Top 9 Best Scroll Saws for Crafting, DIY Projects, Intarsia & Marquetry 2021 Reviews

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Top 9 Best Scroll Saws for Crafting, DIY Projects, Intarsia & Marquetry 2021 Reviews

With all the different options available, finding a quality scroll saw requires a lot of effort and time. So, how to choose the best scroll saw when you have practically no time? Let us help you!

Our team researched for you, including all of them on this list with the nine best scroll saws of 2021. The best scroll saw varies from model to function depending on your needs. A scroll saw that is effective in one function may not be excellent for other purposes. So, you need to decide on the features you want in your scroll saw.

Top 9 Best Scroll Saws for the Workshop 2021 Reviews

#1 Best Scroll Saw Overall – Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw

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If you are looking for what is the best scroll saw of 2021, then you must read this review. Proxxon 37088 could be the breakthrough you have been looking for to enhance your hobby experience. Thanks to this electric scroll saw that delivers 205W of power, wood and even thin metal will never be a problem.

It is one of the best electric scroll saws for the Proxxon blades that you can buy later. They are easily replaceable and of excellent quality. The maximum cutting capacity you will have available is 5cm for wood and about 1cm for unalloyed steel.

To always meet your working needs, Proxxon has equipped this tool with a two-speed operation, 990rpm and 1500rpm. For clean cuts or small precision work to carve wood, you will always have professional results.

For these reasons, also under many customer reviews and opinions, we consider the Proxxon 37088 as the best scroll saw of 2021. We recommend it to everyone, even if you are a beginner or a professionals.


  • Performant and professional, producing 205W of power
  • Adjustable speed, at 990rpm or 1500rpm
  • It also allows you to make inclined cuts at 45 degrees
  • Incredibly strong construction


  • Not the cheapest

The Proxxon 3788 is very versatile, thanks to the possibility of making an oblique cut with an inclination of 45 degrees. In this way, your career choices increase, providing you with more uses for your hobby. Being quite heavy, the Proxxon 3788 suffers little from vibrations and is also very sturdy and durable.

#2 Best Budget Scroll Saw – WEN 3922 Speed Scroll Saw 

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The product we are about to show you in this review is the cheapest scroll saw that you can buy in 2021. WEN 3922 is the right tool for you if you want to buy one of the cheapest products of 2021 in this category. Despite the low cost, it can provide you with various uses without disappointing you. Starting with the engine that can deliver 120W output. In this way, you can cut original wood.

For better versatility, this WEN 3922 is one of the electric tunnels equipped with electronic speed regulation. You can vary it from a minimum of 400 rpm, up to a maximum of 1600 rpm, by choosing a different setting depending on the material to be processed. The worktop is large for an economic scroll saw. And this WEN 3922 will give you the possibility to make miter cuts, up to 45 degrees. You can vary the angle manually and lock it easily.


  • Variable speed from 1500 to 2250rpm
  • With the right blades, it allows you to cut both wood and thin metal
  • Equipped with rails and parallel guides
  • Includes a practical carrying case


  • Less powerful than other models

Woodworking, as we know, produces a lot of waste, namely shavings and dust. WEN 3922 has thought of it well by equipping this saw with a nozzle to attach your favorite vacuum cleaner. Thus, the work area will remain as clean as possible.

#3 Best Scroll Saw for Beginners – Delta Power Tools 40-694 Scroll Saw

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When working with electric fretwork, it is important to avoid burrs and rough cuts. For this reason, we are about to show you a product that can help you with its help system.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 is one of the most suitable electric hacksaws to carry out precision work, such as minor cuts for model making. Its parallel guide will allow you to limit errors to a minimum. Also, they equip it with an integrated blower to free the worktop from annoying waste chips.


  • The well-built rip fence system
  • It allows you to make inclined cuts up to 45 degrees
  • Usable for wood, plastics, and thin metals
  • Includes excellent equipment with blades, adapters, and an Allen key


  • High vibrations

To create a truly versatile tool, Delta Power Tools has created the 40-694 model to cut not only wood but also plastics and non-ferrous metals.

#4 Best Scroll Saw for Crafters – DREMEL MS20-01 Scroll Saw

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Would you like to buy what is one of the best electric tunnels thanks to its exceptional value for money? Then this scroll saw will not disappoint you. DREMEL MS20-01 is meant for crafters who are looking for a well-made product and do not want to spend too much. Whether you are a novice or an expert, thanks to its characteristics, it will allow you to make cuts and work with practically professional quality.

For its motor, DREMEL MS20-01 can operate with a variable speed, ranging from 1500 to 2250rpm. The electronic control will allow you to use the DREMEL according to your needs of the moment for better versatility. Thanks to this setting and the various blades, you can cut both wood and thin metal.

This versatility gives you more choice in material processing, and blade replacement is quick and efficient. The DREMEL MS20-1 also has a system of parallel guides and guide rails, to help you make precise cuts in any situation. For precision carving, it is a brilliant choice.


  • Variable speed, from 1500 to 2250rpm
  • With the right blades, it allows you to cut both wood and thin metal
  • Sold individually or with unique sets of blades and cutter


  • Lack of guide for accuracy

DREMEL MS20-1 is also one of the lightest electric saws ever with a low weight that will allow you to use it in two different ways. In stationary mode, you can use the DREMEL for precision work. In mobile mode, however, you can move it to cut even larger sheets of material.

#5 Best Scroll Saw for Larger Projects – Proxxon 37094 Scroll Saw

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If you are passionate about DIY modeling and you want to buy an electric saw designed for this type of work, we have just found the best choice for you. Proxxon 37094 is a saw designed to provide precision over power, ideal for large modeling jobs. Whether you are passionate or a beginner, you can try your hand at creating figures for you or your children. Thanks to the blade guide with the roller, it will help you to always have the best possible precision.

The motor delivers 85W of power, a value that befits its functionality for model making, and allows it to be incredibly quiet. To be more versatile, for various types of carving, the Proxxon is one of the best scroll saws to be equipped with an electronic speed regulation system. In this way, you can control the oscillation of the blade according to the needs of the case, from 150 up to 2500 rpm.


  • It allows you to make cuts in various inclinations
  • Compatible with many Proxxon blades
  • Electronically adjustable speed, from 150 to 2500rpm


  • Cumbersome blade replacement

The structure of the Proxxon model is very compact, and thanks to the weight of about 2kg you can carry it wherever you want. Overall this scroll saw is another great option.

#6 Best Scroll Saw for Marquetry – Rikon 10-600VS Scroll Saw

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What we are about to present to you is one of the scroll saws that will allow you to work with marquetry. Thanks to an excellent LED lamp. Rikon 10-600VS is ideal for perfect visibility.

Rikon 10-600VS is a saw characterized by various properties that make it a valid and reliable choice for your marquetry in 2021. With its electric motor, it produces 120W of output power that is excellent for cutting wood of various types and thicknesses.


  • Guarantees excellent visibility, thanks to the LED lamp
  • Adjustable inclination up to 45 degrees for miter cuts
  • Equipped with a nozzle to suck up chips


  • High vibrations

A further peculiarity of the Rikon 10-600VS is given by the compatibility with the blades. You will always be sure of compatibility with the new blades you purchase.

#7 Best Scroll Saw for Intarsia – DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw

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With DEWALT DW788, you will work according to your needs. The top is tillable, to make cuts both horizontally and diagonally up to a 45-degree slope. For custom DIY to the smallest details in intarsia, DEWALT DW788 a prominent feature.

Given the practically negligible cost, you would expect nothing more than a simple electric saw. But you are wrong! DEWALT DW788 includes in the package 10 blades, easy to interchange, but also two adapters, two Allen keys, and an angle guide. Savings are not always synonymous with inferior quality.


  • The best model for intarsia
  • High efficiency and productivity
  • Excellent precision


  • The quality of materials is average

DEWALT DW788 will allow you to work in the best conditions for you to create precise and professional models. The cutting system on various inclinations guarantees greater flexibility in your choice.

#8 Best Scroll Saw for Cutting Patterns – Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw

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Wood comes in various shapes, thicknesses, and hardnesses, depending on the variety of the plant. And thanks to the power of this scroll saw, you can always work without problems.

Shop Fox W1713 scroll saw is a tool that will be very useful in cutting and processing different wood, even 3cm thick. Thanks to its powerful electric motor, the saw delivers up to 125W. It will guarantee you clean and precise cuts with very few burrs.

Its versatility for different wood is also given by the variable speed. This electric scroll saw can vary from 550 to 1600 rpm, depending on your needs of the case. Besides, it allows you to make both horizontal and oblique cuts, up to 45 degrees.


  • Ideal for cutting patterns of various thicknesses
  • Good motor power that produces 125W 
  • Thanks to its weight, it is stable and does not suffer from excessive vibrations


  • Cumbersome blade replacement

One of the biggest problems that affect the accuracy of the work in a scroll saw is the vibrations caused by the oscillation of the blade. With Shop Fox W1713, because its sturdy structure and weight of 16kg make it stable. Just fix it properly to your work surface!

#9 Best Scroll Saw for Pinless Blades – BUCKTOOL Scroll Saw

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Thanks to its electronically adjustable speed, BUCKTOOL saw can vary in operation from 500 up to 1700 rpm. It will allow you to change the effectiveness of the cutting by the blade, according to your working needs.

BUCKTOOL scroll saw is also one of the very few electric models to be equipped with an LED lamp that allows you to improve visibility while working while consuming little energy. And to further minimize cutting errors, it also has a nozzle for the suction of waste chips. So. you will not have any distractions. And you can also concentrate better.


  • Available in both pin and pinless
  • Adjustable inclination up to 45 degrees
  • Amazing output power


  • Comes with no guides

Thanks to an efficient system, the BUCKTOOL scroll saw can use blades both with and without an interlocking pin

Features to Consider When Choosing a Scroll Saw

Throat Length

The dimensions of the throat of your electric tunnel are very important to understand how much advantage you can derive from a particular model. The throat is the distance between the saw blade and the back of the tool.

The larger its size, the thicker the piece of wood you can cut. There are many electric tunnels, and it is important to choose one that suits your needs, for satisfactory professional hobby use.

Types of Blades

Pin-End Blades

The blades of this device, which are usually 130 mm long. They are very thin and suitable for people who use them for easy wear. However, it must be specified that even using them little leads to breaking them prematurely.

Plain-End Blades

Plain-end blades are about 100mm long and are suitable for all scroll saws.


The speed of movement of an electric scroll saw blade can determine the effectiveness of woodcutting, to make precise cuts without burrs. A professional tool must reach high speeds to avoid errors, with ideal values ​​that can reach up to 1600 rpm. There are also models with variable speeds.

Bevel Cutting

It equips all the fretsaws with a work surface, on which to place the piece of wood for processing. The blades can thus work efficiently and precisely, to guarantee you a professional result both for a simple cut and for precision.

Cut Depth

The cutting depth shows the maximum thickness of the piece on which it is possible to operate and depends on the height of the arm that can be at C or parallel to the work surface. On average, regarding DIY models, this value can be between 40 and 50 mm.

Dust Blower

The saw should contain a small tube that blows compressed air on the bench, freeing the view from residues that could affect the operating accuracy. Also, the suction connection allows a suction device to be connected to the electric tunnel to reduce the dispersion of dust and shavings.


What is the best scroll saw for beginners?

Delta Power Tools 40-694 is a perfect scroll saw for beginners thanks to its easy guideline and high comfort.

How do I choose a scroll saw?

Pay attention to the following criteria:

– Characteristics, applications, and types

– Engine and performance

– Range of blades

– Stability and ease of use

– Accessories and cleaning

Which is better, scroll saw or bandsaw?

The saw bench is a more finishing machine for cutting panels or strips. With the tape, you can cut the boards before cutting curved shapes and discarding a board in finer thicknesses.

What is the proper scroll saw speed?

The speed varies from 900 to 1400 cuts per minute according to the material to be cut.

Final Words

We are confident that we have offered the choices of the best scroll saw of 2021 for you and your hobby activities. This tool is great for anyone involved with woodworking or just wanting to cut pieces of wood efficiently. So, choose the one that suits you best.

Proxxon 37088 Scroll Saw is our winner. Despite being equipped with technical specifications and highly respectable equipment, aspects that allow the achievement of high-level results, the price of this product is nothing short of affordable.

Instead, if you want to go towards an electric scroll saw that allows even greater precision, the best option regarding the relationship between quality and economic expenditure is undoubtedly WEN 3922 Speed Scroll Saw.

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