Top 9 Best Brush Cutters For Brambles & Small Trees: Husqvarna, Greenworks or Black & Decker (2021 Reviews)

How to choose the best brush cutters

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Are you looking for the best brush cutters for cutting small trees, brambles? Cordless brush cutters even? Let’s find out what is the best option for your needs in this article!
How to choose the best brush cutters

If you have a lot of land space, you will understand how hard it is to keep it clean. The grass will grow up pretty quickly, and you even have to cut them every week. And in most of the case, using a weed wacker or a lawnmower is not the best choice.

Instead, a brush cutter seems to be the better option since it is an incredible tool that can tear through even the most robust grasses and vegetation. And thanks to the convenient design, you can use them for most of your garden- tasks frequently.

And we are here to help you to invest in the right one. Check out our list of best brush cutters below with the detailed review and buying guides, and you will find your one.

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Top 9 Best Brush Cutters 2021 Reviews

Bellows are the list of the best brush cutters in 2021 with a detailed review for you to select.

#1 Husqvarna Gas String Trimmer – Best Cordless Brush Cutter

Husqvarna uses 28cc 2 cycle engine to run, which means this brush cutter can cut to 17-inch width. And what makes Husquarna become one of the best brush cutters on our list is the adaptability and ease to use.

Although the assembling will take you some more time, it is quite easy to use since you only need to tap the trimmer head against the grass. And besides, you don’t need to worry when you need to replace the trimmer line, because it has such a popular design that you can find it in almost every shop.

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In our experience, Husquarna is the perfect choice for the flat and wide area with less hard obstacles. 

#2 CRAFTSMAN String Trimmer – Best Craftsman Brush Cutter

Craftsman is one of the best brush cutters that use battery power in our list. The Craftsman has shown great sympathy for the user’s hard work with an extremely compact design that minimizes the fatigue of your hands.

The cutter also has two-speed options for you to choose from, but for the common area like a flat garden, the slower speed is enough. If you are worried about the product’s quality, they offer you three- year limited warranty with online support any time you need.

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Just like the Husquarna, Craftsman brush cutter is best for remove weeds on your garden with less rock and tough obstacles. 

#3 BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer & Edger

What brings Black+ Decker to our list of the best brush cutters is the lightweight but amazing work performance. It is the best choice for older people who can’t handle heavy machines or hard work.

This product uses a 40V max lithium-ion battery. The charging time is about 40 minutes for a time using. It also features an automatic feed spool, which automatically feeds trimmer lines as needed with no bumping.

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This product is the best for older- user to clean the small and flat garden with from low to the high level of grass, but not for tough obstacles and big trees. 

#4 Greenworks Cordless String Trimmer – Best Greenworks Brush Cutter

Greenworks is a powerful brushcutter that it whacks everything in its path. And thanks to its sharp blade and stable power, it can save you hours of hard-working on your field or in your garden.

The double line in this product also makes it become the best. And you will need to recharge the battery after 2 hours. But please put it away from large leaves like lilies, since they can get caught in the mechanism and shorten the machine lifespan.

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This is the best brush cutter for your parents to do the gardening. 

#5 WORX Cordless String Trimmer & Edger – Best Worx Brush Cutter

If you are looking for a reasonable but strong brush cutter, WORX can be one of the best brush cutters for you. What satisfied us is you can use this battery for most of the WORK and other brands’ products. Besides, the product also comes with a push-button for instant line feeding.

Using this brush cutter, you can trim and edge on sloped terrain and reach to almost every area without any difficulty. Thanks to the rubberized wheels, you can make straighter lines and cleaner cuts, which is very important when you create a shape for your fence.

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It could be the best brush cutter for high – level grass and weeds and sloped terrain, but for the moderate area only. 

#6 Makita Cordless String Trimmer

Makita XRU02Z is an upgrade version of the Makita brush cutter. And unlike the older version, this version use battery power. But, unfortunately, the battery and charger are not included in the set. Which means you have to pay extra money for it.

Besides, what makes Makira become one of the best brush cutters is lightweight and well-balanced. Even it can 7800RPM motor; it is straightforward to use, to move with less fatigue on your hands. And what we like most about this product is the adjustable handles.

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After all, for the homeowner who uses brush cutter 1-6 times a month, it is the bee’s knees!

#7 Powerworks Cordless String Trimmer

We have to say that this is one of the best brush cutters in our list. And that is all thanks to its high-quality and after-sale services. First of all, the Powerworks offer you a four-year tool warranty and two-year battery warranty.

And the next feature is the 180 degrees rotating aluminum shaft – which is best for edging and shaping the fence and grass layer. They also have two sizes of 10 inches and 15 inches for you to select.

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#8 TECCPO String Trimmer

So, here are some strong points that bring this Teccpo to our list of the best brush cutters in 2019:

Firstly is the automatic line releasing system. When the machine automatically cut off the long line, the stable thread setting system is very comfortable and easy to use. This cutter is small in size, light in weight, but very strong and easy to operate.

With 90 degrees adjustable rotary cutting head, you can quickly switch the trimming function. I mean, in a few seconds. You can also adjust the handle to reach the furthest areas in your garden. One head of this cutter is equipped with a protective grass which works efficiently in avoiding accidental damage.

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One of the best brush cutters for most gardening tasks. 

#9 Earthwise Cordless String Trimmer

Earthwise is by far one of the best brush cutters we have ever used. We had one area that’s purely tall fescue or clump fescue, and a lawnmower can’t get back there other than a push mower. And the Earthwise easily beaten this area from the first time they met.

And we have never seen such long-lasting battery life. In one time charging, you can use this cutter for about 2.5 acres of land. The only minus point of this product is the cost of the replacement spools and the right size trimmer line).

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The best choice for agriculture work with large areas and tough rock and tall trees. 

After all, with its high-quality and robust motor, we think Craftsman is the best product on this list. It works effectively, although with a tiny size. And no smell, no gas, no oil, everything it left after running is a beautiful garden.  

Why Do You Need A Brush Cutter?

Best brush cutters

A brush cutter is one of the best garden tools that you can rely on when all other devices failed since it is so severe that it can cut through most things. So, before looking for the best brush cutters, here are some helpful information for you.

What Is A Brush Cutter?

A brush cutter is a powered tool that people mostly use it for agricultural areas. It is the reason why you may find it is not accessible in home-gardening. It can trim grass, groom trees, remove weeds, and almost every other foliage. You can even use this cutter to shape the tree and brush around your garden.

A brush cutter use battery, gasoline motor, or electric power to run. It means that the brushcutter is more potent than other usual tools that you always see. And you will still see them with a long shaft that is very helpful to reach all areas and groom your garden more comfortably.

How Many Types Of Brush Cutters?

Base On The Handle

  • The bicycle handles brush cutters: if you have a relatively flat and wide land that is full of low-level grass and weeds, these cutters could be the best brush cutters for you.
  • The loop handles brush cutters: They are the best brush cutters if you have to cut the grass, which is higher than your waist or a tall tree.
  • The backpack brush cutters: It is the best option for a quick-cutting through large area thanks to its light handle and the nylon line head.

Base On The Blade

  • Blades with less than eight teeth: It is the best for cutting grass and weeds
  • Blades with 9-40 teeth: it is the best for cutting through thick plants, shrubs, and brush.
  • Blades with more than 40 teeth: it is the best for small trees, brush, and saplings.

Why Do I Have To Buy A Brush Cutter?

People designed a brush cutter to deal with the most challenging task that the normal one can’t help. With the motor power, it can create the most substantial move that can cut through large glass and remove almost every piece of weed in your garden.

One more thing, the brush cutter is a powerful, efficient, and multi-functional tool that can replace most of the other devices in your garage. It can quickly deal with:

  • Tall prairie grasses
  • Brush and shrubs 
  • Ferns and reeds
  • Saplings and small trees

So, it is worth paying a little more money on a more challenging and better product.

Tips For Using Brush Cutters Safety

Because brush cutters can cut down larger and heartier plants, you will need to pay more attention when using them. And here are some tips for you to use brush cutters safely.

  • Before using it, please read the product manual carefully and comply with safety standards.
  • You will need to prepare a hard hat, hearing protection, and eye protection when working with a brush cutter. 
  • About customs, you will need boots, long clothes, padded gloves.
  • Please keep your children away from your working area.

How To Recognize The Best Brush Cutters For Me?

Best Brush cutters features

Of course, before deciding what is the best brush cutters for you, you have to answer the question of what will you use it for? After understanding your tasks and your requirements, then you should choose the right one base on these functions:

Select the Blades

The producers often designed the brush cutter’s blades to take on a certain thickness and height. And you should not reach this limit because it will break your machine easily.

So, in this case, the best brush cutters will be the ones with a thick, heavy, and robust blade so that it can quickly deal with different levels of grass and tree.

Besides, to maximize the productivity of the brush cutters, you should prefer the one that features a hydrostatic drive with clutchless variable operating speeds.

Choose The Blush Cutter That Is Easy To Run And Maintain

The easier it is to operate, the more products it will be. You will not want to use a machine that takes you hours to practices. Instead, the best brush cutters have to be easy to assemble and run.

Besides, never overlook the maintenance requirements. You should choose the one with bolted components instead of welded components since it will be easier for engineers to replace one bolt when there is any mistake.

Quality and Durability

Brush cutting is hard and tough work. That is why we say the best brush cutters have to be high-quality and long-durability products.

You should prefer the brush cutter with heavy-gauge solid steel instead of a thin-gauge steel tubing one since the hollow tubes can easily be bend. You also should choose the solid steel material so that it can last longer when working with brush, rocks, and stumps.

Price and Warranty

The best brush cutters have to have a reasonable price for their quality and services. 

Our tips are you should select a high-quality product from a reliable brand. And you will be paid off for your money. You should check the website of the producers first to see if they sell the accessories and replacement parts or not and if they have after-sale support or not.


Many people may not pay much attention to this, but in our opinion, you should choose one that can quickly adapt to other machines.

For example, if running on batteries, it should be a common type of cell. If you are running on electricity, you should choose one with a power rating equivalent to the current in your home.

Besides, the best brush cutters should also quickly adapt to other models. 


Q: What Is the Best Metal Brush Cutting Attachment You Would Recommend? What Size Is the Blade Attachment?

A: We use the plastic string to work excellent feed with a little bump.

Q: the Battery That Comes With the Craftsman Tool Will Work in Other Devices as Well? Will It Work in the Craftsman Drills?

A: The CRAFTSMAN V20 batteries are compatible with all products in the CRAFTSMAN V20 power tool line up. These batteries will not work for older CRAFTSMAN 20V tools.

Q: Can You Use a 40-volt Black & Decker Battery With Greenworks Strimmer?

A: No, GreenWorks units are not compatible with Black & Decker batteries. This unit requires a GreenWorks G-Max 40v battery for operation.

Q: Where can I Get the Replacement Head of Makita?

A: Amazon: Makita 195858-1 Bump & Feed Trimmer Head, Silver – Check to make sure this is what you want. It’s $26.80

Final Words – Best Brush Cutters?

We want to reclaim again that if you own an ample land space, a brush cutter is a must-have item on your garage. We know that you don’t want to get first-class tickets for losing the street area. Moreover, cleaning the garden on weekends is a great way to relax.

And in case you don’t know what best brush cutters are, how to select and use them, we have bright and full information for you in this article. We hope that it could help you to make the right decision.

And please don’t forget to check out other Cutters you might need for your future projects.

Bonus: How To Use Brush Trimmer

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