Top 7 Best Dado Blades For The Money (2021 Reviews)

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Top 7 Best Dado Blades For The Money (2021 Reviews)

What are dado blades, and what can they make in wood crafting? Here is some background information as well as recommendations.

Dado blades are necessary for making precise joint cuts on wood. However, they are complicated when we have to find differences in use, design, and functions.

What are the best dado blades for the money? It’s a tricky question when people all want the best stuff but not the high price. The good news is we don’t have to spend too much on a blade if we know precisely its use afterward and how to pick. We’ve got some leads as well as recommendations on the top pick in the market.

Top 7 Best Dado Blades 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Dado Blade For Dewalt Table Saw: DEWALT DW7670

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The best thing about this dado blade DEWALT DW7670 is its teeth. The carbide material with fine cut has made it very good to produce a precise cut, even on plywood.

The stacked blades within high-quality material will guarantee any industrial project, not just one Dewalt table saw.

Besides, we praise the thoughtful design of the producer in terms of the case. The blade itself could resist rust; however, the best protection is an excellent case to prevent unexpected concussion and chipping. If you want a heavy-duty blade that lasts, it is the one.


  • Laser-cut teeth 
  • Chippers included
  • Case included
  • High-quality for a clean cut


  • Not so great chipper

There aren’t many brands better than DEWALT. This dado blade is the perfect match for table saws because of its heavy-duty capacity. 

#2 Best Dado Blade For Radial Arm Saw- Freud 8″ x 24T Super Dado Sets

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It’s always better to opt for a set instead of single blades. Freud’s Super dado set is not just a bonus but also a high-quality one. And even better, this is the best bang for the buck. The teeth were under treatment of laser, grinding and also brazing with a silver coat. Hence, quality is not a joke here. You literally can go through hardwoods and laminates with better precision. 

In addition, we’re sure this set is built to last since you can resharpen the teeth when you want. However, to come to that stage, you need to take a lot of time dulling the Micrograin carbide tips.


  • Affordable
  • Versatile
  • Carrying case included
  • Silver coating
  • Heavy-duty


  • Inaccurate template

High quality and affordable price are the benefits of this Freud model. When people are considering a light purchase for an arm saw, this blade is one of the best.

#3 Best Dado Blade For Plywood – IRWIN Dado Blade Set

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When it comes to plywood, we have to consider the cutting process. The blade must be tough enough to go through but flexible enough to keep this vulnerable material intact. Now we’ve found the one – IRWIN Dado blade set.

This blade is so sharp that you can cut through metal plates. The edge has been through excessive technology in Italy to possess such a smooth finish along with resistance from heat to make good cuts no matter what.

The set also comes with chipper, spaces, and shims, which is so great for professional work. You can match it with both arms saw and table saw because of the universal size.


  • Versatile in making grooves
  • Resharpenable
  • Smooth coating
  • Heat resistant


  • No case included

This IRWIN is a blade to last. We trust it in tackling tricky material like plywood or even metal due to the precise and smooth edge.

#4 Best Dado Blade For Sawstop – Oshlun SDS-0630

[amazon box=”B0012YILDQ”]

This Oshlun SDS-0630 staggers us with 16 stacked blades. This blade is the one when you want premium precision in the next project.

The 16 blades have spoken for the cut’s quality, but we need to consider other features. Then we find out how to go and build this thing.

The chipper is not half-way but fully circular with five teeth. The teeth add up to the blade’s saw and enhance easy and smooth cutting.

And not only for the table saw, but the arm saw can also work with this blade if the capacity allows. We’re so glad to find out about the size of the offer. This one is 6” but you can get the same one with 8” so that you can get in with more length.


  • Terrific price
  • Shim included
  • Full-body chippers
  • Versatile for different tools
  • Case included


  • Slow sewing

This Oshlun dado blade is stunningly precise for any wood crafting. For SawStop or another machine, it would do excellent work.

#5 Best Dado Blade For Box Joints- Freud 8″ x 20T Box Joint Cutter Set

[amazon box=”B000ASGV1E”]

Box joint is a severe joint to make when you have to conduct precise but clean cuts. Also, the box joint becomes more and more popular in wood crafting because of the joint’s durability. Therefore, when we search for a dado blade, we consider the quality of the cut and the effect on different materials. Then we find this Freud Box Joint Cutter set.

It had conducted its mission very well thanks to the high-quality blades and stable structure.

With only this set, you can tackle multiple kinds of wood from hard to soft, laminates to plywood. As you know, most of them impose a high risk of chipping and are not able to represent box joints.

Freud Box joint with silver I.C.E. coating prevents even slight effects on the material, keeps the surface clean and smooth no matter what. 

Also, the set provides very detailed instructions to introduce the function of the blade. You cannot go wrong, as well as you cannot pick wrong when you go for this option. 


  • Thorough instruction 
  • Versatile in materials
  • Complete set 
  • Silver coating


  • Not for arm saw

Freud is a good brand when we search for dado blades. And with this set, we’re so proud of their effects on making precise cuts.

#6 Best Dado Blade For Bosch 4100- Freud 6″ x 10T Pro Dado Set

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Bosch is a robust table saw that needs a compatible blade to get fully effective. Then we found this Pro Dado Set. This lineup provides different sizes from 6 to 10 inches so get what you want. 

As a Freud product, it inherits high-quality material and careful coating. Bosch is a long-lasting machine, so the blade that comes with it should be compatible not only in size but also in lifespan.

Freud ProDado set offers silver coating technology and clean-cut to work on sensitive material such as chip wood and laminates. You can conduct multiple joints with only this set, and isn’t that what a professional needs?

The producer has also made them a safer tool to work with by the anti-kickback operation. You could be in a busy project or a newcomer to wood crafting, but this one will work either way.


  • Silver coating
  • Thorough set
  • Versatile joint makers
  • Versatile material
  • Safe-operation design


  • Not such a good case

Freud is an excellent spot to start searching, and you can always find something like this one; we are glad that it can match with multiple machines and provide great results.

#7 Best Dado Blade For Dwe7491rs – Freud 10″ x 50T Combination Blade

[amazon box=”B0000225V8″]

Dwe7491rs is a table saw with a heavy-duty operation. Therefore, a 10” blade could fit in. Again, we find out nothing better than this Freud set. 

This single saw must be professional since it can conduct a very fine cut. It’s slightly different from other Freud blades when here you will see the more advanced design. The carbide and laser-cut teeth keep the products up for higher precision and less chipping.

Also, the large gullet keeps your way clear out of ripping. All of these features are to make a perfect joint.

Besides, we want you to know about the anti-vibration that keeps the work up with better productivity. Beginners who wish for a good start may wish to try this one.


  • Laser-cut
  • Anti-vibration
  • Carbide 
  • Non-stick coating
  • Fast chip removing


  • Too heavy-duty to set on arm saws
  • No case included

This is a heavy-duty blade that you should invest in once you become professional. It has impressive technology for making the finest cuts.

Features to Consider When Choosing The Best Dado Blade


Different dado blades produce additional precision when we cut in the groove. It’s not always that people want the more precise cut because of the project requirement. So first, you should know the effect that you want.

To judge the precision, we can look at the number of teeth and the size. Usually, dado blades with larger circular and more teeth can produce better precise grooves.


What we usually see are metal dado blades, but there are still ones in plastic. Usually, we choose metal saws when we want to craft with wood but preparing other softer material doesn’t need them.

Therefore, it’s essential to know which one can tackle your project and choose just the right force for that. 


People always want to buy things that last, including dado blades, but how to tell? How a product lasts depends on the material, as the first feature to analyze.

Also, it’s essential to see the construction if it includes more blades, substitute ones that can last longer. 


The compatibility to the saw decides how effective the blade works. We recommend picking the small edges to work on a smaller saw. For example, bench saws should go along with a 6-inch blade instead of an 8-inch since the power is not enough. 

With a contractor saw, it offers a broader range of power to install more design of the blades.

Diameter Size

The size will affect the power, naturally. However, what we consider the most about size is the difference in the number of teeth.

The bigger the blade is, the more teeth it has and the more precisely it will cut.

However, it’s essential to match the size of the saw you have. As mentioned before, we must join the powerful blade with a powerful machine so that the product remains the best. Or, it will be just a waste of money and even dangerous to users.

Dado Blade Types


Stacked dado blades are one with double complete circular ones in a set. Usually, they offer more teeth no matter what size, so professionals prefer this type better.

The design of stacked blades ensures a more robust and precise cut that a professional project needs.

Besides, this type usually comes with a chipper blade that is not circular but half and smaller compared to the main blades. This little part is to hollow out the groove, but it doesn’t promise high precision because of the limited number of teeth.


Wobble is a single circular blade, but this one can do back and forth spinning. It’s available, so users can adjust the size more easily by exposing more or less circular areas.

Wobble dado blades are the best to cut a perfect horizontal groove, but the precision is not as much as the above.

Common Joints with Dado Blades

With dado blades, you can do several joints on wood. Here are typical recommendations:

The Dado Joint

Dado’s joint is a basic one that could happen on any spot of the surface. This joint offers a hollow on one surface and a trimmed edge on the other to match together. This joint provides a complete perpendicular angle.

The Rabbet

Rabbet joint is on edge. Usually, we make it to join the angle of each wooden plate.

The Finger Joint

A finger joint is a zig-zag joint on both pieces, which look like fingers in and out. Joining them together is like entering the fingers of both hands together. 

This joint shows stunning commitment after being joint and glued together. And also, this technique is to join the edge of each wooden piece.

The Tenon

Tenon joint promotes rectangular or square to match in a mortise hole. It’s more precise than the dado joint and needs a higher technique. Also, the final result means a much more stable joint.


Why are dado blades illegal?

Dado blades happen to get another name, which is a table saw. Without the guard when not in use, it shows a particular risk to people’s surroundings. Therefore, in the U.K., it’s banned from industrial use.

Can you use an 8-inch dado blade on a 10-inch table saw?

The blade’s size must be compatible with the capacity of the saw so that it maximizes the power and remains safe.

The more powerful the saw is, the wider choice you can decide on blades. 

What is an adjustable dado blade?

The adjustable dado blades mean the possibility to change in cutting size. The wobble blades are those as you can steep the thing to enlarge the circular size or decrease the radius.

How many teeth does a dado blade have?

It is variable depending on the size of the blade. You can find small ones with only 12 teeth or ones with 42 teeth. Sometimes, we can see big ones with few teeth.

Are dado blades legal in Australia?

They are not illegal in Australia. People use it a lot because they have a couple of significant producers of dado blades.

Are dado blades illegal in N.Z.?

Starting in 2013, Frank Lindsay stated that these blades are illegal in N.Z.

Final Words 

IRWIN Dado Blade set is our top pick because of its versatility in use. There are many joints and sizes you can work on using just one set, so why not? It’s not only the best dado blade for the money but also fits in different projects from small to large ones, so we see the compatibility to a wide range of people.

 If you want a heavy-duty one instead of a universal pick, the Freud Combination Blade imposes the best operation.

Also, it’s essential to find a blade that corresponds to your demand. To do so, you have to know about the blade and whether it suits your needs.

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