Top 9 Best LED Aquarium Lighting For Plants & SPS Corals (2021 Reviews)

Best LED Aquarium Lighting For Plants & SPS Corals

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Best LED Aquarium Lighting For Plants & SPS Corals

Aquariums not only bring beauty to your home but also entertain you after stressful working hours. However, to have a nice aquarium, its light is very important, LEDs are indispensable. Whenever you enter a house with an illuminated aquarium, its beauty will immediately fascinate you, you will be extremely interested and watch it for a long time. So when preparing an aquarium for yourself, LEDs are the basics.

In our article, we will give you suggestions for the top 9 best LED aquarium lighting 2021, which you can refer to and make your choice.

Top 9 Best LED Aquarium Lighting 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Overall: Aqua illumination AI Prime 16 HD Reef Aquarium LED

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Aqua illumination is a famous product for aquarium LEDs, an updated version of AI Prime. With an extremely efficient lighting system of the Led driver, it brings the users confidence. The way this product works is that the HD driver system takes power to the LEDs you want and dims the ones you don’t want, so it gets brighter. The HD driver system provides better lighting optimization and customization while maintaining the same intensity.

A row of 13 Osram, semiLED, and Cree diodes is used by Prime HD. The kit includes ultraviolet light and a green LED to enhance the photosynthesis of plants and corals in the aquarium. Each Led light is colored by an 80° lens and under PAR aquarium light is distributed. The size of the perfect product for your aquarium needs a compact light fixture. If the tank is larger, a larger product will be needed.

There are three choices of kit, any aquarium lighting is guaranteed. There are 3 types of mounting as follows

  • Prime Flex Arm: Flexible arm secured with a stand. By adjusting the arm
  • Prime Tank Mount: Light is kept in a fixed position by a ledge to enter the fish tank
  • Prime Kit cords: Fixture hanging above the fish tank, allowed to adjust the angle of the fixture by ball-joint

AI Prime is a smart aquarium LED. You can control them in many ways, using the myAI application to connect to the internet or to use Android or IOS devices. Available in 2 colors for your choice, black or white.


  • Flexible color control, scheduling and intensity control applications
  • Anywhere you have a connection, you can access it online


  • Can’t use on aquarium too deep

#2 Best Simulation: Finnex Planted+ 24/7 LED Klc Aquarium LED Light 

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You can easily simulate sunset and sunrise in the aquarium with this product. Currently, many people are looking for products to grow like the natural environment for fishes. The feature of this LED is to light up a cool sunrise in the aquarium, then there is a time that is the same brilliant color as the noon and finally to the sunset with the color of the red sun. You do not need to control it because this cycle will itself. The highlight of this LED light is a very realistic simulation.

You can set up and select features easily because there is a remote control design provided by the manufacturer. You can also use the remote control to switch from one mode to another. In the remote controller, there are four memory card slots, you can easily download or save your configuration. Building this model has clear legs to easily slip inwards attached to a shorter aquarium. The manufacturer has supplied screws so you can easily screw it into place for rimless aquariums. It will look great even if used for a long time because its materials are of good quality.


  • Supplied with screws for easy installation
  • Special simulation feature


  • Uses a lot of electricity for this product

#3 Best Model: Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus Light for Aquarium 

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For plants in your aquarium to grow as expected, a high-performance LED model is needed. The current USA LED model will meet your needs. This is a product that became one of the first LEDs for freshwater to be optimized. Including a combination of full-spectrum RGB LEDs and super bright 6500K white LEDs, you’ll get every color under the sun coming from this product.

You can choose how to control this model using the IR ramp and the remote control. From a distance, it’s easy to choose the color you want to display, the room will become more beautiful with this light. This model is very sleek and is made with a thin aluminum case. When you have many different purposes to move it, it is still very durable thanks to its material. You only need to plug and use the lamp, no need for any special installation. You can later download and save your settings using an included internal memory. On the aquariums there are different models, the pylons of this product can be easily adjusted to fit them. It also has a power-saving mode on voltage.


  • Can remote control
  • There are many colors for you to choose
  • Easy to set up


  • LEDs may be too bright

#4 Best for Trees: COODIA Aquarium Hood Lighting Color Changing 

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If you own a large aquarium, this is the Led light for you. This product is extremely long in length and light ideal for many trees aquarium. A lot of people like this product because it has many light modes and many colors. It is suitable for many aquariums thanks to this colorful model. Your plants in the aquarium will grow best thanks to the light of LED. This light will be beneficial and suitable for today’s aquatic plants.

Thanks to the extended frame, you can adjust the size of this model. Besides, the bracket also allows you to adjust the length to suit the aquarium. With the above adjustments, the light will cover every part of the aquarium, with no difficulty in using them. With energy-saving features, the model comes with an extremely professional design and that use is power delivery. The durability of the product is without a doubt, really great, appealing to many people with a lifespan of over 10,000 hours. You do not need to worry about using them because they are easy, just plug it in and you can get started.


  • You can adjustable size
  • Beneficial for planting trees


  • When using too highlight will consume a lot of electricity

#5 Best Quality: Beamworks DA 6500K LED Pent Aquarium Light 

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You will be pleased with the best led aquarium lighting when you choose this brand. Known for many years, this company’s products can last for quite a long time because their materials are high-quality, fixtures are manufactured in the best way. Compared to dual tube fluorescent lamps, this model is much better. To benefit the growth of the tree, it is necessary to choose the right kind of light to best suit. With the 6500K spectrum LED that the manufacturer has equipped for this product, it will keep the best light in the tree.

This model is equipped with strong materials so the LEDs can work longer. You can light in a freshwater aquarium as long as you like. It can fit a lot of different types of aquariums because its design is quite diverse. You will not need to replace light bulbs because LEDs can be used for a long time, this is a big plus for this product. Perhaps you are pursuing an interface for your aquarium, with a timer module and their operability is too easy for you to program. 


  • High-quality material
  • Timer ready
  • Good for trees


  • Uses a lot of electricity

#6 Best Light: Nicrew LED Aquarium Light, Fish Tank Light with Extendable Brackets 

[amazon box=”B06XYKD67V”]

To make sure your plants grow well, light from aquarium lights is important. For hobbyists who see plants in healthy aquariums, this model is a very reasonable choice. Your plants will look great when photosynthesis is going well, it has the right light that plants need. Besides, the behavior and health of the fish are also related to light. This model is designed to lighten the environment while providing both trees and fish with benefits.

The manufacturer has made this model suitable for different aquariums because it is adjustable, can fit 37-45 inch aquariums. It would be great for people with a variety of aquariums and want to use this product in many different sizes. There are two modes with 2 different colors for your aquarium. The day mode is to balance the light and provide the most natural colors. With night mode, designed blue light purple provided in the dark can be nightlight. This is a big difference compared to other products.


  • New change on night mode
  • Adjustable with many sizes
  • Energy saving


  • Led light may be too bright

#7 Best Design: BeamWork DA FSPEC LED Freshwater Aquarium Light

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This product has many lights in 4 different colors, including red, yellow, blue, and green. The product is not designed to create a specific pattern so light has many options. Lights come in a variety of sizes to meet every customer’s need, from 20 inches to 72 inches. Based on that, light output also varies from 2.800 to 8000 depending on the size. Besides, the number of LEDs also varies, at 0.5 watts and from 40 to 182. However, because of the many lights, the different color options are not noticeable, because they will mix in the country, it’s not easy to recognize.

You can turn on and of the light whenever you need it by the built-in timer. If you have time at home can turn on and off manually. This product has 2 light modes: day and night. At night it is possible to dim the light when you are sleeping and during the day it will shine even more. Or you can consider turning it off at night to save power as well as not over-brightening. The product comes pre-wired, whenever you are ready for the lights, install them. This is an ideal light designed for aquariums.


  • There are 2 modes of day and night
  • There are many sizes to choose from


  • Many people will not like colorful lights

#8 Best Effect: Koval Aquarium Lighting Fish Tank Light Hood 

[amazon box=”B00OY7OQAA”]

For people who enjoy looking at bright aquariums with different colors, this product is a perfect choice. LEDs are very bright with five different colors. Besides, the aquarium will look more alive with a full spectrum system. The light can be suitable for many different sizes of aquariums because it comes with an extension frame. There are many types and depending on the size you choose, you will receive the number of LEDs in each system. Including sizes such as 24-30 inches, 36-43 inches, and 45-50 inches so the number of LEDs is from 78-156 lights.

The life expectancy of these LEDs depends on how you use them, but regardless of the size, the LEDs can use at least 50,000 hours. The main advantage of this product is that when some LEDs are burnt down, the others remain active. This is a remarkable point because in most other products when some LEDs are burnt down, the whole system will stop working. Products serving customers with the purpose of lighting with the highest efficiency and best. Besides, this product can use low energy to help you save money. You can leave the light on at all times but it will affect the life of the lamp, consider when using it.


  • Can save electricity
  • Other lights are not affected when some are burnt


  • Too many colors and many don’t like it

#9 Best Budget: Hagen Fluval Plant Bluetooth Nano LED Aquarium Light

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A lot of products claim to be able to illuminate your aquarium. Hagen Fluval, however, will do that with nanotechnology and programmable Bluetooth with a 24-hour light cycle. The cycles consist of a gradual setup for sunrise, midday, sunset, and night. Based on habitats that are pre-set with other lighting configurations. The options you can choose are tropical, planted, and Lake Malawi. You can manually adjust the light and change position, options such as side to side, up and down, back and forth. After adjustment, it is possible to reposition by a safety clamp of the product.

You can change the color as you like with the smart app on your phone to control the color independently of the pieces. Each Led light can light 120 degrees, including 63 lights. This will make your tank evenly lit and no dark spots. The material of the product is aluminum shell, they are fully encased for efficient heat transfer and provides. Water and moisture also do not affect the product because they are protected. Compared to previous products, this model is smoother and lighter.


  • Light has no dead spots in the aquarium
  • Fully adjustable positioning


  • Size not flexible, only one

How To Choose The Best LED Aquarium Lighting?


If you want to choose the best aquarium product, then branding is the first thing you need to consider. This is important because each brand has different models. Please choose for yourself the product that comes from a reputable brand, not a generic brand. You can check the product description of each model.

Light spectrum

This is an important factor for plant growth. The more color the better as it will promote the best photosynthesis process for the tree.

Features and control mode

The great feature that these products have now is to be able to simulate sunrise, sunset, and possibly the night. Looks a lot more unique. Control mode, you need to choose an easy-to-control model, don’t choose too complicated it will be difficult to combine properly.


You certainly will not want to spend a lot of time searching and selecting LEDs for your aquarium many times. So make sure the model you choose has the best possible durability. The materials used to make the product are related to their durability.

Installation process

If the product you choose has a complicated installation process, you may be in trouble. You should buy products with an easy installation process, easy to adjust and install to spend less time and convenience for you. Should consult with those who have used it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are all lights good for the tree?

Greenery for photosynthesis and growth requires light, but not all light is suitable and beneficial for it. Excessive light or too much during the day will affect the tree.

2. How to use LED light reasonable?

If the product you choose has multiple modes, then you should set it up to ensure the growth of your trees and save you electricity. Or can adjust as you like. Not recommended to just one mode.

3. How are LEDs suitable for aquariums?

Before choosing the best-LED light for your aquarium, you need to consider whether the size is appropriate or not. Because LEDs emit less heat but have higher energy efficiency than other lights. There are also many lighting styles, such as covering the entire length of the aquarium or gathering in one spot.

Pay attention to the capacity of LEDs compared to the aquarium, if too little or too much can disrupt the cycle of the lamp operation, the capacity must be enough for the whole aquarium to be lit so as not to affect plants and fish. The size of LEDs is also an important part of the aquarium fit. For example, the size of an 18-inch aquarium requires about 36 LEDs.

Found Your Best Aquarium Lighting?

The aquarium will look great with the light of LEDs, plants and fish will also grow best. Above we have given the best suggestions about the top 9 best LED aquarium lighting 2021. The models we offer are uniquely designed with high-quality materials, guaranteeing the best performance for you. You can refer and make your choice. Hope you find useful information from our article. Thank you for reading. See you again!

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