9 Best Screwdriver Sets | Top 2021 Picks & Buyer’s Guide

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Everybody who is looking for an independent life always wants to find the best screwdriver set. It is precisely the must-have item in your tool kit. We think you already understand why it is so important! 

Finding the best screwdriver brand is not very difficult since it is not a complicated tool. However, you still need some specific knowledge to choose the best quality product at the most reasonable price. Check it out, and you will find your suitable one.

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Best Screwdriver Sets 2021 Reviews

#1 Kutir Screwdriver Set 6 Pieces Phillips and Slotted

If you are looking for the right quality product on a budget, Kutir is the best screwdriver set for you. And when we said “in a budget,” we meant this set has a very reasonable price. However, besides the price, the Kutir set has many robust features that make it a favorite.

First of all, it has a non-slip and wide-comfortable handle. One problem when using the screwdriver is it often has a small handle, but not for this one. Kutir uses PP+ TPR material to make the best handle for your wet and oily hands.

The set includes six pieces with three different sizes and tips. The Rod is made of high-quality S2 Superior alloyed steel material, which exceeds 70% of German standard. And the magnetic tips make it perfect for work since it can hold the screws easily.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Best handle for oily and wet hand
  • Magnetic tips
  • Germany-standard material
  • Excellent storage 


  • Not suitable for Craftsman

This set is the best screwdriver set in size and budget.

#2 Craftsman Extreme Grip 6-piece Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set

In our experience, the best screwdriver set is the one with diamond tips. And here you are the Craftsman screwdriver set. And as you may know, Craftsman should be the best screwdriver brand on our list thanks to its frame and quality product.

What we like most about Craftsman is the diamond-coated tips, of course. It can offer you four times more gripping power than standard black oxide-finished tips. Besides, it has the perfect size for all the popular applications in your house.

And the slight magnetic charge to hold the screws on is fantastic, especially when you drop a screw. Moreover, the grips feel “positive” in our hand when used, and the design of the grips keep them from rolling off the slanted surface.

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  • Diamond-coated tips for better gripping power
  • Non-slip and non-rolling handle
  • Perfect size for various application
  • A suitable number of the piece in a set
  • Durable and solid


  • High price compared with other brands

Craftsman is the best screwdriver brand in quality.

#3 GearWrench 80066 Phillips/Slotted/Torx Dual Material Screwdriver Set

The third product in our list of the best screwdriver set is the twenty-piece set that comes GerWrench brand. It is not a very popular brand, but it has an excellent product for the price. And what we like most about this set is the Tri-Lobe ergonomic feature. 

Besides, the “speed Zone” handle also make it easier and faster to rotate in low torque application. It helps when we run down screws. The screwdrivers in the set also have a full polish chrome finish that can resist rust and corrosion. 

Moreover, the drivers also resist solvent and oils to make sure that it will stay clean. Alloy steel materials also make it sturdy and durable. Meanwhile, the dual material handle will make you feel comfortable when grip and as a result, bring higher work performance.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Tri lobe ergonomic features for optimal balance
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Alloy steel blade with no rust and corrosion
  • Chrome finish


  • Too many items

In short, this one could be the best screwdriver set for professionals who have to work with different applications. If you only want to fix some everyday things in your house, we are afraid that you will never use up all the items included.

#4 Williams 100P-19MD Mixed Screwdriver Set

Williams screwdriver set is not the cheapest product on our list. Instead, it has the highest price. But it is the best screwdriver set in quality and use, too. The collection includes five pieces to 19 pieces. So based on your requirements, you can choose a suitable set.

About the product features, we were impressed by the comfortable grip handle. Unlike any other product on our list, William has a thumb stop handle that allows you to add more power without discomfort or slip.

 Besides, the handle is ergonomically designed to help you provide the maximum grips. It is perfect for wet and oily hands. You can use it with your bare hands without any challenges. And, it is a made-in USA product so you can trust.

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  • Different set to select
  • Made in- the USA
  • Comfort grip handle
  • Suitable for oily and wet hand


  • High price
  • Metal finish

Although William is a new brand, they have the best screwdriver set for professional users.

#5 Klein Tools GIDDS2-2491796 Cushion-Grip Screwdriver Set

Like Craftsman, Klein is a very well-known and also one of the best screwdriver brands in the market right now. The Klein screwdriver set has eight items that are the eight most frequently used screwdrivers. And it means you can use it in most of your daily tasks.

Besides, the producer also produces a precision-machined tip for an exact fit with the screw in your house. The tips of the drivers are also premium chrome-plated tips, so you always feel smooth when using it. You will never need to worry about corrosion or rust.

The product also has cushion grip handles for higher torque and comfort when in use. Besides, it is a made-in-USA product, and Klein has more than 100 years in making tools so that you can trust.

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  • Cushion-grip handles
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Reliable origin
  • Chrome-plated shafts


  • No magnetic tips
  • High price

This product is the best screwdriver set for professionals but with a big budget. 

#6 ORIA Precision Screwdriver Kit

Although we do not recommend you to choose the screwdriver set with more than 20 items, we still list inset in our list of the best screwdriver set because of its perfect usage. And if you have a passion for stuff fixing or if you want to seriously develop your career with automatic fixing, this one is the best option for you.

The set includes 59 bits, which four-color for you to select. And it is precisely a multi-magnetic hand tool that can require all popular phones, laptops, electronics, and even game consoles. All the tips of the drivers are made of chrome- vanadium steel. It is not as good as a diamond, but it can meet all of your requirements.

Besides, a flexible shaft is also included in the set for stereo work and large electronics. And although it has so many items, you will find it in a very compact design so that you can quickly bring it along. One more thing, the handle is non-slip, too. It is a single piece of aluminum and covered with silica gel.

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  • Reasonable price
  • Multi-magnetic tips
  • Flexible shaft
  • Non-slip handles
  • Chrome-vanadium-steel blade


  • The bits can fall out after a long time using

This set is the best screwdriver set for professional users with a low budget.  

#7 Wiha 26194 Screwdriver Set

Wiha is one of the best screwdriver brands in the market since they are a made-in-Germany product. And you know German product is always the best. And maybe because of the origin, the Wiha screwdriver set is not cheap. But it is worth investing in thanks to the following reasons.

Firstly, the blade of the driver is made of high-quality material of chrome vanadium molybdenum steel – which is very strong, durable and no corrosion. Meanwhile, the tip is precision ground for an exact fit, the tip of the driver is also non-slip thanks to the hard chromed coating.

Secondly, the driver in this set also has a rotating cap so you can turn precisely and control it easily with your fingertips. The precision handle is cadmium-free that can offer you years of service. The producer also offers a lifetime warranty with quality.  

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  • High-quality blades and tips
  • Precise tip and handle
  • Rotating cap for easy control
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made- in- Germany


  • High price
  • There are only four pieces in the set

Although this set has high quality, it is only suitable for the average user, but not for professional use since it has only four pieces.

#8 Cremax Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS

If you work in DIY for long, you will be familiar with the Cremax brand. It is a very well-known brand in tool making with high quality but a reasonable product. And so do this screwdriver set. Cremax set is the best screwdriver set in the price.

It can help you with multi-purpose like fixing the domestic appliances, automotive or furniture. All the blade has an active magnetic tip so it can attract screws easily and make your work easier. Besides, all the advice has black paint coverage, so you will not need to worry about rust.

And last but not least, all the items in this set have an ergonomic design with a non-slip and soft handle so you will always feel good and comfortable at work. The storage bag is also included in the set so you can store it and bring it along quickly.

[sc name=”amzl” asin=”B07K1C744B”]


  • Multi-purpose use
  • Strong magnetic and non-rust tip
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle
  • Reasonable price
  • Handy to move around


  • Magnetic can be lost someday

It is precisely the best screwdriver set for your workshop with multiple tasks to finish.

#9 Screwdriver Set 43 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Kit JAKEMY

If you are looking for a screwdriver set for your computer or phone or electronic fixing, here you are the Jakemy. The set has 43 bits with one body so you can change the suitable tips for your task. That is why it is very convenient.

Besides, for such a reasonable price, you can’t find better magnetic precision bits. It is even suitable for iPhone, Macbook since all the bits are magnetic and connect stably with the handle. And all the items in this set have solid material like chrome vanadium steel or rubber handle.

If you still worry about this set, the producer offers you a 365-day money-back guarantee. Their staff will be available all week, and if you get any trouble, you will get a reply within 24 hours.

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  • Multi-functional usage
  • Reliable material
  • Perfect grip handle
  • Convenient
  • Excellent customer service


  • No instruction

The best screwdriver set for automatic fixing.

Overall, with the diamond-coated tip, we recommend Craftsman Extreme grip is the best screwdriver set in our list. Although it is not cheap, it is worth paying your money since it has good quality and also long- durability.

What To Look For In The Best Screwdriver Set?

If you search for the “best screwdriver set” on google, you will receive millions of results and products at different prices. So, there is always one that will meet your requirements. But it also makes it difficult for you to find the best screwdriver brand. So, please check the information below because they are the key features that you should ask the seller when buying the best screwdriver set.

The Number Of The Piece

The usual screwdriver set can include six bits, eight pieces, ten pieces and even more than 20 pieces to 50 pieces. So, do you think that the more part a set includes, the more complete it is?

In our experience, the best screwdriver set does not need to be the one with so many pieces. The more massive games usually use cheaper materials, and these sets also contain screwdrivers that you will never have a chance to use.

If you are not a professional fixer, you may find that a set with about 10-20 pieces is enough to help you with most of the tasks. If you need more than 20 articles, we don’t believe that you could fix your stuff by yourself. So, based on your requirements and how often you need to use the tool, you should choose a suitable set.

If you are looking for the best screwdriver set for your household, we suggest that you should get a set with two main styles and three sizes, each with some small screwdrivers for electronics. And we think it is also enough for your bicycle fixing and DIY projects.

Select The Handle

The ordinary screwdriver only has two parts of handle and blade. So when buying the best screwdriver set, you should pay as much attention as possible to these features.

The best screwdriver set will have an excellent grip handle. This handle will help your hand to stick on the handle and prevent slipping. As a result, it will protect your side better. Of course, it will need a metal core for more robust and robust. So you should prefer the rubber handle because it is non-slip and also offer you a bit of giving that can suffer from a stronger power.

Besides, you should ensure that your handle is well–balanced. It will make you comfortable while at work as well as prevent wrist strain. So the best way to check if the grip is healthy or not is to tough it by your hand, but when buying online, you should check the product description thoroughly.

Select The Blades And The Tips Of The Screwdriver

First is the module. You should always prefer choosing the edge that is corrosion resistant. So, the most common treatment is to coat them in a chrome material. It is essential because once your screwdriver is rust, you can think about throwing it away. And we are always use it outdoor, so we need something that can last longer.

About the tips of the screwdriver, you should prefer reinforced tips. Diamond tips are always the best option among all because they can deal with challenging tasks like a threaded screw. But it is also the most expensive one.

In another case, you should at least choose the reinforced tips that can protect against damage so its lifespan is longer and can better protect your screws.

Select The Easiest – To – Store Product

In our experience, the best screwdriver set always has to have a box. Of course, we all have a tool tote to store all of the household tools. But screwdrivers are still small and easy to be missed in our hundred types of devices, so it will be better if we have a specific box to put it in.

And racks and boxes are always an excellent option for storing the screwdrivers in your house and keep it in order. Also, with the tables, you will find it is easier to bring it along when you need to move or even doing the outdoor tasks.


Q: Does Kutir Come With Any Storage Case?

A: No, it’s just a strong cardboard case, but you can use it as storage, too, if it’s convenient. Cause it has plastic slots for each driver. In the future, we will include a storage box.

Q: Does This Craftsman Set Come With Lifetime Warranty?

A: These screwdrivers come with the Craftsman Hand Tool Full Warranty. The package states, “If this Craftsman hand tool ever fails to provide complete satisfaction, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

Q: Is There A Warranty On The Klein Tools Screwdriver Set?

A: Yes, lifetime for commercial use. The website says, “Klein products, manufactured and sold for commercial or industrial applications, are warranted to be free from defects in materials and artistry for the healthy life of the product.

Q: Does The Cremax Screwdriver Kit Reach The Industrial Level?

A: While there’s nothing wrong with this set, we doubt their intended use would be in an industrial environment. You might want handles with more gripping power.

Q: How Durable Are The Tips Of The Jakemy Screwdriver Set? Are They Quickly Ware Out?

A: We have mine for a couple of years and haven’t noticed any significant wear. The product seems to be well made.


Please remember that the best screwdriver set does not need to be the largest one with so many pieces unless you seriously want to become a professional fixer. So please don’t waste your money on a large set because maybe you will not have a chance to use the vast majority of the game in your lifetime.

The household tool, like a screwdriver set, is a vast market with thousands of brands and millions of products. And the best screwdriver brand is not always the one that provides the best screwdriver set. Besides, this set could be the best for us, but maybe it is not the best for you.

We mean your requirements diverse, so there is no exact definition of the best screwdriver set. There is only the most suitable one for you. And we hope that the information in this article is enough for you to find the best one for your tasks.

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