Top 9 Best Cigar Cutters For Finger on Plane (2021 Reviews)

Best Cigar Cutters

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Best Cigar Cutters

Everyone in the cigar world, from newbies to cigar aficionado, knows that all cigars have that one closed end that needed to be snipped off before smoking it. Over time, cutting cigars has become less of a preparation step, but more than an art that those who love cigars also love to conquer. So real cuban cigar lovers must choose the best cigars like cohiba siglo ii , Bolivar Belicosos Finos or Hoyo de Monterrey cigars.

There are various types of cigar cutters available for your preferences on the market nowadays.

It is common knowledge that a good cigar needs a good cut. It affects the cigars more than you would ever expect. People say, the more you are into cigars, the more attention you should, and will, pay to the cut. As a result, learning how to cut off a cigar tip properly is one of the requirements for those who just enter the cigar world.

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Top 9 Best Cigar Cutters For Sale 2021 Reviews


With an affordable (even cheap) price, this guillotine style Alaska Bear cigar cutter is one of the best cigar cutters for any cigar smokers out there. It can be used for almost any type of cigar, from torpedoes to capped or round end cigars.

This stainless-steel cutter has the razor blades sharpened each time you use it, keeping it in great shape as the years goes by. One more advantage that comes with this cutter is, surprisingly, its company’s customer service quality.

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They are said to be willing to replace your cutter despite what the issue is. Elegant looking, solid construction can cut up to 60 ring gauge, comes as pocket-size ideally for carrying around, Alaska Bear cigar cutter is undoubtedly the best option to make the most of your budget. 


Cuban Crafters Perfect Cigar Cutter is another popular option when it comes to getting your perfect cigar’s head. It comes with the unique design which allows smokers to move their fingers in and out comfortably.

This cutter stands out for its ability to not only cut the exact amount of the cigar but also contain the tobacco part that has been cut off. Therefore, it saves you from the hassle of cleaning the mess. Just insert every cigar that up to 54 ring gauge, and you will have that flawless cut for your cigar. 

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Its body includes stainless-steel double blades that sharpens itself after every use, giving the smokers a life-long time of usage. However, Cuban Crafters still gives its customers a lifetime warranty! Simply put, with just an affordable price, you already can get such a good quality cigar cutter. Worth every penny spent.


A bit different from the two cutters above, this cigar cutter comes with a V-cut style, a classic preparation one. As the old style comes back into popularity, you would love to try this V-cut cigar cutter from Colibri.

Like its name, it is designed for a precise and deep clean angle cut that will bring smokers a divine, robust draw. This cutter is a perfect choice for those large 60+ ring gauge cigars. 

Colibri has been one of those leading cigar cutter manufacturers, they have always been living up to their reputation, which will never disappoint customers. Try this V-cut and you will know why. 

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This one is for all of you who are a fan of V-cut cigars. With a reasonable price, if you’re medium-budget, Colibri V-cut will not disappoint you. They have always been living up to their name.


Xikar is reputable for the quality of their cigar cutters, many tobacco lovers swear by it. If you love the classy teardrop shape, Xikar Xi2 is the one for you.

It includes the double blades having a 57 Rockwell C rating (rating for hardness), giving you the most acute and solid razor blades you have ever experienced. Xika even has a locking system built into this cutter for the safety of its customers (Imagine how sharp its blades are that they gotta have this step). 

Constructed from nylon fiberglass, this guillotine cutter lineup offers a variety of designs and finishes, namely mesh, lapis blue, noir black, etc. 

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Not only you can get an excellent cutter that provides a clean quality draw, but you can also get yourself one that fits your style to perfection. Did I mention it also comes with a lifetime warranty? Anything better than that? 


Probably the most unique design, Teshiuck Scissor Cigar Cutter stands out for it is shaped like a pair of scissors, looking totally different from other regular cigar cutters. 

This design also allows smokers to easily moving their fingers while implementing the cut, so they can cut their cigars at the uttermost ease. Likewise, it comes with sharp stainless-steel blades, which helps to embrace the tip of your cigars, making the cut fast and clean. 

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Bored of those normal cigar cutter designs for guillotine cut style? Get yourself one of these cutters for the unique look. Despite its cheap price tag, Teshiuck Scissor Cigar Cutter, made of premium stainless steel, will help you cut your cigar smoothly and really quick.


Just like its look, cool and classy, this dual-blade guillotine cutter is able to cut cigars like butter. 

Comfortable in hand yet still works like a champ, sharp in both appearance and cutting style, this cutter will make you enjoy every moment with your time using it. It can cut up to 52 ring gauge cigars. 

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Want to charm people with your small but classy cutter? You might want to consider this option from Visol. The price tag could be a bit heavy for some smokers, yet the quality and its appearance will make it all up for you. Guaranteed.  


Made of burlwood and coated a luxurious brown wooden layer, this cutter gives such a sophisticated feeling. It is indeed perfect for anyone out there who loves to match their accessories with elegant outfits, not with just grey or black.

With an ergonomic design, this Palio is well known for its finger rest, lessening the strains on the fingers even with big-size cigars. Also, it allows smokers to tip off the cigar head easily, without putting way too much strength on it.

Not only does this cigar cutter can accumulate large cigars up to 60 ring gauge with its capacious opening, but it also has a locking system to make sure you are safe from the blades while not using it for cutting cigars.

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Nonetheless, aside from all the above, even though the cutter already is sturdy itself, it also comes with a lifetime warranty. Let Palio take care of your cigar cutter for a lifetime, isn’t it a good deal for you?


Even though it is quite pricey and not as handy as other types of cigar cutters, Tabletop Quad Guillotine and V-cut cutters (such long name!) are one piece of art that needed to be in this list.

Operating with an easy-to-use lever, along with two holes for guillotine cut and two holes for v-cut style, there is no hard pressure on the hand. Also, this tabletop cutter lets you enjoy your cigar meditation time at your most convenience. Just put the cigar tip in the holes of your preferences, and pull the lever down. 

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If you are one big cigar aficionado, yet also want to get people’s impression on your exquisitely displayed office desk? This tabletop cutter is definitely for you!


Since it was just released, Xikar XO has been outstanding among its competition for its distinct round shape. It is still a dual-blade guillotine cutter but rounded. This feature will give you a unique experience, catching the eyes of almost every other cigar lovers.

The razor blades will be released from both sides of the cutter once you press the button on top, activating the spring-loaded function. The blades will then work under an exclusive gear system that gives the most precise, cleanest cut that you have ever experienced.

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Nonetheless, the cutter aperture is wide giving it the ability to snip off cigars up to 70 ring gauge. If you would like to get those surprised eyes on you realizing that your humble round piece of accessories is actually a cigar cutter, this Xikar’s product is obviously the best cigar cutter for you. 

Why Would You Need A Cigar Cutter?

Long before the era of cigar cutters, we had ruined so many cigars by cutting the tip by knives, or more brutally, biting it off. Then to save that precious draw of a cigar, a cigar cutter was invented. 

A cigar cutter is a tool designed to remove the closed end of a cigar properly. As time has gone by, there are a variety of cigar cutters.

They may help you cut your cigar in a fast, simple motion which significantly reduces the possibility of wrappers being torn apart or a nasty cigar tip.

Which one is the best cigar cutter?

More and more designs and function has been added up for the smokers the perks of best cuts for their cigars. From V-cut, punch or table cutters, from small compact cutters to one massive that hard to misplace, you might once be so lost in the world of cigar cutters alone.

So, let us first share with you things to consider before buying a cigar cutter. 

Blade Sharpness

Probably the most important feature that everyone bases on to rate one good cigar cutter. This is the crucial point to ensure if your cigar cutter will cut the tip off smoothly like butter cut, or leaving you such a teary cigar cap. 

Type of Cut  

Along with the blades, the cutting type is also one decisive feature to consider whenever you get a new cigar cutter, even though it would be completely based on your preferences. There are three basic cutting styles: Straight cut (Guillotine), Wedge (V-cut), and Punch.

The most common type of cut is a straight cut, as it is most practical and requires the least experience. Besides, the other two types of cut are also being used quite much among those cigar lovers. They help smokers draw enough air without exposing too much to the loose debris. 

Styles/ Shapes

The least important criteria are also the most personal part of the selection process. Nowadays, there is a variety of cigar cutter shapes available for you to pick. From teardrop, round, rectangle, to tabletop, or even as a pair of scissors, it is all out there for your preferences.

People who are always on the move would love handy circular or teardrop-shaped cutters. But those who work full-time office hours might be into the tabletop cutter which gives some little exquisite decorations to their working desks. 

With all of the mentioned requirements taken into consideration, we believe you are now ready to get one for yourself, enjoying your best draw of a cigar after a long day. But before you go out there on those websites just to feel lost again among the variety of cigar cutters offered.

First, let us take you with one round of the 9 best cigar cutters in the market currently.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Best Cigar Cutter You should have

What Should We Choose If We Have To Travel A Lot?

If you are always moving around, working or traveling, Alaska Bear cigar cutter will come perfectly handy for you. It is also cheap, so if you accidentally lost one on the way, at least you won’t be too sad. 

Moreover, the company provides surprisingly good customer service. They are willing to replace or fix your cutter no matter what the issue is. Your baby will always be taken care of.

What Is The Best Option For Someone Who Loves Stylish Accessories?

Luxurious look with light-weighted material, Burlwood is out in the market for those cigar lovers with a fashion taste. It also helps with your fingers movement while using, giving you the best time to enjoy your cigars without any pain from cutting it.

What Are The Safest Cutters Among The Mentioned?

XIKAR Xi2. The cutter has super sharp blades, along with a built-in locking system. Rest assured that your finger will never get cut while using it.  

Which Type Of Cigar Cutter Is Best?

It really much depends on your personal taste. If you like strong flavour coming with the cleanest cut, guillotine cutters are for you. On the other hand, V-cut or Puncher will leave you a decent taste of cigar without the cap being too exposed. 

Final Words– The Best Cigar Cutters?

To sum up, although each of the cigar cutters has its own benefits and signature features, consider your most vital needs and your most crucial requirements for a good draw of a cigar when picking up a new cigar cutter.

On average, in view of construction, quality of blades, and price tag, Cuban Crafters Perfect Cut probably is the best option for any cigar aficionado with every budget. 

We hope our article provides you with all the useful information needed for your best cigar cutter, accordingly to your budget and needs. Don’t let a bad cut ruin your premium cigars!  And don’t forget to check out other Cutters for your toolbox.

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