9 Best Corded Hammer Drills | Top Picks, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best corded hammer drill best hammer drill, hammer drill for concrete

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best corded hammer drill best hammer drill, hammer drill for concrete

A drilling machine, notably a handheld hammer drill for concrete, is an essential and indispensable labor support device for drilling chisels of concrete, walls, or hard materials.

Previously, the work of perforated drilling walls, concrete, and many other materials was done manually, and it took a lot of time and labor costs. The birth of drilling machines was a significant turning point, marking the great development of the machine manufacturing industry.

This article will introduce you to the use and importance of hammer drills for daily work and life, and from that to pick the best-corded hammer drill from a list of nine best products for yourself.

Best Corded Hammer Drills 2021 Reviews

#1 Bosch GBH2-28L Hammer Drill

Bosch GBH 2-28L hammer drill is currently the most popular hammer drill for concrete, which is used according to the actual survey and is based on the recent sales at stores and distribution agents.

The machine is equipped with a capacity of an 8.5-amp motor, and idling speed reaches 900 rpm. The device integrates three excellent drilling features with many advanced functions such as rotary reversing, electronic speed control for deep, quick drilling with high accuracy concrete, and many other hard materials.

Since most of the Bosch products are high-class products, the price will be higher than those of other manufacturers.

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  • Specialized for concrete drilling
  • High performance
  • Three drilling features for different purposes
  • Modern and compact design


  • Expensive

In short, Bosch GBH2-28L is an excellent unit for multi-functional features. The 3-in-1 hammer drill is ideal for both starters and professionals in handling every kind of hard surfaces.

#2 Bosch HD21-2 Speed Hammer Drill

Bosch HD21-2 is a portable drill that has a compact design, a relatively light weight of only about 5.9 pounds. Its weight is suitable for a handheld tool, making it easier for users to move to different positions on the construction site.

The unit is equipped with a moderate maximum power of up to 120W. Also, it comes along with the ability to adjust the electronic speed.

However, some customers complain that the actual product does not have the selectable dial on the switch and also a switch hold-down button. 

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  • Motor power is durable, can handle any surface
  • Diverse functions, easy to change the drill bit
  • Lightweight, easy to use
  • Compact design


  • Product photos are not correct due to the actual unit

Generally, Bosch HD21-2 Hammer Drill is a portable and compact unit with powerful performance. The product can generate for different types of uses, including concrete process in the sites.

#3 Makita HP1641K Hammer Drill

Makita HP1641K Hammer Drill is a prominent product of Makita with a modern design. It contains flexible changes from a straight shape to a 60-degree angle.

The device also comes with many supporting tools, such as rechargeable batteries and chargers. The HP1641K model has a mobile electronic protection system that can help the battery be protected more safely and avoid overloading when used for a long time.

Some people say that the drill heads are broken quickly. But in our opinion, this is partly due to the user’s careless use and storage, leading to broken screws.

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  • Strong output, large torque
  • Diverse functions
  • Lightweight
  • Outstanding durability


  • Drill head gets broken easily

Makita HP1641K drill is an excellent unit in case you need a handy and portable drill. You will not have to worry about connecting the power cord to screw in locations far from the outlet with this device.

#4 Tacklife Hammer Drill

Next is a hand drill that deserves attention from Tacklife. The advantage of this unit is the most compact and powerful dynamic drill in its class with a robust operating capacity of up to 710W

The outer shell is made of high-quality and durable materials. Also, the accessories included are quite diverse such as 12 drill bits and a side handle with a depth gauge.

The main drawback of the unit is that it got scorching quickly. It started smoking, and the power and torque decreased to nearly nothing after about 30 minutes of non-continuous use.

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  • Strong capacity, high rotation speed
  • Diverse functions
  • Easy to adjust the speed
  • Smooth operation
  • Long machine lifespan


  • Machine motor gets hot quickly

Tacklife hammer drill contains one of the most powerful motors on our list. The unit is versatile to handle multi-functional tasks from small DIY projects to professional ones at any construction site.

#5 BLACK+DECKER DR670 Hammer Drill

Next is the BLACK+DECKER best-selling drill set, the DR670 power drill kit with a robust, modern full design. More specifically, this hammer drill is equipped with a powerful motor with a capacity of 710W.

The product is equipped with a motor with a durable power level of up to 710W, with a no-load speed of 1400 rpm to help the machine operate continuously and persistently for a long time while ensuring longevity for the device.

For performance, the drill can easily handle 13mm of iron plates, 20mm of wood, and 13mm of concrete walls. However, the weak point is that the noise level of the machine is quite high.

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  • Strong capacity, high rotation speed.
  • Smooth operation
  • Long machine lifespan
  • Two-year warranty


  • High noise level

In brief, it must be said that the speed and accuracy of BLACK+DECKER DR60 are sufficient for users. This drill is desirable for all professional engineers due to its efficiency.

#6 SKIL HD182002 Hammer Drill

SKIL is one of the oldest brands specializing in supplying and distributing essential products such as a corded and battery-based screwdriver, drill hammer, and cutting machine. 

SKIL HD182002 is a product aimed at the low-end, affordable segment with a price of just under $100. The product is a relatively stable quality, relatively eye-catching design, so it is quite suitable for any consumer.

Moreover, the SKIL drill has a compact, easy-to-handle design, which helps you quickly and accurately manipulating all types of materials. In terms of use, it is very suitable for families or standard basic needs.

Hence, the unit is not suitable for heavy-duty tasks on professional construction sites.

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  • The compact design, handy
  • Easy to use the speed control
  • Diverse accessories kit with low price


  • Capacity is not large

SKIL HD182002 hammer drill is an excellent unit for those who have a limited budget. The device is ideal for small or DIY projects in terms of practising for schooling projects.


In the segment of low-cost family drill machines under $40, the BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT handheld hammer drill is the right choice. Compared to its older versions, the BDEDMT model has a lower drilling capacity but still can meet the basic needs of the family.

The BLACK+DECKER BDEDMT drilling machine has a capacity of 120V, a standard idle speed of 2,800rpm. The device has a switch with a speed adjustment/reverse and a genuine six-month warranty.

This series of BLACK+DECKER drills has two functions, standard drilling and hammer drilling. The hammer drill feature makes wall drilling much more efficient than conventional drilling.

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  • Affordable
  • High power performance
  • Compact and modern design
  • Flexible


  • Lower drilling capacity compared to older versions

The dill can be considered as “usable” for small construction works. If you are looking for a family-friendly drilling machine, this unit is a perfect choice.

#8 BLACK+DECKER DR340 Corded Drill

The hammer drill with the most challenging drilling task is concrete drilling, which is the barrier that distinguishes which manufacturers from being able to produce genuine drilling machines or not.

The number of unloading cycles of 2,800 rpm allows you to drill wood and concrete quickly. The machine is designed to create a sense of comfort for the user, with the cushioning on the body to help you hold it comfortably, smoothly, and without fatigue when used for a long time.

However, with the motor power of only 120V, the unit would struggle in handling the heavy-duty tasks at construction sites.

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  • Specialize in concrete drilling
  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Cushioning on the body for high comfort


  • Not very high in performance

Particularly for concrete drill products, BLACK+DECKER continues to be the leading brand on the market with many quality concrete drilling lines. This corded hammer drill is a product of stable quality, low price

#9 Meterk Corded Hammer Drill

Meterk Corded Drill handheld drill is designed to be easy to reach, weighing 14.25 pounds, which is quite light and very suitable for use in production. The Meterk Corded Drill contains the 850W power specification.

The machine is also equipped with many useful features that help you efficiently operate safely and quickly. Individually, it can be easily switched from normal drilling mode to hammer drill mode with a switch on the drill bit side.

The maximum idle speed of the Meterk Corded Drill drill is 2,800rpm. It has fully capable of drilling hard materials such as wood, steel, and walls with a drilling diameter of 13mm.

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  • Lightweight
  • Compact and handy
  • Powerful performance
  • Flexible


  • Not be powerful enough for heavy-duty site tasks

If you are looking for a compact, simple, low-cost drill that is only used in the manufacture of woodwork or DIY at home, the Meterk Corded Drill will be the right choice. 

Typical features of a hammer drill

Principle of operation

In different types of drilling machines, the mechanical process producing this impact force is created by different parts. In a hammer drill, these parts are two disks with protruding edges like those on a poker chip. They are like a disk sliding on another disc, moving up and down causing the tip of the drill to collapse forward creating impact.

Drill accessories included

For hammer drill, you do not need to spend too much money on a dedicated drill, just a regular drill can complete the concrete drilling job. However, you can also buy more expensive bits for your hammer drill. These types of drills are usually made with tip material with a higher proportion of carbides, which makes the drill more solid and easier to penetrate the concrete, minimizing the risk of the broken drill when drilled strongly.


The impact of a hammer drill is measured in rpm (number of revolutions of the drill per minute). But rpm is not the most important criterion for choosing the right type of hammer drill, which is more important in terms of engine strength and comfortable handling.

How to pick up the best corded hammer drill?

Drill function

It is a very important factor that anyone before buying a portable drill to pay attention to. Some models of corded hammer drills come with a reversing function to facilitate screwing and removing. Some drills also include an auxiliary handle for faster operation and increased pressure so that the drill bit is easier to drill into the material.

Drill capacity

Capacity is the most important factor that you need to consider. Depending on the purpose of use as to drill what material to choose a suitable capacity drill. If you only need to remove the screwdriver, thin wood drill, fake plaster walls, then a 120V corded hammer drill is sufficient

In case you want to drill a wall, steel, concrete or thick wood, you should choose a type with a large capacity that up to 600V power.

Drill design

The size of a drill will depend on the capacity you choose. Usually the size and capacity of the drill are proportional to each other, the higher the capacity of the drilling machine, the bigger the size of the unit. If you are merely using in the family, you should choose the products with are compact in size and easy to carry, storage.

Prestige brand

If you want to choose to buy a good drill, you should buy genuine products from reputable brands. You can refer to some well-known brands in the market such as Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Stanley, Hitachi, etc. They all offer a quality product with generous warranty policies.

Experience using hammer drill safe and durable 

Of all hand tools, a drill is a dangerous tool. If not careful during use, the hammer drill can cause unpredictable accidents. Here are the experiences that you need to pay attention to using a safe hand drill.

  • Before drilling, you need to understand the underground structures inside the impact surface to avoid unexpected situations that you do not handle promptly. The most significant risk is to drill underground power lines in walls and on the ceiling. So, if you have the design of the project, be sure to find out before drilling.
  • During the drilling process, if you feel that the drill is stuck, you must turn off the machine and stop the drilling immediately to avoid the risk of the drill being pulled back very dangerous. At the same time, you turn the device into the reverse mode to slowly withdraw the drill from the surface and remove the stuck object.
  • Before drilling, you need to have a firm posture and hold the drill tightly with both hands. It will help you to drill fast, safely, and also cause less damage to the drill.
  • When the drilling is completed, make sure the drill is stopped before you remove the drill from the impact object and put it down. If not, the machine is easily damaged and damaged due to improper procedures.
  • Drilling is a hazardous tool for children. Therefore, always keep children away from the construction site where you work. And always unplug the drill when not in use to avoid the risk of someone/child touching the drill switch.
  • And finally, each manufacturer always has very detailed, specific instructions. Be sure to read the user manual and safety precautions carefully before operating the drill.


Should I buy an old handheld drill?

In our experience, the majority of users want to buy second-hand drills from small home appliance repair shops, partly because of the economic benefits

It’s okay to buy a used hammer drill, but what many users don’t understand is the specs. Whenever you purchase anything, we should find out information or ask someone with expertise to consult.

What are the basic steps to operate/shut down the drilling machine?

  • To turn on or off the drill is extremely simple, the mechanic just needs to press down and hold the on / off switch to start the machine.
  • To lock the device, just press the on / off switch and press the automatic lock button.
  • To turn off the device, just release the on / off switch or you can quickly press the on / off switch and release it when the device is locked by the automatic lock button.

How to adjust the operation of the machine?

Every hammer drilling machines often allow to choose one of two operation modes, normal drilling and hammer drilling:

  • To adjust the mode of operation, make sure that the device is turned off to protect the machine and safety for users.
  • Select the appropriate location to drill for the using purpose of drilling. Also, adjust the speed and pressure of impact.

How to adjust speed and frequency?

The speed and frequency of the concrete corded hammer drill depend on the level of the squeeze on / off switch. Light pressure on the On/Off switch results in sparse speed/frequency. The stronger pressure on the switch increases the speed and frequency of beating.

Should we buy a cheap Chinese drilling machine?

This question is sure to have a lot of people interested. However, to confirm that China’s drilling machine is good or not, we do not dare to judge because there are many different types of Chinese brands. In this article, we only give the rating to the users of the best portable drills from our perspectives.

What criteria that the best-corded hammer drill should have?

For the family household tasks, you only need to choose a compact-sized drill with a capacity of 500W to meet the needs of the functions.


By reading this article, hopefully, you have answered this question to find out the best-corded hammer drill for your needs. Whichever type of hand drill depends a lot on your task requirements.

If you only have the needs for wood or concrete drilling in both household works and heavy-duty projects, then BLACK+DECKER DR670 Hammer Drill can also meet this demand very well. Comment down your experience of the listed products, and do not forget to catch up with our next reviews.

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