9 Best Wire Cutters | Top Picks, Reviews and Buyers Guide

The best wire cutters

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The best wire cutters

Wire cutters are must-have items in everyone’s toolbox no matter if you are professional craftsmen or just DIY enthusiasts. Even if you don’t have any passion, it is still essential to have one in your kit to repair some small details in your home.

Unlike other tools, the wire cutter is compact in size, easy to usage and convenient in storage. Most importantly, they are not too expensive but with so many applications for many different tasks.

So, are you looking for a good wire cutter for your house? That’s great! Because right in this article is the list of the nine best wire cutters and best diagonal cutters in 2019 as well as the using tips and buying guides for you!

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Top 9 Best Wire Cutters 2021 Reviews 

#1 WGGE Crimping Tool

WG-015 is a very well made wire cutter, stripper, and crimper, too. It means, it is a multi-tool that can help you not only with wire cutter but also in so many other tasks. And frankly, the quality of the product is better than what you could expect.

We highly recommend this product since the WG-015 can be the best among our list of the best wire cutters. It could cut, strips 10-12 AWG solid aluminium or copper wire. And thanks to its intense, gripping nose, you can use this cutter for bending, pulling off or even shaping the wire.  

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Besides, the handles are ergonomically curved, and the high carbon alloy steel blade ensures a lifetime use. In case you are unsatisfied, or there are any mistakes with the product, the producer also offers you a refund or replace policies. 

#2 TEMCo Wire Cable Cutter

At first, we are impressed by the precision ground shear blades of the cutter. And the edges are the reason why we list Temco in our list of the best wire cutter. It could deal quickly with copper and aluminium cables that are up to 4/0 gauge.

It is the strongest point of the product since it is best for battery and welder cables, SO cord and building wiring, too. But you can only use Temco for copper and aluminium, not for other materials.

Besides, Temco has 12inch steel handles with rubber grips, which means it can ensure stable and durable features but still comfortable and non-slip.

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It has a high price compared with other similar items, but for the five years warranty, we think it is worth trying!

#3 IRWIN VISE-GRIP Wire Cutter

The third product in our list of the best wire cutters is IRWIN – a wire cutter and also a wire stripper product. And IRWIN can do both two functions. At first glance, the cutting edges are sharp and precise. For more information, the jaw thickness of the IRWIN is 3/20 inches, and the jaw dimensions are 11/20inch L and 3/4 inch W, which means your cat will be sharp and smooth and accurate.

The handles are high- quality, stable but also very comfortable with the textured grips. The grips are also designed to reduce hand fatigue when working. But we wish it was a curve handle instead of the straight handle because it always wants to slip out of my hand. 

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And with the unique features such as spring- assisted jaw openings, quick-release lick, you can use it for different tasks quicker, more comfortable and more convenient.

#4 Communications Cable Klein Tools 63050

The Klein J63050 cable cutter is a fantastic piece of tool. It is solidly built, comes with excellent comfy grips and cut through those cables like they were reliable.

The reason why the Klein J63050 becomes one of the best wire cutters is the high-leverage design and on-hand shearing action blade. Thanks to these features, Klein can cut 4/0 aluminium 2/0 soft copper and 100 pair 24 AWG communications cable.

Klein is a bevel wire cutter that can provide proper shearing and mating action while jaw edges are still under protection.

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And with the small size, you can use Klein in almost every area, even confined spaces. Its size and weight are also ideal for storing and bringing along when you have to move.

#5 VistaView Steel Cable Cutters

One reason why Vista view become one of the best wire cutters is its origin. It is a made-in-USA product. And we think this reason is enough for you to spend some minutes to take a closer look at the product features.

The Vista View has a hardened steel blade which is best for cutting 1/8inch steel cable or smaller. They work great with copper and still look new after hundreds of times of cutting.

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Besides, you may find the Vista View design is weird. It is strange, but it fits pretty well in your hand when working. And the thing is it can stick on your side without any unique materials although in our experience the design makes it difficult to use.

#6 Micro Cutter

It is a micro cutter, but it is intense! This Micro cutter is one of the best wire cutters for the amateur because it requires less pressure and effort. It is only suitable for cutting 16gauge copper and soft wire. For thicker and harder materials, you should choose another one.

Besides, the micro cutter also has 2.5 mm heat-treated carbon steel construction which can guarantee you long durability.

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The precision-ground holes can offer smooth movement when used. As a result, you will feel comfortable with no hand fatigue when working. When it comes to the dolphin-style nonslip handles, it will be the best choice for you.

#7 Crescent Wire Rope Cable Cutter

HK Porter is one of the best wire cutters among shear cutters. And as mentioned above, it means you need good skills to use this cutter. It can offer you a smooth cut, but it means there is no chance for you to make any mistake.

With the shear-cut blades, it can make good clean cút with no frayed ends that make life very difficult; the only questions were how many cút would it do before it noticeably dulled. But even the expensive ones need to be sharpened periodically. So it is not a big problem.

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So, you can use this cutter for cutting soft and hard steel cable, wire ripe and small ASCR cable which is 3/8 in wire rope or up to 7/16 in ASCR. But remember that you can’t use it on electrified circuits, wire or cable.

#8 BETOOLL Wire Cutters

The BETOOL cutter is one of the best wire cutters for the price. BETOOL is also the only heavy-duty cutter in our list. As a heavy-duty cutter, it is 34 cm in length and 1.3 kg in weight.

In our experience, you can use the BETOOL to cut large SO cords and on conductors up to 600 KCMIL and 500 MCM copper with no problems. You may find it challenging to use at first, but it will be easier for you once you are familiar with its operation. And you can cut through larger cable quicker.

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Besides, the producer also provides the carry bag for easy brings along. But the zipper is not high-quality.

#9 Jonard Cable Cutter

Jonard is one of the best wire cutters for cutting heavy gauge wire. It is very sharp and durable. I could cut a finger off with no problem, so please keep it away from your children. And it is very suitable for professional use. It means it can withstand high intense usage but still last long after using.

There is one other application for you with these tips. Besides using it for cutting the wire, you can use the Jonard to strip the insulation off the fence easily.

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The only problem is its heavy-duty design. It is not ideal for the amateur of a girl with limited health. Even for professionals, you may have to use both two hands to cut at first because of its wide open. You can use it for cutting aluminium and soft copper, but please don’t use Jonard on steel or ASCR type cables.

What Is The Wire Cutter And How To Use It?

Before taking a look at the list of the best wire cutters and best diagonal cutters in 2019, we think you will want to know what is the wire cutter and how to use it first. 

What Is The Wire Cutter?

Wire cutters, also known as pliers, are small and frequent handheld tools. People use wire cutter for cutting worn-out cables, open-end wires and fix bolts and screws, too.

For the most basic application of cutting cables, you can use the wire cutters to cut copper, brass, aluminum, iron and steel wire. To protect you from being shocked by the electric cables you are working with; some wire cutter has insulated handles.

Apart from cutting, people often use the wire cutter to compress or bend metal items, especially in crimping connections in electrical and electronic applications. And last but not least, you can use the wire cutter as a tool to tighten or easing bolts, screws from metal things.

How Many Types Of Wire Cutters?

Do you know that the wire cutters are not alike? And it is essential to understand the difference between them to find the best wire cutters and the best diagonal cutters for your work demands.

So, there are three most common wire cutters: flush, shear and bevel wire cutters.

Bevel Wire Cutter

The bevel is the best wire cutter for the regular cutting application. The bevel wire cutter is also the cutter that could last longest, but they often leave a spike on the wire. So, it is not suitable for sensitive parts that need a perfect cut.

Flush Wire Cutter

Unlike the bevel wire cutter, Flush wire cutter will minimize the spike from the cutting. Besides, the flush wire cutter requires less pressure and effort than other types. So, Flushes are the best diagonal cutter for workers who have to cut hundreds of wires per day.

The Flush wire cutter is divided into two small types: flush and supper flush. A Super flush wire cutter requires less effort and reduces shock better than the flush. But, be careful, it can easily break and wear out.

Shear Wire Cutter

Shear wire cutter often requires the lowest amount of effort among all cutters, and its results cut is also the cleanest. But it means you have no chance to make mistakes. Instead, you have to make a successful cut from the first try. So, shear wire cutters are the best wire cutters for the professional who is confident in their skills.

How To Use The Wire Cutter?

  • Step 1: Check the wire carefully to mark precisely the place that you want to cut.
  • Step 2: Check the wire cutter again; you can open and close the wire cutter by moving the handles.
  • Step 3: Place the wire between the metal rides at the mark.
  • Step 4: tightly press the handles together to cut the wire.  

Tips For Using Wire Cutter Safety

To achieve high efficiency and safety during work and increase durability, longevity for wire cutter, please note the following principles:

  • The best wire cutters are the most suitable cutters for your task. Please don’t use small cutters for cutting larger wire.
  • Don’t let the tip of the pliers directly contact the live or hot wire because it is not only dangerous for you but also damaged your tool.
  • Don’t try to change the wire cutter structure by yourself.
  • Don’t use a wire cutter as a hammer. You can use the wire cutter with bolts if recommended.
  • Wear protective gloves when working.  

Tips For Choosing The Best Wire Cutters

How to choose the best wire cutters?

Wire cutters are not a complicated tool, so you may think it is weird to ask for specific information. But, in our experience, the more you understand, the better you can use it. Check out some tips below to choose the best wire cutters for you.

What Wires Do You Want To Cut?

You will not need to worry if you want to cut the standard electric wire with a small metal like copper. Most of the wire cutters are suitable for cutting copper.

But if you want to cut something harder, like piano wires or even guitar wires, you have to find the special one. If you don’t want to ruin your tool, please remember that your wire cutter has to be harder and stronger than the wire that you want to cut.

Choose The Comfortable Design

After identifying the group of the best wire cutters for your wire material, the next step is choosing the most comfortable one among them. You should select the wire cutter that makes you feel solid in your hand. And the best one is also the one that requires less pressure as possible.

Choose The Most Versatile One

This tip is more suitable for amateur than professional. The professional craftsman is always willing to invest in specialized tools for a particular task.

But amateur often prefers a tool with multiple usages for money and storage saving. So, you should choose the one that allows you to do other tasks besides cutting wire.

Choose High-quality Material

For the blades, the best wire cutters should have high-quality edges that are rust-resistant and robust. As mentioned above, the blade’s content has to be stronger than the wire materials. And depending on your task, you should ask the seller to consult the suitable blade design.

For the handles, the best wire cutters should have grips with metalcore and plastic/ rubbish coverage. So it can ensure you the reliable and durable but still make you feel comfortable and stick on your hand when using.

Price Tag

The wire cutters are the cheapest tool among the home-development tool. And if you take quick research, you will find out that there is no vast difference between the price of different brands.

We recommend that when buying wire cutters, you should pay more attention to the quality, reliability, and suitability instead of the money.


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Wire Cutters – FAQs 

What Are the Dimensions of the Temco Wire Cutter?

18″ handles. The bite will open wide enough for 4/0 wire, but 1/0 has to be slid into the bite. Cuts great, just smallmouth.

Should I Use a Wire Cutter to Tighten Bolts?

If the producer included this function in their introduction, you can do it. But if not, you shouldn’t do to ensure durability. 

Can I Use a Wire Cutter to Cut and Strip Brake Cable Housing on a Bike?

it’s depended on the cable’s materials. As long as the material of the blade is stiffer than that of the cable.

Would Wire Cutter Cut Copper Battery Cables?

Yes, most of the wire cutters can cut copper battery cables. 

Final Words – Best Wire Cutter

After all, we want to emphasize again that a good wire cutter is a handy and must-have item in your tool kit. Don’t hesitate to buy one because it doesn’t cost you much or take vast space on your toolbox.

And we hope that our reviews and tips and buying guides above will be helpful for you to select the best wire cutters and the best diagonal cutters for your demands. We wish you luck when purchasing and using a wire cutter. And if you have any other tips and experience with the product, please feel free to leave a comment and share it with us!

And don’t forget to check out other Cutters for your toolbox.

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