Top 7 Best Saw Horses for DIY & Onsite Projects 2021 Reviews

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Top 7 Best Saw Horses for DIY & Onsite Projects 2021 Reviews

The best saw horses are a must for those doing woodworking tasks frequently or woodworkers. In fact, you can make your DIY saw horse as it is not difficult. However, it will be a hassle when thinking about buying necessary things at affordable prices and putting them together to build your sawhorses. 

That’s why you should keep up with this article as it provides you with detailed reviews of some of the best saw horses. Besides, you can get some knowledge about how to choose a suitable model. Let’s have a quick look at them and find out what model fits your needs now!

#1 Best Saw Horses Overall: Bora Portamate PM-4500T Saw Horse

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When it comes to the famous sawhorse in the market, the Bora Portamate PM-4500T sawhorse is a must-have product. This model has both outstanding features and outstanding durability.

It is an excellent choice for heavy-duty applications. If you are a professional carpenter dealing with large and heavy boards, you will find satisfaction in this tool from Bora.

With a weight capacity of up to 1500 pounds, the Bora Portamate PM-4500T Saw horse offers superb build quality. The manufacturer designed its top metal panel, so it is sturdy enough to handle 2 x 4 wooden boards. Also, you can fold its legs for easy use.


  • Outstanding capacity
  • Durable
  • Flexible and easy to use


  • Quite heavy

Thanks to its high efficiency, Bora Portamate PM-4500T sawhorse can help you get things done more quickly. Another advantage of it is its long life and ease of use.

#2 Best Folding Saw Horses: Metabo HPT 115445M Saw Horses

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These ideal saw horses from Metabo HP have impressive weight limits. It is quite possible to use the Metabo HPT 115445M saw horses to quickly cut wooden boards up to 1200 pounds.

This prestigious brand is also known for its long life tools. Naturally, the Metabo HPT 115445M saw horses are also incredibly durable. It is extremely reliable so that you can go with it for a long time.

The manufacturer also offers users a 5-year long-term warranty to ensure that saw horses’ quality is always at the best level. Thanks to its saw base, you can easily hold 2 x 4 flat boards, on the side. This saw horse will save your working space.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable
  • Compact and convenient


  • Small

Metabo HPT 115445M saw horses can completely satisfy any demanding customer thanks to its outstanding advantages. Not only does the compact design saves space, but the performance it gives is also awe-inspiring.

#3 Best Lightweight Saw Horses: Forup B07K6FYM98 Saw Horses

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With its lightweight, the Forup B07K6FYM98 saw horses are an excellent choice for those who use sawhorses in an integral garage or workshop. This tool will give you simple features at a discounted price.

These sawhorses have a simple structure and are easy to use. Thanks to its compact design, you can easily carry it with you. This ideal hand-held saw will satisfy the needs of those who regularly have to cut wooden boards in many different locations.

Despite its compact and portable design, the Forup B07K6FYM98 saw horses still can support up to 275 pounds. It is an ideal number and can entirely compete with other mobile options in the same category.

The durability of Forup B07K6FYM98 saw horses is very reliable. Besides the simple mechanism of operation, this model can also be folded quickly. Besides, the plans you plan to work on will not be affected by the slip-resistant EVA work surface.


  • Anti-slip EVA work surface
  • Compact and portable design
  • Quality guaranteed


  • Great for small projects

For carpenters frequently on the go to work, Forup B07K6FYM98 saw horses are a great companion. Their ergonomic design and high performance will delight you.

#4 Best Metal Saw Horses: ToughBuilt TB-C700 Saw Horses

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The ToughBuilt TB-C700 saw horses are a tool with excellent build quality so that users can count on durability and convenience. Thanks to their solid construction, the saw horses from ToughBuilt are fully capable of handling even the most stubborn materials.

It is suitable for both beginners and professionals alike because its usage is not too complicated. Besides, the ToughBuilt TB-C700 saw horses offer a lifetime warranty, so you can rest assured to use it as you like.

This tool can accompany you for a long time. Besides, the features offered by the ToughBuilt TB-C700 saw horses are both useful and convenient. With its impressive weight limit, it can withstand wooden boards that weigh up to 1300 pounds. The suitable board size is up to 4 x 4.

Furthermore, the ToughBuilt TB-C700 saw horses allow you to adjust the pitch as you like. Your work will also be more convenient. A convenient standing posture to use will help you get the job done faster.


  • Easy to adjust the height
  • Weight capacity up to 1300 pounds
  • Strong durability


  • Slightly heavy compared to some similar products

The ToughBuilt TB-C700 saw horses are a convenient and efficient tool you should consider. Besides the high weight capacity, you can also adjust the height for the best fit for suitable working.

#5 Best Multi-Functions Saw Horses: WORX Pegasus Saw Horse

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Different from the conventional saw horses, this model can stand up straight even when folded. This handy feature is utterly proper for those who work out in an open environment as they do not need to lay it flat on the ground. 

Additionally, it provides a second storage shelf at the bottom. The built-in shelf can be used to store essential tools such as a toolbox, drivers, grease, screws, and so on. The most convenient feature comes from the spot on the lower shelf. 

You can slide it into the power strip, which means that the power source will be right on the work table. 


  • Locking legs
  • Compact, portable, and lightweight
  • Having a special room for the power outlet


  • Inconsistent clamping

If you purchase this model, you will get fantastic stability, good storage, and smart design. Plus, it is highly convenient when you can set it up and pack it up quickly. 

#6 Best Saw Horses for Light-Duty Jobs: WORX WX065 Saw Horse

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This WORX product is made from a thermoplastic polymer. Its paired weight limit is about 1,000 pounds so that it cannot be used for heavy use. But it still deals with light wood projects well. Indeed, it is reviewed to outperform some other heavy metal counterparts.

Besides, you can align the two bar clamps vertically or horizontally as you want as they are detachable. It also has cord hooks and a built-in shelf, which are easy for you to store. With the 32-inch height, you can get a comfortable work height. 


  • Foldable
  • Adjustable bar clamps
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Not for heavy-duty projects

As this tool is not a heavy-duty saw horse, you can use it for household repairs, medium-scale jobs, and DIY jobs. Many customers say that this is the best folding saw horse for home use. 

#7 Best Budget Saw Horses: 2x4basics 90196 Saw Horse

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The useful feature of this model is that it can endure heavy loads reliably. To be more specific, each pair can hold approximately 2,000 pounds. Even though you cannot fold it up, you still can stack or disassemble it quickly. Then, it will occupy incredibly little space. 

Another remarkable feature is the versatility and customization. In other words, you can build it to any height and length needed. This product might not be ideal for everybody, but it is good for the money. Plus, when purchasing this product, you will get brackets. And you need to supply 2x4s to set up the sawhorses, actually. 


  • Stackable
  • Being made to any length and height
  • Supporting 2,000 lbs per pair maximum


  • Not foldable

In comparison with other products, this tool is straightforward without any frills or gimmicks. However, it is not useless. Instead, it helps you to save storage space and is easy to customize. 

Features to Consider When Choosing Saw Horses


The saw horse can be made from strong metal or wood. These two materials are both sturdy and robust for DIY projects. Several other brands also manufacture the saw horses with plastic. The plastic saw horses can hold large capacities and provide enough strength. 


This type of saw horses is suitable for harsh work environments and heavy-duty projects. For instance, the steel horses can deal with higher weights, up to 1100 pounds per horse. In contrast, aluminum horses can handle only 500 pounds per horse. 

The metal saw horses are often bulkier and heavier so that they are difficult to transport. In this case, you should use them for significant construction in which durability is predominant. 


Wood is the conventional material to make a saw horse. The advantage of wood is that it is durable and unlikely to damage your saw if you make some accidents. It also can sustain the high weight capacity. However, it isn’t easy to make a wooden sawhorse with folded or adjustable legs. 


The plastic saw horse cannot be as durable as these two above models, but it is still worth it for the low price and lighter weight. The average weight per horse is about 500 pounds. This type is appropriate for lightweight materials and DIY projects. 

Height and Leg Angle

The height will relate to visibility and comfort, so it is essential to consider this factor. Naturally, the saw horse’s height is about 32 inches. However, many different heights are suitable for each individual. You can choose the model having adjustable legs so that you can work more efficiently. 

For the legs, the total angle is generally about 20 degrees. Each side splays 10 degrees counting from the plumb line. When looking at the legs’ length, you may want to incline to a fair spacing amount at floor level. 

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of saw horses can range from 250 pounds to 1,000 pounds. If you are DIYers who like painting or woodworking, you do not need to buy the maximum weight capacity. Think about it when you need to cut heavy wooden pieces or large logs. 


A portable saw horse allows you to bring it around even when you travel somewhere. It would be best to purchase the saw horse with folding legs. Even if you accidentally break the saw horse, you still easily store it by folding it right away.  


How do you make the best sawhorse?

To make the best sawhorse, you need to prepare a few materials: five 8 ′2x4s, 44 3 ″ screws, and other tools: a powered or a hand saw, a drill.

The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Cut your materials to a length: 4 pieces 32 inches long and 10 pieces 30 inches long.
  • Step 2: Align a 30-inch piece vertically between two 32 inch pieces to make an I beam.
  • Step 3: Place the bar in a flat position and turn the legs 30 inches down to fit into the position on an angle.
  • Step 4: Do the same as above, flip the assembly to fix the other two legs.

What is the ideal height for a saw horse?

The ideal height of a sawhorse is usually between 26 and 32 inches.

What can I use instead of a saw horse?

You can use the cardboard box saw horses instead of the regular saw horse. The advantage of cardboard box saw horses is that they are more space-efficient than a saw horse. Besides, it is also lightweight yet strong enough to hold heavy boards.

Do I need sawhorses?

Saw horses will make your job more convenient on projects. It will help you support a piece of heavy plywood or other rigid structures so you can cut more easily.

Final Words 

As the Bora Portamate PM-4500T Saw Horse is the best sawhorse overall, it will be the top pick in this article. It can support a weight that is up to 1,500 pounds and offers superb durability. The 2x4basics 90196 Saw Horse is the best choice for those who are on a budget. It can be built to any length and hold 2,000 pounds maximum. 

In conclusion, all of the sawhorses above are excellent, and they can hold massive weights. Therefore, they are genuinely some of the best saw horses on the market that you find quickly. Remember to choose the sawhorse that suits your prerequisites so that you will not regret it. 

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