The 9 Best Table Saw Blade For Woodwork, Laminate Flooring, Plexiglass, MDF & Melamine (2021 Reviews)

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Best Table Saw Blade For Woodwork, Laminate Flooring, Plexiglass, MDF & Melamine

Carpenters and hobbyists like to use table saws for their woodworking jobs due to their accuracy and level cuts. When buying the table saw, you will have several types of saw blades. But what if they are worn out when time flies or they cannot deal with special materials? 

You will need to upgrade or change them to be suitable for the sizes and thicknesses of materials. This article offers you some in-depth reviews of the best table saw blade with different purposes. You can have a quick look at it to find your favorite one. Let’s get started now!

Top 9 Best Table Saw Blades For Different Jobs And Materials 2021

#1 Best Table Saw Blade For Woodworking: Forrest WW10407125 10-Inch Saw Blade

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Firstly, this blade can be compatible with different table saws. It has a standard size of 10 inches and 40 teeth on its sides. The 30-degree angle, along with ATB teeth, will assist you in reaching the full stop. 

Another benefit from this module is the reduction of the splintering. When you move the wood, you can control the jump and easily overboard. Last but not least, the kerf attached is useful for preventing wood loss. 


  • Handmade craftsmanship and materials
  • Fixed carbide 
  • Additional hand tensioning


  • Does not work well for the zero-clearance setting

Using the Forrest WW10407125 10-Inch Saw Blade, you will have splinter-free, a quality finish, and an excellent tooth design. This module can perfect your skills, gradually making you become a master woodworker.

#2 Best Table Saw Blade For Plywood: Freud LU87R010 Saw Blade

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If you need to make precise and clean cuts on tricky rips, Freud LU87R010 is worth noting. With its combination blade, you can use it for multiple tasks and purposes.

Occasionally, feeding-in materials might be slower than you expect, and you have to run into binding regularly. This will not be a problem with Freud LU87R010 as it has an ideal thickness, making it the best choice of the table saw blade for plywood. 


  • Carbide teeth to cut through materials easily
  • Compatible with miter saws and 8/9/10/12 table saws
  • Good for general purpose use


  • Does not work well on chipboard and laminates

The blade kerf from Freud LU87R010 can deliver a fast feed rate but give minimal waste. It also comes in numerous sizes, so you can use it on a different table saw. 

#3 Best Table Saw Blade For Ripping Hardwood: IRWIN Marples 1807368 Saw Blade

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If you need a saw blade for ripping hardwood, you should opt for IRWIN Marples 1807368. It is designed with 80 teeth, which is perfect to crosscut on dense and thick wood. Besides, it attaches with the 098 thin kerfs. So, you have to ensure that your blade will work with a splinter and a ripping knife. 

Besides, the teeth are precise ground, ensuring that each one is as sharp as the following. This precision allows you to have the size of each similar as well. 


  • Solid plate for durability
  • Affordable for all budgets
  • 180 teeth for more efficient grinding


  • Slightly slow speed rating

With the low price, IRWIN Marples 1807368 Saw Blade becomes an affordable choice for woodworkers. It also lasts longer when having a solid plate in the middle.

#4 Best Table Saw Blade For Fine Cuts: DEWALT DW3106P5 10-Inch Saw Blade

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This DEWALT model’s blade teeth have equal dimensions, allowing you to get precise and clean cuts. What you might love about the shoulder design is that it gives more power when you cut. From that point, you will get a finer and smooth cut with less chipping and splintering along the edges. 

DEWALT DW3106P5 also gives you great flexibility as it can be used for both table saw and miter saw. This helps your work more quickly, and you can save more time as well as money.


  • Offering two products of similar dimensions
  • Perfect balance is created from computers
  • Additional strength on tips


  • Being somewhat thinner than other modules are

Thanks to the large spaces between the teeth, you will get fast and correct cuts across the blade. This module can be used for hardwoods, sheet materials, softwoods, and other crosscuts. 

#5 Best Table Saw Blade For Laminate Flooring: Freud LU80R010 Ultimate Saw Blade

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Designed to cut laminates, this tool can work on veneers and marine-grade products. Besides, it has 80 teeth, providing clean and smooth cuts without splintering or chipping. The model is also reviewed as stronger than other models because of the high-density carbide material. 

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Providing users with ⅛-inch thin kerf, this model can work with less resistance in your project. It also creates smooth cuts while rotating as the vibration and friction technology keep the blade accurate.


  • Minimum side movement
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Maximum accuracy in each cut


  • Doesn’t work well on harder materials

The Freud LU80R010 Ultimate is specially designed for laminate cutting. Although the blade is slightly more expensive than others, it is still worth buying due to its great durability. 

#6 Best Table Saw Blade For Plexiglass: Oshlun SDS-0630 6-Inch Saw Blade

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To deal with plexiglass, you need a saw blade having carbide-tipped teeth that can cut metal. Oshlun SDS-0630 will be the right candidate for this requirement. It offers precision grooves for shelving, fine carpentry applications, and cabinetry. 

Additionally, this kit consists of a shim set, helping you to make finer adjustments. The full-body chippers reduce the vibration, from which you can get accurate and smooth cuts. These Oshlun blades are not immensely expensive, but they still have lots of functions. 


  • High in versatility
  • Useful for zero-clearance throat plate
  • Great value


  • The thickness is under-size

This module can remove large chunks of wood or metal as it consists of chipper mix and carbide tips. Moreover, you can quickly store it in a safe place as it comes with a carrying case. 

#7 Best Table Saw Blade For MDF: Freud D12100X Saw Blade

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The best circular saw blade used for MDF is the Freud D12100X. This model has 100 teeth that make the cut easier and smoother with less effort. The blade is made with TiCo hi-density blend carbide, allowing you to cut MDF, aluminum, steel, or metal. 

Besides, the blade features plenty of vents, minimizing noise and vibrations. Covering the blade is the Perma Shield coating. This best coating can stop rusting and corrosion from occurring. It will also prevent the blade from being too hot, and the gumming will not be happening.


  • Cutting with precision and accuracy
  • Easy to use
  • Well-designed to reduce material waste


  • Slightly more pricey than others

Owning the Freud D12100X Saw Blade, you can cut everything more cleanly, quickly, and accurately. Also, the blade’s high-density material ensures its outstanding durability so that you can use it for a longer time. 

#8 Best Table Saw Blade For Resawing: Overpeak 10-Inch Saw Blade 

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Resawing might need a 20 or 30-tooth rip blade, especially for hardwood. This model has 90 teeth with tungsten carbide, which is perfect for resawing more precisely. Additionally, the plate is equipped with 6 laser-cut expansion slots and 4 laser-cut vents, trapping the noise and vibration. 


  • Decreasing the blade warping possibility
  • Functional and thick, plus durable
  • Low noise and stable cutting


  • Somehow costly in comparison with other products

The Overpeak Saw Blade can deal with thick and hard materials. You also benefit from the tungsten carbide from its increased durability, strength, and lifetime. 

#9 Best Table Saw Blade For Melamine: DEWALT DW7670 Saw Blade

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The DEWALT DW7670 model comes with a dado stack and a 24-tooth set, making it unique. To be more specific, four tooth chippers included in the set can give you flat and smooth bottom cuts. At the same time, the stainless-steel shims help you to create micro-fine adjustments on the width. 

Regarding durability, the solid carbide construction ensures that the blade can last users for years. Also, Dewalt’s customer service is excellent, and the company offers a guarantee of 30 days for all customers.


  • High in sheerness and accuracy
  • Heavy-duty storage case
  • Significantly reduced splintering


  • No included manual

With the diverse blade set, you can cut melamine and other materials with different types of cuts. DEWALT DW7670 is suitable for professionals who need high-quality cuts. 

Features to Consider When Choosing a Table Saw Blade

Job Type

On the one hand, most DIYers like the single combination blade can use it for any project. Besides, the combination helps to reduce the extra cost to buy multiple blades. You also do not need to switch different blades between cuts. 

On the other hand, crosscut, dado, and ripping blades provide more specialized cutting. They are useful for carpentry projects, including built-ins, cabinetry, and furniture. 

The rip cut blade is good for cutting hardwoods, while the crosscut blade offers the cleanest cutting edge. The dado blade is a must for work requiring recessed grooves. 

Blade Kerf

Kerf refers to the blade’s thickness. A high kerf can remove many materials with each cut. A thin kerf blade needs less power and creates less waste. However, it might become warped when cutting wood. Conversely, a thicker kerf blade requires more power but resists bending when dealing with wood. 

Blade Length

The length of the blade also affects performance. Usually, the 12-inch blade needs much more power to rotate, and it can wobble than the smaller one. Simultaneously, the smaller blade with the same capacity can spin faster, bringing about smoother cuts.

From that point, the smaller one can make precise cuts and offer greater depth better than the larger blade. So, you can use it for thicker boards. These days, the majority of table saws use blades of 10 inches. However, you should check your table saw before purchasing to make sure you buy the right blade size.

Blade Teeth Configuration

The configuration affects the blade’s cut on materials. The combination blade uses the hybrid approach mixing alternate bevel teeth with flat top teeth. So, it can make rip cuts and crosscuts without losing a smooth edge. 

The crosscut blade features bevels alternating in direction, which helps to make smoother cuts for carpentry. In comparison, the flat top blade is more appropriate to cut through wood or rip cuts.

Tooth Gullet

The gullet refers to the space between every blade, and it decides the blade’s effectiveness in removing materials with each cut. Some rip blades used to remove material rapidly will come with deeper gullets. By contrast, crosscut blades will feature smaller gullets for smoother cuts. 


What is the best 10-inch table saw blade?

You can have a look at the Forrest WW10407125 10-Inch Saw Blade. This model can be used for multiple purposes, so it seems to be a functional and good choice. 

What is the best table saw blade for hardwood?

All of the tables can solve the hardwood saw blade in the list above. But you still can consider the Concord Blades WCB1000T030HP. Its construction-grade blade is good at cross-cutting and ripping hardwoods of 3 ½ inch in thickness. 

What is the best table saw for home use?

The DEWALT DWE7491RS is perfect for power and portability, which is ideal for home use. Another feature you might love about this machine is that it has wheels on the stand. Therefore, you can move it quickly from site to site. 

Are Diablo blades any good?

Diablo blades balance excellent value with great quality. They also come in a huge range of styles and sizes. Thus, they are good options when you need to replace or upgrade your old blades. 

Final Words 

The Forrest WW10407125 10-Inch Saw Blade deserves to be the best choice in this article. This module can deal with every job type and different materials, allowing you to use it for many DIY tasks. Ranking at the second is the IRWIN Marples 1807368 Saw Blade for its long durability and reasonably priced cost. 

You should keep in mind that you should choose the perfect saw blade matching your cutting needs. To determine the best table saw blade, you have to think about the many criteria mentioned in this article. Hopefully, you will get the right option soon. 

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