Top 7 Best Miter Saws for Woodworking and DIY Projects 2021 Reviews

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Top 7 Best Miter Saws for Woodworking and DIY Projects 2021 Reviews

Whether you are a hobbyist or a professional, the best miter saw is a useful tool for cutting wood to the size you need. The products that we will analyze on this page are among the most appreciated by buyers. Therefore, we will show their strengths and weaknesses to help you make an informed choice without wasting your time and money.

Top 7 Best Miter Saws 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Miter Saw Overall – Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD Miter Saw

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The first offer that we analyze is a professional wood miter saw from Bosch. They are an international brand for premium-quality power tools. Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD model is a radial miter saw with a horizontal cutting capacity of 312mm.

It can cope with a wide range of applications. Among many advantages, many users love a low weight of 17kg and its compactness. The saw is easy to transport to other workplaces with one-hand carrying.

Compared to the previous model, the GCM12SD model offers a 15% larger cutting surface and more power with 1,600 watts driving the blade at 5,500rpm. However, some users have expressed doubts about the laser pointer. Although it is useful, it may sometimes not be a satisfactory aid since, after 15 centimeters, it becomes blurred.


  • The reduced weight and dimensions are ideal for carrying at all times, even on the road when you need to carry out work outside the home.
  • Eliminates dust and debris that are produced as you cut pieces of wood
  • Counts on 1,600 watts and 5,500 revolutions per minute.
  • It is the best miter saw that you could define as extremely professional.


  • We cannot rely on the aiming system 100% because of progressive blurring.

To ensure that your cuts are always precise to the millimeter, Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD model offers a laser pointer. And to keep the work area clean, there is a two-point suction system. Overall this is a great option.

#2 Best Miter Saw for Woodworking – Hitachi C12FDH Miter Saw

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Among the products sold online, the Hitachi C12FDH wood miter saw is one of the most popular choices. It has a 254mm diameter disc, a sufficiently powerful 1,300-watt motor that allows you to get 2,850 rpm, and an adjustable cutting angle from 0 to 47 degrees to the right and left.

Users report that it is possible to replace the cutting disc with other types, perhaps with the number of teeth according to your needs. However, you cannot use discs with a diameter greater than the original one of 254 mm.

There is a minor flaw that comes from the change ring for angled and oblique cuts, according to some approximate workmanship and which risks making the cut wrong.


  • The Hitachi C12FDH model is one of the quietest miter saws.
  • Ideal for working at home without receiving complaints from the neighborhood.
  • Stable and well-made construction
  • Offers a cutting height of about four centimeters.


  • It does not offer high-quality workmanship that could lead to mistakes if you do not pay the utmost attention.

The metal shelf is stable and robust for any woodworking task. Although it is not large, the Hitachi C12FDH wood miter saw suffices to satisfy the hobbyist.

#3 Best Miter Saw for DIY Projects – Bosch CM10GD Miter Saw

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In the third position, we offer another Bosch miter saw. Bosch CM10GD model is a less expensive model for people on a limited budget or who do not need a professional miter saw. The miter saw features 1,200 watts to guarantee 4,800 revolutions per minute with a blade with a diameter of 216 mm.

Bosch CM10GD is a radial miter saw with a low weight of less than 8 kg. Therefore, it is perfect to carry when you do some work outside. For greater cutting precision, there is also a laser beam that acts as a guide. A drawback is the suction of dust and shavings that should be directed into the container bag. It is not strong enough to remove all residue, while still leaving the work area dirty.


  • Bosch CM10GD miter saw is made of aluminum, a solid material but which also allows weight to be reduced to a minimum.
  • Despite being an entry-level product, Bosch CM10GD has a quality laser pointer.
  • It allows precise miter cuts by setting the desired inclination.


  • The collection of chips and dust is not satisfactory. Although there is a bag, the suction system is not powerful enough to remove everything.

If you are undecided about which wood miter saw to buy, we can guarantee that Bosch CM10GD has an excellent quality to price ratio. Although it is not suitable for complex jobs, the saw is more than satisfactory for people who want to make a hobby.

#4 Best Miter Saw for Trim – Makita LS1019L Miter Saw

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We continue our ranking with the Makita LS1019L wood miter saw. It comes with a 1,650-watt motor that guarantees 4,800 rpm while the disc has a diameter of 260 mm. Buyers all agree that because of the high engine power, the miter saw creates noisy operation sound. It is a minor defect to be taken into account before purchasing.

From the point of view of performance, the Makita device is remarkable, offering stability and cutting precision. Everybody loves the safety systems such as the protection against accidental start-up while proving to be light to carry. Finally, it weighs about 14 kg.


  • Thanks to the adjustments, you will get precise cuts with a minimum of practice.
  • More productive than other technological products.
  • It is easy to transport thanks to a weight of 14 kg.


  • The engine is powerful and that negatively affects the noise emission

If you intend to opt for the Makita LS1019L wood miter saw, know that the instruction manual included in the package is not exhaustive. Therefore, it is a suitable trimming machine for people who already have some experience in using miter saws.

#5 Best 10-inch Miter Saw – Delta S26-262L Miter Saw

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Delta S26-262L model has a slightly higher cost than other products sold online that you can find here. The 1,800-watt motor affects the weight of 21 kg. However, it maintains compact dimensions of 66 x 55 x 40 centimeters.

For people who carry out professional jobs such as interior finishes, floor, and door installers, it is a more comfortable tool to carry with you to the workplace than other machinery. Using the miter saw as a saw bench, the parallel guide allows you to better work even long pieces such as wood or laminate panels.

However, some professionals complain of an excessive presence of safety passages that slow down the work. Another noteworthy detail of the Delta S26-262L model is the built-in light that accurately illuminates the workpiece when you are in dark environments.


  • In the package, you will find a clamp, pusher, and dust collector for a fully equipped and ready-to-use product.
  • Using the miter saw as a table saw you will have the possibility to use the parallel guide to cut pieces of a certain length.
  • Best for professional users


  • According to some users, the cost of the machine is excessively high for what it offers.

The Delta S26-262L model is designed for people who need to perform precise work even when they are away from home and have little more performing products available.

#6 Best 12-inch Miter Saw for Crown Molding – DEWALT DWS780 Sliding Miter Saw

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We can clarify that the DEWALT wood miter saw is not the best-selling product simply for its price. However, it does not mean that DEWALT DWS780 is an inefficient device. And we are talking about the best sliding miter saw with high cutting capacity, up to 110 x 303 mm.

The absorbed power is 1,675 watts with the XPS system. It is a technology that provides for the projection of the shadow of the blade to ensure extreme cutting precision. We can tilt the head at 48 degrees with a lock-in in all intermediate positions.


  • The XPS system allows you to cast the shadow of the blade.
  • Speed ​​control helps to adjust the cutting speed without risking making mistakes during the work.
  • The system can reach 48 degrees with intermediate blocks to get precise miter cuts.


  • The container included in the package is too small.

Users who have tried DEWALT DWS780 assure its excellent performance even if the weight could be a bit excessive for those who are older

#7 Best Budget Miter Saw – Einhell 4300295 Miter Saw

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If the cost of the products analyzed so far does not convince you as it is too high, then the Einhell wood cutting machine could prove to be a real surprise. It is the cheapest product on our list.

Einhell 4300295 model is a machine with a 1,600-watt motor and a 210mm disc. So, you should not expect professional performance with millimeter precision. But as a tool for hobbyists, it is a perfect choice.

By purchasing an additional blade, it will also be possible to work aluminum profiles. The only flaw found is the lack of Allen keys in the package. Also, the canvas bag for collecting the residues is not large enough to guarantee work without interruptions.


  • The chief advantage of the Einhell product is its competitive cost. You will hardly be able to find a wood miter saw for the same amount.
  • The inclined cutting settings will be easily understood once you have read the instruction manual.
  • By purchasing an additional blade, you can cut not only wood but also other materials for all-around work.


  • The product lacks a laser pointer

The blade can only be tilted to the left. For right-angled cuts, turn the piece, thus reducing the cutting accuracy.

Types of Miter Saws

Standard Miter Saw

Among the basic compound and sliding miter saws, the basic miter saws cut precisely, but without chamfering.

Compound Sliding Miter Saw

The compound miter saws can deal with inclined, oblique, conical cuts with the possibility of performing a single bevel in one direction only.

Single Compound Miter Saw

Single compound miter saw offers bevel cuts that are often made for finishing. But they are also useful for cutting crown moldings or other work that requires an angled cut both horizontally and vertically.

Dual Compound Miter Saw

A normal dual compound miter saw has a blade that tilts in only one direction that is right or left. It means that if you need to generate a cut in the opposite direction, then you need to flip the substance and attack it from the opposite side.

Features to Consider When Buying a Miter Saw

Blade Size

This element affects the cutting capacity of the miter saw. Larger diameter blades can cut taller and wider materials. There is a standard size which is 210 mm. This measurement shows the diameter of the disc. And sometimes, it can be even greater.

Mechanical Style

Belt Drive

The miter saw running with a belt drive will use a belt and pulley system to generate the engine motor. It is available for most low-cost miter saws.

Worm Drive

The worm drive is an arrangement that a worm meshes with the worm’s gear. It connects the engine system strictly to operate eminent power.

Direct Drive

In direct drive, users couple the steering wheel with the motor shaft. The system does not require many mechanic details or support equipment. It is a 1:1 performance to transmit excellent power.

Cordless vs Corded

A wire miter saw is an electric saw with a rotating blade. The saw is available for cutting wood, but with a quick blade change. A corded miter saw can be set up as a left-handed or right-handed saw.

A corded miter saw needs a power cord and an outlet to work. Instead, a cordless miter saw will have all the same functions as a corded one, except that it will run on a battery instead of an electric current.


This factor affects the last quality of machining operations. The greater power is synonymous with better performance in terms of engine torque and rotation speed. The power of the miter saws on the market usually fluctuates between 1400 and 2000 watts.

Cut Line Indicator

Miter saws for wood, even those for home use, are now equipped with a guide system. It is a laser pointer that shows the exact point where you will cut with the blade. This system is very convenient and allows cutting errors to be reduced to a minimum. However, not all machines have precise laser pointing. Therefore, it is not a 100% reliable system.

Dust Collection

Many woodworking power tools come with an adapter. It allows you to connect a vacuum cleaner or dust bag to collect work residue.


What is the most accurate miter saw?

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD model guarantees cutting precision thanks to the innovative, maintenance-free, and extremely robust guide arm. It has a minimal friction traction mechanism and a millimeter laser pointer.

Who makes the most accurate miter saw?

In electrical tools, the German brand Bosch has proven for many years it is the best manufacturer for the most accurate miter saw.

Should I get a 10 or 12 miter saw?

Although the market is monopolized by models with diameters of 10 and 12 inches, there are other models intended for different applications. For miter saws equipped with a blade smaller than 10 inches, they are designed to be light and compact but with limited cutting capacity. The 12-inch saw is perfect for a wide cutting surface.

Is a sliding miter saw worth it?

The sliding miter generators are all designed to reduce the wide material without the need to duplicate anything. If you are working on a job that requires cutting miter and bevels into wide boards, a sliding miter saw is the best choice.

Final Words

Among the most common DIY or carpentry equipment, the best miter saw remains an object of desire for many. However, it is such a complicated tool that it is difficult to choose a model. We have prepared a list of the ten best models to help you find the best item.

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD miter saw is our winner that works with a voltage of 120V. Then, there will also be the DEWALT DWS780 with its integrated XPS Cross positioning system.

Bonus: Miter Saw Tips & Tricks

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