Top 5 Best Wood Burning Kits For Crafts & Stippling (Beginners & Professionals) (2021 Reviews)

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Top 5 Best Wood Burning Kits For Crafts & Stippling (Beginners & Professionals) (2021 Reviews)

Engraving on wood or alike surfaces has long been an art. However, the technique needs heat, not ink, that any visual artisan could conduct adequately. 

Making subtle and bold images on woods, leather, or gourds requires specific tips regarding the tip, heat, and other features. We have here the best options that fit both the beginner and professional job. If you are into this act, find your best wood burning kit since it’s mandatory to help you carry on such a project. 

Choosing a useful kit is not as easy as picking a pencil. You need to have a good view of what you are doing and how to use the tool. If you are new to this job, we have some backgrounds you should know before confirming the purchase.

Top 5 Best Wood Burning Kits For Crafts & Stippling 2021

#1 Best Wood Burning Kit For Beginners – Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner

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Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner possesses 4 points, which is fundamental to start with wood-burning craft or even pyrography. You can buy more tips from Hobby Lobby later and install them here due to the easy screw-in set up.

The heat comes fast, but you can control it with a handy switch. The whole set is so easy, to begin with, especially the stencils for newcomers.


  • Multiple basic tips
  • Long cord
  • On/off switch
  • Instruction included
  • Heatshield


  • No heat adjustment

The complete set helps beginners start wood burning crafting with ease. Anyone could do something with the instructions.

#2 Best Wood Burning Kit For Crafts – Weller WSB25WB

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When you want something more than the actual engraving, this Weller WSB25WB with 15 PCs will be a better investment.

The supplier has been so thoughtful with the tool stand and well-organized case. But the specialty here is ultra-light tips, which makes the work so much more effortless.


  • Project book included
  • Versatile
  • High-quality metal
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Compatible with many materials


  • Slightly heavy

It consists of necessary parts for an easy-peasy wood-burning time. So we see it as a suitable option for most people.

#3 Best Wood Burning Kit For Stippling – Walnut Hollow Creative Versa with Versa

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This kit includes 11 different points to help you enlarge your project. Those tips are ready to make a precise cut, burn, shades, and dots. If you are into decorating better, this kit works excellent with stamps.

You can change the heat to get different effects. As a result, we see it bear a lot of creative potentials.


  • Variable temperature
  • Comfortable handle
  • Interchangeable tips
  • Multiple points


  • It is a Little warm on the handle

The incredible shapes and points make this kit the best for stippling and decorating wood surfaces.

#4 Best Budget Wood Burning Kit – drtulz 56PCS Wood Burning Kit

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If you compare the price, it’s not the cheapest. However, looking at the box, you will know immediately how good the deal is. 

You will have stencils, pencils, so many tips, and other accessories to help using burning tools more conveniently. It’s the one you want if you know that you would craft a lot.


  • Multiple points
  • Many accessories
  • On/off switch
  • Tool stand included
  • A one-year warranty 


  • Bulky

Those who do a lot of wood-crafting will love this kit; thanks to the variety of accessories.

#5 Best Versatile Wood Burning Kit – Wood Burning Kit, Uolor 54Pcs

[amazon box=”B079FRS2JM”]

The number of accessories, in this case, is almost as many as in the above. However, this pen develops heat faster and hotter for both easy wood-burning and pyrographing. 

Its robust operation is promising for a lot of different types of crafting. However, you should be the one who can control it.


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Quick heat up
  • Versatile in tips
  • Hot


  • Not for beginners

You must know that this kit can do extensive jobs, so we recommend it for professionals.

How does Wood Burning Tool work?

Wood burning tools look like pens with a handle and a tip. Instead of releasing ink, they mark on the material’s surface using heat. They burn the material in a plan so that the brown burnt shape is the artwork.

How the product looks like at the end depends on the material and significantly the pen tip. 

Typical materials for engraving by burning are wood, leather, soft metals, gourds, and alike. The collection goes larger when we have to count on each thickness, type, and age. They require a different heat level, expose the burnt dissimilarly, and not all-the-same colors. 

The more important part is the pen tips as they leave a trace. The technology in wood burning kits can now help us take control over the color, line thickness, and depths. 

In general, this tool uses heat to draw unremovable marks.

Wood Burning Kits vs. Single Tools

Wood Burning Kits

As the name suggests, kits include more accessories than a single tool. We recommend beginners and commercial wood-burning artisan buying kits if they don’t intend too personal marks.

Besides the several tips and pens, a kit includes other accessories such as stamps, paper, a design kit, and stencils. Considering the number of items, a kit appears a decent and economical choice for beginners. Especially when you get a kit in a case, it looks professional when you carry it around. 

However, you don’t get to choose what makes the set. When artisans want to produce unique and fine lines, introductory offers from the ready-to-go collection don’t look promising.

Single Tools

Then you have to come to single tools. The available tools are to fulfill more specific jobs. Or, when you need something extra from the set, a single tip or pen could be better than buying a whole bunch. These available tools leave artisan more space to customize the cell, and some people like to make unique touches on the tips.

Types of Wood Burning Tool

People usually classify wood-burning tools by function of the tip. Depending on the effects, there are different tips to conduct, from outstanding lines to industrial engraving. 


Craft-style tools capture fundamental works about the wood-burning craft. If you are beginners, we recommend starting with these first. 

The apparent feature lies in the tips. They are thick enough to non-professions see the line and control it. Also, more extensive tips provide specific contact so that the tip grips on the surface better. 

Usually, kits for beginners happen to get a self-heating system and safety shield to make a mess at first trials.

Craft-style tools are simple to use but also disable us from creating a delicate lining. They are better for practice, fill, or to correct considerable gaps.


If you want something for delicate work, wire-nib seems to be better. Wire-nib tools possess much smaller tips as well as the pen body. The size resembles more of a regular paint brush so that users won’t tire their muscles out.

The better thing besides a fine liner is adjustable heat. Because of smaller tips, it’s faster to heat or cool the burning point. As a result, you can change the effect much more simply with a variable heat wire-nib.

To sum up, these tools conduct well in detail description, vibrant effect transfer, and tiny spots. They seem to suit professionals better, but beginners can use them as long as they learn.

Wood Burning Lasers

Laser tools look nothing like pens but more like a printer. It works like a printer, too but releases heat instead of ink.

Wood burning lasers can tackle different projects, from crude drafts to beautiful images, and they can complete them in a short time. You need to connect them with the computer and install the material as well as running the program. 

They are versatile and productive, but the price is shocking, too. Only people who like conducting many wood-burning jobs or agents who make money out of such drawings should use these.

Features to Consider When Choosing A Wood Burning Kit


Low-powered pens heat up slower, and people usually think they are weak. However, let’s think about when you want to move slowly and fixate on details. A slowly heated tip could run through better without leaving black traces.

Powerful pens get hot fast, but users must work fast enough to avoid uneven black lines on the art piece. Therefore, we suggest you think twice at the beginning. 

Temperature Range

Some pens come with a fixed temperature, convenient to drive through the whole process without overthinking the heat. However, the same heat can hardly affect the burn except that you are professional enough.

There are still ones which you can control the heat. They open more opportunities in creating light and dark marks, different thickness, and depth. Also, the variable temperature can cope with other materials.

Tip Types and Styles

Besides the machine part, tips impose undeniable significance in wood-burning tools. They decide the look after all, and you get to choose among multiple options.

Universal Tip

The universal tip can draw both thin and thick lines thanks to the narrow edge. Experienced artisans will know how to hold the pen to vary the sequence. 

Flow Tip

If a universal tip needs too many skills that you don’t possess, this flow tip sounds like a good start. The round tip stabilizes your line on wood and leather. However, with shiny material, this tip would slip easily.

Calligraphy Tip

Calligraphy tips offer unique ways to engrave letters. These tips are various regarding the final look. If you are one who’s interested in wood writing, these tips will be a good friend.


As the name suggests, these fixed tips present a specific shape of the line. Artisans can barely change the look with fixed tips. However, you can make use of the angle to vary slightly.


Interchangeable tips offer easy installation and de-installation. With only one machine, you can set up different recommendations depending on the situation.


Polished tips turn up with a smoother finish. In a wood-burning job on tiny details, a polished tip minimizes unexpected burn and promotes clean marks.


The non-polished are in crude material. Non-polished tips don’t show too many flaws or so. However, when you have slim lines, they might mess up. Artisans have them for filling jobs or random artistic wood burning where they can control the situation.


People would encounter less cramp or tired hands when using small handles. However, they are only compatible with small pen tips.


Price ranges widely because of finish, designs, and functions. It’s essential to know your budget before spending. Useful tools are not necessarily expensive.


It’s best to have a product with adequate guarantees, especially electric parts like wood-burning tools.


A lightweight handle improves portability, but a bit of weight could enhance the movement’s solidity.

On/Off Switch

Wood burning pen with an on/off switch could help you manage the machine effortlessly. It’s not a mandatory feature but seems helpful.

Tool Stand

If you are through a whole day of engraving details, a tool stand sounds safe. Besides, it will be helpful when you wait for a large tip to cool off.

Heat time

The faster it heats up, the faster you have to move, or it burns a spot. Besides, slow heating tips make you wait longer and run slowly.

Cool-down time

Usually, the cool-down time increases when the tip size rises. But it won’t be a problem if you have a tool stand.

Types Of Wood to Work


Pine is one of the inexpensive materials for the wood-burning craft. The bright color and soft texture make it easy to draw, engrave, and burn on it. This material is suitable for beginners.


Maple is still in an affordable price range, and even better, it comes in different shades. The texture is not so soft but solid enough to prevent cracks.


If you want something cheaper than maple but harder than pine, then polar should work out. It is also a friendly material to fix up and craft.


Basswood is bright. Therefore, it’s an excellent base to draw if you craft on wood for the first time.


What is the best wood burning kit to buy?

Weller WSB25WB looks like a good kit for everyone since the set includes multiple tips. Also, the set gives a project book that would be handy for the long-term wood burning craft.

What is the best wood burning kit for beginners?

Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner is the best kit to buy because it includes everything from basic to the fine liner. Also, you can work on multiple surfaces with just a kit.

What is the difference between pyrography and wood-burning?

The difference between the two is material. Wood burning is crafting by heat on wood, but pyrography means on any surface.

Does Hobby Lobby sell wood-burning kits?

Walnut Hollow is a fine set for the wood-burning kit by Hobby Lobby that you would love to buy.

Final Words 

When it comes to crafting, we pick user-friendly products such as Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner, our best wood burning tool kit. It’s easy to set for anyone from elementary to professional competence. However, you have to consider your condition to find the best wood burning kit for you.

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