9 Best Precision Screwdriver Sets (2021 Reviews & Buyer’s Guide)

best precision screwdriver set - screwdriver set for electronics

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Screwdrivers are probably the most commonly used handheld tools at numerous construction sites and family households. However, choosing the best precision screwdriver set for professional use is not easy. 

best precision screwdriver sets - screwdriver set for electronics

There are a lot of comments and sharing of members about the excellent screwdriver set for electronics such as Stanley, Carftman, Crossmann, or Goodman.

Hence, this reason compels us to make this article with completely objective assessments to give the most professional review of the right choices for your works. We will take a look at nine screwdriver brands worth buying from three continents around the world, Asia, Europe, and America.

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Best Precision Screwdriver Sets 2021 Reviews

#1 TEKPREM Precision Screwdriver Set

The TEKPREM precision screwdriver kit includes two normal and four torx security screwdrivers along with other necessary tools, which can be widely used for most types of electrical devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and small devices. With a developing torque up to 4, 5 N*m, it will fit perfectly with most types of furniture assemblers.

Moreover, the choice of accessories is more extensive than you thought. The set is equipped with a standard screw head so you can easily replace the other screwdriver bits depending on your work’s demands.

Nevertheless. this high-end torx screwdriver set bit is made of industrial-grade quality S2 steel, which makes this unit become a potential one for the best precision screwdriver set.

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  • Multifunctional
  • The compact and handy design
  • Flexible for types of works


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

For those who often do DIY projects or work at a small-sized construction size, this TEKPREM unit is handy thanks to its design, affordability, and multifunctional features. 

#2 Nanch H1B Precision Screwdriver Set

Nanch H1B unit has a solid reputation due to its superb quality of materials, which always produces the screwdriver sets with the most exceptional quality, and this H1B model is not an exception.

The unit is versatile, which has a shaft to hold eight tips and converts them to three nut driver sizes. Also, you can change the bits as fast as possible due to the simple structure, and the bits are processed by heat treatment for higher durability. 

The handle is designed with a cushion grip enhanced for better torque and high comfort for users. The price is quite high, but it is worth purchasing due to the number of benefits.

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  • High-quality materials
  • Unique design
  • Versatile for types of construction works
  • High durability


  • Expensive

Nanch H1B screwdriver set is a handy set that contains a traditional design with modern applied technology to handle basic types of installing and dismantling tasks.

#3 XOOL Precision Screwdriver Set

The XOOL screwdriver set contains a 60 mm shaft extension, which is perfect for electronics where the handle is hard to get. There is also a 130 mm flexible shaft extension, which helps to fasten and tighten screws.

The product is suitable for family use by its versatility and convenience. The set of screwdrivers has up to 56 screw heads. The screw heads are designed to fit the screws of items such as mobile phones, computers, electric cookers, and other household appliances.

The 56 screw heads are about 2cm long, made of steel, have the shape of a regular hexagon. Each end of head is riveted into cubes to fit dozens of different types of screws.

The handle length is 8cm, made of hard plastic inside. There is soft plastic wrap outside feels good when performing a screwdriver. However, there is no screw-head that is big enough to handle the large machines.

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  • Versatile and convenient
  • Various screw heads
  • Time-saving and high efficiency
  • Affordable


  • Cannot handle large machine

The XOOL screwdriver set has a compact design, which is suitable for household use and small to medium projects.

#4 ToolMetrics Precision Screwdriver Set  

The first impression is its compact bag. You can easily take the ToolMetrics screwdriver kit with you without worrying about the cumbersome it can bring. This kit is designed for manual use, not for drilling machines. However, if you have a connector, it can still be used for a drill or if you just attach it to the clamp of the drill, it can still be used, of course, it is not very suitable!

The kit contains 98 butsm, a screwdriver, and an ergonomic handle. The product is enough to meet the basic needs of the family’s item maintenance or repair office supplies.

Product quality is considered by many to be good, solid, durable. Of course, the durability of the product depends on the way you use and store it.

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  • Modern and compact design
  • Up-to-date technology and flexible features
  • Suitable for both heavy-duty tasks and DIY projects


  • The set is quite complicated for amateurs

The products are manufactured on the most modern technological line in the U.S. If you want a professional precision screwdriver set, this is a unit for you.

#5 Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set

This Gocheer screwdriver set works with high precision. Perhaps, the first impression of anyone on this useful kit is a very luxurious and polite design with an outer box that certainly looks strong and durable to use. 

All components inside the toolbox are coated with a special gray layer for maximum protection under external weather elements, providing optimum performance in all working environments. work with high temperatures, moisture or dust without rust and abrasion.

However, due to its amazing precision ability, the set is unsuitable to handle large screws in heavy-duty tasks.

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  • High-quality plastic case and adequate insulation.
  • Luxurious design
  • Easy to use
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for professional construction site

If you want to own a set that looks amazing in the black cover with luxurious style, this is a unit set for you.

#6 Klearlook Precision Screwdriver Set

The Klearlook multi-function kit is composed of high-quality materials, covered with a flexible plastic layer, which feels firm as well as ensures user safety when applying pressure on the product. The screws are meticulously machined, with high-quality, durable materials and efficient screw-fast removal.

In particular, the screwdriver set is designed with the ability to smartly screw without much effort, and can comfortably operate in any job while ensuring maximum safety. Therefore, when using, you absolutely can be assured of the safety and insecurity of Klearlook.

However, the magnets that prevent the bits from coming loose from the shelving are very poor and require supplemental design choices to make this product ideal.

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  • Lightweight
  • The handle is insulated to ensure safety for users.
  • High durability
  • Easy storage
  • Modern design


  • Magnet features are poor

Overall, the Klearlook screwdriver set offers excellent performance and high durability at an affordable price. If you plan on repairing your vehicle and equipment regularly, the Klearlook screwdriver set will be the best choice.

#7 115 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Like many of the brand’s versatile screwdriver openers, one conspicuous advantage of the 115 in 1 multi-purpose screwdriver set is equipped with a durable case, which is very convenient for you to store. The parts fit snugly in the accompanying box, each with its own special position to fix, not to fall during the moving process. You can store items neatly and neatly after use.

Achieving a high standard of quality and uptime when made of high-quality materials meticulously processed, the 115 in 1 screwdriver set offers excellent work results in time. short time.

However, when it comes to open a hard case, some reviewers claim that the screwdriver is a bit bent even for the first time

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  • The compact and handy design
  • High efficiency and applicability
  • Handle many types of hard surfaces
  • High performance and lightweight


  • Low durability

115 in 1 screwdriver set is made from high-quality materials. It has heat resistance, no rust, and high corrosion resistance. Also, the machine delivers maximum efficiency from miscellaneous repairs from indoor to building construction projects.

#8 JAKEMY Precision Screwdriver Set

JAKEMY set is small in size, so it can be carried easily and does not take up too much space for storage. With more than 12 different screws, the knit is able to meet most needs of repairing. Repair and installation in the home should be able to change the screw head easily.

In particular, there is a detail that should not be missed is that the tail of the screwdriver is also hollow designed to allow simple disassembly. The inside also has mounting positions so that you can store normal screw heads. The product is best for use with any type of drill or screwdriver.

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  • Compact design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • High precision


  • Cannot handle heavy-duty tasks

The unit is suitable for those who do not have too much labor time on repairs and assemblies. The knit is compact with all necessary supporting items.

#9 ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit

ORIA precision screwdriver kit is housed in a sturdy box. This box is difficult to open and can prevent small children from opening. Like all the kits above, this one is designed for manual use. However, you can also install the drill based on your demand.

The kit includes a magnetic driver with a flexible shaft and extension rod for handling the mobile phone, smartphone, game console, tablet, and PC. However, it lacks a screwdriver of 12mm, which is a weak point. Moreover, the product meets the needs of the family, including professional repair.

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  • Lightweight and handy
  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • High-quality material


  • Lacks of 12mm screwdriver

In brief, the ORIA screwdriver set is the optimal choice for you to improve repair and assembly performance with less effort and time. The product fits most of the DIY or small household repairments and maintenances.

What is a Screwdriver and How It Works?

A screwdriver is a common name for a hand-held device that has a special function in screwing/tightening little screws deep into materials such as wood and walls.

Principle of Operation

Previously, to tighten the screws deep inside a material surface, we would use manual methods via standard screwing tools. By placing the tools in the position to screw, then cleverly combine the movement of the hand wrists to place the screw deep inside the material.

Basically, the screwdriver works the same way, but instead of using manual force, the manufacturer will design inside the machine a motor with a large torque to doing this task, thereby saving more time and effort.

Application of Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers with many outstanding advantages have become an indispensable tool in the civil field such as repair and home renovation. Or beyond that is the industrial sector such as manufacturing, assembling mechanical workshops, factories or household electrical appliances.

The best precision screwdriver set has a built-in lighting panel under the keyless chuck, which avoids shadows to meddle with your work. The famous manufacturers usually focus on small details to ensure you would have precise holes bored while drilling in the dark.

Types of Screwdrivers

On the market today, the screwdriver is usually divided into two types, battery-operated screwdrivers and electric screwdrivers. Both of these two product lines have different advantages and disadvantages, depending on the purpose and workspace to choose the most appropriate one.

Cordless Electric Screwdriver

This machine operates on Ni-Cad or Li-ion battery power. It has no adjustment button and is designed for screw purposes only.


  • The compact, lightweight wireless design makes it easy to carry around and can work in any space.
  • Stable operating capacity, suitable for many materials such as wood, wall or steel.
  • The price is somewhat cheaper than the electric screwdriver.


  • You need to replace the battery regularly to ensure it can work properly.
  • If the battery is charged for a long time, it will run out of water and seriously affect its performance.
  • Battery and motor life are not high.

Electric Screwdriver

This type is operated by an electric power source, it has integrated various speed adjustment buttons.  Besides the screwing function, it can also be used for drilling.


  • Equipped with a stable motor, more powerful than battery-powered machines. It will save a lot of working time.
  • The power-based operation allows you to operate throughout the day without worrying about running out of power, except in the case of a power outage.
  • Long life, durable engine.


  • The price is much higher than the battery screwdriver.

In short, if you have the economic conditions, the need to use the machine regularly as well as the workspace with many electrical designs, you should choose an electric screwdriver. In contrast, with the occasional need to use and move the workplace, the cheap battery electric screwdriver will be the more appropriate choice.

Precision Screwdriver Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider

There can be overload information provided on the instruction manual of a screwdriver. If you want to pick up the best precision screwdriver set, the criteria below could give you a hand

Right Capacity

The first factor that users need to keep in mind is operating power and torque performance. These two parameters will determine the strength and tightness of the screw. You should prioritize products with reversing and speed adjustment functions, which will definitely help you work more conveniently. In addition to specialized screwdrivers, the portable drill set is equally powerful.

The different speeds of the screwdrivers will help you to control them more easily. They also allow surface fasteners in different materials and types of screws. Most screwdrivers have a reverse function, which will enable you to remove screws from the captured surface when needed.

Lightweight and Handy Unit

Users often catch multiple screws at once, combine the force when pushing the screw in, so you need to choose a machine with lightweight, with a mini screw machine weighing only less than 1kg, the professional line will be from 1-2 kg is appropriate.

Ergonomic Design

Choosing a high-quality, sturdy screwdriver, the details are firmly joined together, the position of the handle creates good friction, the small pointy design but the right-hand grip is the factor you Remember to observe the appearance of the screwdriver.

You will hold the machine sturdier if they are equipped with handles that are covered with insulating rubber or other soft materials. These handles will be quite useful for sweaty hands.

Battery Types

The type of screwdriver usually uses two main types of batteries: Nickel batteries and Li-ion batteries, as mentioned above. In particular, Nickel Batteries are quite cheap, long-lasting but must be recharged regularly and in batteries that contain many toxic chemicals, unsafe if leaking into the environment. Li-ion batteries, on the other hand, are lightweight, power-efficient, safe to use, a bit more expensive and otherwise unusable for long.

If you use it in places where electricity is not convenient, you can use a screwdriver with a battery. to bring into full use the capacity.

Market Price

The price of screwdrivers on the market varies depending on the range of customers. After knowing the needs and features of the machine to buy, which price to choose will be decided by consumers. The price will also depend on the brand as the Bosch screwdriver will certainly be higher than the screwdriver from other Chinese brands.


What Makes the BLACK+DECKER BDCS20PK Model Better than the Older Version?

The new screwdriver model is much more powerful than the older version. Some reviewers state that when they use two BLACK+DECKER new and old models at the same time, the new one costs less time and effort.

Will SKIL Screwdriver Hold a 1/2″ Shank?

Yes, the latest model of SKIL screwdriver will hold a 1/2″ shank with no effort.

Would Tacklife Screwdriver Work for Putting Together IKEA or Wayfair Shelves?

It should be, the cordless screwdriver has a lot of power and an ergonomic design to handle any kind of shelve installment. This screwdriver is very suitable for simple decoration in the family household.

What Kind of Battery does Pink Power Screwdriver Use (lithium, nickel-cadmium, etc.)?

The Pink Power PP481 screwdriver comes with a built-in 4.8V Nickel Cadmium battery. If you are looking for something more powerful, we offer the PP182 Pink Power 18V Drill kit and it comes with two 18V Nickel Cadmium batteries.


This article shall give the reader options for the best precision screwdriver set. If you are planning to purchase a screwdriver set for electronics, take an in-depth look at the list above before making a decision.

From the perspective of reviewers, we find that the “generic” advice does not help to choose the right products for the readers because it is only accurate in terms of affordable and performance ability. Our top pick from the above list is BOSCH electric screwdriver thanks to its superb torque, fast USB charger, multifunctional features, and compact design. The unit can handle all types of works from basic to heavy-duty tasks.

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