[DIY] How to Build a Deck | Guide to Build a Freestanding Deck

How to build a deck - toolz

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How to build a deck - toolz

Always think about a deck for your outdoor area? And now you got the time to do it. But you’re not sure how to build a deck? Or even get it started?

Don’t you worried! It’s not so hard to build a freestanding deck. Just some timber materials, home tools and a bit of construction knowledge. And follow our guide, you will have a stunning deck for your family to hang around.

Preparation Before Building a Freestanding Deck

Obtain Permits if Needed

Before starting to plan to build a deck, remember to check with your local council if it’s ok to build a deck. Normally, it’ll be fine if your final work doesn’t impinge neighbors’ privacy or too high from the ground.

Make a Plan and Design

Everything you do should have a plan. Got some ideas from magazines or friends’ houses. Do you want to implement for your project? Draft it, ask someone that knows this stuff. They surely can give you some advice on your plan.

If you need ideas to make a design for the deck, check out Plan and Design Decking at the end of this article.

Choose Decking Materials

Whether you decide to build your deck with Timber or Composite, each one of them has its own pros and cons. In this article, we will choose timber to build our new deck.

Build a Deck – Tools and Materials

Materials Needed

  • Treated Pine – 600x90x90(mm) H3 Posts: 8
  • Treated Pine – 2400x140x45(mm) H4 Bearers: 2
  • Treated Pine – 1500x140x45(mm) H4 Joists: 7
  • Merbau – 2450x90x19(mm): 18
  • Merbau – 2438x90x19(mm): 2
  • Merbau – 1590x90x19(mm): 4

Galvanised Fasteners

  • 75 x 3.75mm nails
  • Frame Anchors
  • Bulge Screws 100 x 14G
  • Cuphead bolts 150mm x M12
  • Decking Screw 65mm x 8G

How to Build a Deck – Step by Step

Step 1: Prepare the Working Site

Mark out corners of the area using a string to attach fixed pegs on the ground. Clear all the base surface if needed from weed, rocks, and vegetation. You might use weed-killer spray to avoid them growing back.

Choosing your ideal section of the garden to build a deck is essential. Perfect place to build is on a site that is drain-free.

Step 2: Build and Position the Frame in Place

Measure up and secure the frame with some center bars to support.

Check and make sure, they align in the same level.

Step 3: Install and Secure the Post by Concrete

Install posts in designated positions that you have planned. Concrete the posts in place and let it cure for a while.

Step 4: Level the Frame Before Laying Boards

Bring the frame in and secure it to each post. Use some bricks or wood blocks to have our frame on the same level. Check levels in all corners before using nails and bolts to secure the frame.

Step 5: Lay, Secure All Needed Boards and Finish the Deck

Now, it’s time for laying decking boards. Use a nail to space up between 2 boards. Install fascia board for exposed framing.

A picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million words. Check out the video below to see more ideas and details on how the decking is done!

More Ideas to Build a Freestanding Deck

Check out this awesome video guide from Lowe’s Home Improvement as well to see how they have done the job. You might want to use some of their deck features for your new deck.

Final Words

I hope you find this guide helpful and gave the confidence to start building your own floating deck. If you’re uncomfortable building yourself, call professionals nearby to do the job is highly recommended. Find more detailed guides and tips in our Blog.