Top 11 Best Mulching Blades for The Garden (2021 Reviews)

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Top 11 Best Mulching Blades for The Garden (2021 Reviews)

Mulching blades are essential for your lawn if you want a nice looking and clean lawn. Using the mulching blade, the grass cut becomes small pieces, and the decomposing process will not take much time anymore. However, there are many available offers on the market these days. 

To help you choose the best mulching blade, this article synthesized and reviewed some products. Additionally, you will be accommodated with many useful buying guides. Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s start to explore them now!

Top 11 Best Mulching Blades for The Garden 

#1 Best Mulching Blade For Push Mower: Maxpower 331906B Mulching Blade

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This module consists of all the fittings and washers needed for most mowers. Being a high-lift blade, it will suck clippings into a bagger directly. Besides, its 2 ¼ inches thickness is sufficiently light to deal with 21-inch mowers without any trouble. 


  • Easy to install
  • Multiple circular inserts
  • Aggressive cutting angle


  • Might not fit several mower brands

As the blade does not have serrated teeth, you should not use it for grass clippings or leaves. It will work best with a bagger. 

#2 Best Mulching Blade For Toro 22″ Recycler: Toro 59534P Mower Replacement Blade

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This module deals well with any thick types of grass. It can cut thick grass precisely and smoothly all over the place. Also, this blade still works perfectly under any weather conditions. 

For mulching, it has a lift holding the grass clippings instead of a bag. So, it serves as a fertilizer, making your lawn more amazing and beautiful. 


  • Working well in rainy weather
  • Immensely sharp blade
  • Precise grass mulching


  • Being compatible with only Toro mowers

This Toro 59534P mulching blade can get stuck if you do not use it in the Toro mower. Besides, you should sharpen it after 2-3 times use so it cannot get dull. 

#3 Best Mulching Blade For Ego Mower: EGO Power+ AB2101 Mulching Blade

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The EGO Power+ AB2101 model comes with an efficient grass clippings’ bagging. Besides, it is equipped with Genuine EGO parts, giving you quality and compatibility. This module has also received many good reviews for its high durability. Indeed, it can work more effectively than the stock blade. 


  • High sheerness
  • Debris is suctioned up
  • Great purchase and high value


  • Much power needed

Overall, this steel blade offers a clean-cut and excellent cutting performance to boost lawn health. However, you should use it with the corresponding lawn mower brand. 

#4 Best Mulching Blades For Zero Turn Mowers: MTD 9420741A Mulching Blade

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When it comes to famous companies specializing in the production of coated blades, MTD is a must-see manufacturer. The coating blades produced by this company are durable and reliable. MTD 9420741A Mulching Blade is just such a product.

At 21 inches long, this blade is an original part of the MTD. It is well suited for all types of lawnmowers, especially rear (self-propelled) lawnmowers. However, you should not use it with lawnmowers that have cast aluminum floors.


  • Perfect length
  • Original equipment MTD part
  • Fits most types of lawnmowers


  • Might have discoloration

You will be amazed by what the MTD 9420741A Mulching Blade has to offer. With high strength, this coating blade can last for many years. Additionally, its 21-inch length and original partial MTD design allow it to fit a wide variety of lawn mowers.

#5 Best Mulching Blade For Leaves: Maxpower 561714B Mulching Blade

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The Maxpower 561714B Mulching Blade has a 2-piece design, so it fits well with various lawnmowers from famous brands such as Poulan, Craftsman, or Husqvarna. This mulching blade will not cause you to re-plow the grass after cutting, thanks to the 5-point central hole.

Additionally, Maxpower 561714B Mulching Blade is also suitable for rural use as it is highly resilient. In particular, obstacles such as rocks or other objects are not the opponents of this mulching blade.

The Maxpower 561714B Mulching Blade’s snug design is also heavy to tackle small grass clusters up to 4 inches thick.


  • Smooth and neat cut
  • Design fit
  • High performance


  • Hard to sharpen

Maxpower 561714B Mulching Blade is a powerful product that can handle any stubborn grass. Sustainability makes it possible to cope with challenging tasks. Also, the superior design with a 5-point star-shaped center hole results in smooth cuts.

#6 Best Mulching Blade For Snapper: Snapper 2049 Mulching Blade

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Snapper 2049 Mulching Blade is the best 22-inch thrust blade available today. With its outstanding performance, it can replace a wide variety of lawnmowers.

One of the highly-appreciated advantages of this product is its one-sharp edge design. This sharp edge will help it grip and cover the blades. So the operational flexibility of Snapper 2049 Mulching Blade is impressive.

At an affordable price, you also do not have to break the bank to own it. The installation is also relatively easy and effortless.


  • Durable
  • Can replace many models
  • Easy to install


  • Does not vacuum very well

Snapper 2049 Mulching Blade is the right product worthy of its price tag. It’s great to find a thrusting blade that can take the place of many lawnmowers. Moreover, the high durability of this product makes many people excited.

#7 Best Mulching Blade For Riding Lawn Mower: Oregon G3 Gator Mulching Blade

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If you are looking for an alternative to lawn mowers like Ariens, Husqvarna, or 54-inch Craftsman, you should check out the Oregon G3 Gator Mulching Blade. This G3 blade from Oregon is made of sturdy material, so its durability is impressive. It can withstand the weight thanks to its 0.187-inch thick design and 2-3 / 4-inch width.

Besides, the Oregon G3 Gator Mulching Blade will help you reduce the burden of use because it has a substantial lift. The manufacturer has also equipped it with a set of serrations for quick handling of stubborn grass.


  • Durable
  • Can bear the weight
  • Strong lifting force


  • Might be dull

Overall, the Oregon G3 Gator Mulching Blade is a good product that you should not ignore. This mulching blade’s powerful lift allows it to cope with the weight that many others cannot handle. Additionally, it is also durable.

#8 Best Mulching Blade For Toro Super Recycler: Maxpower 331376XB Mulching Blade

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You do not have to worry about the Maxpower 331376XB Mulching Blade’s compatibility as it is suitable for a wide variety of lawnmowers. This Mulching Blade measures 22 inches long with 2.34 inches wide – designed to fit.

Also, even if you start the engine, the Maxpower 331376XB Mulching Blade won’t make annoying noises and vibrations. The ability to operate quietly and smoothly is a bright plus point of this product.

This mulching blade also has a long life thanks to its durable material. If you are having trouble with thick grass, you should get it right away.


  • Works smoothly
  • Anti-noise
  • It is easy to handle thick grass


  • The blade must be sharpened after a period of use

Maxpower 331376XB Mulching Blade can be useful and make no noise. It is a product worth buying. You also do not have to replace it often because of its fantastic durability.

#9 Best Mulching Blade For Honda Mower: Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade

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For those looking for a mulching blade for their Honda lawn mower, the Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade is the right choice. This blade unit is designed to fit with high performance.

It can easily handle thick grass bushes without difficulty. The flat design at the edge and thick to hold with a total size of 20.75 inches will also make you more comfortable using it. Honda is a famous global brand, so the Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade’s reliability and sustainability are beyond doubt.


  • Convenient design
  • Easy to use
  • Works effectively


  • Only suitable for Honda HRX lawnmowers

When it comes to the high-performance mulching blade, the Honda 08720-VH7-000 Mulching Blade has always been at the forefront. The durable and ergonomic design will help you reduce the difficulty of installation and use.

#10 Best Mulching Blade For Husqvarna: Maxpower 561713XB Mulching Blade

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The Maxpower 561713XB Mulching Blade is 21 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. This Mulching Blade from Maxpower can cut and fit into Husqvarna’s lawn mowers.

Besides, it also has outstanding strength and a 5-star hole. This design will make it easier to use even if you are not a pro. Maxpower 561713XB Mulching Blade also meets OEM specifications.


  • Durable
  • Can handle thick grass
  • Suitable for many lawnmowers


  • Might have discoloration

Maxpower 561713XB Mulching Blade will take care of your lawn when you start using a mulching blade. It is great to have a powerful product that can help you get rid of those obnoxious grass. In particular, it can fit many lawnmowers.

#11 Best Mulching Blade For Troy Bilt: Maxpower 561556 Mulching Blade

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The total cutting area that the Maxpower 561556 Mulching Blade provides is 42 inches with a blade length of 21 inches. Not only is it compatible with Troy-Bilt, MTD mowers, but also hard-to-repair Toro lawnmowers.

This product has a high degree of flexibility, so many people believe and choose it. Besides, its high cutting power also helps you handle a large grass area in no time.


  • Suitable for many lawnmowers
  • Large blade
  • The total cutting area is up to 42 inches.


  • May be dull

Maxpower 561556 Mulching Blade is the ideal choice for a wide variety of lawnmowers. This mulching blade has both an impressive capacity and a large cutting area. You will not have to spend a lot of time on thick grass.

Why Do You Need A New Mulching Blade?

The first advantage that a mulching blade can give you is its efficiency. To be specific, it helps you save time a lot as you do not need to do the mulching manually. So, you can do more important tasks and become more productive. 

Secondly, as its name says it all, it is designed to make mulching easier and more efficient. It means you do not need to suffer from high vibration and strain when using the mulching blade. 

Besides, mulching contributes to the health of your soil. Apparently, the magic will start when your soil is mulched, as the mulch will be composed of manure, composts, and rich components. 

Another benefit of using the mulching blade is that it ensures maximum efficiency. As you may know, the blades might wear off after several times use. This causes the mulcher to be less efficient and forces the mulching process to take more time. That is why you should replace the blade from time to time when you see it is full and blunt. 

Last but not least, the mulching blade keeps your lawn cool and increases the precision in mulching. Specifically, the mulch bounces off the sun’s heat effectively and absorbs vapor, which will cool down the lawn. 

How Do Mulching Blades Work?

The mulching blade is used to chop and blow the leaves out of the mower. This blade is different from other types as it has extra teeth. By that, it can destroy leaves on every rotation. However, having the mulching blade might not be enough for a nice-looking lawn. 

So, you should mow your grass to help the mulching process be productive. For this reason, you should use the mulching blade to nourish the soil better. 

Features to Consider When Choosing a Mulching Blade

Right Size

When selecting a replacement blade, you should focus on the part number. For example, you need 2 to 4 blades to buy a riding mower, depending on the mower’s bigness. At the same time, universal blades fit almost all mower types. So, you can opt for those models. 

Blade Replacing

You should keep in mind to turn off the engine before replacing the blades. To remove the nut or bolt holding the blade, you should use the appropriate size tool. If not, you would end up with a smashed-up hand or a rounded bolt head. Besides, you should use a piece of steel or timber to keep the blades from spinning. 


It will be smart when you choose a high-quality mulching blade. You will be at ease to think about its durability. Besides, a blade with an anti-rust coating is a must as it can still function appropriately after being used for a few years. 


You will be pleased when buying the mulching blade from a brand providing a good warranty system. Such a system allows you to return or change the product in case the blade is not compatible with the lawnmower. In case you receive faulty modules, this is also convenient for you to get a replacement or a refund. 


There are some pointed mounting holes with mulching blades. Among them, 5-pointed star, 6-pointed star, and bowtie are the most common. These shapes of the center hole are the simplest for the installation process. As long as you use the matching spindles, it is easy to install and remove 5-point or 6-point star shapes. 


Everyone wants to spend their money on the right purchase. First, you can pay attention to the product’s material. Then, the corrosion resistance is worth checking. It would be better to select a mulching blade that can be unaffected by water. 

Angle of Curvature

This feature will be worth considering if your lawn is full of thicker grass. A great angle of curvature enables the blade to trim the grass. However, the angle of curvature can shred up some lawn parts that you do not want to cut off if you are careless. 


In case you opt for a specifically shaped mulching blade, you should check the depth and the ripping capacity through the deck. Also, the application might affect efficiency. For example, the bagging mulching blade is suitable to clip taller grass. But they still can cut the previous smaller grasses over and over. 


You should try to opt for reputable brands. Otherwise, you should take notice of some high-quality product suppliers. If you are not sure about it, asking other people, having tried several products before, will be a good idea. At the same time, you can check some testimonials and reviews on the web. 

Lawn Mower Blade Types

Standard/Discharging Blades

This type is the most popular blade. Its curved-up design provides an efficient cut and constant airflow. People also call it a lifting blade. 

Lifting Blades

There are three subcategories of the lifting ones, including low-lift, medium-lift, and high-lift ones. The low-lifting blade requires less HP. In contrast, the high-lifting blade needs more horsepower, correspondingly. To choose the suitable one, you should think about your grass density and height. 

Mulching Blades

The mulching ones seem to be functional as they can do three actions immediately. They cut the grass and suck it into their deck. Then, the deck chops grass into small pieces and pushes these small clippings back to the lawn. This type has additional cutting and curved surfaces to carry out multi-tasks. 

Mulching Blade Installation 

The installing process is not so complicated. Firstly, you disconnect the plug and turn the mower so that the carburetor will be on the high side. Then, you find the Bottom part and put the mulching blade over the spindle. After that, you place the washer onto the blade and tighten a nut. 

For a solid tightening, you should use a long-handled wrench. Remember to use work gloves to avoid hand injuries. Finally, you turn the mower back to its original position and reconnect the plug wire.  


Do mulching blades cut better?

A mulching blade can cut better when it comes with a greater curvature angle. This feature allows the blade to cut more grass at a quicker speed. 

How well do mulching blades work?

Almost all people appreciate the work of mulching blades. They are excellent options for lawns or overgrown grass. Besides, mulching is an environmentally friendly method to solve grass clippings. 

What is an extreme mulching blade?

The extreme mulching blade brings users a beautiful looking lawn. It has a unique blade to trim grass clippings finer than those standards. Additionally, it can chop 50% more grass when mulching. 

Can you put mulching blades on any mower?

Yes, the mulching blades can be put on almost any mower. The prerequisite condition to do that is that the blade fits the deck and is secured tightly. 

Final Words

This article recommends this model as the best choice: Maxpower 561714B Mulching Blade. This module works well with many brands and is sturdy enough for long time utilization. Otherwise, you can choose Maxpower 561556 Mulching Blade for its capability of completely cutting 50-inch grass. It also comes with three lawn mower blades, providing high-speed efficiency. 

After reading this article, you know what factors to consider before shopping for a mulching blade. Besides, reading reviews thoroughly is also an excellent way to start with your best mulching blade option. Hopefully, you find this article helpful. 

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