Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas | How to Design Kitchen Lighting

How to design kitchen lighting

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How to design kitchen lighting Everyone wants their kitchen to be perfect, right? This perfectionism takes into account so many things, from the design layout, the tiles, taps to benchtop materials and so on. And the last thing is to light it on. If you do not have the kitchen lighting right, all of the efforts you brought into your kitchen failed. It’s about kitchen lighting. There is too much light at that corner, that area is dark and there you should take advantage of the natural light. You hope to avoid all of those mistakes. And here are what you should know to light your kitchen right!

5 Kitchen Lighting Tips – How to Light Your Kitchen Right

Kitchen Lighting – Ideal Illumination

Ideal-kitchen-lighting-ideas-How-to-design-kitchen-lighting The lighting of this space should be general and workable so that we can do well tasks that include many details such as cutting with knives, washing food and cooking. The light from the bulbs is recommended to be cool as it helps you see these details better.

Kitchen Lighting – Illuminates the General

homogeneous-kitchen-lighting-ideas-How-to-design-kitchen-lighting The illumination of the whole space can be achieved with ceiling lights or canoes. The quantity depends on the size of the kitchen. If it is very big, it is preferable to put 2 or more distributed of the homogeneous form so that the light arrives at all the corners. These ceilings or canoes must be hermetic or have rubber seals, the most common is to use fluorescent lamps or LEDs.

Kitchen Lighting – Illuminates Decks

In order to work well in the kitchen, it is highly recommended to illuminate the countertops, as they are generally in darker areas due to the shadow caused by the wall unit. This is solved with tapes or led bars that are glued to the base of the wall unit so that the light is projected onto the cover. There are some bars that need direct electrical installation at one start and others that are only plugged in.

Kitchen Lighting – Illuminates the Daily Dining Room

If you have a daily dining room in the kitchen, hang a lamp from the sky, right in the middle of the table, taking care to leave a height between 60 and 85 cm.

Kitchen Lighting – Things to Consider

1. Kitchen Ceiling

The ceiling is indicated for humid areas such as the bathroom and kitchen because it has an IP44. Its opaline glass screen generates a homogeneous light throughout the space.

2. The Material of the Lamps

In the kitchen, it is important to choose lamps that are easy to clean or can be dismantled to wash the screen. The best materials are acrylic or galvanized metal.

3. LED Bar

It is an ideal LED strip for lighting points such as desks, bars, kitchens or shelves, as well as ambient and decorative lighting. This bar has all the advantages of LED lighting, including the fact that they consume between 80-90% less electricity than normal light bulbs.

4 Common Kitchen Lighting Units for Your Lovely Space

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Natural Light

Human needs nature. That’s why we always try to bring natural light to our home. It not only saves us energy but also increases the chi in our house. Try to add windows or skylights to the kitchen.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Strip Lighting

Strip lighting is a versatile fixture. It can be used to decorate the space as well as in task lighting. You can install one under or around the cabinet, shelves or kickboard. You name it.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is highly recommended by experts. It provides the perfect light for you to do all tasks and throw the shadow out of your workstation.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas – Pendant Lights

A pendant light will not just solve the lighting problem but also create a specific style for your kitchen. There are heaps of choices out there. To choose one, you have to decide which pendant style matches your kitchen, which colour and in which material.

Final Thought – Kitchen Lights

I hope you find this guide useful and you can improve your kitchen lighting to the next level. If you still need more ideas about kitchen renovation with a lighting system. Check out how the job has been done by This Old House.