 6.5W LED Bulb Recessed Lighting

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This solid halogen substitution gauges under two inches wide and over 2.1-creeps long. They own a tested life expectancy of more than 25,000 hours. This would give more than 20-long stretches of utilization at a normal pace of about three hours per day.

The maker expresses that these LED bulbs can be utilized both inside and outside. Performing like an LED, they are without mercury and be secured by a six-year guarantee from the maker.

These bulbs would make incredible swaps for available recessed downlights that utilize halogen bulbs. When you intend to get another recessed lighting pack, avoid these and go along with bulbs with other kinds of the connector.


  • It needn’t bother with time to operate at full brightening 
  • A 2500-degree temperature coordinates the halogen light hues 


  • The halogen substitutions will cost more than different bulbs 

Buyer’s Guide – How To Choose The Best Recessed Lighting

Since you have thought of the various sorts of recessed downlights out in the market, what’s the following stage? How might you pick LED light packs which are a solid match for your decoration? 

Here are a few things you ought to consider before purchasing an LED recessed bulb.

1. Kinds of recessed downlights

  • Baffle trim: This could be one of the most common kinds of trim used in recessed lighting. It has a beamed interior that assists in reducing glimmer against the edge. 
  • Gimbal trim: When the lamp cannot spread enough amount of socket, or when it’s changed, space can prevent the light. Therefore, this trim is ideal for concentrating light. 
  • Reflector trim: This kind of trim works by applying a mirrored exterior for reproducing the lighting and including more illumination. There could be selections for shading with this trim.

Besides the various types of trim, you might check out the brand-new and high-quality LED recessed lights out in the market. 

2. IC rating

When we go on deciding if we should purchase the lighting pack or not, IC rating would be a significant factor to consider. This measurement decides the kind of places that allow you to apply the bulbs. You could probably ask an electrician for comprehensive knowledge about which kind of bulbs can be used in your house. 

When the bulb works in a manner that could be used for surrounding insulation, it’s an IC-rated light. Because bulbs can instinctively become hotter as they are in the application, insulation could turn into an issue with the heat. To prevent the heat from the remainder of your house, IC-rated lights come with an insulated-connect rated fixed object.

That would not be a great choice for applying a bulb around insulation if it’s not IC-assessed. However, that’s not a problem in some cases. There wouldn’t be a safety problem when you put the light in a place where there is enough vacant room for heat escaping. 

3. Room, Situation, and Usefulness 

The sort of bulbs you purchase relies upon how you need your space to look. Some lights will seem greater in particular kinds of room positions. Your room format has a major impact on the kind of lights that are compelling.

How you need to utilize your lights additionally matters. Did you need a concentrated light or some more extensive object? Set aside some effort to consider the elements of the bulbs as well as what you need them to work.

4. The Purchase and Installation Expense

It’s additionally essential to consider how much it will cost to set up the recessed downlights. This relies upon what number of lights you purchase, just like whether you set them yourself or have it overhauled. You ought to likewise think about the expenses for vitality investment funds you are likely to get by applying LED lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Would I be able to place LED recessed lights in any installation? 

While LED innovation rates forward, there were still a few constraints to what users could place an LED bulb. Standard attachments such as E26 or E12 provide many LED bulb choices. 

We are seeing workable alternatives for a portion of the littler halogen bulbs too. But there would be still some attachment measures that don’t have perfect LED bulbs.

2. To what extent do LEDs last? 

LED owns a prolonged life expectancy, that most current alternatives appraised with 30,000 hours of activity minimum. A few brands enhance that restraint, and many provide 40,000 to 60,000 periods as average. This implies you can choose a life expectancy that works up to your necessities. 

3. What is the number of recessed lighting bulbs will I need for my house?

This query could be hard to answer as the ideas for this topic may vary hugely. The great rule is that you should measure the ceiling’s height and half divide it. This means the gap of every light could be from two others. 

4. Could recessed lights be set up in a restroom? 

Indeed, recessed lighting bulbs and lodgings are reasonable for wet areas (patio or restroom) utilizing any trim. Damp areas, over a bath or outside, demand the utilization of explicit damp area trims. 


LED recessed downlights are helpful for some reasons. Other than setting aside some cash, these are simpler to introduce and keep going for any longer than other kinds of light. 

I hope that with the correct research, you can likewise exploit these splendid bulbs and collect them for your home decoration. 

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