Top 7 Best Table Saws For Beginners & Professionals with Different Usages (2021 Reviews)

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Top 7 Best Table Saws For Beginners & Professionals with Different Usages (2021 Reviews)

When it comes to woodworking, the table saw is the first tool that you should purchase. It’s suitable for a wide range of jobs, from heavy-duty to DIY projects. Besides the band saw, miter saw, and other types, the best table saw could be a better assistant to perform the lovely cut. 

The problem with purchasing a table saw now is that people have too many options. To drag the best out of stores, you need to know fundamental knowledge about this tool and features to consider. Last but not least, a list of recommended products could make your browsing time shorter. We have got all you need here to make the best choice.

Top 7 Best Table Saws For Beginners & Professionals 2021 Reviews

There are thousands of table saws in the market nowadays. When you click on the keyword, there are tons of options, and you don’t pick faster but get confused. Here are the top 7 best table saws that we consider in all perspectives. Let’s save time by visiting our list first.

#1 Best Table Saw Overall – DEWALT DW745

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DEWALT DW745 is one of the first brands that you come to for saws. This table saw represents multiple advantages but let’s talk about the ones that prevail. 

The motor is no joke. A 15 amp and high-torque engine enables you to tackle a wide range of wood, even hard pieces or lumber. Its 3850 rpm speed guarantees to complete the job in no time waiting. And you know, the faster it cuts, the cleaner the cut finishes. 

The rip fence is extensive. You can reach a 20-inch rip capacity. And, pieces with thickness up to 3 1/8 inches can go quickly through this table saw and turn out beautiful. The large rip fence appears handy to perform accurate calculations and straightforward repairs. 

With all the extensive features, this saw weighs only 45 pounds and no stand attached. You can get a mobile perspective to put it on and bring this tool anywhere you need. 

Besides, DEWALT DW745 also comes with a detailed design. It completes with perfection through details like tool-free adjustors, locks for the stand, and modular guard. 


  • Portable
  • Secure lock
  • High rip capacity 
  • Powerful to cut hardwood
  • Easy cast iron tabletop
  • 3-year warranty


  • Inefficient exhaust port
  • Excluded saw stand

Considering its power in woodworking, DEWALT DW745 seems a potential candidate for users at different professional states. Besides, this brand is renowned for producing quality tools.

#2 Best Table Saw for Beginners – SKIL 3410-02

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If you are looking for an easy piece to practice woodworking, SKIL 3410-02 is cool to pick. This machine contains simplicity that you don’t need to read instructions but carry on the job smoothly.

It’s a small table saw with mobile saw stand but let’s set aside its portability. The tabletop is cast aluminum, which is both flat and sturdy for the different wood jobs. Moreover, it’s so handy that you can extend it from 20 to 32 inch, to fit your project size. For beginners, it’s a crucial help.

The self-aligning rip fence means another support for amateurs. You must have been through certain practices then the cut looks satisfying. However, when you have extra help to perform accuracy, your road to professional woodworking seems more comfortable. 


  • Extendable tabletop
  • Able to cut through thick wood pieces
  • Heavy-duty stand
  • Accurate rip fence
  • Reasonable price


  • Chunky fence

Affordability and easy to use are two critical factors to make a saw friendly to beginners. And, this SKIL 3410 can fulfill such bullet points.

#3 Best Table Saw for Professionals – Hitachi C10RJ

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If somebody knows about Hitachi Power Tools, they will love this Hitachi C10RJ. The powerful engine, now so-called Metabo HPT, offers a 15 Amp motor with a 4500 RPM speed. It’s precisely a heavy-duty table saw that professionals need. 

Being assertive, but the machine is user-friendly. The maker puts on a soft start system to help the engine generate without making too much noise and recoil. Hence, you can even place it at the home workshop without affecting living quality.

The tabletop and blade speak for its serious design. It can go through thick pieces in 45 degrees and waste no time to wait. The tabletop, which can extend with a telescoping system, enhances ripping capacity in a blink. 

The best feature of this professional tool is the foldable frame. You can make it compact enough and push it around with handy wheels. It’s easier to work with such a thoughtful design. 


  • Extra powerful engine
  • Less noisy and less vibration
  • Quick stop
  • Able to handle bucky pieces
  • Extendable tabletops
  • Affordable price


  • Slow customer service

At an affordable price point, Hitachi C10RJ with Metabo HPT will significantly support professional woodworking projects. All features it includes are perfect for tough jobs.

#4 Best Table Saw for Plywood – Shop Fox W1819

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Plywood is soft but comfortable to tear out. If you think only hardwood needs a powerful saw, you’re dead wrong. Clean cut through plywood must be done with considerable power, and better with a table saw rather than a hand saw. Shop Fox W1819 is one that promises beautiful cuts through this material. 

The first feature to guarantee is the cast-iron tabletop, which could stabilize that thin, soft piece in place. The whole T-slot miter gauge and rip fence will help users dealing with placement and enhance accuracy. The critical part is the blade, which can cut fast through. 

Shop Fox W1819 offers a whole handy manipulation system. All accessories are removable so that you have enough space to work. And you are safe thanks to the security system to prevent danger at the blade spot and electricity.


  • Easy to customize
  • Safety system for electricity
  • Sturdy cast-iron tabletop
  • Fantastic guiding system for accuracy
  • Durable


  • Expensive 

This mighty beast is the best to cope with plywood to search for in the market. It deserves a spot in your note for all of the features it offers.

#5 Best Table Saw for Cabinet Making – SAWSTOP 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw

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Cabinet saw it is usually an expensive purchase, but it lasts for professional woodworkers. This SAWSTOP professional cabinet saw is one of the best tools we found for cabinet making because of the following features. 

It has got a professional design. The saw is ready from light to bulky material pieces. With the professional rip fence for the 30-inch ruler, you are able to perform precise cuts. Its dust collector also works very well in cleaning 99% of the dust pieces. 

The best about this cabinet saw is its safety system. The machine is built to stop in less than 5 seconds, which is so secure to saw with. And when it is not working, the blade will automatically go under the tabletop, keep everything around safe and sound until you reset.

It weighs a lot, but the maker adds a mobile base to construction to help the user move more quickly. 


  • A large blade
  • T-shape rip fence
  • Effective dust collection 
  • Durable machine 
  • Mobile


  • Expensive

It’s worth your money once you know that you need such a cabinet making and makes use of its capacity. SawStop professional cabinet saw is for professionals.

#6 Best Table Saw for Small Shops/ Workshops – Powermatic PM1000

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Powermatic PM1000 will be one of the worthy pieces to start up a wood workshop. It’s cheaper than a cabinet saw but stable and heavy-duty enough. Let’s take a closer look.

The whole machine is made of cast iron, including the tabletops. Therefore, it would be too heavy to move around but who needs to drag a saw everywhere in a workshop? In return, the weight ensures ultimate security to the ground, vibrates the least, and operates smoothly. You can do a precise cut provided it’s stable.


  • Stable and flat cast-iron surface
  • Less vibration
  • Miter gauge with 60 degree
  • Precise to cut


  • Expensive
  • Hard to move around 

A stable and sturdy table saw is what Powermatic PM 1000 is. And, a workshop needs such a thing to guarantee productivity.

#7 Best Budget Table Saw – DEWALT Table Saw for Jobsite

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If it comes to budget, a portable table saw will be the best. DEWALT table saw for Jobsite is what we picked for those who want to invest the least but get the best. 

It is capable of multiple woodworking tasks with a variety of materials, including plywood. You can easily adjust the tabletop, rip fence, and other details to make it more comfortable to control. 


  • Terrific price
  • Powerful
  • Easy customization
  • Versatile


  • Small for heavy-duty job

DEWALT Table saw for Jobsite is the right choice for hobbyists and DIYs. It’s the one that you can carry along. 

Types of Table Saw

The diversity of the table saw is not only from brands or makers but also from categories. There are five main types in this group that you should know before getting closer to choosing any item. 

Compact Table Saw

The compact table saw is close to the benchtop. Therefore, both types share similarities. They include a stand and the tabletop, which is usually cast iron. Because of its compact size, users can drag them around easily. However, it’s best for light-duty projects. These saws are suitable for hobbyists or beginners in woodworking. 

Portable Table Saw

The portable table saw is mobile, as the name suggests. Its portability draws considerable attention from woodworkers since who doesn’t like something to carry around. It offers limited capacity, but if you are experienced, it could be a great assistant.

Contractor Table Saw

The contractor table saw is a stationary saw which users can hardly move around. Because of its heavy-duty and a base that vibrates the least, you can make an adorable cut on this tabletop. Among three types of stationary saws, this one appears the most portable.

Cabinet Table Saw

Cabinet saw she is the one for professionals. It’s robust and heavy-duty for whatever project you demand. It may cost a fortune but work for you for decades. Cabinet saws look compact, but most parts are metal, so the overall weight is heavy. 

Hybrid Table Saw

Hybrid saw caries features of both contractor and cabinet saws. It could be both sturdy and portable.

Features to Consider When Choosing A Table Saw

Knowing your options is as essential as circling what features to consider. Each type offers you hundreds of models that differ in detail. Let’s go through it one by one and grab the best item of all.


The most important part of table saws must be tabletops. They appear in the spot where you put materials on, perform the cuttings, and other actions. Good tabletops must be flat to place the material stably, sturdy to operate with the least vibration. Usually, we can tell from the material.

Iron Top

Cast and non-cast iron tops have become more and more popular in making tabletops. They are heavy-duty and robust. People can easily create a flat surface from the cast-iron plates of the material itself. However, cast iron shows less portability because of the weight.

Aluminum Top

Aluminum tops are no worse in flatness. Besides, this material is certainly more portable and even rust-resistant. Both aluminum and cast iron are low at electricity conduction, so the safety is equal.

When you work with an aluminum plate, you must pamper it more since the surface is vulnerable to scratches. 

Safety Features

When we work with any saws, safety is a big concern—the danger usually from the knife and guard placement. 

Riving Knife

A riving knife will be an effective shield from the blade. Many table saws include it in the set, and you should take ones with this safety method for your good.

Blade Guard

The blade guard is meant to keep you safe from working blades. However, it seems to work better at stopping wood from spinning off the table. The table saw blade turns fast, and the guard is not so effective at saving you in a blink. However, more is better than less. It’s better for a table saw to possess all safety gears.

Rip Capacity

Ripping capacity decides how large your working space is, technically. The standard sizes range from 28, 20 to 50 inches. For sure, the larger it is, the more comfortable you can work. However, you should relate to your standard material dimension and pick an appropriate distance.

Rip Fence

The rip fence is meant to help you make precise cutting. It looks like a guide attached to the tabletops, and it should cover from the front to the back to thoroughly assist your work. Both side rip fences could be the best since you can scale complete angels.

Dust Collection

If you saw wood already, you will know how dusty it is when the cut happens. Therefore, a dust collection integrated with a table saw could be a thoughtful feature. It may be more expensive to purchase a table saw with a dust collector, but your working space will be healthier.


What’s the best table saw to buy?

DEWALT table saws are the best to purchase because of their affordable price points and sufficient functions.

What is the best table saw for a beginner?

The best table saw for beginners should be SKIL 3410-02 for its simplicity and self-explanatory operation.

What is the best affordable table saw?

Best affordable table saws are usually portable ones. They are compact and straightforward so that users can carry them. And to be so, the materials and design happen not to be so complicated. 

What is the safest table saw?

The safest table saws should be ones that you feel comfortable to operate. It should include all safety features like a riving knife and blade guard to minimize risks. However, comfort means a lot, too.  

Final Words 

If you want a thing for a wide range of woodworking, a DEWALT DW745 will fit. It can stay indoor and be easy to carry outside. More importantly, it shows sufficient features to help with a wide range of projects.

However, when you want a professional saw, it’s better with a cabinet saw than the SawStop Professional Cabinet Saw. It’s necessary to consider it carefully as the price is high.

Bonus: DIY Table Saw

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