Painting Tiles Diy – How to Paint Tiles for Your Bathroom? 6 Easy Steps

paint tiles- how to paint tiles for your bathroom? 6 easy steps

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paint tiles- how to paint tiles for your bathroom? 6 easy steps

Are you tired of the current look of your bathroom or kitchen? Do you want something new? There is one easy and economical way to transform the look of the area – tile paint… A fresh coat of paint will weep away all the oldness.

In this article, we will show you how to paint tiles like a pro.

What Is the Tile Paint?

Tile paint is a special product used to paint over various tile materials such as ceramic, porcelain or glass. Interior tiles are dense and impervious, so we have to use tile paint to bond with those imperious substances. tiles-paint-How-to-paint-tiles

Paint Tiles – Tools and Material Needed

You will need a few tools and material for cleaning and painting jobs as below:

  • Scrubbing brushes, sponges, mop
  • Painter’s tape
  • Sandpapers (240 and 600 grit)
  • Brushes and rollers
  • Optional: Tile cleaning product
  • Primer and coat paint

6 Steps – How to Paint Bathroom Tiles?

The bathroom is the most common area in the house that needs to be renovated as its frequent use. Following the 6 steps below will give your bathroom a fresher look without hard work.

Tile Paint – Step 1: Cleaning Tiles Surface


Surface cleaning is a very important step. If you leave any dirt or soap scum on the tiles, they cannot bond well with the paint. Now, scrub them off perfectly. You can use a tile cleaning product for an easy job.

Then, leave it dry there while you do step 2.

Tile Paint – Step 2: Mask the Edges


Use the painter’s tape to mask off the edges, from ceiling to floor. Make sure you have straight edges. If you find any cracks, fill them with a gap filler.

Tile Paint – Step 3: Sanding Tiles for Better Bonding


Sanding will help to roughen up the surfaces for better bonding with the paint. Use the sandpaper 240 grit.

Clean the tiles again with a sponge and water. Let them dry completely.

Tile Paint – Step 4: Applying Paint Primer


The primary tip of painting is to paint the small and tricky areas first using a rush or a mini roller. In this case, you should start with the edges or the areas around the taps and the grout lines.

Then, roll the primer on in a zig-zag pattern, then smooth out. Remember to work from top to bottom.

Note: Remember to stir the paint well and pour the necessary amount into a tray.

Tile Paint – Step 5: Applying the First Coat of Paint

Once the prime layer is dry, you will do another quick sanding with a 240 grit sheet. Wipe down the dirt.

Now apply the first coat.

Tips for perfect painting:

  • Paint a small area in a zig-zag motion, then smooth out
  • Go over the area one more time, from top to base
  • Coat the roller with the paint, then tap at the end so the excess comes off
  • Do not press the roller too hard

Note: You will need to paint 2-3 coats.

Tile Paint – Step 6: Applying the Topcoat


Keep the brushes and rollers in the water while waiting for the first coat to dry.

Once the first coat is dry, use a 600 grit sheet to do another quick sanding, then wipe down the dust.

Apply the topcoat, using the painting tips as above.

Note: Let the paint dry for a day or so.

Bathroom Tile Paint – Frequently Asked Questions

How to Paint Floor Tiles?

If you need to paint the floor tiles, the steps are exactly as we show above. Just remember to clean it thoroughly.

What Tile Paints Should I Use?

For ceramic bathroom tiles, you cannot pick any paint for them. If you use water-based paint, it will ruin your bathroom. The best option is to use waterproof and anti-bacterial paint.

Tile paints are limited in colours (white, black or grey). However, White Knight Tile Paint is tintable to the color of your choice

If you do not have time, there is One Coat Tile Paint that reduces the drying time.

Final Words 

Tile paint is a crucial skill that every homeowner should have. It is a cheap and effective way to give your house a brand new look. We hope the information and the steps above are helpful to you all. Follow that and you can have your job done perfectly.

Check out this video guide from Hometalk to see how the job gets done in one afternoon!