5 Best Screwdriver For Pc Building 2021| Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best screwdriver for pc building

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Purchasing separate parts of a personal computer (PC) to build it up by yourself is a good idea. It takes lots of time and effort but is the most cost-saving method if you have the best screwdriver for PC building.

best screwdriver for pc building

It does not take specialized technical equipment in assembling a PC. The most crucial tool for PC building is a screwdriver set. There are many types of screwdrivers corresponding to handle different parts of the PC, such as Phillips-head screwdriver, flat-bladed screwdriver, or hex screwdriver.

This article shall give you five choices for the best screwdriver for PC building. The products are picked up from reputable brands from walks of life. Let’s check it out!

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Best Screwdriver For PC Building 2021 Reviews

#1 ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit with 56 Bits Screwdriver

ORIA screwdriver kit has a 60-in-1 precision screwdriver set designed to handle not only PC but also all types of electronics. It also comes in a variety of different 56-bit types made of chrome-vanadium steel to meet all your needs.

The unit has a flexible axis that allows you to access the deep parts of the computer or laptop that are not easily accessible. The tool’s design is portable and made of hard material for high durability.

The gooseneck style extension is excellent for getting into awkward areas such as computer cases with limited space. The magnetism works reasonably well and helps hold onto your screws.

However, some purchasers complain that if you need to remove stubborn screws, the unit set is weak to handle this case.

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  • Well-packaged
  • Flexible and compact design
  • Portable and durable
  • Gooseneck design to get into deep corner areas


  • Cannot handle stubborn screws

Generally, the ORIA screwdriver is a potential contestant for the best screwdriver for PC building thanks to its compact design and well-packaged kit. The unit can handle the deep corners of the computer and is durable after long using time.

#2 DEWALT Screwdriver Bit Set with Tough Case

DEWALT screwdriver 45-bit set is housed in a very sturdy and compact plastic container. The product is small and does not take up much space. You can put it in a specific corner or the trunk, then take it out and use it whenever necessary.

It is one of the best screwdrivers for PC building with all types of heads such as flat, two-holed, triangle, and hexagon, which is suitable to handle the repairments and maintenances of computers, laptops, cell phones, and other small devices. The screw head is made of alloy steel, vanadium, and chrome to enhance durability.

For the downside, some customers review that the problems start as very minor, but slowly get worse. The unit case has lots of sharp edges, and after a long using time, if your fingers are tender, the case is not comfortable to use. It also has lots of spaces inside, which trap dirt and debris. It speeds up corrosion inside when you close it up to go off-site.

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  • Compact and sturdy design
  • Package with full of necessary items
  • Different screw heads for high flexibility
  • Anti-slip handle


  • The case is not comfortable to hold after a long using time
  • Easy to get dirt

In brief, the DEWALT screwdriver 45-bit set is a flexible unit to handle multi-types of a small device in your household. The design is compact and non-slippery support for quick fixing, even for the novices.

#3 Bosch Go Screwdriver 33-bit Set

Bosh Go Screwdriver 33-bit set can significantly handle open plastic components from motorbikes, assembling PC, and electric socket in every household. The unit proves to be one of the best screwdrivers for PC building when it can process even with the smallest screws. Especially in the case of long screws, the Bosh Go unit’s screwing speed will help solve things much faster.

Depending on the needs of the work, you will adjust the machine speed effectively. Also, you can charge the screwdriver through the micro-USB port. The battery lasts 300 times for small screws and less for bigger screws.

This Bosch cordless screwdriver is designed for a compact size, which fits comfortably in one hand, and weighs just about 0.28 kilograms. Outside of the unit, there is a layer of non-slip rubber even when your hands are sweaty. The device is equipped with a convenient strap that you can easily carry around large construction sites when using.

On the body of the device, there is a left-right reversing switch. You can control it to handle the specific needs of each working task. Especially when the switch is in the middle position, you can use the machine as a standard screwdriver, without using electricity.

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  • High-quality torque
  • Fast charging via USB charger feature
  • Multifunctional features
  • The compact and handy design


  • Not the best completion bit
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

In general, for those who often do the DIY projects related to PC building, this Bosch unit is the best screwdriver for PC building for these requirements thanks to its excellent design, affordability, and multifunctional features

#4 GearWrench 80066 Screwdriver Set

GearWrench is a well-known manufacturer of a wide range of technical equipment and toolsets, including an 80066 20-piece screwdriver set. It is the best screwdriver for PC building that gives you quality results for handling complicated PC tasks at an affordable price. 

The GearWrench 80066 set includes 20 screws with both imperial and metric tips. Each tip is made of magnetic black oxide for a better grip with the screw head and to prevent screws from falling apart.

The handle is made from both rubber and plastic, which gives you an excellent grip, helps to hold tight and comfortable. It comes in a sturdy and well-designed plastic box to keep the tools and screws neat and clean. The storage box itself is small and easily fits into a toolbox or tool bag.

The compact handle on the screwdriver is an excellent balance of power and comfort. It is integrated into the speed zone for lower torque applications. The hexagonal shanks ensure that you would never have to endure the metal sliding when holding the handle.

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  • Imperial and metric sizes
  • Comfortable handles
  • Affordable
  • Magnetic tips
  • Superior grip
  • Easy to find the right tool
  • Durable tips and shaft


  • Handle sizes lacking

GearWrench always makes the right quality products at an affordable price. If you want a good quality screwdriver set that contains some comfortable and durable tools, then the GearWrench 80066 20-Piece dual-material screwdriver is the best screwdriver for PC building for you.

#5 Gocheer Mini Precision Screwdriver Set

Gocheer Mini Precision screwdriver set with various screw heads makes repairing and installing a computer, laptop, and smart devices in your family much more straightforward, making sure to screw all components of the machine unit. Indeed, it will be a useful support tool for you at work.

There are amazingly 115 screw heads arranged in a very convenient and scientific box. With just a simple operation and mostly depending on your types of work tasks, you will choose the right screw head to use.

The unit set is made of stainless steel, which ensures to be durable over time. The handle is covered with smooth plastic and a hands-free design to be safe for you when processing. The product is also processed precisely and meticulously to bring you absolute satisfaction.

The whole set is packaged with many necessary tools. The kit includes 50 screw heads (flathead, triangle, hexagon, etc.), the main screwdriver, little snail tweezers, one top navigation, and a non-slip rubber grip.

Unfortunately, this screwdriver set’s bits are too soft. Sometimes the points are broken off directly. After a long using time, the little magnet which helps keep the bits in the primary tool fell out way too quickly.

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  • Well-packaged with sufficient extra tools
  • Most choices for different screw heads (up to 115 options)
  • High quality (stainless steel)
  • Handy design


  • Not durable for long using time

With small devices like cameras, phones, and PC, this would be a great kit. There are magnets and modern storage structures, which are not only easy to maintain but also quickly deployed. With unexpected situations with electronic products such as VGA cards, devices with small, sophisticated locking latch system, this set of effects would be maximized.

How to use the computer screwdrivers correctly?

The current screwdriver with a simple design is easy to use, even for women or kids. However, in reality, many people still make mistakes that should not be had even when using the best screwdriver for PC building.

Select a screwdriver compatible with the screw types

The first thing to note when using a screwdriver is that you must choose the right head shape, and the screwdriver size must match the screw head. If both are incompatible, you will accidentally damage the head of the screwdriver or screwdriver.

The two most common types of screwdriver heads are flat heads and crossheads. Besides, there are many different types of screwdriver heads, depending on the screw head types. If the devices have screw heads with different designs, you should choose to buy a multi-head screwdriver or a set of the screwdriver with many different head styles to ensure convenience.

Choose the right size for the computer screwdriver set

Choosing the correct type of screw head is not enough; you also need to make sure the screw head size and the screw fit snugly together. If your screwdriver does not fit properly with the screw, it will cause a deviation during use, damage, or yourself may be injured unreasonably.

Use the correct screwdriver technique

The correct use of a screwdriver helps repair quickly, and the equipment also avoids damage. Just make sure that the following three rules are in place to use the screwdriver most carefully:

  • Put the screwdriver head on the screw head so that the edges of the screw fit into the screw head. Make sure the screwdriver head is deeply inserted into the hole in the screw head.
  • Force the screwdriver to the surface of the screw head to create grip.
  • Turn the screwdriver clockwise to tighten, turn counterclockwise to turn out.


Is the ORIA’s bits metal hardness durable after long using time?

The metal of these tools is CRV and chip resistant. The unit also gets strength from S2 steel. The screwdriver is durable enough to handle only DIY projects.

Will DEWALT’s bits fit standard electric drill? 

The bits of the DEWALT screwdriver will work with any standard drill. The shaft width on the bits is approx 1/4″ and would fit any standard chuck on any standard drill.

Is the Gocheer screwdriver ratcheting?

It is not a ratchet screwdriver. The unit does expand the depth and has a flexible attachment.

Do GearWrench strip out inside the handle?

The GearWrench screwdriver is ultimate for small jobs around the house, but not dependable for industrial type use. The heads of the screwdrivers sometimes strip out easily

Final Words

For the choice of the best screwdriver for PC building in the above list, the winner that we pick is the DEWALT screwdriver 45-bit set due to its compact and well-packaged set. Each head type has many different sizes, ensuring the screwing of all components. Every screwdriver bit is made of stainless steel, which is incapable of bearing and longevity. The unit is impressive for all tasks, from DIY schooling projects to professional works at a construction site.

Comment down below your thought and experience for our recommended product, and do not forget to catch up on our next reviews. Till next time! 

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