Top 9 Best Pill Cutters For Small Pills, Oval Pills (2021 Reviews)

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Best pill Cutters 2021

 Buying a higher dose of medication is often cheaper than getting a two-lower –dosage pill. And this fact is also the reason why splitting pills becomes familiar. Under specific circumstances, it is a relatively safe method for many people.

Some pharmacies also do the same action to reduce pressure for storage. So, we think that it could be a financial move if you resort to split pills after getting prescribed a pricey medicine.

But, the problem is you have to do the splitting job properly. And in most cases, you can’t do it by your hands. That leads us to the pill cutter – a useful tool that allows you to cut the pill exactly as you want.

So, let’s take a look at the best pill cutters in 2021 with the detailed review and buying guides below! 

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Best Pill Cutters 2021 Reviews

Let’s take a look at the comprehensive analysis of the 9 best pill cutters in 2019, and maybe you will find the best one for you! 

#1 Equadose Pill Splitter

The Equadose is one of the best pill cutters ever! And that is mainly thanks to the patent-pending blades, which can cut the hardest pill but are not sharp when you tight. Besides, the blade materials are aluminum, so it will never dull. 

And the twin blades are worth 5 stars. It can create a split point to provide the perfect halves every time you use it! 

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So, the Equadose is a made-in-USA product, so I think you don’t need to worry much about the quality. Especially when the company offers you a lifetime guarantee on this product. The only problem is, it is much more expensive than other products on the market. 

#2 Pillcut Multiple-pill Cutter 

Pillcut works an excellent job on the pills. In our experience, you can cut a pill into 4 parts easily using this pill cutter. And it can even deal with tiny tablets, too. 

It is also great for holding capsules in place for filling. And although it could crush the medicine if you press too hard, it still the right choice if you have to cut the drug all the time. 

So, what makes Pillcut become one of the best pill cutters? It is because of the stainless steel medical grade, which is durable, sharp, but very safe. When I say “safe,” it means the blade does not contain harmful substances for your health. 

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The Pillcut also covered by the US. Patent No.9,827,165. But it is for splitting and quartering round or oblong pills only. 

#3 Ezy Dose Portable Pill Cutter

The first but also very most important fact when looking at the Ezy Dose is the compact design. It is tiny that takes only a small space on your medicine cabinet and easy to bring along.

Besides, the pill cutter also has a stainless steel blade, which is durable and allows you to cut the pill and tablets properly. With the unique design, it takes you only one small press to cut the pill. Besides, you can use the Ezy pill cutter to crush most of the capsules and tablets. 

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And, the producer designed this pill cutter for forever lasting with so many colors for you to choose. 

#4 Apex Pill Splitter

If you are looking for a pill cutter for small pills, Apex is one of the best pill cutters for you! And do you know why? 

It is because Apex uses a unique V-shaped design to stabilize the pill. And once the medicine stays firmly, you can easily adequately cut without any difficulty. There will be no pill crumbling or breaking, it is the ideal product for an accurate dose. 

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As you may know, the most crucial factor when looking for the best pill cutters is the blade. And Apex has a bevelled stainless edge, which can be sharp longer and rust-resistant. So, it could last very long. 

#5 DANYING Pill Cutter

This is one of the best pill cutters ever! We had a doubt about this product at first because we couldn’t see the gripper to hold the pill. But it turned out that it could make a smooth and sharp cut without moving the medicine. It even can handle some hard tablets, too. 

So, the reason why it can keep the pill in the place without any individual coverage is the V-shaped holder. And the reason why it can cut smoothly is the stainless steel blade. 

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And there is also another strong point – it is the BPA – the medical-grade plastic materials which are very durable and safe for your health. 

#6 Asprink Clear Tablet Pill Cutter

The first reason why Asprink becomes one of the 9 best pill cutters is the ability of accurate cutting. It has an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade that can make an excellent cut with no waste, no crumbles. Its edge can also last for at least 10 years. 

Besides, the V-shaped holder is one of its strong points, too. Many pill cutters have a V-shaped holder. Still, only Asprink has a suitable size for medicine from #620mm with different shapes of rectangular, round, and triangle. 

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And what we like most about this product is the bright brown color that allows us to look at the cutting process. It is not a survival feature, but it makes us comfortable when working. 

#7 Ancirs Pill and Vitamin Tablet Cutter 

Ancirs allow you to cut pills in different shapes: oval, round, or even irregular capsule. And this is the best pill cutters for one who has to split the medicine or who can’t swallow a big tablet. 

What makes Ancirs unique is the blade. It is a stainless steel blade, but it shielded. So, it is safer but works more effectively to cut the pill. Moreover, the module also has coverage for better protection. 

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Like other products, ANcirs have a V-shaped holder, but it is more suitable for cutting small pills than a big tablet. And it also has a separate compartment for travelling. 

#8 Acu-life Medication Cutter 

Acu-life is the second product of Easy Dose in our list of the best pill cutters in 2019. And it can work well on small pills in different sizes: round, oval, and square. The point is you have to be very patient. Don’t push the medicine in, or the coverage will move your pill. 

And don’t bump the splitter, you should gently close the top, and the cutter will do their job. Do you know why? The problem with this cutter is it can move your pill quickly, so you have to be careful. 

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However, it is straightforward to open and close the lids, and you can cut the pill with a moderate press. The pill cutter also has two compartments to store tablets and capsules when you are traveling. 

#9 BUG HULL Pill Cutter

What we like most about the Bug Hull is the extremely sharp blade, which allows us to cut quickly, effortlessly, and smoothly. There will be no crumble or crushing when you use this pill cutter. And it is the strongest point that brings Bug Hull to our list of the best pill cutters

Besides, like other products, Bug Hull has a V-shaped holder. But the producer covered it with a silicone coating, which works pretty well in keeping the pill in place. 

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The blade is too sharp, they have to design it in the auto-hide system – which hides the edge automatically when you open the cutter, to protect your finger. And if you don’t trust us, the producer offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Why Should You Use Pill Cutters?

Which one is the best pill cutter

As usual, before looking at the list of the best pill cutters, we recommend that you should understand more about the pill cutter first to understand more clearly why you should have one of the pill cutter in your medicine cabinet 

What Is A Pill Cutter?

A pill cutter is an inexpensive but straightforward and necessary tool to split medicinal pills. A pill cutter always has three parts: 

  • The means to hold the tablet in place
  • A blade
  • A compartment to store the unused portion of medicines.

The reason why you need to use a pill cutter, as mentioned in the very first part of the article, is because you can’t do it by yourself with a knife in your kitchen. 

Kitchen knives can sometimes be contaminated. Or, more simply, maybe you used it to cut off something that could cause the medicine reaction. Even simpler, cutting with a regular knife will result in the tablet being shattered, ore improperly scaled. 

You can be accessible on anything, but not to medicine! That’s is what pill cutters’ aim: to protect your health and your wallet, too! 

The Pros And Cons Of Using A Pill Cutter

Everything has two sides, and so does the pill cutter. Although it is straightforward to use and affordable, there are still some occasions that you should not use the pill cutter. Read this part carefully to see what is the pros and cons of using a pill cutter! 

What Are The Strong Points Of Using A Pill Cutter?

It is a money-saving method. As we mentioned above, in some cases, a higher dose can be prescribed for similar prices, and you can split the pill for the appropriate treatment. As a result, you can save dollars by buying moderate doses. 

Besides, many doctors clearly understand it and recommend it. They know that it is not all people are wealthy, and we need to save money for long-term treatment. And the doctor is always willing to let us know the pill that we can cut. 

And, last but not least, although you cut the pill, it still works pretty well to reduce your illness. Of course, you need a medical provider’s approval. 

What Is The Weak Point Of Using A Pill Cutter?

There are always pills that you can’t cut, for example, the tiny pills that crumble easily, or are too hard to precisely cut, or don’t cut evenly. 

Not all the medications are safe to divide. Please don’t think that you can treat all the illnesses by splitting the high dose pill in half. There will always be tablets that do not work under that mechanism. And it is not safe to use them on your own. So, you’d better not make a decision by yourself but consult a doctor. 

How To Use A Pill Cutter?

Follow these step for using a Pill cutter: 

  • Step 1: Ask your pharmacists or your doctors if it is safe to cut your pills or not. 
  • Step 2: Check if your pill has a scored mark. Don’t try to cut long-lasting pills, delayed-release, or contain active ingredients.
  • Step 3: Check the pill cutter. 
  • Step 4: place one tablet inside the grooved edges of pill cutters. Try to tine the pill up until the center of the medicine, and the cutter is in line.
  • Step 5: press the pill cutter down firmly until you see the lid is completely closed. 
  • Step 6: collect the half-pills and drink them following your doctor’s instruction 

Tips For Using Pill Cutter Safety

  • Always check carefully with the doctor to see if you can cut the pill or not and how you should use it.
  • Check the pill cutter carefully. You should choose the best pill cutters for your medicine because there is always a risk that you will get an improper dose when cutting, and you are not allowed to use more than the doctor said. 
  • Avoid touching the sharp blade to avoid injuries. 
  • Clean your pill cutter carefully before and after using it to make sure that there is no ingredient left. You will not want to see the old debris piling on your new pill.  

How Can I Recognize The Best Pill Cutters?

How to choose the best pill cutters?

This part is the buying guide for you to find the most suitable and the best pill cutters for you. Let’s look at the different types of pill cutter first. 

Types Of Pill Cutters?

There are mainly three types of pill cutter. Base on your requirements, you can choose the best pill cutter for you: 

The Basic Pill Cutter

The essential pill cutters are the most straightforward pill cutter, which is best for necessary pill-splitting. With only one blade which is fixed to the handles and a storage compartment, you can easily cut the pill in one step. 

Besides, the primary pill cutter also has a small size that you can easily store and bring along. But you can’t ask these cutters to cut the hard pill or deal with difficult occasions. 

The Multi-functional Pill Cutters

The multi-functional pill cutters are ideal for those who can’t swallow the big pills. Although it is more expensive than the basic ones, it has some outstanding features like cutting and also crushing your pills. 

But there it is bigger than the basic one, and we have to say that you will need firm pressure if you want to crush the tablets. 

Dual-blade Pill Cutter

The dual-blade pill cutter can work with a sliding, dua-blade mechanism that can cut even the most robust pills. It often appears with a slim design and small size that is very suitable to bring along. 

Also, it is not very expensive compared with other types of pill cuter. The only problem is it is not easy to use at all, and even it can cut the hardest pill, it can’t cut the small pills. 

How Can I Recognize The Best Pill Cutters For Me?

Is It Have The Right Blade?

You should consider aluminum or stainless steel blades because these materials are excellent, robust, durable, and rust-resistant. And razor blades are good options since it was sharper and designed to position pill more securely so they could be halved. And we recommend that the best pill cutters have to have the best blade quality. 

What Is The Most Suitable Cutting Mechanism?

For the cutting mechanism, there is only the most suitable one for you, but not for the best pill cutters for you. Because each of the primary, multiple functions or dual-blade has its own strong and weak points. You should check the medicine first to see if the cutter is suitable or not. 

Is This Safety For My Hands And My Pills?

The best pill cutters have to be the safest ones. There are two factors that you should consider. Is that pill safe for your fingers? And is that pill safe for your medicine? 

The best pill cutters should have coverage around the blade so it could protect your finger when cutting and also protect your pills from throwing out. 



How Should The Equadose Pill Splitter Be Washed? Is A Soapy Sponge, Ok? And Should It Be Washed Before First Use?

You can wash the Equadose with some warm water and a cloth. Wait until it dries thoroughly, then use it. 

Should I Wash The Pill Cutters Before First Use?

Sure! You should do that because it can get dirty one the move. And you should wash it every time before using it. 

Will The Pill Cutter Cut A Pill That Is Not Scored In The Middle?

in some cases, it will crush the pill. But most of the products above can cut the pill sharply without the mark. 

Is The Blade In Pill Cutter Replaceable?

no, it is not. But for such a reasonable price, we recommend you buy a new one if your pill cutter is broken. 

Final verdict – Best Pill Cutters?

This article is so much information about the pill cutter and the best pill cutters for you to consider. And we hope that it’s enough for you to make the right decision. 

Please remember that you can’t be comfortable with medicine! Check out with your doctor or at least pharmacist carefully before start using any medication in any way. As you know, not all of the pill is safe to be split. And not of the medicines are safe to be drunk in half. 

After all, we hope that this article is helpful! And if you have any comments or experiences, feel free to leave a comment and share with all of us!  And please don’t forget to check out other Cutters you might need for your future projects.

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