Top 5 Best Hand Saws for Cutting Wood, Plywood & Metal [2021 Reviews]

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Top 5 Best Hand Saws for Cutting Wood, Plywood & Metal [2021 Reviews]

Wonder how to choose the best-suited handsaw for your needs? Have you been wandering on the internet and getting confused by dozens of handsaws from hundreds of manufacturers? Don’t worry! We’ve got your back. 

In this article, we will give you guidelines on the top 5 best hand saws in the market, what aspect you should consider when choosing a handsaw, what to expect when using a handsaw, pros, and cons, and recommendations for different using purposes. Hopefully, after scanning through this summary, you will know which hand saw is best for you.

Top 5 Best Hand Saws for Sharp Cuts 

#1 Best Hand Saw Overall: Stanley 20-256 15-Inch Hand Saw

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Don’t let its simple design fool you; the hand saw made by Stanley corp. can quickly fill up all the cuttings you need. We agree that the power saw is best suited for its fast and precise cut when it comes to cutting wood. However, isn’t it nice to have a strong alternative option? Handsaws don’t require a battery or electric power, and it will be available at all times you want.

Back to the design, the saw is built with a 15-Inch blade with a TPI of 12 points every inch, which will reduce the number of cuts you have to perform. So the efficiency is there, how about the handle? It is welded to the saw’s blade, decreasing the number of screws to keep the whole saw as one. With these attentions to details, Stanley has made their hand saw an effective and durable one, getting a lot of appraises from their customers.

This is a cross-cut style handsaw. Be reminded that you may not have fine cuts, and rough edges are not entirely avoidable. An easy way to fix this problem is by using sandpapers to handle any splinters.


  • The build quality of this handsaw is excellent. Combined with the smart design, you will feel the benefit more and more over time. It’s comfortable, it’s efficient, and it lasts for a long time.
  • High value: The Handsaw is priced quite low – a great price compared to other hand saws in the market.
  • Extremely sharp.
  • Great grip.
  • Easy to make small cuts.


  • The problem with the cross-cutting hand saw remains, so more work will be done after cutting to take care of those rough edges.

For a handsaw with multi-purpose, this one can satisfy you. The blade is sharp and strong. With some woodcutting experience, you will find this handsaw can do so much more than how simple it looks. The saw also sells at a reasonable price. 

#2 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Wood: Corona Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw, RS 7265D

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Ever heard of Corona? No, not the virus! It’s the Razor Tooth handsaw from one of the best toolmakers: Corona@Tools.

Its design is impressive: the sharp triple-ground teeth mean double the cut efficiency; these teeth are impulse hardened for a longer life span, and there are 6 of them each inch; the handle is ergonomically designed, providing a superior grip for extended cuts; the blade can be latched when not in use and also be replaced. 

This handsaw shines when cutting woods and working on your garden. Considering the brand: Corona@Tools is widely known for their quality products for almost 100 years. They have the experience to make superior tools, and the Razortooth is one of them.


  • Sharp 3x ground teeth that have been hardened, providing x2 the cut efficiency.
  • The handle is designed for extended reach with convenience. 
  • Lightweight, safe to carry, and the blade is replaceable. 
  • Suitable for camping trips.
  • Easy to carry.


  • Despite the improved teeth design, there is still a lack of cutting power due to the thin blade.

The friendly design and the durability are two standout features that make this handsaw perfect for camping and day-to-day gardening work. It can be stored at ease and is a very handy tool for higher reaches. However, heavy cutting work is not recommended for this handsaw.

#3 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Plywood: The SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw 9.5 Inch Ryoba Double Edge

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We have to give credit to the Japanese for their “kamikaze” attitude towards everything. They always strive for the best, putting a tremendous amount of effort into their craft. This handsaw is no different: 

9.5 Inch Double Edge – Cross-cut and Rip-cut for multi-purpose; 

Top-quality steel from Japan delivers sharp cut;

Cane-wrapped Handle – Japanese signature product: very durable, will not unravel if it’s cared for.

Be aware that the saw utilizes the PULL force rather than PUSH for cutting or “Pull Saw” in short. This reduces the weight, which means less power, and the result is cleaner edges. With a double-edged blade, you can diversify your woodcutting. The sound of this saw against wood is satisfying, and the precision is spot on. Working with plywood will be so enjoyed having this saw in your tools.


  • Top-quality steel: increase sharpness.
  • Double-edge blade and “Pull saw”: multi-purpose use and more efficiency.
  • Extra durable with a cane-wrapped handle.
  • Compact.
  • High precision.


  • Above average price.
  • Not as good cutting power as other larger saw blades.

A very favorable handsaw, loved by many users. Besides its high quality, there is pure excitement of using such a handsaw to create amazing crafts thanks to the saw’s sharpness and precision. The “Pull saw” takes a few cuttings to get used to, after that, the saw will get through pieces in seconds. This is hands down one of the best handsaws and should be included in your collection.

#4 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Metal: LENOX Tools High-Tension Hacksaw, 12-inch (12132HT50)

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When you talk about cutting metal, the Hacksaw is the first thing that comes to mind. And standing high among the rank of hacksaws, the LENOX High-Tension Hacksaw is undeniably one of the top metal handsaw cutters in the market.

With 50,000 PSI tension from the blade thanks to the I-beam construction design, this hacksaw put considerable force onto its cut, slicing through tough materials at ease. This handsaw is pure power. In addition, the grip was attached with rubber increasing your control while cutting through metal. There is extra storage to carry up to five blades and another bracket for a 2nd blade making this tool a jab saw instead. This handsaw is a piece of solid functional equipment.


  • Affordable.
  • Great at cutting metal.
  • Firm grip.
  • Convenient storage is available. Change blades quickly.
  • 50,000 PSI tension design makes your work much more pleasant.


  • Too many blades in the tension arm may be jammed.
  • Blades may fall out from the storage.

This is the hacksaw you want if you’re working with metal. It’s sturdy and has versatility. The model design is also catchy. However, there are still complaints about the convenient storage as blades may fall out accidentally. Follow the manufacturer guide and it will be a handy tool in your kits.

#5 Best Hand Saw for Workshops: CRAFTSMAN Hand Saw, 15-Inch (CMHT20880)

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With its exclusive teeth geometry, the Craftsman delivers a fast and clean cut. Its sharpness is increased thanks to teeth being induction hardened. The handle is ergonomically designed with bi-material for a controlled and comfortable grip. 

This handsaw has everything in it, and it costs only a fraction of other handsaw’s price – the biggest bang for your buck. 


  • Cheap and effective.
  • Nice and clean cut.
  • Good grip and sharpness


  • The cross-cut style leaves rough edges.

This is the starter handsaw for those who are in need of reliable equipment. Staying at half the price of other hand saws above, the saw delivers the performance you expect. 

Basic Types of Hand Saw


The frame of the hacksaw is usually C-Shaped. This helps to support the thin blade (10 to 12-inch) and create tension upon it. These blades are designed to slide smoothly through plastic and metal. The hacksaw makes neat cuts with high precision. On the other hand, due to its thin blade, it’s not advised to use a hacksaw on thick materials as the edge might be damaged.

Wood Saws

Designed for timber cutting, these are Ripsaws, Crosscut saws, and Panel saws. These saws often have a longer blade (12-inch and above) which is suited for heavier cutting duties. 

Coping Saw

The coping saw frame is U-shaped, which stretches a replaceable thin blade. It shouldn’t be used for any material thicker than 26mm (approximately 1 inch). It’s mostly used for shaping coped joints. The number of TPI (Teeth Per Inch) of coping saw is usually from 12 to 20. The coping saw delivers a neat finish, but the process will be longer than other types of saw.

Features to Consider When Choosing a Hand Saw


Teeth Per Inch (TPI, in short) is a significant factor when choosing the right handsaw. It depends on your specific work and material. It’s the TPI that mostly differentiate types of hand saw

In general, the more TPI, the neater the finish you have, and it’s better for creating products that require high precision, for example furniture. As for thicker stuff like a tree, a low TPI would be much more relevant. So decide what your purpose of buying a handsaw is, then you can choose the type of handsaw with the best-suited TPI.


Type of blade (Handsaw) is an important factor to consider: there are many types: Hacksaw – Drywall – Compass – Pull – Dovetail – Back – Coping – Panel – Cross-cut – Rip. Each of them has its good and bad flaws, do ask the seller for a recommendation for your handsaw


Make sure the handle is attached. You should try the handsaw first, see if it fits your hand. A handsaw’s blade is very sharp, and a good grip will keep you away from unwanted accidents.


When you’ve chosen your preferred type of handsaw, the blade’s length is compatible with the handsaw already, as it will be suited to your specific application.


What is the best hand saw for cutting wood?

The Corona Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw, 10 Inch Curved Blade, RS 7265D is definitely the best suited for cutting wood. Easy and safe to store, it will make a great tool to bring on your camping trips.

What should I look for in a hand saw?

The type of handsaw is the most critical factor to consider. Make sure you choose the right one for the right work.

Are old hand saws valuable?

Yes! Especially those with a replaceable blade. However, check the frame and handle carefully. They need to be sturdy and not damaged.

Which hand saw has 7 teeth per inch?

The Crosscut and Rip saw usually have 7 TPI. Low TPI tends to be used for cutting larger woods/ trees without the need for precision.

Final Words 

We hope our article TOP 5 BEST HANDSAW (2021 Reviews) has been helpful to you. 2021 is here, and a great handsaw will increase your productivity “sharply”! 

Here are our picks of the 2 Best Handsaw for 2021:

  1. Stanley 20-256 15-Inch Hand Saw for its great blade and smart design. The handsaw can do most of the work you need. If you are new to woodcutting, you will need a few practices with this handsaw. Then you are good to go!
  2. The SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw 9.5 Inch Ryoba Double Edge is no doubt a great hand saw, from the design to the story behind it. The satisfaction and excitement from using this Japanese saw to create beautiful crafts is terrific.

A handsaw is a convenient tool to have in your house and your workshop. There are numerous models on the market but don’t worry, our list has been carefully picked out from the best, and these durable, quality, effective hand saws will not disappoint you.

Bonus: How to Saw Straight with a Handsaw

Latest Hand Saw Bestsellers on Amazon

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