7 Best Diamond Sharpening Stones| Top Picked and Highly Rated 2021

best diamond sharpening stones - diamond sharpening stone size

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When the first stone knives were made, men had found a way to maintain the sharpness of their weapons. What had they found at the beginning?

Well, other stones. But they always had to make new weapons because other stones seemed not to do their jobs very well.

But that’s the past. What we know is nowadays, sharpening tools are much more effective. We might know about silicon carbide, India or Arkansas stones, oil, sharpening machines which are all doing admirable jobs in keeping your knives shiny and sharp always. 

best diamond sharpening stones - diamond sharpening stone

Among those, we want to concentrate on a new but quite popular tool – Diamond Sharpening Stones.

Does it sound unfamiliar to you?

If yes, you should take a look at the below section to see why you should invest in one instead of others.

And if not, we should go together to see through the best products and buying tips also in this article.


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Top 7 Best Diamond Sharpening Stones 2021 Reviews


Whatever the market is having now, DMT corporation has contributed a lot. They are reputational in making diamond sharpening stone so no doubts that we have some items here in the top 7.

What we impressed the most in this brand is the diamond technology they performed in each piece of products, as well as this WM8EF-WB. 

There are always 2 kinds of diamond surfaces on a plate so you are not limited in working with either flat blades or sharp points.  

Besides, they offer a bench to sit the plate in so you can operate much more easily. The bench elevates the plate, keeps it non-slip so you get your job done precisely.

But it’s not the end of fantasies. Herewith DMT sharpening stone set, you don’t need to put on oil or water while sharpening. It’s no need to make another mess when you can have your knives sharpening done with dry stone.

The only one which keeps DMT products away from a certain customer segment is a high price. However, it’s worth a long-lasting item, isn’t it?

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  • Brilliant design 
  • Versatile uses
  • Convenient 2-sided sharpener
  • Capable of dry sharpening 
  • No maintenance needed


  • High price

Bottom line: This WM8EF-WB by DMT is what we recommend for all types of knives and hunting tools with or without points.

#2 Smith’s Diamond Bench Stone

Smith’s come with a new elevation in the sharpening industry with a Tri-hone stone designed for 3 surfaces: coarse, fine diamond and Arkansas stone.

As you read, you have three options in one purchase and that makes your job variable from edge creation to basic sharpening kit. 

Arkansas stone is a bonus here, and we believe it doesn’t bother at all to have an extra option, right?

With this offer, you have two surfaces to work on the edge. We don’t need to know how bad your edging could have been but this stone will solve it all. Damage blade? Rust edge? Blunt? Nothing could be out of reach.

And, as a condition to work on hard jobs, you have to apply oil for sharpening.

[sc name=”amzl” asin=”B001I6JGL4″]


  • 2-in-1 continuous and non-continuous diamond surface
  • Convenient uses with 3 sharpeners
  • Handy non-slip stand
  • High quality honing solution


  • Oil base system only
  • Costly

Bottom line: Smith’s 50008 is a great product for large thick knives and woodworking tools, especially, you can deal with thick edges. 

#3 Atoma Diamond Sharpener

Atoma #400 is more than a sharpening stone. We brought here a flattening plate for your other tools besides blades and points. 

Atoma proves its power by a very coarse surface meshed with diamonds to sharpen or flatten metals, glass, and stones. With the support of diamond crystalline on this stone, these jobs will be fast done.

As a sturdy piece of flattening stone, you will see in the long run of sharpening, there is no scratches or hollows for years. 

The product comes with no stand or bench. It might be easier to use for some people and more portable, in an optimistic way of thinking.

[sc name=”amzl” asin=”B0031KNR2O”]


  • Simple and portable
  • Sturdily built for long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Good price as a flattening plate


  • No stand included

Bottom line: Not knives or hunting tools, this is the one we save for flattening other stones, glass surface.


Here comes another DMT product and it won’t let us down if we are edge passionate creators.

The stone is in the service for all kinds of edge creation situations you can imagine. And, to do so, it offers an extra-large size – a 10-inch plate. On that plate, you only fine coarse surface, the difference is one of them is coarser.

You can totally make a new blade out of the damaged one with this powerful monocrystalline diamond-covered stone.

DMT this time doesn’t offer a bench but it’s attached with a thin rubber mat to prevent slippage.

[sc name=”amzl” asin=”B00004WFUL”]


  • Powerful monocrystalline surface
  • Useful for edging
  • Handy dry sharpening
  • Durable 
  • Complete flat incoming
  • Convenient non-lid mat included


  • Costly

Bottom line: This DMT W250CXNB is specially made for repair edges. So, we recommend it for anyone who has that demand.

#5 Whetstone 300# 1000# Dual Sided

We have offered quite a several pieces at considerably high prices. they are worth your spending, we’re sure about that. But in case, many of you are looking for something less expensive, let’s consider this Whetstone 300# 1000#.

With a good price for a monocrystalline diamond sharpening stone, we see no reason why not to invest in it.

And better than that, we have a 2-in-1 plate with both coarse and fine diamond surfaces to meet our needs in sharpening.

The only thing we have to caution about using this one is no water allowed. You can do the job with or without oil. Water is not welcomed.

[sc name=”amzl” asin=”B00WDVCKFC”]


  • Very affordable 
  • Dual coarse and fine diamond surface for versatile uses
  • Capable of dry sharpening 


  • No water application allowed
  • No serrated blades allowed

Bottom line: For limited but enough uses of this plate, we suggest potential owners should be beginners in sharpening. Those who don’t want to spend much on a sharpening stone might find this one just right.

#6 Whetstone Sharpening (600/1200) 

Whetstone, with a terrific price, comes up on the list again with a product for sharpening kitchen tools.

With kitchen tools, we do not ask too much and we found this diamond sharpening stone meets the balance of price and quality. 

You can do both honing and sharpening with this surface by using common material in the kitchen such as soap or water. No oil needed! Such a great one with housewives because most of them are no one close to technicians.

[sc name=”amzl” asin=”B07MXV8JPN”]


  • Good price for a diamond sharpening piece
  • Convenient two-sided sharpening 
  • Ideal for light and small tools
  • Handy water and soap application 


  • No sword or big, thick blades sharpening

Bottom line: With this plate, we are happy to use for sharpening kitchen tools including basic knives, pointed tools, and thick edge.

#7 DMT Diamond Whetstone

In the combination of DMT and Whetstone, this fine diamond sharpening stone is the next station we visit. Let’s prepare that we will pay an affordable price for this experience then you have both durabilities guaranteed by DMT and the right quality from Whetstone.

This stone has been increased in rigidity so you would find it easier to use. And not only kitchen tools but something more delicate like a razor could even be sharpened on this plate.

With this plate, you come back with the free sharpening process with or without liquid application. You don’t need that memory when you have DMT. 

[sc name=”amzl” asin=”B00004WFU7″]


  • Increased rigidity 
  • Effective dots for sharpening and honing 
  • Common and friendly fine diamond surface
  • Dry sharpening allowed
  • Capable of light razor edging


  • Not for heavy-duty

Bottom line: This plate is what we sort out for kitchen tools plus, basic blades for common uses. There is nothing too heavy-duty but it’s ideal for everyone to manage their stuff.

Why Diamond Sharpening Stone?

Incredibly flat

You would not believe it until you have one and use them for a certain time. That’s why we say “incredibly”.

There is not enough time for us to test how many sharpening jobs need to be made to hollow the piece of stones. But in testing other sharpening stones or tools, hollowing out happens only after quite a few weeks.

At least, diamond stones will be still in good condition for longer use.

Fast sharpening 

As we know, the diamond is the hardest material found on earth. Therefore, whatever metal your knives are made of, sharpening with diamonds will be done pretty fast.

It’s no doubt why people apply this product in industrial sharpening work.


And, as the toughest material on earth, it’s not easy to worn-out stones surfaced with diamond, is it?

Diamond sharpening stones are costly. But it’s worth spending because you won’t have to buy renew brand one in the upcoming years. Would be it fair enough?

What Types Do We Have?

Depending on the density of diamonds on the surface, we will have different types of sharpening. Not alone, we also have to consider sizes, accessories, thickness and so on.

Let’s take a closer look!

Non-continuous Diamond

The name explains itself. You’ll have a piece of stones but with fewer small diamonds on the sharpening surface. 

You cannot determine spots with or without diamonds by eyes but touching it, you’ll feel the non-continuous fillings.

The point here is when you lead the blade on top, the swarf gets caught in tiny spaces. 

With these holes, sharpening will happen faster even with rusted tools, even with edge creation jobs.

The non-continuous diamond surface created the most popular stones for sharpening because almost every user can work on it. It’s easy and effective.

Continuous Diamond

Little holes are effective to catch sawft, as well as points. Therefore, with tools like pins or needles- things with tiny points, we have to work on a completely flat diamond surface.

Here comes the continuous diamond sharpening stone.

Besides, depending on the quality of the diamond also, sharpening stones will be classified in price and uses.


Mono-crystalline diamond is also called synthetic single crystalline (SCD) with its structure forming under high pressure.

Thanks to the strict producing process, these artificial diamonds are pure and therefore, super hard to crack.

With SCD, you can perform heavy-duty sharpening tools, including edge creations, rust removing and so on.


Polycrystalline is made of attaching monocrystals. Therefore, it keeps the toughness not completely perfectly unbreakable.

Polycrystalline is cheaper and effective for common sharpening works on all types of metals.


Which size should I get?

best diamond sharpening stones - diamond sharpening stone size

People usually ignore this feature. They focus on looking for the best quality sharpening surface then bring home a small piece to handle a sword or vice versa.

We have to tell, size is important. You can work a knife through an 8-inch stone but is it necessary to pay more?

On the other hand, you cannot sharpen a big blade on an average 6-inch surface, can you?

So, whatever you choose, consider the size as the last step. We have some measurements:

  • Four, six and eight inches are three common sizes for sharpening stones in consideration of daily tools, for example, chief knives or scissors. 
  • With more specific tools in bigger sizes, you might have to look for more than an 8-inch piece.
  • Besides, the length is more important than the width. That means you should pick one with a longer length in the same area. It’s because you will save more useless space in the middle and sharpening always happens on the edges.

Conclusions – Your Best Diamond Sharpening Stone?

DMT is always the best name to call for diamond sharpening stones. However, among those, what we impressed the most is the WM8EF-WB for both price and quality.

We supposed that everyone will bear in mind certain perspectives on their ideal sharpening stones, based on uses, budget, and quality.

We can’t tell you the above seven items are the best for everyone. It’s impossible to find perfection in the world’s opinion. However, getting to know this article means shortcutting a lot of your choice. I hope that you will not have to window-shop all day long!

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