Top 5 Best Pipe Clamps For Woodworking & Cabinet Shops: Bessey, Yost or Irwin (2021 Reviews)

Best pipe clamps?

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Hey, when you come to this article, we think that you are taking your craft seriously. We believe that you understand clearly how pipe clamps can affect your working performance. And we know that you are looking for the best pipe clamps for your upcoming projects.

Best pipe clamps - Bessey pipe clamp

A pipe clamp is a small but must-have tool for every artisan. You may find that it is straightforward but play an essential role in your product’s quality. And we are afraid that buying a pipe clamp is not enjoyable.

Anyway, you still have to choose a suitable one for you since it is related to every task, for example, piping, cabinetry, and ordinary woodworking.


But unfortunately, all the pipe clamps are almost alike. And most of the customer can’t recognize the differences for the first time they look at the products. And if you don’t want to waste your money on a low-quality product, we are here to help you with the best pipe clamps.

Top 5 Best Pipe Clamps 2021 Reviews

#1 Bessey H Style Pipe Clamp

If you are looking for high-quality pipe clamps for your massive duty project, Bessy BPC-H34 is one of the best pipe clamps for you. And this is also the leading product in our list of the best pipe clamps in 2021. BPC-H34 is not the first version of Bessey; it is the ideal product among these big brands’ H-series.

And like its name, it comes with an H shape to ensure high stability on the surface when being in use. Ideally, using Bessey H34, you don’t need to worry if your clamp is falling, thanks to the double-axis-stability design. Besides, the legs of the braces are long enough to make cranking just a piece of cake. And Bessey design this tool to protect your finger with extra-high bases.

Another strong point of this product is that the producer allows you to use any length of ¾ inch pipe to put between its components. And it is also our most favorite feature since there is almost no limitation; you can use it on whatever size of your workpiece.

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Bessey BPC-H34 is the ideal pipe clamps for all light and heavy-duty tasks, including woodworking and assembling projects.

#2 Irwin Quick-grip Pipe Clamp

  The Irwin Quick-Grip is one of the best pipe clamps for heavy-duty tasks. And luckily, this product is not the first series of Irwin, so there will be so many updates that you can benefit from. And what we like most about this product is the more extended handle for easy-using and finger-protecting.

Besides, it also features an innovative clutch system with no threaded pipe. The large clutch will work its best to quickly releases and create more dependability and durability. In an easy word, it means less fatigue and more working space for users.

And for its reasonable price, we have to say that Irwin is the must-have item in any workshop. It can clamp any length you need, as long as these objects are 3/4inch. And the clutch will be dug into the soft galvanized pipe enough to keep it from slipping

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Irwin is the ideal clamp for both professional and amateur workers, and it is the must-have item in every workshop.

#3 PONY Pipe Clamp

The third product in our list of the best pipe clamps is Pony. Pony is one of the most popular braces in the United States. It is the ideal product for wood and metal-working, and frame assembly, too. It is perfect for your craft workshop, as well as your industrial projects.

And it is straightforward to use. Everything you have to do is to screw the head assembly onto the pipe thread at one end, then slide the tail-stop onto the pipe at the other end and close the coil-spring. And this product is interchangeable from many pipe lengths, which makes it suitable for several needs.

All the product features are great, but there is still one thing that we want to change. We wish the producer made a pad inside the clamp to protect the workpiece because when working with wood, it will mar up the surface. However, we did find a PVC tube and slid it inside the clamps to protect our workpiece surface, and it works!  

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Pony is one of the best pipe clamps for working in the dry working environment with a hard surface; it is not suitable for plywood

#4 Yost Tools Pipe Clamp

Because you can’t buy all of the pipe clamps in the market, so YPC-Y34 is one of the best pipe clamps for you. It could be everything you need to replace your fate with the woodworking tasks. And what we like most about this product is it can work with a 3/4 inch pipe, and all length is available.

Furthermore, YPC also features such a trust-worthy clamping mechanism that can optimize results with a small intervention. And what we like most about this product is the non-slip but very easy to use design.

Yost tools have two different sizes of ½ inch and ¾ inch. And thanks to the enormous pressure the clamp can produce, its virality is very strong, too. It is the ideal machine with two different sizes that can create a fantastic force for moderate to heavy-duty tasks.

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Yost Tools Y34 is the ideal tool for professional artisans and any other people who love DIY and creativity.

#5 Sure-Foot Plus Pipe Clamp

Sure-Foot Plus is not a very popular brand on the market, but let’s take it a try, and you will find that this could be one of the best pipe clamps you have ever used.  

And what makes this product different is you can use it for any lengths of the pipe you need. So, although it comes with no pads and tubes, it still our favorite.

One more thing, it is super easy to use. You can use it in your workshop with a moderate workload, and you will find it could last for years without wearing on the threads. The handle of this product is also perfect too. It is not too long but good material and perfects when you make a turn.

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Although Sure-Foot is not a well-known brand, it still worth to try since it can be a perfect tool for your workshop.

Tips For Easy Recognizing The Best Pipe Clamps

Selecting the best pipe clamps among thousands of products on the market is not easy and interesting. We understand that fact. So we want to give you some tips to help you minimize this process.

Best pipe clamps - How to find the best pipe clamps

Tasks to Do

The very first tip for you to quickly choose the best pipe clamps is to know precisely what you want to do. Only by deeply understanding your job’s requirements you can find out the most suitable one for you.

The best pipe clamp is not the best if it is not suitable for you. You can easily find this fact on our list because each product has strong and weak points simultaneously.

So, you should study your project first; then research pipe clamp features to see if it makes you satisfy or not.


Stainless steel pipe clamps are the best pipe clamps for working in a moisture environment since they are resistant to corrosion. Besides, they are stable and durable, too. But you have to consider again if you have to work in a salt and trace minerals environment.

Plastic pipe clamps are the best pipe clamps for a project that requires a lot of flexibility. Some specific plastic materials like PP or PVC have excellent resistance to electrical conductivity and thermal shock.

Copper pipe clamps are the best pipe clamps for plumbing tools since they do not react with water. Besides, they can remain non-toxic for a very long time, which is very safe for drinking water. It is flexible, durable, and attractive, but it is costly.


The universal pipe clamps will be from 10mm to 50mm. And you can choose the best pipe clamps base on the size of the clamp.

For example, the 10mm pipe clamps are best for securing narrow ductwork, while 15mm is very popular in household plumbing. Moreover, you can tell us the 20mm pipe clamp for the tube under and on the ground, but the 25mm is better for outdoor than indoor.


Best pipe clamps?

Before buying anything, we have to care very carefully about its longevity. You don’t want to change any tools after a few times using them, and neither do we.

And when working, the pipe clamps have to suffer from high pressure. As a result, if you buy a low-quality product, it can easily be a break, bend, or erode.

So, when buying, you should invest in high-quality products from reliable brands. And the top priority is the brand that offers a warranty for their products.


Another important consideration for distinguishing the best pipe clamps is the intensity ò pressure it can produce.

So, the more massive pipe clamps often deliver more force besides, which allows you to adjust to get the perfect fit with your workpiece. Moreover, the jaw’s capacity will show you how robust your clamp is since the deeper it offers, the stronger and tighter grip your brace will be.


Even if you are a professional worker, you should prefer the easy-to-use and comfortable clamp when working. It will make your work easier and reduce your workload, too.

So, in our opinion, the best pipe clamps should have a quick working mechanism with no- slide lock and sufficient clearance. Besides, we highly recommend you should choose the pipe clam with ergonomic handles so you can finish your job with a little pressure.


Final Words

In conclusion, we want to remind you again that no tool can meet all of your requirements. In other words, there is no absolute best; it is up to you. And what you should do is to aware of precisely what you want and what is your demand.

Based on your requirements, you can select a group of suitable products. And this group is where you find the best pipe clamps for you.

If you have a huge budget and want to buy the highest – quality products, we recommend using Bessey products. And if you still have to consider the price, you can choose other products in our list of the best pipe clamps.

So, it’s time for you to make the decision. And we hope that the information in this article is enough for you to select the right one. If you have any sharing and questions and comments, please write to us!

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