Top 9 Best Nail Pullers For Deck & Pallets (2021 Reviews)

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There’s a reason you can put the nail in quickly, but it is difficult to pull out. And there’s also that common problem where you always try your best to make sure the nails go into objects when hanging them up on walls or making new DIY projects.

And another common mistake for even if carpenters are professionals too, they sometimes end up nailing things either in wrong places because both their nails and stuff gets broken while trying unsuccessfully pulling them off with pliers – which always results in an infuriating feeling like we’ve said before 🙂

best nail puller 2021

There are many nail pullers out there, but which one is the best nail puller for you? In this article, we will lay it all on the table so that your home improvement tasks can be easily breezy.

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Top 9 Best Nail Pullers For Large Nails 2021

#1 Estwing Pro Claw Nail Puller

They have four sizes available for you to choose from 9 inches, 106 inches, 11 inches, 12.5 inches, and 14 inches. There is no standard size, and you should choose the one that makes you feel comfortable when working. Please note that the longer it is, the more expensive it will be.

What I like most about this product are the removed headless nails. This perfect design allows me to remove the pin with only a tiny scratch on the wooden surface. And the claw is very thin, too. So you can easily access the remote area.

And every time using this nail puller, I feel like it sticks on my hands because of the cushion grips. I had to use it continuously for about 40 minutes, and my hands still feel comfortable. So it is good.

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#2 Dead On Tools Exhumer Nail Puller

Dead On Tools is a made-in- USA product. And the more I use it, the more I appreciate the designer. It could pull off hundreds of nails in so many awkward and tight spots. You can use both two ends of this puller at work. Because they all have a suitable head and shape for excellent leverage.

And the design also the strongest point of this product. The pivot points offer you good leverage while the square slaw ends can bite deeply on nails with only a little scratch near the hole.

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However, I am afraid that you can’t use this nail puller for a difficult task because it is not hard enough. But for amateur of DYI or home development, it is the best choice.

#3 Crescent Tools Nail Pullers

Here we come with an eighteen-inch nail puller: the Crescent 56 nail pullers. The Cresent is the best nail puller for removing the rush nails on the wood surface thanks to the hardened and tempered jaw.

At first, I was surprised about the effectiveness of the Crescent nail puller. Even it can do only one thing: pull off the nail. But it is precisely what his tool aims for, and it did help me so many times.

So, I keep this tool on the top of my tool tote and use it routinely with no disappointment or frustration. And I will recommend it for anyone who is looking for a nail puller without hesitation.

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#4 Bates- Nail Puller

If you are a fan of DYI projects, you will be familiar with Bates Choice. And it is one product from Bates Choice. This puller is 11 inches in length, which is not too short and not too long – the perfect length to create motion and remove nails from wood and some other materials.

The Bates nail puller also uses the soft plastic coated grip so it will not hurt the surface, even for the most sensitive one. That is why Bates becomes the favorite nail puller for many professional carpenters.

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Last but not least, nail puller is made of high-quality carbon steel. So, it could lead to two results: long-lasting performance and long durability.

#5 Vaughan 15-Inch SuperBar

Another made-in- USA product. And it means you do not need to worry about the product’s quality. You may feel strange at first, but the SuperBar is just the same as another nail puller, except for its incredible design.

The SuperBar makes the nail remover much more comfortable than other standard nail pullers, and that is all thanks for the perfect design. It will grab the nails, pull it off, and won’t let the pins fall until they are removed.

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Besides, the full width can prevent damage for the wall and wood surface, too. And the radius on each end combined well with the leverage and rocker action to create a fast and fun removing process.

#6 TEKTON 15-Inch Pry Bar

The pry bar is an all-purpose contoured bar, which means you can use it for another purpose except for nail pulling. I did use it as a hammer before.

So, in the nail-pulling area, this product has some strong points as follow

Firstly, it has a flat end and high leverage rocker another hand. It means you can create strong movement with a little effort, and as a result, you can work for long without being tired.

Second, it owns the side of the thin and sharpened tip so that it could leak to the tightest cracks to remove the nails with no difficulty. And with the three nail slots, you can remove the pin from almost every angle.

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#7 SharkGrip Nail Puller

What makes Sharp Grip nail puller different is the “V” design. At first glance, you will not understand what is its design’s purpose. But only after try using it you will see how easy it is to remove the nails.

Besides, the curved underside will easily slide onto the nail’s shank and under an embedded nail head. Once it reaches the pin, you can remove it by using a small force. So, this one the best nail puller for the professional user; it can remove headless, rusted, or even embedded nails.

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The material makes it heavy, but you can use Sharp Grip for another purpose – like a hammer, for example.

#8 Stiletto ClawBar Titanium Nail Puller

The reason why it becomes one of the best nail pullers is the robust but lightweight Titanium material. The high-quality content makes it stable and healthy every time you need to use it.

Do you feel that it is vulnerable? I did have the same impression the first time seeing this. But from the first time using it, I changed my mind. It is so light, even lighter than plastic. It saved me hours of removing mistaken- nails.

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After all, it still works well after a year of using, and I bet it could last longer. It also has a V design to save your effort. But it comes from China.

#9 PacTool Shingle Nail Puller

“Pactool Nail puller is weird,” – one of my friends said for the first time seeing it. But, do you know that it is not only a good nail puller but also suitable for roof snake and roof shingle installer?

And the patented offset nail- slot feature is recognized to help you align the nails properly. The nail holding end does a good job, and it takes a little be of a knack at first to hold the nail square to drive it. But I recommend that you should wear gloves to protect your hand.

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It has two ends: one rough end for removing the protruding nails from the surface, one for headless nails. Both of them work pretty well.

Everything You Should Know To Choose The Best Nail Puller

Before looking for the best nail puller and how to buy them, you should understand the benefit of nail puller and how to use them first.

What Is A Nail Puller?

A nail puller is a creative tool that is specially made for pulling nails with minimal damage to your nail and your furniture in the most natural way. Often, at the end of the puller, the inventor frog a claw. And that is enough for carpenters to grasp and leverage strength.

In another word, you can use this tool to pull the nail straightforward so that your nail is not blended or broken. And instead of a big, messy hole, it leaves only a tiny hole on your gadget. 

Some people usually use a hammer to pull the nail. But in my experience, you can only use harmer when the nail is tall over the surface. In other cases, a nail puller is the best choice.

Different Types Of Nail Pullers

Depending on what you want to do, you can look for a specific kind of nail puller. There are two standard nail pullers as bellow:

Electric nail pullers: It uses electrical power to remove the nail. The electric pullers are convenient, but it’s often more expensive than the other type.

Handy nail pullers: it looks like a hammer but not the same. A handy nail puller often has one end with craw, and plastic or wood materials cover the other end.

How To Use Nail Puller?

  1. Step 1: Clamp down the furniture firmly. To ensure your safety, you should check this step carefully. You can pass this step if your furniture is unmoveable
  2. Step 2: set the nail puller’s claw as close to the wood as close as possible to you will have the strength to move the nail. You should use a hammer to strike the puller to drive it deeper into the nail.
  3. Step 3: pull back the nail. If you still can’t part it again, you can back to step 2.

Tips For Using Nail Puller

It is easier to remove large nails by using a more massive nail puller.

Remember that you have to be sure that the wood is stick to the floor. If the wooden stick pops up when you pull the nail, it will hurt you.

You should use enough power to make a definite pull. Otherwise, you will leave an ugly dent on the surface of the wood.

The thin nail puller can help you pull the nail easier than the thick one.

How To Choose The Best Nail Puller For You?

best nail puller 2021

The best nail puller is not the most expensive one, but the most suitable one for you. And you should choose the nail puller base on the following factors.

Base On The Length

The length of the nail puller will decide how to force you need to pull the nail. The short puller can’t provide the prop for you to dislodge the nail. So, if you choose a short puller, it is better to use your hammer.

Besides, the length of the nail puller is responsible for the torque it created. Torque is a function of force that could create a steady motion to press the nail and apply the power to pull it off.

But, if your nail puller is too long, it can lead to so many difficulties. And storing is one of these difficulties. Another one is the long puller can be broken when using. So the best option is choosing a moderate puller, not too short or too long.

Type Of Diggers

When removing the nails, your puller has to reach the pin and clamp it at the tips. So you should choose a nail puller with a narrow nose so that it can enter the furthest area of your project to pull the nail.

You should choose the thin nail digger instead of the thick digger. But the problem is, it has to be small and hard at the same time.

Nail Puller Handle

You should choose a nail puller that has a substantial and robust metal handle. And the best coverage option is rubber. Because it will stick to your hands and make it easier and safer when you use all of your force ability to pull off the nail.

When holding, you must feel solid and fit your hand. Don’t choose the handle that is too wide in diameter; it will hurt your hand and make the work harder.

Base On The Working Surface

The best nail puller is the one that can pull off the nail without damaging the surface. You will not want to see your beautiful table with interlaced scratches just because you want to pull off some nails.

So, you should choose a nail puller that has smooth and round in the under-digger to minimize damages.

Your Job Requirements

As I mentioned above, the best nail puller is the most suitable one for you. So you have to check out what is your job requirement and how long you will use them.

Of course, there will be no product that can offer you excellent service forever. But you should not waste your money several times using it.

So, I recommend that you should choose a nail puller with robust hardware and a sustainable structure to ensure long durability.

Are There Any Other Factors?

Besides the factors that I listed above, you should consider the weight of the nail puller. You can easily use and bring along a lightweight one. But a heavy one will be more solid and stable.

Moreover, you can choose the handy or battery nail puller. If you are not a professional, you should better choose the battery one. And if you have to use it influentially, you can consider the one with the charging system.



Q: What Types of Surface Materials Can I Use Nail Puller?

A: The nail puller is perfect for pulling off nails from wood. But in some cases, you can pull off staples and brick walls.

Q: Can It Hurt The Surface? How Can I Protect The Surface When Using a Nail Harmer?

A: I have to say that it will hurt the surface. But the effect depends on the quality of the product and your ingenuity. Firstly, choose a hard and thin digger. Secondly, please make the standard and decisive action.  

Q: Can I Use a Nail Puller For Another Purpose?

A: Of course you can, I usually use it as a hammer even it is not very efficient.

Q: I Don’t Have a Nail Puller Right Now. Are There Any Replacements?

A: You can use a hammer or other tools, but a nail puller is always the best for pulling off the nail.

Conclusion – Best Nail Puller?

After reading all the information, are you confident in choosing the best nail puller for your purpose? I bet you are because even if my tips and buying guide cannot help, I also have the list of the 9 best nail puller for you to select.

And with the tips when using, I hope that you can quickly and effectively use a nail puller for removing not only the nail but also some other tasks.

If you have any beneficial tips and experiences with nail puller, please feel free to leave a comment and share it with us! All for the passion of DYI and a beautiful home! 

And don’t forget to check out the Hand Tools Section for more detailed reviews!