Top 9 Best Plier Sets For Jewellery Making & DIY, Workshop (2021 Reviews)

The best plier sets 2020

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Pliers, along with screwdrivers, play an implacable role in every tool kits. The best plier sets are made to deal with cutting wires for the majority and a good plier might promise to solve more than a type of material.

However, in a house only, there are many categories of wires we have to deal with, from delicate electric TV wires to cables, fence wires and so on. Some are big and exposes, some are thin and hardly reachable. 

The best plier sets 2021

Therefore, we need good pliers set to deal with enough kinds that we want. 

But which want? If you are still so confused about thousands of offers, this article is for you.

Let’s grab some experiences and make notes for the best pliers set. 

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Top 9 Best Plier Sets 2021 Reviews 

#1 Irwin Tools Vise-Grip 8-Piece Plier Set

Irwin is one of our most satisfying choices with 8 amazing pieces of pliers. This set promises to do anything for you!

Besides common pliers like the long-nosed, wrench, cutter, this set offers extra 2 GrooveLock pliers with 2 sizes for users to tackle different wires. Plus, the linesman and slip-joint pliers also are promising for more and more job done.

The smallest pliers are 6” long and the longest one comes with 12” long. Therefore, we can say this set can handle pretty heavy work. Of course, they come with support from the excellent grip and assisting details. Such as:

They have got multiple shapes of jaws, from rounds, squares to hexagons. So, never worry about bolts anymore, they solve it all.

In addition, the whole set appears with a very comfortable handle grip. We see that from the longer handle than usual, and when we grab them, it’s like the handle encourages more and more force while the feeling in our hand is still comfortable.

This is the best part.

These pliers offer a press-n-slide system that allows users to do click adjustment in a blink. Isn’t it cool? We gamble that not all of the pliers set you heard about are made with this feature. 

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Bottom line: Irwin Tools Vise-Grip 2078712 is what we found for people who have extensive chores around the house, someone with more than fixing the fences and cables. You’re looking for something like that at a reasonable price. Here it is.

#2 Gearwrench 7 Piece Pliers Set

With 7 pieces of pliers, this Gearwrench 82108 Master set is believed to multitask more jobs than just household chores. However, this set is highly recommended for works relating to electricity or automobile due to the combination of electrician pliers in the set. 

The outstanding point of this set lies in the handle. We have here a newly designed handle with curvy back to keep in more grip. That curve back will keep you from slippage no matter how long or how low you are holding the item. Besides, the curve also helps to gather all forces into the handle, therefore, saving your grip to work. 

For all that amazes, the set is at a reasonable price on shelves. Is it plus a reason to have it?

Only warnings we want to tell you is about the metal. These pliers are heavy duty and they can last as long as expensive high-quality pliers but only under a condition: keep the things dry. The surface is catching rust quite easy so don’t leave them free with moisture.

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Bottom line : Electricians, Listen up! This is the set you are seeking! They could tackle almost all of the jobs you wish and with the amazing handle, it deserves a yes.

#3 Craftsman Evolv 5 Piece Set

Craftsman Evolv is one of our budget saving options with only 5 essential pieces- long nose, diagonal and cutters. 

It’s cheap but it doesn’t come along with low quality, but opposite. We’re amazed by the high-quality metal they spend on making this set. it’s rust-resistant material so that means, this cheap set is equivalent to high-end pliers set in speaking of durability. 

With being made from good metal, these pliers also work on heavy materials. Even your work chores but this set will not limit your potential.

The handle is not so specially made for high grip but we can tell it provide pretty good feeling and maybe tight hold. However, as inspired to be a portable set, these pliers are quite small. We can tell it is more for women with common household chores. Big hands will feel a bit awkward. 

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Bottom line: Craftsman Evolv is a set that every house should have in the tool kits. It’s not for heavy-duty works but at least, everyone can handle these pliers and all housework promises to be done with only 5 pliers.

#4 Stanley 4 Piece Pliers Set

Stanley 84 058 is a plier set with only 4 items: diagonal, lineman, slip joint and long nose. As can be seen, they are all essential pliers you need in your daily job. And with only several essential items, you can put these pliers in tool kits to bring anywhere. They swear not to take too much space as well as caring.

The set is made of heavy-duty rust-resistant metal. Plus, they offer quite a comfortable handle with average length and super grip. 

These plier’s jaws can handle heavy-duty materials but with only limited 4 pieces, we cannot do too much. 

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Conclusion: seven-inch pliers are what everyone can handle, not too big but not too small. this set is ideal for light to medium jobs and we recommend it for both men and women.

#5 Channellock ToolRoll-3 Pliers Set

Channellock provides a set of 5 pliers including 2 Grooves in 2 sizes. The set comes neatly in a tool roll which you can place perfectly inside your toolbox. 

However, the tool roll is a bonus that we are glad to know but not the deciding factor to bring this Channellock set in the list. 

What impressed us is the material they used to make these pliers. Could you imagine, paying a reasonable price and in return, a set of pliers made of C1080 steel? So high-quality!

This is a terrific material because it catches no rust, no stain, and super heavy duty. So it promises to keep you on hold with even a tough job. 

However, these pliers are designed in a quite small size. We cannot complain because the set seems nice for even women and with the size, this set becomes a considerably durable plier collection for works around the house. 

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Bottom line: Not so variable in uses but this set is great for everyone with small hands and small jobs. and it promises to last with years.

#6  Channellock ToolRoll-8 Pliers Set

If you love the Channellock set but 5 pliers are not enough, here we come to the extensive version of high-quality pliers set with 8 items. And, with 8 pliers on the row, you can have enough essential tools to tackle different sectors: fences, hoses, cables, automobile, electrician. 

It is still that amazing set with high-quality C1080 steel plus comfortable handle grip. 

With the cutters, you have the jaws laser-treated into sharp and strong teeth which can handle cutting wires with less force and therefore, keep the whole plier last longer.

What you have in extra is adjustment wrench, more groove, and linemen’s. 

But, let’s prepare that you have to pay more to get more.

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Bottom line: The extended Channellock pliers set is ideal for multitasking around and beyond the household chores. And that we can promise is a high-quality collection with no rusted steel.

#7 Kobalt 5-piece Pliers Set

This Kobalt 5 Piece Plier Set comes with long nose pliers, slip joint, groove, diagonal and a lineman’s. This is a standard plier set for almost all jobs we expected from pliers: cutting, jointing, adjustment, drawing, and de-drawing.

Handles get more attention in the manufacturing process because we see them with sophisticated ergonomic design on anti-slip material. It’s a double guarantee about the strong grip of these handles. You would never fail.

Most pliers are 6” in length. It’s not too small but we’re afraid that man with big hands will find stiff with a small handle, but still not slippage.

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Bottom line: A Kobalt 5-piece pliers set is what a house needs at least to keep all fixed and well-functional. Plus, it’s easy to use by anyone.

#8 WORKPRO 7-piece Pliers Set

If 6-inch pliers are too small or you, we offer the WORKPRO pliers set with 7 items. They provide Groove pliers in 8 inches and 7-inch lineman. 

But the dimension is just a little factor for choosing this. We impressed with the heat-treated steel that they made for these pliers. So we brought them here. It’s amazing because the steel after being treated by heat and polished will gain strength and durability to cope with more materials. The job becomes easier.

With the handle, they put on a double coat to make the grip more comfortable and absorptive. The non-slip material also prevented slippage.

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Bottom line: Workpro 7-piece pliers et is an economical purchase but they perform like heavy-duty pliers. Might be not for too professional jobs but medium works are all fine with these things.

#9 Pittsburgh 7 Piece Pliers Set

If you are looking for variable pliers with the minimum of money spent, so you will find the Pittsburgh 7-piece pliers set. 

With 7 pliers, you are sure to be capable of multitasking around your house, outside and insides or automobile maintenance. Generally, this set is medium in size, but they are lightweight so you can take anywhere. However, the material is too weak for the heavy-duty job so don’t expect too much from these pliers. 

The grip is firm but we can’t be sure if you are fine with the rubber. 

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Bottom line: the most budget-saving purchase on all lists. It doesn’t come with perfection but you won’t regret having one set if you just need light works done.

How Many Types Of Pliers Do You Know?

To know if you made the right choice, you must have known all kinds of pliers that are on the shelves in stores. 

Generally, all shops which have pliers will offer you all kinds of pliers but in different sets. So, which one you need and which you may not? Let’s roll on and see the usages of each.

Channel Pliers

Something like pipes- big but easy to tackle will belong to channel plier’s job. Speaking of appearance, this item has got a sliding and jaw to tackle objects with quite round big diameter. You might not fit a wire into this one. You will know when you see it.

Cutting Pliers

This one can do pretty many jobs relating to wires and bolts. It has got medium dimensions to tackle the generally sized wires. Besides, with a blade, you can pinch out bolts, pins out from flat surfaces.

Fence Pliers

Like its name, the one works for fences. It is to draw staplers when you build fences. However, the item helps out more by cutting light wires with 2 cutters. Fence pliers appear with a tough head and as far as we know, people use it instead of hammers, for the fences only, of course.

Locking Pliers

If you don’t have a wrench, this one should somehow take place. You can twist and pull which sounds like jobs with pins. And, it’s very common works. 

Needles Nose Pliers

This one offers a nose that is as small as a needle! Just kidding but the nose is lengthened and narrowed enough for users to cope with troubles behind narrow walls, fridge or box. However, the nose is only for small wires and pins. 

Electrician Pliers

Just hear the name and you know this item is virtual for electricians. Their blades are made to solve with different types of electric wires, capable of plastic skins or bundles of coppers.

Striper Pliers

This one should belong to electricians, too, as an essential piece. However, this is quite a detailed item that most housemen don’t have to possess.

Phew! Quite pretty much to choose, right? But it’s no big deal for us now because you are approaching so close to the best pliers set for you.

Read on!

What Features Of A Pliers Set Should You Look For?

Best Plier sets - Pliers features

A Suitable Range Of Use

What do you need the plier set for? Fixing your cable line? Or rebuild your gate? Or both?

We can tell “I only need one plier because I just do some household chores, who needs fancy?”. But is it?

We suppose no. Even in the house, there are different materials and positions to deal with wires. That’s why we have to consider the job given to pliers, then decide the set that we want.

Commonly, pliers sets will include at least 3 or 4 pieces. And among them, there will be one can deal with multiple jobs, not a specific. Some pliers in the collection are born for the only purpose. Therefore, let’s choose to evaluate one by one. 

Some bigger sets will consist of extra plier items that promise more professional jobs. You might see the uses, but do you need it? For example,…

Our advice is to choose something just enough. You don’t want a complete set when you don’t even go up to the roof and fix the cable line, right? And you need a common, heavy-duty one for the most frequent job you confront. Which is the one?

Comfortable Handle 

Whatever piece of plier you chose; the most important part is the handle. 

You will use that tool, and we assume you are not a professional because you’re reading the tips. So, the grip feeling must be good so you won’t feel terribly tiring hand after finishing the job.

How to tell?

You can see the rubber pad on the handle. It’s not as cushioning as sneaker’s sole but it’s supposed to give you an absorptive grip. It should appear with some ergonomic grip so that you won’t slip.

Besides, choose something that fits your hand. You have a small hand so don’t go for a big, wide-angled plier. And vice versa.


Conclusions – Which One Is Your Best Plier Set?

As far as we consider, the pliers set Irwin tools Vise-Grip 2078712 It should be the number one for the list. It might not be the most extended collection to deal with from A to Z job but we believe this Irwin tools Vise-Gripp 2078712 is what most people need.

Only use know what you need from the pliers set, therefore, you will make the best decision. Pliers are common but necessary. You don’t have to invest grand of Dollars on a set but also, don’t underestimate its value.

Check out more buyers guide for Hand Tools here! Do you think we miss any great plier sets? Leave your comment to let us know so we can update our list.

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