Top 5 Best Pipe Wrench For Plumbing | Wrench For PVC Pipes (2021 Reviews)

Best Pipe Wrenches For Plumbing

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Best Pipe Wrenches For Plumbing

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with a plethora of pipe wrenches in the market? Every product always reminds you of specific features, utility, and importantly, their design. But wait, could you find out that not all the pipe wrench products have all the same structure, feature, and usage?

A wrench set is definitely a complete case of needing the true device for each job. So, a full one is necessary for your house. However, choosing the best pipe wrench is not as easy as a piece of cake. 

Of course, a dedicated collection of pipe wrenches is not for the sake of sealing your garage. Nothing is better than having the most handful pipe wrench that serves all your orders, right?

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Top 5 Best Pipe Wrench For Plumbing 2021 

Well, you’ll find it easy to sort out after reading this review. We had some practical tests on several choices to turn out the top five. I believe that this will not waste any minute of your time and so, you’ll see your investment is worth it. 

1. RIDGID 824 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench

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If you’re familiar with pipe wrenches and other wrenches in the house, you must know about Ridgid – a brand that lives up to the reputation for pipe wrenches. But if not, that’s okay because we’ll inform you now. 

With the lightweight and tough aluminum build, you will feel almost no fatigue when doing your job efficiently, even over a long period of use. Also, it’s easily moved, you can touch and clean the tightest places of ridges. Hence it can serve all of the plumbing jobs.

Though it is sold considerably higher than some other pipe wrenches you all get that, you get what you paid! 


  • It is lightweight and adjustable
  • Easy to maintain and clean with the hook jaw, spring assembly, and heel jaw
  • Suitable for all kinds of pipework


  • It is more expensive compared to other pipe wrench products

Whether you are a pro or amateur or just a person who takes charge of plumbing in your house, Ridgid pipe wrench is for you! Don’t let plumbing work become a burden.

2. Tradespro 830914 14-Inch Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench

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As it was named “heavy”, this pipe wrench is a heavy-duty spanner with a size of 14 inches. However, it is a resourceful tool that makes it prominent among other same product lines. Let’s see what makes the difference.

Though the jaw capacity is 1.5 inches by default, it can stretch to 2.5 inches depending on your need. Therefore, the Tradespro pipe wrench is so much adjustable despite its weight. 

The product’s design does not seem heavy as it was told. That’s the reason why it is durable over periods of time.


  • The jaw capacity can be made bigger, and set in various capacities
  • A fine balance between low price and good quality
  • It looks charming with a high-polished iron handle


  • It is quite heavy to carry around

If your budget is not too abundant but still want to possess a high-quality and durable pipe wrench, the Tradespro 830914 is an ideal choice. Despite the fact that it is a bit heavy, you still get all that you need with a handful tool. 

3. Goplus 4pcs Pipe Wrench Set

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Unlike the best pipe wrench we have reviewed above, this Goplus one is a full set of pipe wrenches that gives more effective work in just a box. 

You can do a variety of jobs with different pipe diameters from 1 inch to 3 1/8 inches. You might think that the manufacturer had to lower the quality to equal to its reasonable price. No, you’re wrong! The bending iron cast handle together with the refined steel seems to be a perfect combination as the product’s appearance is not only graceful but also works efficiently. 

The most crystal clear point of Goplus’s product is the teeth and jaws. They are carefully polished and sharpened by high-technology machines. Hence, you can work on strong and thick surfaces without feeling worn-out. 


  • The handle wrapped made of nonslip plastic makes it safer when holding
  • Maximum open jaws with four different choices of expanding
  • A complete set of pipe wrenches that serves all of your orders, a magic toolbox you need to keep in your house.


  • It will be a little inconvenient if you are not a professional

Goplus’s set of pipe wrenches is deserved to be a magic toolbox in every house, especially with plumbers. With a reasonable price but high-grade quality, it can meet your demands promptly without causing any obstruction. 

4. IRWIN Tools VISE-GRIP Pipe Wrench 274108

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This may be the most expensive choice in our list, but why we bring it on? The Irwin pipe wrench may not a magical tool but it can beat the other ones with its great durability. 

Look at the build they made it! Basically, the cast-iron cover can last forever, which is a great benefit if you tend to use this wrench for professional purposes. In fact, not all the outside layers of a majority of pipe wrenches can last stably in a year!

The nut agent is a treat for occupied clients since it tends to be spun effectively. They have an unmistakable “hammer-like” head, which can be utilized as a substitute sled somewhat.


  • Appropriate for experts who need a greater spanner with well-fined jaws
  • Besides pipes and plumbing jobs, it can be utilized to break hard nuts, bolts, and couplings
  • A special 2 in 1 product – it can be used as a pipe wrench as well as a hammer.


  • It is the most expensive good in the market and the heaviest (and also on the list, too) 

Although it does not have many prominent features and also sold at a high price, you know why it’s still worth your investment? That’s because of its durability and more importantly, any pros want to possess this one for their job. 

5. Bahco 9072 RP US Adjustable/Pipe Wrench 

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Last but not least, this one from Bahco is deserved to be in the top five thanks to a range of standout features. 

The Bahco 9072 is a 2 in 1 tool. You will get a Stillson wrench and a flexible wrench at the cost of one. Plumbers, electricians, and support laborers, individuals who work for the most parts won’t have to carry them independently. 

The device creates comfort for users. You’ll quickly fall in love with the bigger grasp and thermoplastic handle as you hold it. Especially, the estimation scale on the head can show latch size that you can work with. So convenient, right?


  • An ergonomic handle makes your jobs done safely in different working environments
  • The most lightweight merchandise compared to other enemies


  • The jaws may not be expanded as long as the real length

With the compact design that helps the owners can bring it everywhere, an acceptable price and dual functions; we see no reasons that you don’t want to invest in one. 

Why Should You Have A Pipe Wrench For Plumbing?

Whether a single pipe wrench or a set one can be really useful in every condition you need. To talk about its advantages, you all may know something, but there are things I believe you’ve just discovered today!

Wide range of usage and sizes

You can see all the five best pipe wrenches we have mentioned above are not only for plumbing jobs but also they can be a resourceful assistant in some everyday errands like tightening or loosening bolts or nuts. Moreover, a normal pipe wrench can become a professional tool in maintenance work, or it will turn out hammer-like magic. You buy one but get two or three functions at the same time! How beneficial!

There are various sizes of each product in the market shows that manufacturers have listened to our demands. Every size and diameter of a pipe wrench means you can do different jobs. For instance, with a 14-inch pipe wrench, it’s standard to do whatever work needed in your hand, not just do it with water! 

Durable and strong

Why is it so general when hearing these words? What I mean here is the material. Most of the pipe wrench products are made of cast steel. However today, some might be constructed from aluminum – which is considered to be one of the most durable materials in making a quality wrench. 

Why do we go with aluminum, not steel though it can cram a bit of your budget? In fact, aluminum is not so expensive as steel and it has more prominent benefits. An aluminum pipe wrench can meet almost your requirements of a high-grade product: durable over periods of time, effective in working, and easy to maintain. 

Adjustable and convenient to carry around

Instead of a heavy full set of wrenches, you only need one but can do other things. However, a full set included 4 wrenches does not matter much because they weigh only about 30 pounds. 

You only need a separate pipe wrench as a hammer, sometimes an opener, and of course work on plumbing jobs! 

Things To Consider Buying A PVC Pipe Wrench

When comes to wrenches, you do wonder about how to choose the best pipe wrench without having any regret.

You must have come to a shop and find anything satisfying. These are too many types and brands of pipe wrenches. You also know that buying a hammer is even worse in a mishmash-like market, not to say a wrench!

But don’t worry. We’re here as an assistant to help you actually know what features should be focused on when picking up the most appropriate product.


If you ask any experienced plumber, they would say the size will matter most if you don’t want scars on your hands. 

For somebody simply beginning and building a tool compartment, an extraordinary first buy is a 14-inch aluminum straight funnel wrench. It will cover most private pipework and the material keeps it lightweight for a simple vehicle. An 18-inch straight funnel wrench is likewise usually utilized in the business for up to 2 1/2-inch-distance across the pipe. It is another great introductory buy.


How can we skip this important feature? It’s like when we buy anything, we can ignore the comfort when using a product. 

If you tend to buy a pipe wrench, consider these questions if the product feels just right in your hand? Do you feel stiff when holding it? Is it too heavy or too lightweight for you?

 In case the wrench is a bit heavy in your hand, hold it for about a minute to see if your hands are tired. A good one comes with high quality but still attaches the utmost comfort, that’s the point we want to make clear. And not someone else, you are the one who feels right about this! 


Four out of five best pipe wrench products we have reviewed are made of aluminum – which is considered to be more expensive than normal cast iron or steel. Aluminum is a bit pricey but it will worth a long-term investment. Nevertheless, iron or steel also made good ones with more limited functions. 

We don’t suggest you always go for the fancy, expensive tools as there are ones priced higher upon their real quality. Take your time, consider your budget and any problem that matters! 


As a useful and integral tool in your house or for your career, the best pipe wrench cannot be bought and used subjectively. 

You can find these products everywhere, in every shop around the corners. Or else, you can count on our top five. We believe these ones we have reviewed above are truly suitable for each type of customer. What we love the most is RIDGID Model 824 Aluminum Straight Pipe Wrench for its greatness in doing various tasks and strong durability. 

Latest Pipe Wrench For Plumbing On Amazon!

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