Top 5 Best Track Saws for Builders & Carpenters 2021 Reviews

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Top 5 Best Track Saws for Builders & Carpenters 2021 Reviews

The DIY movement is getting more prevalent, which explains the popularity of using track saws. These tools are useful in making accurate, fast, and repeatable cuts on many materials such as lumber, fibreboard, and plywood. To some extent, the track saw can be used in the place of a table saw, miter saw, or radial arm saw. 

However, choosing the best track saw is not straightforward as there are many criteria for you to look at. If you are still confused about it, you should read this article. You will be provided with in-depth reviews of some modules and a helpful buying guide. Let’s join in to explore them now!

Top 5 Best Track Saws 2021 Reviews 

#1 Best Track Saw Overall: Makita SP6000J1 Track Saw

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Makita is one of the famous brands specializing in the production of track saws. With firm productivity and high durability, the Makita SP6000J1 Track Saw is the tool you should not miss.

This Best Track Saw not only delivers neat and smooth cuts, but it also has a long lifespan. Even if you regularly use it with sturdy materials, it can still accompany you for a long time.

Its 12 Amp motor allows it to cut common materials like wood, flooring, melamine, and others quickly. You can keep its speed balance under load with electronic speed control. This feature will help you to create more finished products.

Furthermore, the Makita SP6000J1 Track Saw is an extremely versatile tool as it comes equipped with a 3mm point setting and the ability to cut bevels from -1 to 48 degrees. Large cutting capacity saves you working time.


  • Sustainable structure
  • High flexibility
  • Powerful engine


  • It takes time to interact between the soft start and the brake

Makita SP6000J1 Track Saw is a tool worth the experience because it is durable and robust. High flexibility with mighty power will give you the most precise cuts.

#2 Best Cordless Track Saw: Dewalt DCS520T1 Track Saw

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Another impressive track saw that everyone believes in is the Dewalt DCS520T1. The track saw from this famous Dewalt brand has not only outstanding performance but also durability and reliability.

It relies on a rechargeable battery system, so it is completely cordless. This design helps to reduce entanglement for the user every time they carry it. However, its performance is beyond doubt. Thanks to a no-load speed of 1750 to 4000 rpm, it can ultimately compete with wired competitors.

Another advantage of the Dewalt DCS520T1 Track Saw is that it is suitable for many different materials. It can cut up to 2 1/8″ deep with a bevel cut range from 0 to 47 degrees. You can completely rest assured because the cuts that it can do are incredibly accurate.


  • High flexibility
  • Extremely sustainable
  • Easy to use


  • Easy to get dirty

With its cordless battery-powered design, the Dewalt DCS520T1 Track Saw is a perfect choice for those who frequently move the track saw by their side. Besides this incredible versatility, it also has impressive strength and a long service life.

#3 Best Corded Track Saw: Festool 575389 Track Saw

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If you are looking for a track saw that offers an excellent experience, you should consider Festool 575389 Track Saw. This high-quality tool comes with a tutorial so that beginners can use it too.

Festool 575389 Track Saw not only brings neat cuts in a short time, but it also ensures high accuracy. You also do not have to waste time setting it up. Whether it’s a straight cut or a deep cut, it will satisfy you.

One of the great things about its perfection is the precision that the guide rail offers. From the first time you use it, you might be surprised by the smooth cuts it gives. Laser straight cutting technology also minimizes debris falling during cutting.

Besides, the design of Festool 575389 Track Saw is also relatively small, so it will not take up too much space when storing. The manufacturer also equips quality micro-control technology to ensure the depth of the cut.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Minimize debris
  • Effective vacuuming


  • Quite heavy

Overall, the Festool 575389 Track Saw is the optimal combination of high performance and advanced technology. This tool will help you to save materials thanks to the laser. Also, its neat design will make it easier to organize.

#4 Best Track Saw for DIYers: DEWALT DWS520K Track Saw

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This model comes with a powerful 1300-watt motor that can generate up to 4,000 RPM. So, you can slice through hard materials of about 1 5/8″ at 45 degrees. If you adjust the saw to 90 degrees, you can cut materials with a thickness of 2 1/8″. 

To deliver precise and crisp cuts, the tool is designed with dual-edged tracks. You can also use the DEWALT DWS520K in some tight spaces thanks to the low-profile blade guard. Briefly, this tool can give you quick and long straight cuts suitable for use in any project at home. 


  • High in accuracy and versatility
  • User-friendly
  • Great value for money


  • Complicated setup

This module can be used as a panel, table, or circular saw, which means that you have three functions in a tool. With the impressive function and power, it becomes one of the excellent options for serious DIYers. 

#5 Best Budget Track Saw: Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw

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You will not need to splurge much money on a track saw when buying the Shop Fox W1835. Without costing a fortune, you still own an impressive tool used in wide-ranging applications. Regarding technical terms, it has a 5,500-RPM cutting speed and a low-profile blade guard. 

These two features allow you to cut 5/8″ from a wall. Plus, it can ensure your safety when coming with the riving knife rather than the traditional circular saw. Another benefit of this tool is the 1 ½” dust port. Your working area will become cleaner with the dust collection system. 


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Less debris with dust port
  • Anti-kickback protection


  • Difficult to cut straight sometimes

The Shop Fox W1835 is an affordable alternative to other more expensive models. You can use it perfectly for slicing through sheets, cutting lumber, and trimming doors. It is such a great deal these days!

Features to Consider When Choosing a Track Saw

Corded vs. Cordless

The debate about using corded or cordless seems to be endless and controversial. To choose a suitable type, users should consider their needs. The cordless saw has unlimited portability when it has spare batteries. However, this type cannot give you a power cord. 

It causes some obstacles when you rip a lengthy board to width. By contrast, the corded saw does not require you to change batteries. Additionally, it can give you the power you need. Thus, if you like a portable saw, you can opt for the cordless type. Otherwise, the corded one is great for unlimited power. 

Track Length

There are different track lengths on the market, and they are used for specific purposes. For example, the track saw with 12-inch wide is easy-to-use for crosscutting without the 4-foot track. Several modular tracks are excellent for job-site work, allowing you to create smaller lengths. 

Then, you can use them to make a longer track. The workshop might need the 2-, 4-, or 8-foot track as they are easy to set up and give consistent results. 

Bevel Capacity

The bevel capacity illustrates the ability to cut at an angle. In other words, this feature gives you the saw’s versatility and helps you to make some angled cuts. Therefore, you can use it for a multitude of projects. Typically, the bevel capabilities can be adjusted between -1 and 48 degrees. 

It will be a smart choice when purchasing a module having a bevel adjustment. Accordingly, you can address a wide range of woodworking projects and new tasks. 

Motor Power

It is easier to judge a cordless saw’s power than the corded one as you can see its battery’s voltage rating. Generally, the 18V saw cannot generate as much power as the 20V model. 

In terms of corded track saw, you cannot quantify its power accurately and usefully. Some manufacturers print the amperages on the packaging, but the amperage relates to the motor’s electrical current only. It means that it does not represent power. 

Variable Speed

The variable speed enables you to cut through numerous materials as it has a wide range of speeds. Typically, the speed varies from 2,000 RPM to 5,000 RPM. With an adjustable speed feature of the saw, you can choose to cut slower or faster, giving you finer results. 

Other features

Dust Collection

Most track saws feature a dust port. This port is connected to a dust collection system or a vacuum. It helps you get rid of debris and keep your working area and your workpiece always clean and clear. Each model will be equipped with a different size of dust port. Make sure to check it before buying. 

Cord Length

If your saw’s cord length is limited, you will not finish your cut when dealing with guided rails, walls, and floors. Several models accommodate you with 14-feet long cords while others measure only 8 feet. In case you choose a cordless model, it no longer is a problem. 


Are track saws worth it?

Each type of saw has its advantages. If you love long cuts, track saws will be a reasonable choice. It also delivers precise cuts faster than a table or circular saws. Another advantage is that they are easy to install.

Track Saw vs. Circular Saw

Track saw and circular saw have a few differences:

  • Typically, the track saw will be equipped with a long track in the front, and the circular saw will not be available.
  • It will be harder to bring the track saw than your circular saw because it has a compact design with greater flexibility.
  • The track saw can quickly handle diagonal cuts, but the circular saw only cuts diagonally and does rip cuts.

In general, the circular saw is at a more reasonable price and also more comfortable to use. If you do not pay too much attention to the cuts’ accuracy, the circular saw will be right for you. However, the track saw will ensure super-precise cuts and no rough edges.

Can you use a track saw without the track?

You can use the track saw without the track. However, the track will ensure straight cuts. Therefore, to ensure the highest accuracy, you should use the track saw with the track.

Who makes Tracksaws?

Track saws were invented and first published in 1962 by German electric tool manufacturer Festool. In 1980, they patented and launched the first track saw.

Final Words 

The recommended top pick is the Makita SP6000J1 Track Saw. It is exceptionally versatile, powerful, and gives you a smooth glide. In case you are searching for a good value option, the suggestion should be the Shop Fox W1835 Track Saw. This well-designed tool can give you a comfortable grip and is perfect for any home project. 

After reading this article, you now know the three main factors to consider when buying the best track saw. By looking at the cord length, variable speed, and bevel capacity, you will likely choose the right model meeting your needs. Hopefully, you will not regret your choice!

Bonus: Benefits of a Track Saw

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