Top 9 Best Circular Saw Blades For Plywood, Hardwood, Cutting Doors, MDF & Laminate Flooring (2021 Reviews)

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Top 9 Best Circular Saw Blades For Plywood, Hardwood, Cutting Doors, MDF & Laminate Flooring

Apart from the power drill and hammer, the circular saw blade is also essential for every tradesperson or handyman. In particular, if you get the right blade, you can work more quickly and efficiently. However, all saw blades are not similar, leading to more confusion for you to select the right one. 

That is why you need to read this article as it provides you with detailed information about the best circular saw blade. Also, you will know some criteria when choosing a circular saw blade. Let’s start our exploration right now!

Top 9 Best Circular Saw Blades 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Circular Saw Blade 7 ¼: IRWIN Tools MARATHON

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If you find a circular saw blade for different materials, you should choose the IRWIN Tools MARATHON model. First, the blade is coated in the silicone layer, minimizing the pitch and any kind of build-up. 

Secondly, all of the 24 teeth are made of high-quality carbide steel. This feature brings additional durability, hardness, longevity to the blade. That is why you can use this model for plenty of applications such as framing, decking, or ripping through wood. 

Finally, the blade has three voids on it, releasing generated heat and dragging cooler air. By that, the vibrations are reduced, and the accuracy is increased. 


  • Thick and thinner teeth
  • Unique teeth configuration


  • Not suitable for larger jobs

The only drawback of this model is that you cannot use it for larger construction projects. But it does not mean that it is not suitable for the construction sites. You still can use the IRWIN Tools MARATHON circular saw blade for both home and workplace. 

#2 Best Circular Saw Blade For Plywood: Concord WCB0725T080HP

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This Concord WCB0725T080HP circular saw blade is suitable for those who love a clean workplace. The special angle and shape of this module can keep the debris and sawdust out of the way. Put another way; the teeth will not trap the debris. 

In terms of material, steel mainly constitutes the model, along with titanium teeth and carbide tips. All of these materials combine to give users a strong and durable blade. So, you can cut through wood confidently. 


  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Multipurpose blade
  • Can withstand spinning 7000 times per minute


  • Might leave burrs

With the capability to spin approximately 7000 times per minute, the model allows you to finish your jobs at a doubly fast speed. By this point, you certainly have a great blade without it becoming dull. 

#3 Best Circular Saw Blade For Hardwood: DEWALT DW3128P5 Circular Saw Blade

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Being made with tungsten carbide material, this blade ensures durability and longevity. Therefore, you do not need any sharpening or maintenance to keep the blade sharp for a long time. 

Additionally, thanks to the balanced computer plate, the noise, and the vibration are reduced. At the same time, the accuracy after each cut is increased. Another exciting feature is that the thin kerf will facilitate a smoother and faster cutting experience. 


  • Can be used for many types of materials
  • Accuracy increased by computer
  • Durable and reliable 


  • Not laser cut

Generally, the DEWALT DW3128P5 can be used for both amateur and professional usage. So, if you need a circular saw blade for hardwood, you should not ignore this model.

#4 Best Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Doors: Freud D1050X Diablo 

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The Freud D1050X Diablo Circular Saw Blade is a circular saw blade of high precision with outstanding performance. This product will minimize the likelihood of accidents during use thanks to its reliable durability.

Another great feature of this product is its laser-cut stable vents design. This unique design balances the temperature of the machine while minimizing the noise it causes. When the machine’s temperature is always cold, the blade will not warp.

The Freud D1050X Diablo Circular Saw Blade is popular in the market for its toughness and longevity. The neat overall design with 50 jagged edges. It will provide a clean and definitive cut.


  • Durable
  • Anti-vibration coating
  • Special design


  • One to two teeth may be deflected

If you are looking for a specially designed saw blade, you might consider the Freud D1050X Diablo Circular Saw Blade. With the anti-vibration coating on the saw blade, you will enjoy its long service life. This saw blade also ensures high cutting accuracy thanks to the grooves used to extend the laser cut.

#5 Best Circular Saw Blade For Mdf (Melamine): Freud D12100X 12-Inch

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For those looking for the best circular saw blades for MDF (Melamine), the Freud D12100X 12-Inch Circular Saw Blade seems like a must-have. This 12 inch round blade has up to 100 teeth for a smooth and neat cut. You also don’t need to put too much effort into cutting the most rigid materials.

The outstanding performance of the Freud D12100X 12-Inch Circular Saw Blade is dependent in part on its material. The manufacturer uses a unique blend of high-density Tico carbide in the blade fabrication. Therefore, it can quickly process aluminum, hardwood, MDF, or even metal.

With its ultra-slim Kerf design, this blade delivers beautiful cutting. Additionally, the Freud D12100X 12-Inch Circular Saw Blade usage is also relatively easy, so you will not have to spend time researching it.


  • Easy to use
  • Reducing material waste
  • Fast and precise cutting


  • Not suitable for regular use

With a combination of superior carbide and high-density Tico, Freud D12100X 12-Inch Circular Saw Blade will handle the most challenging materials. Furthermore, the 100 teeth of the blade will allow you to create smoother and cleaner cuts. 

#6 Best Circular Saw Blade For Laminate Flooring: Bosch DCB1072

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The Bosch DCB1072 Circular Saw Blade is a 10-inch saw blade with 72 teeth. It is the perfect choice for materials like bamboo, melamine, or laminate. Of course, you can count on its durability as Bosch – a world-renowned and trusted manufacturer makes this blade.

Although it has five teeth options, you should start with 72 teeth. This design will suit anyone used to laminate saws. Thanks to brute carbide damage materials, Bosch DCB1072 Circular Saw Blade has a long service life.

Also, the triple tooth sharpening design will make cutting the cut easier. The blade does not wear too much because of the negative hook angle. You can rest assured because while you work, it will not vibrate. After all, the Bosch DCB1072 Circular Saw Blade body is made of high-quality, durable steel.


  • Convenient design
  • Outstanding durability with brute carbide materials
  • Triple chip sharpening teeth provide a clean cut


  • Care should be taken when caring for this saw blade

The Bosch DCB1072 Circular Saw Blade has five serrated options, so you will not have to feel confused when you first get started. Brute carbide material combined with steel in the body allows you to use it confidently without worrying about vibration. 

#7 Best Circular Saw Blade For Cutting Aluminum: Concord ACB0538T030HP

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Concord ACB0538T030HP Circular Saw Blade can perform smooth cuts with ease in a wide range of popular materials thanks to its included triple chip grinder. Materials such as plastic, steel, or colored materials will not be its rival.

The titanium carbide feature also makes Concord ACB0538T030HP Circular Saw Blade sharper than ever. Alternatively, you can make a tidy finish thanks to a combination of three parts: a hook angle, a thick sheet, and a triple chip sharpener.

Additionally, the flexibility of Concord ACB0538T030HP Circular Saw Blade is also appreciated. It is compatible with several circular saws.


  • Titanium carbide serrated can handle a wide variety of materials.
  • High flexibility
  • Comes with triple chip sharpener


  • Occasionally, the blade leaves a small blur when cut

The perfect combination of a hook angle, a thick sheet, and a triple chip sharpener bring faster and clean cutting than ever before. Its high flexibility also allows it to fit into certain types of circular saws. Sustainable materials are also a bright plus point of this product.

#8 Best Circular Saw Blade For Worktops: DEWALT DW3106P5

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Unlike conventional circular saw blades, DEWALT DW3106P5 Circular Saw Blade can maintain the sharpness for longer. This product is made of tungsten carbide, which guarantees high strength with clean and smooth cutting corners.

Besides, this saw blade will not cause you to break the bank, thanks to its reasonable price. Whether you use a cutting saw or a slide saw, DEWALT DW3106P5 Circular Saw Blade has all of your needs. The excellent performance of this product will help you a lot in your crosscutting job.


  • Long-lasting sharpness
  • Budget-friendly
  • Cut well and quickly


  • High temperature can cause the blade to bend

The DEWALT DW3106P5 Circular Saw Blade can both meet your need for price and high performance. Besides, it is suitable for both cutting saws and sliding saws, so you will not have to overthink when choosing. 

#9 Best Circular Saw Blade For Pressure Treated Wood: DEWALT DWA161240

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The DEWALT DWA161240 Circular Saw Blade can reduce cutting force because the front of the tooth structure on the blade is more pointed. The cutting performance that this product offers is astonishing in combination with plating technology.

The recoil head design of this saw blade both enhances the strength and reinforces the carbide head. The DEWALT DWA161240 Circular Saw Blade’s outer frame is exceptionally durable and sturdy.


  • Anti-stick rim minimizes friction
  • High performance
  • Special design


  • Not suitable for beginners

If you spend some money on the DEWALT DWA161240 Circular Saw Blade, you will feel extremely worthy of its unique design. The manufacturer equipped the non-stick rim to reduce frictional burning and gum sticking every time you use it.

Features to Consider When Choosing The Best Circular Saw Blade

Blade Size

The blade size should match the power saw you have. Most table saws are suitable with blades of from 10 to 12 inches. In contrast, handheld power saws are compatible with blades of 7-10 inches. Their blades whose diameters of 14 inches are used for metal cutting saws. 

Teeth Count

The circular saw blades have many small teeth to cut into metal or wood easily. So, you have to check the number of teeth thoroughly. You can buy a product with teeth in the range of 40 to 60 teeth. The higher teeth the blade has, the more precise your cuts will be. 

Arbor Size

One of the crucial things to check is the arbor size as it determines the compatibility with the saw. The standard size will be 5/8 inch, while several others might be 7/8 inch. 


The coating is used to protect the blade from gum-up and friction. This coating also prevents corrosion from building up on your blade. Generally, it increases your blade’s lifespan so that you can use it longer. 


The blade’s thickness is the kerf. There are two types of blades, including thick and thin kerf. The thin kerf having a finer edge allows you to cut through any materials very rapidly. In comparison, the thick one will give you longer durability and fewer broken teeth. 

Durability and Warranty

The circular saw blades can be tearing and worn after a long time of use, making you change the blades over and over. Therefore, you should purchase a reliable and durable blade. To make sure you get a highly durable product, you have to check its warranty. 

Most companies provide the customer with a 1-year warranty. However, there are still some models offering a lifetime warranty.

Circular Saw Blade Types by Size

  • Handheld Saw Blades 4 1/2 inches to 7 1/4 inches
  • Tile Saw Blades 7 inches to 10 inches
  • Table Saw And compound miter Saw Blade 10 inches or 12 inches
  • Circular Saw Blades for Metal 14 inch silicon barbide or Aluminum oxide abrasive blades

Circular Saw Blade Types By Shape

There are six primary circular saw blade types. Each of them is designed to work with certain power saws and deal with different materials. So, it is essential to choose the blade that is appropriate for your saw and material. 

Standard Circular Saw Blades

If you mainly cut wood and wood composites, you should purchase standard circular saw blades for your projects. The teeth number on the blade determines the finish of the cut, type, and speed. Blades with more teeth give a finer finish, whereas those with fewer teeth help you cut faster. 

There are gullets between the teeth removing chips from your workpieces. Additionally, the expansion slots cutting into the rim will keep the blade out of warping when it contracts and expands during use. These expansion slots also cut down on vibration and create a straighter cut. 

The crosscut blades for cutting across the wood board’s surface have from 40 to 80 teeth. Their small gullets split out the teeth, and they can give you clean cuts. 

The rip-cut blades are used to cut along the wood board’s length having fewer teeth, between 16 and 40. The deep gullets offer good chip removal, and the designated teeth can cut aggressively. 

Finally, the combination blades can do crosscuts and rip cuts as they possess multiple teeth groupings. Each group has four teeth for crosscutting and one tooth for ripping. 

Continuous-Rim Blades

This type is also called a diamond-edged blade. You can use it on materials such as slate and tile. The diamonds sticking to the blade’s edge will cut the material through. With this feature, continuous-rim blades can create a great finish. 

Several models can work for dry-cutting applications, while some can do in wet-cutting applications. But you also can purchase one that can work in both applications. 

Turbo-Rim Blades

Similar to a continuous-rim blade, a turbo-rim blade is also a diamond blade. However, it has serrated rim cutting materials like concrete and brick. This blade cannot give a clean finish but can cut more aggressively. 

Segmented Blades

Other blades with diamond edges, segmented blades do have the rim divided by gullets. This feature is the same as the standard blade. With the diamond blades, the segments offer aggressive cuts quickly, and they can deal with rigid materials. However, they will leave as rough of a finish. 

Abrasive Blades

The abrasive blades do not have teeth. They can cut with silicon carbide or aluminum oxide. Besides, you can use it for metal, concrete, and brick. 

Stacked Dado Blades

There will be several chipper blades, two circular saw blades, and shims in a stacked dado blade set. This set is used to cut wood and is suitable for cutting grooves of different widths. You need to stack or combine the blades, shims, and chippers. However, this set is designated for table saws, not handheld saws. 

Top Brands

1. Bosch

Bosch is considered as one of the leading brands in circular saw blades. This company provides you with genuine accessories, outstanding quality, and design. 

2. DeWalt

DeWalt is famous for durable, high quality, and long-lasting saw blades. Products coming from this brand can be used for all demanding cutting applications. The produced blades stay sharp, giving you smooth cuts. 

3. Makita

An excellent range of circular saw blades cannot lack Makita. Circular saw blades from Makita can fit different power saws. Besides, this company’s products have a different number of teeth and sizes. 

4. Irwin Tools

If you are looking for a famous brand, you cannot ignore Irwin Tools. The circular saw blades of this brand are immensely affordable and reliable. They are suitable for every project and requirement.

How To Change a Circular Saw Blade in 6 Steps 

  1. Disconnect the Power
  2. Engage the Locking Mechanism
  3. Use the Blade Wrench
  4. Retract the Blade Guard
  5. Insert the New Blade
  6. Tighten the Arbor Nut

How To Clean a Circular Saw Blade

Before you start cleaning, you should prepare some items, including a container, clean water, detergent/ laundry soap, and a soft-wired brush. Then, you can follow these five steps.

Step 1: You take the blade off the circular saw (you can see in the manual). Use a screwdriver to remove nuts and screws. To keep your safety, you should wear protective gloves during the cleaning process. After removing, you put the blade into a large container. 

Then, you use the soft brush to wipe off any dirt before pouring water into the container. Make sure that the blade is utterly submerged. 

Step 2: You add some detergents to the water and stir the mixture with your brush. Afterward, leave the container for 10 minutes. 

Step 3: Now, you scrub the blade thoroughly. It would be better to use the brush’s bristles to reach the model’s hard to reach parts. Then, you rinse the dirt and grime. 

Step 4: To successfully remove all the dirt, you have to dry the blade. It will help if you place the blade underneath a fan or in a sunny area. Keep in mind that if the blade is not thoroughly dried, rust can build up on it. 

Step 5: The last step is to assemble the blade into the circular saw blade and check everything one more time. 


What is the best circular saw blade?

To choose the best circular saw blade, you should think about your application and requirements. You can consult the best circular saw blade for each application in the list above.

How do I choose a circular saw blade?

As mentioned above, there are many criteria you have to look at before purchasing a circular saw blade. Among them, the number of teeth is an essential factor to consider as it determines the cut speed and the cleanliness after each cut. Also, you should consider gullet size as it helps to clean out debris. 

Are more teeth on a circular saw blade better?

A blade with more teeth can give you a smoother cut. It does not mean that it is better. You should choose the circular saw blade’s number of teeth depending on the application. Besides, think about the type of material, desired cut quality, and desired feed speed. 

Is it worth sharpening circular saw blades?

You can save a lot of money in a long time when sharpening your circular saw blades. A sharpened saw blade gives you better cuts, and you do not have to replace them often. To sharpen the saw blade, you can use a file yourself. 

Final Words

The top pick in this article will be the IRWIN Tools MARATHON. It is useful as you can use it for most materials, so you do not need to make a fortune for any other modules. Another option can be Bosch DCB1072 Circular Saw Blade. This tool can satisfy all your prerequisites, and it also comes at an affordable price. 

As you can see above, choosing the best circular saw blade is not straightforward. After reading this article, you know how to select the most suitable blade for your needs. Hopefully, you will be happy with your choice.

How to Sharpen Circular Saw Blade

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