Top 5 Best Titanium Hammers For Framing (2021 Reviews)

best titanium hammer

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For a long time, the titanium hammer always is in the top choices in the construction field. From beginners to all contractors and carpenters, everyone has at least one titanium hammer in their toolboxes. 

best titanium hammer

So you are thinking of buying a titanium hammer. But the question is, which is the best one you should have? 

Save yourself the time searching all over the internet and reading tons of reviews. Take a look at our ultimate list of the best titanium hammers and pick out the best one for your preferences. 

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Top 5 Best Titanium Hammers 2021 Reviews

#1 Stiletto TB15MC Titanium Milled-Face Hammer

This TB15MC TiBone Stiletto is super light. The 15-ounce titanium head is lightweight but can drive nails like a much heavier 28-ounce steel hammer. The titanium itself helps the hammer be stronger, lighter and much less of recoil-shock, compared to a steel one.

The best feature of this Stiletto TB15MC titanium hammer is its replaceable steel faces. You can change the faces according to your needs anytime, anywhere. 

Waffle face smoothed out after years? Want to change your hammer face? Just remove the old one, install the new face. Effortlessly. 

The model is designed with an ergonomically contoured handle wrapped by a rubber grip. This feature gives users superior comfort while generates extra leverage and power.  

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  • Replaceable faces
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle
  • Lightweight. 

Cons: Balance feels off for some users.

Conclusion: High quality and long-lasting, this tool worth its first place as the best titanium hammer in the market.  

#2 Stilletto TI14MC Titanium Framing Hammer

Stilleto TI14MC has all the basic features you need in a titanium hammer. 

Firstly, the titanium material offers a lightweight yet powerful tool. With only 14 ounces of weight, this hammer can be as heavy-duty as a 24-ounce steel hammer. Moreover, titanium lessens the recoil-shock compared to steel. You can do large-scale tasks without damaging your elbow or shoulder. 

The hammer includes a magnetic nail starter on the nose. It allows users to drive nails one-handed easily, without crushing their fingers. 

This model also features a curved wooden hickory handle designed. The specially designed and wooden hammer ensures the hammer absorbs vibrations left from the swings. All for better swing leverage and user’s experience.

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  • Lightweight
  • Magnetic nail starter
  • Hickory handle. 

Cons: The waffle face could go smooth fast.

Conclusion: Want to take better control of your swings on nail-driving? This lightweight tool will help you with that. It can even do heavy-duty jobs.

#3 Dalluge 7180 Titanium Hammer

The Dalluge titanium hammerhead weighs only 16-ounce. This lightweight offers faster and much easier swings. Despite the weight, the titanium head keeps the tool powerful. It is as strong as other heavier regular hammers.

Moreover, it is designed with a patented shock absorbing feature. Your elbow and shoulder will be exempt from injuries or damages while you driving your nails. 

To top it over, this Dalluge 7180 model features a wooden straight hickory handle which enhances the ability to absorb the recoil-shock. 

Aside from that, the hammer comes with a patented sidewinder nail puller. This feature offers the best leverage one tool could offer. 

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  • Reinforced claw for easier removal
  • Patented shock absorption
  • Cheaper than other titanium hammers.

Cons: Wooden handle tends to break easily. 

Conclusion: With its price, this is a good option for anyone want to try out titanium hammers for their fixing and instalments around the house. 

#4 Stiletto TI14SC Titanium Framing Hammer

Titanium is 45% less in weight compared to steel. Thus, this Stiletto TI14SC titanium framing hammer, at only 14 ounces, still can have the same driving power as a 24oz regular steel hammer. You can work with heavy-duty jobs and still be ensured of no fatigue for the hand.

The tool features Stiletto’s patented magnetic nail starter. It helps prevent nail slipping, so you can avoid injuring yourself, which is perfect for one-hand work.

The hammer comes with a wooden hickory curved handle. The wooden handle offers the best shock absorption. Ergonomically designed to be curved, it also gives you better grip and greater swing leverage, yet still guarantees extra comfort. 

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  • Lightweight 14oz
  • Magnetic nail starter included
  • Less recoil-shock.

Cons: The wooden handle can break easily. 

Conclusion: Generally speaking, this is a good titanium hammer you can have in your toolbox. Who wouldn’t love an ultra-lightweight yet still powerful tool? 

#5 Martinez Tools Titanium Framing Hammer

The Martinez Tools M1 titanium hammerhead comes in at only 15 ounces, giving you a lightweight tool to work with. The weight will avoid your arms and hands from getting fatigued. 

This M1 titanium hammer from Martinez features a replaceable milled face. This allows you to switch easily between the faces at ease. All you have to do is take the old one off the hammer and pop in the new face. 

To top it over, the grip down the handle is also replaceable. You won’t have to buy a totally new hammer just because your grip wore out. With Martinez Tools, you can replace the grip by yourself in just a minute. 

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  • Lightweight but powerful
  • Interchangeable face
  • Replaceable handle grip.

Cons: Quite expensive. 

Conclusion: With its top features, despite the price, this is the best titanium hammer for any contractor or carpenter out there. It’s one of a kind. 

What makes Titanium Hammers Different?

“Why a titanium hammer when I can just get a five-dollar steel hammer?” – You might ask. A titanium hammer could bring you more benefits than you’d ever think of.

There are many reasons that make titanium hammers the best choice despite their expensive cost.


Titanium is much lighter (45% lighter) than steel. A titanium hammer allows users to use 97% of energy from a swing, which is much higher than 70% from a normal steel hammer. It means that you can pound the same nail much faster, easier and still more efficiently. No more hassles swinging a heavy hammer, or carrying around a heavy toolbox. No more fatigue for the hand, or shoulder. 

Shock Absorption

Not so many of us know that steel hammers could have bad impacts on our bodies, especially the elbow and shoulder. Working with a steel hammer for hours, or days could give your bodies the recoil-shock vibration.

Titanium, on the other hand, features shock absorption to reduce those negative effects. A titanium hammer can sometimes be ten times less of a shock than one made of steel. Your body will thank you for this.

One-piece construction

This design of a titanium hammer means it will not break. You won’t have to worry about having the head of your hammer fly off the handle or the handle snapped in half. You will have a tool that lasts till the end of time. 

Buyer’s Guide – Things to Consider

All titanium hammer has the best features ultimately because of the material itself. Thus, there are only a few factors you should take into consideration while getting a new titanium hammer. 

Handle grip

Depending on your own preferences and needs, you might need different types of handles. There are 3 most common types of handles available for your preferences. Each type has its own pros and cons. Here are some of our sum up so you have a better vision of what you should get. 

  • Wooden handles: Wooden handles have long been proved to be great at shock absorption. However, they are not really sturdy and easily snap off while doing the work. 

It’s mostly loved by those who prefer less shock occurs and are willing to change the handles from time to time.  

  • Steel handles: steel handles have really high durability. It rarely snaps or breaks, which is great for long-term use. In contrast to wooden handles, these ones are not the best at shock resistance. 

Thus, it’s not advisable to use this type of handle as it can affect your body in the long run. Nowadays, manufacturers sometimes include a rubber grip to lessen the shock.

  • Fiberglass handles: fiberglass handles are like the average of wooden and steel. It might snap off but still more durable than wooden. Likewise, it’s not the best at shock absorption but still does the job better than steel. 

If you want a tool that is not easily broken and also can lessen the shock, fiberglass will be a good choice. 

  • Titanium handles: titanium handles come as the most expensive ones you’d find. However, it will be the most sturdy and long-lasting tool you’ve ever had. 

If you don’t mind the price, this is the best option you can go for. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you prefer, just make sure to pick the handle that makes you feel most comfortable while using the tool.  

Head weight

Again, it all comes down to your own personal preferences. While the titanium itself is already light in weight, the head of the hammer also comes with different weights. 

Some people will prefer heavier heads as their jobs include heavy-duty tasks, while some love to have a lighter hammerhead for less force required to swing a hammer. 

Thus, depends on your scale of work, pick the hammer with a head’s weight accordingly.

Handle length

This is another factor you need to consider while looking for a good titanium hammer for your work.

A longer handle means more powerful swings. However, a shorter handle length helps with comfort while using the tool. It will for sure make your hand more comfortable and easier to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How can a titanium hammer have the same driving power as a double-weighted steel hammer? 

Answer: It is all because of the material itself. Titanium is proved to be 45% lighter than steel. This significant factor allows the tools to have as powerful strikes as the regular steel hammer while being almost half the weight. 

Question: Why titanium hammer might be better for my health?

Answer: It’s all about shock-absorption. 

Basically, the physics of hammering depends mostly on energy transfer. Energy is generated from your body parts, especially arms and elbows, as you swing the hammer. This energy will then be stored in the head of a hammer and released once it’s in touch with the nail. 

A titanium hammer can transfer 97% of that energy directly to the nail. Meanwhile, the steel hammer can only harness 70% of the energy for transfer. We’re talking about 27% of energy loss. 

For steel hammer, the extra 30% energy transfer back into your arms as recoil shock, through the hammer handle, will have bad impacts on your elbows and shoulders over time. At the end of the day, titanium with only 3% of recoil-shock will benefit your body the most. 

Question: Why do titanium hammers are so expensive?

Answer: Even in raw form, titanium already costs five times more than steel. But considerate its top advantages and best features, this is the best investment anyone should do at least once. Nothing beats a lightweight, powerful hammer that can last until the end of time. 

Final words

We hope with all the details provided in this article, you are equipped with enough knowledge about titanium hammers. Now that we’ve gone through all the necessary information about a titanium hammer, it’s your time to pick out the best titanium hammer for your work. 

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